Real Madrid vs Liverpool (Preview) - Tension is building - Champions League Final (YNTA)

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Its the big one people, its the big ooooooonnnnneeeeeeee! As the final get closer and closer, the guys sat down for a chat about the game.

Nilesh Bundele
I don't why I am getting felling that mane will destroy Madrid
Joe Zy
"It shows how far United have fallen when our WHOLE season rests on Liverpool losing" - Paul Scholes 😂😂 COME ON REDMEN! 💪🏾
Trigganomics Production
Liverpool 3 - 0 Real Madrid
Anyone here supporting Liverpool's boy Darren Till this sunday. Hes bringing UFC to Liverpool for the first time and has a 5 round mma fight against the #1 ranked fighter in the world. Who happens to be called "WonderBoy" So worse comes to worse Liverpool lose to Real, at least u can see a scouser step into a cage and fight another man to the death
Lee Waterson
i dreamt wee won 4-3 lets hope that comes true, or even better do a porto on them
mohamed yusuf
rcarl 415
Firmino hat trick. 3-2 to LFC
Vinox Systems
liverpool fc wins the champions league final 4-2 against Real Madrid
I had sex with my neighbour's wife
If our players are able to hold their nerves this is actually going to be a comfortable win
Common Liverpool make this one of the best days of our lives 🙏🏽
Tam Brotal
I'm a realistic person, I'm very critisize about Klopp tactical approach, Salah loss to much chances in the early season, poor game management, lack of depth in squad because of injuries issue and other things, but I'm confident this team are destined for this CL cup. We will win this trophy again because Real Madrid are not on their peak of their game! Man City are on top of their game and we beat them 3x! And that not happened by luck! D Bruyane are on top of his game, Sane are on top of his game but Isco, Modric, Kroos, Bale, Benzema, Ronaldo they all have past their golden era! Spurs show they can be beat, Sevilla show they are not the toughest CL team anymore. We are on our way to the new era of Liverpool legacy. And we will show them who is the real king of this championship.
Munna Mazumder
It will be draw 2-2. Then penalties. Benzema and carvajal will miss the penalty and liverpool will win at last.
Sullay BJ
U know what Drifty might be a good coach guys. He's right about attacking the Madrird full backs and midfield that's the way to defeat Madrid. Example: Juventus
Yung Breed
I recommend Drifty get his God's plan intro ready. We bringing that trophy home.... YNWA
Long Live King Mo
How crazy is this that Liverpool could win champions league tomorrow. Coooomeeee onnnn
Both fan bases are tripping if they think this will be an easy match. I've got Liverpool winning 3-2 in a thriller!
Don Jo
does anyone worry about the corners ........ its actually heart stopping moment when u see ramos and ronaldo inside our box
Matthew Rowe
The team with the least amount of position will win.
Mohches Reds
My score prediction is 3-2 win for Liverpool. Come on boyssssss
Hakeel Hall
WHEN we win not if ... I can’t wait to see drifty’s intro .... but listen... I don’t see us loosing .. let’s just go in with confidence... the Spanish journalists are taking a lot of shit.. so let’s shut them up
Great preview boys. Best of luck to you's in the final. Im just hope Real's experience of the darker arts dont kick in as they have a knack of getting teams red cards and running over teams in the latter stages of matches. Eg: This year -1st Leg Juve (Dybala red) 2nd Leg PSG (Verratti red) Last year - Final vs Juve (Cuadrado red) 2nd leg Bayern (Vidal red) And in all of these games they finished very very strong.
George Welland
Mane will be on the ball the most. He's taken the Coutinho role in that sense. He's the one player who can accelerate attacks when we're not counter attacking. Salah will barely be involved similarly to city and Roma away but will have the chance when it matters.
Orane Barrett
Scaring me that Drifty is speaking somewhat positive of Liverpool against a bigger club. That's not my dude!
David Ristovski
Im predicting a big score line like 3-2 or a 4-3 win for us, I'm nervous af lads, I hope we don't get shaky at the back the last 20 min or so.
Hi guys this is just my opinion but I think Real Madrid will want the ball to slow the game down so Liverpool will have to play rock ‘n’ roll football to beat this team like we did against Porto Rome and Man City
Rishi Halkoree
Whose front room/yard IZ dat!!!
Rishi Halkoree
VVD best game of his life!!!!!
rcarl 415
This the preview I been waiting on
Ramos will get sent off in the first minute.
