Pikachu's Death 【AMV】Legends Never die

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Dante Shadow
Really Ash & Pikachu Death😥?
you really like this song but i too Xd
Drift Fortnite God
Pikachu Is a brave pokemon with a good soul...... He was a pokemon I created for love.....to everyone..
Games and art
Don't worry guys Pikachu is alive and in the new series pokemon sun and moon!
Billy B
wonderful loved it 😎a big like for you 👍😊👍🕵️‍ active supporter 🕵️‍👁 whole video watched 👁
Dante Shadow
Tyson EditZ
your 4rd legends never die amv, nice
Cotton Candy
I cried pickachu al most died bc he loved ash...
Dianagames Didi
Saarwhale55900 Habraken
So cool great job 😊👍👍
no one
legends never die they always stay strong
This song really awesome
Kurumi Kawaii
*Legends Never Die* 😍❤ Awesome 😍😍😍❤❤❤
Seanster 2.5
So sweet
Flareon 9.0
😭😭😭😭😭love it😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
D3mon Amv
Maaan i didn't looked at pokemon since many years but wtf? It really happened? I seen and ash died? Or what happend? I seen at final they seen eachother so that means is all alright?
So sad and amazing at the same time ❤❤❤😭👍like
Mr. Ketchum I don't feel so good...
Wolfie Playz
RIP Pikachu 😞
Music Star Anime Channel
Wow great video and song 👍 😉
Silent Tricks
Ruzayna Tasnuva
I like your AMV😀
Fun With Gamer
Hey My name is Mandar.. why dont you start discord server ?
Jaybird 7204
1 hour version!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this song,Ash,and Pikachu
Hiroshima Nightcore
Wow this is sad and also amazing great work my bestie!! ❤️👌🏻
WB bros
This gives chills in my spine bro
magical girl
Wow bff
Titok Mester
Fantastic. I love Pikachu😍💕
Waw mache more Pokemon video
Pants Dudney8
2:10 this just makes me sad look at Pikachu
Noo not Pikachu!!!
ayan khan
Good xD now this is going to 1million xD
Beatrice Pokemon
Rs Fahim studio
Anime True Lover's
l love this song and amv too!!!😉
Thank you my friend
great job man! would love if some of you guys checked out my first amv if that isnt too much to ask :)
JoshterGaming 19
Every time I see Pikachu holding Ashs hat, I get chillbumps.
Dragon Blanco AMV's 風
Very good laik xdd
Snorlax Pancake
Diancie was my favorite Pokémon, then I just saw this...
Princess Minako Mino Mayuki Uchiha
Awesome as always, my friend. Excellent work~☇👍👌
MV awesome
Pikachu will never die 😔 neither will ash
Stitch & Pikachu
Nnnnoooo !!!!
Rick Plays
Great Bro But please tell which editor you use
Suhaan Khan
Legends never die
hey very nice bro !!
Jean Sexton
I cried 😔😩😭😢😪
This Is Also Used At Ash's Death, Also Sick Beat! Ash Also Died... At 2:12
Gothic Rebel
AngryBubbles Amvs
Awesome !!🎧💞 Like
محمد الاسطوري
This is cool Musik 😘😁
Tanzeem Fatma
Now u will rock in it
no one
amazing not bad
Which movie or ep clip u use at the start
super beautiful work bro and really emotional <3
Mad Long
Best video
Shy Incredible
Can I please have a description of how you make your AMV's?
Diana Cobo
Well I guess legends die then though ._.
Nooby Pro 377
Pokemon Series*
hassass blob the dragin dude your truly
Never lose hope ;)
Michał Łukasik
Sahil Creation.
Bhai kaha se download karte ho yaae video
Try out that song all falls down mio remix ,it would me great m working on that
Marco Vazquez
dis is like my 50th time watching it again cause I put it on loop
Ben C.
0:40-0:42 Lol a clip of Arcues awakening
One more legends Never die
Ujwala Kadam
The last movie
Sword Anime
nice one pro keep going
Bilal_gaming_ TV
I’m a big fan of you Megetron!
Tijmen Lievense
cars king
So sad
haluk akdin
FroakyTrainer Strame
Pika pika xD
Kitaco JAK
Like 27 👍👋👋👋👋
Nice one!! I like it♡♡
PBN trainers asosiation
Love your vids😎👍
awesome senna
• Lölli
Pikachu & Ash is one big legend!! 💖
abc xyz
Music dede bhai
Amanda Games 27
# DerLotto
0:23 wich Episode it is?
cluckster 1337
Naruto can beat that black op pokemon
Mai hostel collection
Awesome bro..... Great video..... Keep it onn.......
Katelyn/Destiny Perez
水Wat3r's Edits
these amvs are amaizng but there so sad but they just come back but depression tho
Jashan Bhullar
When I listen this song and see video I start cry 😢 Pokemon is best best cartoon of this world 🌍🌎🌏🌐
Fun and games
No pikachui hate watching pikachu die but I mean he always overcomes it but it is always sad
BlUeKn!gHt OfChAoZze
Awzum! 😎🤘💥👏💥👏
*Reads title* Me: heh which one?
Ak nice Jogibhai
its fake
Morad Anti-Hero
Kapil Rao
Very nice video. I start crying. An emotional video
MIKE Music And Game
Karen. the. youtuber Benítez
This amv awesome is epic
Kyle Mathews
The legend never die amv are the greatest!👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻
Thank you i love it