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Presented as a digital transfer from the very first viewing of a newly opened VHS copy! The "Behind The Shells" documentary gives us a peek inside the making of the first 2 live action TMNT films, with creator interviews, behind the scenes sequences, and info directly from the cast & crew. :) For more great 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Film content, head to

Before cg ruined the magic.
The Question
the first movie is the best one
Mickey Johnson
The original movie from 1990 is the very best Turtle movie.... none of the sequels or remakes come close......
Rodrigo Palacio
Sick of CGI, I want animatronics back!
Sherlock Holmes
"Anger clouds the mind... turned inward, it is an unconquerable enemy"
classicnerdy nostalgia
This goes to show you don't need CGI to make a great movie they did it all with practical effects
Wise man say, forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for a late pizza!
kc huntinghawk
I hope they release this on the 30th anniversary blu ray 👍🍕🐢🐢🐢🐢🐭
I hate the Michael Bay crap we have now.
Micheal Bay should take notes.
Zoë Lkjsdhf
When I was a kid when these came out none of us had any idea there were people in the turtles or a robot head. We thought​ they were maybe puppets made to look bigger and trick photography and stop motion clay for the face and lips. But they were real I'm out imagination, believable. Even today seeing how they did it is amazing. I had no idea they had that kind of technology back then and I was born on 1984. This is amazing. This film and Bevis and Butthead had such a huge impact on my generation.
Dj Billman
This is the kind of work you put into a "REAL" Ninja Turtles movie. Not imaginary CGI that computer generated
Man, this movie was crap compared to the first one. If only those idiot Soccer Moms never complained about how "violent" the first movie was back then, we'd have a ton more awesome fight scenes with the turtles using and brandishing their real weapons a lot more often in SotO. Their ninjas. They're expected to use deadly ninja weapons, not sausage links and balloons...
Robin Gurl
I love /loved all three of these movies! I saw them as a child (destroyed my VHS tapes) and bought them as an adult (30 now) and I STILL loved them. Rewatched 1 and 2 tonight and still laughed my ass off! Mikey is still my spirit animal!
Rohan Padiyar
So much efforts poured in the first and second movie with the involvement of Jim Henson's Creature Shop. I once had a fan book which unfortunately was missing a few pages. The book even explained how puppeteering the turtles felt similar to playing a video game. Look at 11:29 and that's what it meant. My 2 favorite characters are Donny and Splinter.
Dion Talbert
I love ninja turtles
Todd Garver
Parents complaining that NINJA turtles are too violent. Lmao
Chad Delk
I remember being a huge TMNT fan back in the day.
Mekrab J
I had a crush on the first Aril O' Neil in the 1990 movie.
classicnerdy nostalgia
This is what this is what I like about the first movie was that it had a very well written Story plot and Splinter's story was told better than the way was told in the 2014 movie man I miss the days of practical effects with four Hollywood started going crazy with the CGI
Badsaint 101
Should of stopped at the first or not sell out to reach younger kids in the II
Wow this brings it back. Just more proof the new ones are just not that good.
Mark Esco
So happy I grew up as a kid watching these turtles in the 90s !!!! Hell yeah the best... Awesome video! Amazing
Rick Chop
jim Henson was amazing
Gus Gus
That Michael bay  crap is an embarrassment to the TMNT legacy... I rather watch the 90's movies
They Should have made this as a bonus for the movie 1+2 DVD Special Edition Box Set, inclusing: Partners In Kryme's "Turtle Power" music video, Y Kid K's "Spin That Wheel" music video, Vanilla Ice's "Ninja Rap" Music Video", Barbra Walter's interveiw. Deleted scenes Alternate Ending.
Ronald Jr. Munoz
Turtle Power!!!!
Thanks for posting this. I really wish that Warner Brothers had including this on the DVD/ Blu Ray of Secret of The Ooze in the U S. Instead it is only on the German DVD.
Brandon Spain
Facts of the day: TMNT II *The reason why Casey wasn't in the movie was because parents complained that he was too scary with the hockey mask on, and the hockey equipment was too violent. Hens why in 3, he doesn't have his equipment and his mask. *The second movie was not going to have Shredder as the villain. Baxter Stockman and Mousers was gonna be the villain. But the producers were worried if the mousers wouldn't work in action. *Judith Hoag got herself fired for being in TMNT II. Back in the first film, she threatened Steve Barron to be fired due to her dislike the violent, dark tone in the first film. *the original ending: Professor Perry was going to be a Utrom. Producers were worried that children would think he's Krang. Leaving the door open for a sequel to explore more about the ooze and that it was created by the Utroms. Which the producers wanted TMNT III be about the Utroms, Triceratons, and Fugitoid, and the Turtles jumping into another dimension to fight them. *The producers wanted Bebop and Rocksteady to be in the film. Eastman and Laird felt it was a bad idea to use characters from the cartoon. Which is why they're not in the movie unfortunately.
