NBA CLASSIC TEAMS Playoff Simulation on NBA2K18!!!

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2k put in a lot of new classic teams this year and today i did a playoff simulation to find out who's the best classic team! Hope you guys enjoy, thanks for watching! *Do not own any songs in video - no copyright intended MY TWITTER -

Achigle PAOG13
Do the best all-time all-stars (that aren’t playing now)team vs The all-stars right now
Put the last 16 NBA championship teams into 1 playoff sim. So pretty much put there winners from the 2001 NBA season to the 2017 NBA season! THIS WOULD BE LIT!!! I hope u can do it HTP! Lit vid btw!
Marlene Reyes Sanabria
“And the O11’ Mavericks are gonna beat the o1’ Lakers”
Jesus Campos
That d rose floater hyped me up so much 😂❣️
kobe stapp
Love halftime productions keep it up
Evan FNH
Where is celtics
Happy Roblox
At 1:45 my team got elemanated in the first round rip spurs
Chicago is the best
this video made me so happy because Derrick Rose was being clutch and he won a Championship and Finals MVP it would feel nice if it happened in real life
Bobby Sue
Why not Celtics your and my favorite team
Breeze Swann 2
Spurs gonna win this Edit: you have gotta be kidding me -_-
Nick The Trick
Bulls Kings Bulls Kings Bulls Kings BULLS
Tomas Torres
Since when new jersey is in the west? And New Orleans on the east?
Nathan Dunn
Wind 64
Why did u say 0-11 Mavericks and 0-13 heat it would just be 11 and 13
Alan Corp
You should do all time teams that have won a championship before.
J & J Gaming
where is 95-96 part 2
Lebron had 2 chances...
Isaiah West
"013 heat"
SuperToasterFTW _
Halftime Productions did you say 0 11 Mavericks and 0 13 Heat??
niegel kelly
when the 11 Mavs beat the 01 Lakers i had to cut the video off
'11 Bulls over '02 Kings in 6 is my prediction
Anyae King
The heat going to win
vic dizon
2007-08 Cavs - Lebron james = trash team
why were the hornets in the east...
Nick Ze Daddy
Heat or spurs will win, probably spurs SPOILERS Edit : Dang completely wrong not even one of those made to the conference finals
Hriday Meka
Yoooo at 1:57 he says Kidd is on the kings
Tum Blue
GonTech 99
Betting on Heat. Edit: I know CP3 is a God, but how we lose to the Hornets?
Emilio Cagmat
Where is MJ and the 1990s bulls? Where are the 2013 okc thunder? Where is magic Johnson? Where is Larry bird? Where is John Stockton and Karl Malone? Where are ALL of those legends u didn't put?
Bill Roth
First dudes
Kings will go to the finale and win it
Bill Williams
08 Celtics ?????????
Wind 64
Everybody turn on auto generated captions it’s hilarious
Notification squaaa
Matthew Turak
This is dope bro!
Keith Frazier
The bulls
That Bass Singing Teen
5:15 "The 0-11 Mavs
Tommy Shea
No Celtics smh
Aaron Weesner
16 warriors win the championship
Hriday Meka
Did you see that parachute from 4:45-4:48
Hriday Meka
At 10:00 peja would have never missed that shot, but he still went to the finals with the kings😛
Sean Daniels
Man 04 pistons didn't have Prince or sheed if they had them they go to finals
Gaming central101
The Lakers
ReZZ Johncunnin
Pistons wouldn’t have lost to the 07 cavs
Rivka Caller
Good video
Jasonthebacon 690
CJ Buckets
Juju Show
I hate your channel so much
EliteKids HD
U see what d rose could of done if he did t get injured 😳😳😳😳😳
David cagape
D rose
Lindsey Bundel
Yes the best simulation youtuber is back
Tabatha Smith
Gavin Pinkham
This guy gets way too excited about a 2K simulation 😂😂😂
Kidsavage ab
When u gone make a new vid man!!!
Bullet Boss
mavs was bull
And Sacramento
Roberto Ramirez
i put warriors
Lit vid as always
Quaviair Berry
Omega Games and Vlogs
swag monk23
I want the Hornets to win the Championships because I live in Louisiana
Cooper Davis
We’re 96 bulls
Arstin 23
Let’s Go!!!!!!
Adam rathje
Heat versus Warriors heat going win 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇
reckless red
1:57 Jason Kidd never played for the king's
Hayden Singleton
Hornets and mavericks
Mr. Dew
That music and your voice are just amazing xD ❤
shaniqua monroe
Tanner Orth
wait you put the grizzlies in with the nets
Dee Fox Jr.
Why didn't you put 96'-97' Heat becuase you put 2 Lebrons in the same playoffs
Idc what any of y’all say but the 2011-2014 Miami heat were the Chicago Bulls of Jordan’s time until Lebron left because he’s was nothing like Jordan
cooking with DRED
As a bulls fan I really wish rose never had that injury against the 76ers. Such an amazing player to watch who went out of his way to help his team win. Who knows what rose and the bulls could've done if he stayed healthy. I think we would've at least had a good shot at a championship. All I can do now is reminisce on the good ol days lol
Jacob Ftacek
Ya go bulls
natan fun Army
Ryno Decker
2013 heat
Tycole Cole
The Warriors are going to win this
John Williams
07 cavaliers
Roberto Saavedra
Bulls mavs
Vic Cage #24
Kings or Bulls
Kimmuel Weatherspoon
Hector Espinoza
bulls mavs
The Omega Swag One
The Pistons don't have Sheed or Tayshaun, so this is a little messed up
DeanO Green 101
Griz Cavs and hornets r my picks
Nathaniel Chapa
Mavs hornet's
Dorthy Jean
Where okc
Billy Hamilton
9596 bulls
Christian Maleck
Kimberly Kyles
No hornets
AllStarr Gaming Gaming
Keep it up man you’re videos are amazing
I had the lakers vs Miami at first then I had the mavs and bulls move on from the conference finals then I had bulls winning the finals
Miami Heat
It hurts to see D Rose loose his prime
Jonathan Mejia
Go Knicks but the warriors and heat vs and warriors will win
The Ace Game
Heat or cavs