A Place To Bury Strangers - To Fix The Gash in Your Head

Music video for "To Fix the Gash in Your Head" by A Place to Bury Strangers. Shot on tour with Airiel in August 2007 and edited by Arturo Valle at Panic Films in Chicago. www.panicfilms.com

Jus' Trollin'
28 ppl are gashes.
It is like really loud garage rock found goth.
strangers buried in barb wire kisses
Yocinda Lemonhead
Stuff's Great !
Andrew Lupton
Best Brooklyn band from the indie banter era, guess everyone goes soft eventually
lennert cornette
such a difference with their last 2 albums :s
Michele De Sena
ಸ್ಟ್ರೇಂಜರ್ಸ್ ಮುಚ್ಚಲು ಒಂದು ಪ್ಲೇಸ್
Pog Ma Hone
Une belle performance Live...que j'aimerai les voir  Phil de PGMH
yuki tachikawa
good good good...!!
Jebus. I'd hoped it was something cheaper. But thanks, thumbs up!
it's a TR 909, at 150 bpm.
Slim PK
scratch that, it's young team, or suddenly I miss everyone.
Anyone knows what drum machine they use on this track? Everything about the production on this song is f-ing terriffic, it's like Psychocandy mixed with some nasty ass acid techno.
Slim PK
Myself as well. It's my favorite Mogwai album, and my favorite post rock album.
Shane Michael Dignan
Come On Die Young is one of my favorite albums.
Slim PK
Wow. I heard that on a Mogwai album. I had no idea it was Iggy Pop.
Shane Michael Dignan
I love this track. Simultaneously gorgeous and abrasive. Clinical but aggressive. When Iggy Pop once said, "When I am in the grips of [punk music], I don't feel pleasure and I don't feel pain. Do you know what that feels like? Where you didn't feel anything, and you didn't want to, either?" This is the sound that comes to mind.
how the fuck does that guy play drums that quick ?
Hahaha, me and you both, mate :D Well, Jono (bass player) isn't in the band anymore, so that bass is either smashed or broken. As for the white Fender Jaguar Oliver is playing, that's not in a good state. I think it has had at least ONE neck replacement and the body is f****d. Surprising how Oliver manages to play it, to this day.
Loudest band I have ever seen! Magic Stick, Detroit. Sadly only a handful of people witnessed the display.
You say APTBS are 'a load of crap,' but you have a 'runescape' username.
Why can't I hold all these guitars?
Honestly, see them live. I saw them last night, and it blew my mind. surrusly
Sounds like the poop my dog left in the drive way sorry John prine 30000 people can be wrong
0:06 Wow, Airiel and A Place to Bury Strangers? Live? Together? I was just looking up Airiel earlier today, and was then looking up APBS later on because of a venue's website. All I know is that, if Airiel and APBS were playing together, that must've been a godly show.
Epic video
lovely! kind of something between jesus and the marychain and red lorry yellow lorry meets joy division or early new order.....
Maybe it's because it's just a load of crap..
Jason Friend
Will see this band if they come through my town. Pretty cool sound.
I've seen them live this year and yes, they're loud, but you'll be fine without earplugs. I've seen Mogwai aswell and they were way louder :p
Miguel Martins
Ok! I didn't notice that you were answering to another comment. Now I understand your comment.
Miguel Martins
hmmmm... why are you talking about Slayer? their obvious references are "Jesus and Mary Chain" and "My Bloody Valentine". Having said that, APTBS have their own style and I like them a lot.
Dis da gayest shit I eva heard.
MakeIt Epicc
send this to your ex
Sounds exactly like what i excpected. Not that thats bad, its a good thing.
Check out our page for our interview with Dion and Oliver!
MakeIt Epicc
they are lucky to do their dream
i want that guitar!!!
talldrumking12(dot)blogspot(dot)com/ This is my music blog. I just did a review for Worship. Please read it thanks.
hahaha.....I kinda like it tho..maybe I miss those old sound
Is this the Jesus and Mary Chain?