Come on, y'all. Now, I'm a 90s kid myself, and while I DO prefer these movies to the Michael Bay ones, can we appreciate the effort that went into each movie by whatever director, producer, etc.? They had different styles of how to do things, and tried to do it while listening to people complain and critique them about how wrong they did it, so thumbs up to them
the future is only cool because we can see the past
Bill Radovich
thanks for ripping this. since new line put it out on VHS, i don't know why it was so hard to include it on the DVD/blu-ray.
Eli Garcia
Smoothwave Proudctions
I have no problems with teenage mutant ninja turtles, teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 secret of the ooze ,or teenage mutant ninja turtles 3 turtles in time
After the success of two rated R Deadpool films and one rated R Logan I want to see a true to comic roots rated R TMNT film where they actually use their weapons and are forced to kill their enemies. A movie for adults that have been fans for decades and not another movie for kids
No you take the ugly one No you take the ugly one Which ones the ugly one?????
man wolf 79
They're my heroes the TMNT and will always be they always helped me through the rough edges  of life or there was some reminder that I grew up with that reminded me that life is very cool thing and they  the turtles had something to do with it almost everytime ...
Fun fact my dad worked on the set of the first 2 films he was the voice actor for mike 😎
I prefer this old movies of the Turtles, are very betters! More naturals.
Joseph Moretti
22:58 Why is April [Paige Turco] laughing?
Jamey Perez
Go ninja go ninja go
I hope the people of NECA (National Entertainment Collectible Association) will have 1/4 scale action figures made to look exactly just like how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had appeared of the second live-action film since they already had 1/4 scale action figures made to look just like how they had appeared of the first live-action film.
String Bean
Fun fact super shredder was played by none other than Kevin Nash
Jose Miguel
When I was a kid I didn't like pizza. I started liking it once I saw the turtles eat pizza
Morgana Black
I just loved this video❤❤! I was a huge fan back in the 90s . I had the VHS 😄😄
Andy Arrowood
kid 1: "I like tem cuz tey ninjas" kid 2: "I like tem cuz tey funny" kid 3: "I like turtles"
Taras Shevchenko
Thank you so much for posting this!!!!!!
Christopher Madriaga
The second TMNT movie was always the best!
Ketil Aarsheim
Those actors were great fighters!
The smurfs nerd
I kinda like turtles 3,sorry for those who s ya other wise
Kid said "calabunga"
963 Productions
Thanks for that
32 and I still collect anything TMNT. Love this series so much!
Mekrab J
I met April O' Neil.
mike majewski
is there a full interview where the trutles are sitting around talking that they keep cutting into some hwere?
This was Amazing!
Man Joe
Because of this movie I've eaten pizza scents I've seen the first one
Shinobi Engineer
god I remember the tape I had of this
Leonardo donatello raphael Michaelangelo
Leonardo Michaelangelo donatello raphael
jake juergens
thank you for the trip down childhood lane.
Frank Enstein
this is great my favorite movies
Cowabunga Dude!
That interview with the turtles, I wanna see it!
Otavio Arruda
Ernie Reyes JR needs more movie roles
Aside from all the bad writing, poor cinematography and other obvious flaws the sequels had, who's idea was it to change the turtles faces in the second one? The original head sculpts were such a fantastic representation of the cartoon and just looked good. As much as I wish they would have kept the entire cast from the first movie (literally everyone who was replaced or cut out was superior to the second ESPECIALLY April/Judith Hoag) I understand you can't keep all the same characters and/or actors due to contracts, budgets, scripts, different visions, etc. But whoever thought the new faces were an improvement or even acceptable was just clueless. All of them look slightly worse in some way, particularly their curled lips, but something about Donatello's creepy head still gives me nightmares. For some reason Donny grew a severe underbite and the eyebrows of a serial killer. Seriously, why does he always have that strange expression on his face? Donatello's expressions NEVER synced up with his lines and reactions. The original sculpts were the faces every kid of the 80's fell in love with. They had so much personality and character. Sure they all looked more similar in the first film but though the collaboration of the voice actors, puppeteers and actors in the suits they somehow made each turtle unique from one another. Similar to what the cartoon did there's a certain magic in taking four visually identical characters and giving each of them such distinct and individual personalities. The original 1990 film wasn't perfect but it was actually a good, really well done movie. And if you consider the source material (adapting a silly slapstick cartoon into a semiserious live action film) the movie was a masterpiece. The directing, cinematography, editing, camera work, film score, song choices, supporting cast/casting, dialogue and just about everything else in the original is far superior to every sequel. But what really sets it apart and what makes it such a strong stand alone film is the film's tone and overall feel. The movie knew exactly what it wanted to be and never deviated from the formula. You could tell that the creators of the film respected the content while making something original at the same time. All of the TMNT essentials were covered including callbacks to the comic series and references to the cartoon without going overboard with fan service. It always left you wanting more but not because you felt like something was missing. It captured the essence of the cartoon and the TMNT hysteria of the time and was a total tribute to the 80's/90's. 1990 TMNT was a serious film about a silly concept that never took itself too serious and turned out to be a seriously good movie.
