Worst Game Show Fails Ever!

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Worst Things Ever!
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Янко Инджов
"A group of pill-pushers" is still the best answer ever given.
Slitherio MasterWorm
"Superman and Spider-Woman". Boiiiiiii
Omg that 6-pack chick wtf is wrong with her.
Ella Larkin
Jack threatening to wait for the other contestants in the parking-lot. WTF???!!!!
What i liked about this video was the absence of stupid countdown numbers and commentary. Keep it up
A Streetcar Naked Desire---STELLAAAAAAAA
Beqa Bendeliani
heisen bergular
"We should share a beer." she says. could you imagine her trying to calculate a tip? No thanks.
Chris M
5:05 So this guy's a firefighter? "OK, kids, listen to Firefighter Jack, if you ever are caught in a burning building, stay in there, you little wimp!"
the girl with the maths one 3:30 in isnt even funny shes just annoying
Connor Gaughan
Mythological hero achillis lol
6:56 What's Jack's last name? Off?
I think the college kid who thought surge protectors protect against flood water was visited by a group of pill-pushers before the show.
Ben G
That's what you want in your local firefighter.....threatening to beat up people.
DeeOhGee DOG
"A group of pill-pushers" XD
Rasmus Andersson
Its really funny not many of the audince laugh when he say Paris, becauce they dont know either haha.
Meredith wanted that 6-pack lady gone. 😂
Kelly Jones
A group of pill pushers lol . Brilliant.
HOF Excuse Maker
I'm not surprised a guy like Jack has that mustache. Makes perfect sense.
Kumiko Đỗ
- We like to solve the puzzle 🙋 - Ok 👌 - Superman and Spider woman 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I like that you put in a win at the end.
Joseph Kingsley
That last one was astounding. Seriously, how many possibilities were there?
Master Z
Superman & Spider Woman lmao
Stephen Hawking's Football Boots
“Well Chase... you took the red eye and stayed up for nothing. Thanks for playing!”
Peter Kungu
I laughed SO hard when they showed the guy who missed "Achilles" puzzle is a college student 😂😂
Oh my god. When the guy said he was gonna wait in the parking lot 😂😂😂.
Jason Mogollon
8:42 I bet his parents are thinking, "We paid how much for his college education?!?!"
Tronald Dump
generally i hate those fake responses like "oh, sorry, but you're still a good person" but that host seemed really sincere when she said she's a good person and mom. I like her, she seems like a genuinely good person.
My worst fear is getting lucky enough to win big money on a game show and blowing it in front of the entire country.
dk black
0:59 The look on his face is priceless. "I wouldn't put it that way, Alex."
John Steffes
"The Naggers" #RandyMarsh
Paul Lessard
Some of these were sooo cringey... Good vid. =)
Bill Graper
"He stuck in his thumb, and pulled out a *blackbird* " *final answer*
Briana S
We can’t forget about Randy Marsh
brb gotta fix an unexpected surge of water flow
Ollie Thunder
Bruh! Electric current duh! Even I knew that and I am definitely not in collage
T Southon
That Weakest Link host's shoulder brush was filled with so much fear lol
douglas howard
jacks attitude makes me think he's the one who set the fire.
wasn't surprised with the 99 bottles question tbh
Kim N
"H a less" for Achilles? The damage to Indiana's universities is done, but I hope his college advisor immediately enrolled him in a literature, mythology, languages, reading, or spelling course after that.
Sonia R
10:53 surge protector dude has a TJ Miller vibe going on.
Brian Trickett
How does Napoleon Dynamite not know that surge protectors protect your electronics? LOL
James Farrell
Thank you for putting a smile on my face. Very funny. I love it. Great job 👍
Allison Woodruff
8:29 and that dude spent a fortune on a "college education!"
I hope those two fellas beat jack to a pulp the bald headed peedo looking nonce
Michael Starr
" A-group-of-pill-pushers." love it.
Neil Godfrey
That jeopardy guy at the end had a good strategy. Just wait for the guy to guess first with 3-1 guess then when he gets it wrong he only has 50/50 chance.
Deena Nelson
:"I wouldn't put it that way Alex" CLASSIC!
Bill Graper
1:40 I know the answer! What's the #1 thing I want to give to that woman? What do I win???
Today On Twitch
"5 seconds Mr.marsh"
Bob Choi
Legend says that Jack is still waiting in the parking lot to this day.
The girl with the six pack question ....I feel with her...she was so nervous, she even was shaking
Jack makes me remember why I don’t like fire fighters.
"I have no clue... B final answer!!" LOL
Pat's responses are the best. *THIS IS WHEEL OF FORTUNE JOE!!!!*
Isabella Lefew
The last one wasn't a fail... It was wizardry!
4:04 omfg the moment the wires started to connect for her! XD XD XD
Nelson Fernandes
Is that Quim Barreiros on the intro? I'd swear I've seen a vynil with that pic at my grandfather's house *portuguese intensifies, caralho*
Mythological Hero A-cha-liss. Indiana University, you’ve got some splainin’ to do
Olya BehindBlueEyes
i answered most questions and i am not even a native speaker, lol what's wrong with the girl with "6-packs"?? can't she just DIVIDE numbers???)