I saw them last month in Pittsburgh and it was insanely loud. People with earplugs said that it didn't even make a difference. Looks like they've evaded the corrupt Pitt police force.
Crystal stilts are amazing :D But I like both bands :)
Rather boring.
**smeh** saw them tuesday, unimpressed... got nothing on crystal stilts
I dig that distorted guitar sound
Amazing, I wish they had more songs like this one.
Jechu Fuenzalida
@10max30 they have their own guitar/bass pedal company...so they enhance and make their sound as big as they sound by using them...or they're just badass, that's why they do that much noise
Max Aguirre
Anybody could explain me how they do all that noise?
Robert Rozier
This is shoegazer at it's best !!!!!
tricia warden
these guys smashed it last night at the kills concert! made the next act seem like a roll of wet paper towels set underneath the light
Devyn Kennedy
The love child of Sonic Youth, The VU, and The Jesus and Mary Chain is here. Fuck yes.
@FieldHag FOR epileptics
Shits so cash! 8)
Seeing these guys live was incredible. This song is way too powerful.
A place to bury Interpol,The Editors......Dig up The Horrors also........
@artrca1000 not at all
Berry Mandelo
Frederick Röders
Fucking brilliant! I didnt know music of today could make me feel this way anymore.
i think i just developed epilepsy
They're definitely a Jesus & Mary Chain ripoff band, but they're fuckloads better than Black rebel motorcycle club!
Come to Baltimore!
Maurizio Caztalli
Simply Amazing!!!!!!!
Andres Fernando Chamorro
oooooohhhhh genial!!!!!!
I cant wait to see these guys in San Jose next month.
New Order, Jesus & Mary Chain and Cabaret Voltaire !
Product Hunt Smasher
saw them last night in Orlando My ears have been blown apart
Raido Rahnel
There are few bands that I'd love to see live. A Place To Bury Strangers is one of them. Russian Circles is another one. Too bad they don't come by country where I live. Great noise!
Mickael Tnpdb
Great band. Great video.
szto dildo
the singing brings 'new order' to mind, in a good way.
▲ Better Pop
weeeeee love!
Hope to be hearing more of this band definitely.
Silvia Kuro
saw them live 3 days ago. amazing.
just discovered the band.. heart attack ! this is woooooooooooooooooooow !
just discovered this band... blown away...
Mark Owens
Maestro Komikern
paizoun edw sto manchester methaurio :)
erxontai g 2 vradies sto rodeo :p
his voice similar to Clan of Xymox,
alan proctor
Maestro Komikern
great song.i really like the joy division feeling.come to greece guys
This is a good band.
Jack Crawley
leeds fest!
Mike Wilkes
i jizzed in my pants whilst on my fucking boat...
sweet, I think I had an epileptic fit from the video, can only hope for internal bleeding from a gig. Great song though.
Now there's no need to take your insecurities out on me...
Rory Kennedy
superb sonic terrorism!
zak marchelos
Even the misanthropic and seemingly misogynistic lyrics are similar (JAMC sang about heartbreak/rejection sort of thing quite a lot).
This sounds just like the Jesus and Mary Chain. Obviously a massive influence. JAMC also even used a drum machine in the late '80s. Their "Automatic" album was made using one, although this tune sounds like the sound JAMC had on the earlier B-sides compliation "Barbed Wire Kisses". Check it out if you like this tune.
i believe he's from barcelona
Confined Space
very Jesus and Mary Chain-esque which is a good thing, very good indeed
We Can't fucking hear you !! I love his band! Live, they are so great!!!
Increible, brutal, fantástico
FUCK YEAH! THIS IS POWER! the intro is brilliant...
WOW. I'm left speechless. This band is fucking awesomme.
How many blues musicians does it take to screw in a light bulb? 4. One to screw it in and three to complain that its electric...har har har Good music btw