Montalvo Monteka
So technically Michelangelo was the first turtle 🐢
Mario U Comics and Cartoons
For a crazy concept like ninja turtles, I love how grounded the 1st movie was
I like the three of them i was a Turtle fan since the 90s and i am still the new movie is all computer animated with actors too but not so special like in this movies here it is really interesting that during that time the 90s special effects wher not so far yet than like today and if you see splinter wow thats really great how he reacts. If you could afford buying such a costume i would love having one must be great. The new movies are okay but people like me born in the 80s grew up with the real stuff from the 90s tahn you will love the 90s movies only.
BuBba KuShInGToN
Thank you for posting this I’ve been looking for this for I don’t know how long I was only seven or eight when the first movie came out in 1990 I think and I loved it and now I’m taking a trip down nostalgia lane so thanks 🙏 a lot man.
One of my FAVORITE cartoons ever. I've watched every version of the TMNT including all the films. I love the 1990 movie (seen it hundreds of times) and it's my favorite. The sequel was good too. Part 3 sucked. The Michael Bay version was ok (not great). It's still amazing that the 1990 film was still the best even to this day. And my two favorite Turtles are Raphael and Michaelangelo
RIck Sanchez
If you really think about it , the TMNT really aren't NYC's protecters from was happening all over the city and did nothing before April came into their lives , in fact had she not missed her train none of would have happened . Crime was hurting people all around them and they did nothing to help until April got nearly mugged by the FOOT CLAN at the subway station .
Deonte Merritt
this amazing creators of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles behind the set of the movie that is cool Laird & Eastman genius creating best four turtles foot clan Spliner Casey Jones The Foot Clan and April 'Oneil other characters.
I laugh how the announcers from these behind the scenes videos back in the day sound like they could really give a rat's ass about what they're talking about.... including something that's freak'n awesome & absurd as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Rohan Padiyar
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have arrived in my Injustice 2 video game for my PlayStation 4. They were modeled off of these turtles!
Igbo Thunder
man i can't believe I'm just now seeing this after all these years! imagine if they still used the puppeteer format but with modern tech!
Jose Alonso Ramirez Salazar
Yo las amo ...🐢🐢🐢🐢
14:50 These costumes are more believable to this day than that CGI bulls*** they produced a few years ago.
Damn i watched the first TMNT hundreds of times! Still the best movie.
Shinigami Kuroshitsuji
I saw this movies as a kid I liked so much, now all movies effects is by CGI and take off the realism and the performance of the actors
The best BEFORE CGI took over.
Jonathan Aniles
Better than CGI
Wow finally seeing how this was done lol wow. Good ol childhood
RIck Sanchez
I'm just disappointed the TMNT did not finish their hero's journey with Master Splinter dying , as that is the hero's journey .
My favorite always was the second movie. But I was also 5 when it came out and enjoy laughing.
panda gamers 19
I still like II but the first is best
Oh man. I've been thinking about the TMNT lately and what they meant to my childhood. Thought to youtube search for a documentary and found this. Very special history to watch. Thank you!
Audrey N
GuyDOT Hmmz
I wish there stook to the more non-comical fight scenes like what they did the first movie
Ronny Lopez
Still love the movie
Ben Tokyo
welcome back
you get what you pay for...has ALWAYS been true..hard work and taking your time vs CGI to save money and time...welcome to the CRAP future!!
Lewis Jones
Awe.. thought they would show Kevin Nash
Ks Lit
Its tcri why did u change it 🤔🤔😕😕😕😕 keep it to the original story you are ready changed the head bands😡
Joseph M. Sutton
I remember recording this on a vhs tape before the premeire of the movie on HBO. Serious nostalgia.
Watching bad TV and being bored at the same time can lead to creative ideas.
Lea Seberg Fladstad
Where' the turtles costumes today?
Spanish Enigma
Ahh the good days using puppets and not CGI.
Pete Kavar
Quality is totally awesome.. Thanks.