Wagner - Der Ring Des Nibelungen: Siegfried [Act III; Boulez] - English Subs

Conductor: Pierre Boulez Siegfried: Manfred Jung Mime: Heinz Zednik Brünnhilde: Gwyneth Jones Wanderer (Wotan): Donald McIntyre Alberich: Hermann Becht Fafner: Fritz Hübner Erda: Ortrun Wenkel Waldvogel: Norma Sharp Der Ring des Nibelungen: 2. Tag Festspielhaus Bayreuth Filmed in 1980 Chor und Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele

Finally I understand what Anna Russell meant by Erda being "wrapped up in a dirty old dust sheet."
faeze mohajer
so Brunhilde is Siegfried's aunt from both father and mother sides??!!
Wotan then realizes how rude and annoying Siegfried is, and instantly changes his mind about wanting to let him marry Brunhilde lol.
Luiz H.M.
Brunhilde awakening is my favorite part of all Wagner music, but I think it should be much more slow than in this version.
Ernesto DL
36:08 the Wotan farewell leitmotiv here makes my heart melt
Anna Costello Wisniewski
woo hoo i'm breathless
Patrick McAsey
If Siegfried is the greatest hero that has ever lived then why does Wagner portray him as so insolent in his behaviour towards the Wanderer? Is it because his experience of being brought up by Mime make him suspicious of everybody? But does this justify his rudeness?
Gavin Smitsdorp
The best Wagnerian aria ..... -Gweneth Jones what beauty and power.
kazuo taniguchi
Die Laustärke der Stimmen dominiert. Das Orchester ist im Mischungsverhältnis zu leise. Pierre Boulez ist diesem Jahr (2016) verstorben und liegt auf dem Hauptfriedhof in Baden-Baden.
Mariana Buenrostro
thank you very much! I can't wait to see the cycle live again :D
josh plonker
Such dramatic representation of an alternative dream of life. Of course one would be expected to know the cycle story??? what good is good if it doesn't know itself. Me thinks Wagner was a repressive rather than an,an oppressive.
Gavin Smitsdorp
aaagh I feel alive!
Xnargo Cougatt
doner undst me kebgab the greatest musical in the world
Peter Finlay
Usually it is Brünhilde that is the problem appearance-wise. Here, sadly it is Siegfried with his dull looking eyes and his sad attempts at youthfulness as he trots across the stage to his Brünhilde. Gwyneth Jones is so wonderful in her role it is so sad that here she is partnered by an actor who may know how to sing but comes across as just pathetic in his portrayal of Siegfried. Sorry to say this as Manfred Jung seems to have been a nice man!
jihyun suh
1:15:58 my favorite moment! they are laughing😭😭
Around about 39 minutes, when Siegfried first lays his eyes on Brunhilde, to the point he goes to awaken her, I cannot help thinking the piece is better without Siegried's singing. A case of paint, don't tell. It also distracts from the orchestration. It's not one of Wagner's best thought out scenes.
New World
28:30 😍
Boris Sitnikoff
Wow, very hot finale.
Noé Hirschi
Vous pouvez mourir tranquillement après la fin de cet opéra ;)
Noé Hirschi
Vraiment, gros pinaillage mais, en écoutant avec le livret en face de moi je constate qu'a 19:07 Siegfried dit : Wohin mein Vöglein mich wies, dahin wandr' ich jetzt fort :. Alors qu'il devrait dire Wohin mein Fürher mih wies, dahin wandr'ich jetzt fort. C'est juste pour éviter de dire fürher ? parce que bon malgré le fait que ça nous rappelle les heures les plus sombres de notre histoire, c'est juste un mot qui veut dire guide. Pas de quoi en chier une pendule.
Ana Leigh
Am I the only one who thinks Siegfried is a complete jackass?
Dave Glo
Gwyneth is so wonderful in both voice and character. But sometimes that wobble in her voice is hard to take.
George Weigand
Xnargo Cougatt
in fact i'm gonna start it @ the begin
Matheustst Quaiada
algum brasileiro assisti isso ?