Dussé McCussáy
A group of pill-pushers, my favorite 😂😂😂😂
Drake Gillard
Let's play a game show, they said. It will be fun, they said
Matt Sterling
@6:24 Jack looks like a 70s leather queen
The Hiking gamer
The 6 pack lady was so nervous you can see her hands shake.....
notmyfirstname notmylastname
Jack looks like Nappa from Dragon Ball Z
Diane Mendnhall
Pretty cool, the announcer for Weakest Link is now on The Price is right- not Drew, the other guy who calls down the contestants
Anderson smith
Have to say I'm only completely baffled by the young lady and by the Firefighter allowing himself to be recorded by the game show, communicating a threat to the 2 competitiors left after he was eliminated. 6:57. THAT'S the sort of public servant you want to be depending on. /s The young lady struggling with Math, 3:00, (It's an American Gameshow as far as I can tell, so "Math." You Brits come off as twits insisting that "Maths" is correct. No one cares. Not in America, certainly not here in Continental Europe. You're so smart, why haven't you "Brexited" yet? 3 years and you're still not gone.), probably shouldn't have applied to be on the gameshow if she's not confident in front of a group-she appeared to be visibly shaking. That being said, you don't need to know much math to answer that question. You don't have to know all your Times Tables or even all the 6s. Just 15 X 6 = 90 and 17 X 6 = 102. Those are the first two options and the answer is 17. (Yes, a "six-pack" may contain bottles as opposed to cans.) Actually, there's one more thing that I find a bit confusing: ALL the people in the comments arguing that the correct answer to the young lady's math problem is 16.5. People, it was a word problem, "...minimum number of six-packs..." with multiple choice answers. The only possible answers offered were 15, 17, 19 and 21. 16.5 was NOT offered as an option. They didn't ask her to show her work: 99/6 = 16.5. She might have actually gotten it if they had provided paper and a pencil. In any case, 16.5 is not one of the choices. Imagine how stupid you'd look if you were on that show and said, "It's none of those 4!" It's a game, you play by their rules, use the answers provided.
When Randy Marsh was on Wheel of Fortune.
I literally would have been the 6-pack girl, cuz I CANNOT do math. That would have been embarrassing.
A group of pill pushers... just wait for the commercials
Danceographic Ocean
3:06 you can just take a look at her and see she is not a very smart person.
Thought that this was james corden fridt
I know the feeling that girl has when she could not figure out the six pack thing. I can’t count either when under pressure.
D Yee
1:25-2:07... How? How do they keep a straight face during that?
Don Crabbe
@ 6.30; I have not seen this version, of TWL but, from this snippet: I like the host's demeanor.
Bigga Winna Crapsa
That 'New Baby Buggy' wasn't a fail.
Gameeyobewd awkanii
when you realize you should have paid attention in math class.....LOL @ 4:40
Schwiim Schwaam
The clue is "People who annoy you."
Hannah Patterson
You are the weakest like goodbye he couldn’t say fast enough 😆
DJ Chill Will
But look how cool he wrote his name 9:41... Max
Jack is the wrestler HHH pretending he's a firefighter
Lorne Behrend
I see The minimum required is 17
Nisha Victoria
I said k. My minds in the gutter to Kevin
Carmel Pule'
At 11:10, Surge protectors are usually not for protection against the electric current but against overvoltage. A surge protector is an electrical device that is used to protect equipment against power surges and voltage spikes while blocking voltage over a safe threshold (approximately 120 V). When a threshold is over 120V, a surge protector shorts to ground voltage or blocks the voltage. Without a surge protector, anything higher than 120V can create component issues, such as permanent damage, reduced lifespan of internal devices, burned wires and data loss. A surge protector is usually installed in communications structures, process control systems, power distribution panels or other substantial industrialized systems. Smaller versions are typically installed in electrical service entrances located office buildings and residences.
Wat da Phuc
Technically it should be “Best”
Chris Papamitrou
8:50 Max vs Kevin lmao, poor Max
*is strongest link for the round* Gets voted out ”You’re the weakest link” ?????????
When you dont have a brain, use your muscles.
Stefanie M
Let's go pill pushers 😂
Bodenlose Dosenhose
I guess that one guy has weird relationships with cars.
2:23 the gasps!!!! The audience was APPALLED 😂😂😂😂
Neil Godfrey
That reminds me, I need to buy some surge protectors to stop the floods. I also need some curtains to prevent an earthquake
Fry, your first question for $1: what tool is used to hammer a nail? Is it a) a hammer, b) a nail.... _B final answer!_
Mike Watkins
2nd dude not a fail. It was hilarious!
Cat Mac
"I'll solve!" "Mythical Hero WHAAAAT???" 😆😆😆😆😆
Bill Graper
Don't mess with people named Ken on jeopardy.
8:50 you vs the guy she told you not to worry about
Scott Meckley
A group of pill pushers was my favorite answer