Semi Cedar
Man like Matt, Drifty, Gazz, big up yourselves. We have to do this ting tonight nothing long trussss i think we will beat them i am going with 3-2 liverpool. Gaol scorers will be Salah, Mane, & Robinson or Trent A. Will hopefully score the 3rd as i think them 2 have been key players for us this season they both raised their game high (respectively)they fully deserve to be apart of the first team.. Come on liverpool give us all a great weekend please. One love ❤💛💚👍
Sebastian Gamble
Another excellent show.
Bill Kat
The reason Salah will still be the most dangerous for Real Madrid is cuz he's the one who turns opportunities into goals the most. Even when there are 3-4 players on him he can score. Other players miss a hell lotta opportunities in every game. Liverpool needs to play counter attack and for that they need to defend well.
Evode Tuyishime
Up the freakin’ reds!!!🔴
We win 4-3 with salah×2 mane firmino with the goals
Dean Coates
salah wont be coming back to help out the defence, what have you guys been watching this season, he doesn;t do that, alexander arnold needs help from milner. salah needs to do what he does and stay up there as an outlet...
You could do with some mics boys 👍🏼
Buba Jadama
Real Madrid 5 vs 0 Liverpool
I'm not even gonna watch it i feel sick just thinking about it, so i'll be out all day to distract myself. I'll glance at my phone at 10.00pm, 2005 almost killed me so i ain't going through that again!! YNWA All
Daryll Brennan
Liverpool win 4-3
Spot on about Modric and Kross. We need to take them out the game. So important or at least keep them in their half
Mujeeb Ahmed
Real Madrid will win
Evode Tuyishime
Lads i think if we keep a cleansheet from 75th min to 90th min we win the thing.I honestly think we’ll be allover them in the opening stages.
Nick Korsah
Man said they've got Thanos 😂😂😂😂😂 up the KOP we got this #LFC
Aaron Oyakhire
Who else has been having crazy dreams about the game
TonyKelly LFC
Hopefully we get the win and make it 6 hopefully but buzzing for the match later great show too lads keep doing yous are things YNWA
martin sheridan
Liverpool chat without mentioning kane wow.
Bill Kat
Drifty is playing it both ways as always. If Liverpool loses he will be 'ya know I had the feeling'. If Liverpool wins he's gonna be too happy to care anyways :P
Riswandha Maulana
If tottenham can beat them by counter attack... we can do it too..
Rick Ross brother in the middle
Brian Oleary
I want us too win soo bad, but I can't help thinking that " THIS WOULD BE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE"😭
Poor Drifty your like me xD I'm just glad i live in Australia mate and will probably (hopefully) be asleep while the games on and will wake up to the result xD.
stanley Laroche
Oh please LFC my heart won’t be to take the suspense , I want a comfortable win . Xo
Liverpool vs Everybody
If you look closer you can see “JU-JU ‘Man” from hh hangouts on drifty’s left shoulder. (That would be the shoulder closest to the camera)
Real Madrid 3-1 liverpool
stanley Laroche
Guys we’re going to win this shit , and that’ll be the beginning of something special. Love from NYC #YNWA
Mohamed Amin
It is funny watching this video after the game
foxy foxy
Allez Allez Allez Real madrid 0-4 DEADPOOL
drifty is thinking 5-0 Liverpool!
You lot watching the match in Liverpool?
Rafed Aalkhorafi
One more game bro one more game 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
Riswandha Maulana
The most dangerous man in Madrid is the reff
Mohamad Bassam
Drifty, just watch some of the crosses Carvajal plays to Ronaldo, then tell me that he isn't as effective going forward. Besides, his defensive awareness is much better than Marcelo's so I don't think Mane will have it easy at all.
Ankur Jadhav
I'm nervous AF but also confident than ever.. We gonna show them who's Boss.. They are way over confident which is great.. Man City were the best team in Europe if we can spank them 5-1 we can beat these too.. Come on You REDS 🔴 3-1 to liverpool #LFC #YNWA
Mohamad Bassam
Everyone says Ramos is a hot head and Liverpool need to intimidate him so he gets sent off. Ramos has only gotten one red card all season long, which isn't outrageous for any defender what so ever. And that red was for two yellows with the second coming in stoppage time. So Ramos isn't as irrational as everyone makes him out to be.
Mr Mitchell
I agree with Drifty on this one ...mane and wijnaldum will be very important in this game
I don’t think Liverpool fans are ready for this beating. I’ll just send out my condolences to all the redmen ahead of time. Rip Liverpool