Traxxas E-revo2.0 107mph again! Emperformance, Ripple Killer

I'm stuck at 107 for now. upped gearing and hit 107 time for some tuning.. #Emperformance #Ripplekiller #Topspeedrc #speedruns #grp #mph #Fastrc #SagaCustomRc #Traxxasrc #gopro #builtnotbought #futaba #Savox #E -revo

Chronicles of Mambo Mike
They probably went straight to the hobbystore😂😂😂
ramen noodles
Guys being guy's.
1:56 that's the look of a guy ready to buy one
Imagine this hitting your ankle at 107mph. Oof
Wayne Kibler's RC Adventures
That was awesome. And it’s always nice when people appreciate what you’re doing. That was nice of them to stop and watch what you were doing. 👍😃👍
and that is how a new hobbyist joins the hobby ahahah.
Lou Jones
Pretty cool! You need a camera on it too! That would be super cool
wobbly nostrils
Those guys were genuinely impressed. LOL. We never grow up do we? 😂
I’m just remembering back about 15 years ago when we were dropping $2000 in nitro’s with modded .21 Rossi’s to barely break the the 100mph mark, now you can hit 100mph almost out of the box.
Can’t say I blame them. I would do the same lol
Sales McSaleson
Love how 3 dudes, were able to be dudes, on the side of the road with a toy car.
Russian Bot
You must have great eyes! 👀
I think i liked the interactions of the three grown men better then the speed run...but you have a really fast rc, whatever you done to it is amazing!
Big Texas
2:25 107?? Dude's feeling his pockets ready to go to the hobby store lol.
Micron RC
It sounds like it had more in it. Take that thing off of training mode and let it eat.
Lupus Dante
Last week I've seen this car in real life, the size of that thing makes it more impressive the speeds that you gain. 👍
I know those spectators kind of interfered a little with your concentration and privacy,but you were still a cool and polite dude!👍🏼..That RC is BadAzz by the way👏😎
I just sold my e revo and i wish i didnt after seeing yours lol i have a revo that i have so much into it i dont like to run it😅 i just love the smell of nitro
Man that's awesome, you need to fpv that bad boy!
Bob Ross
You should stop it with your leg Bet it will stop faster
Wow very fast run big thumbs up my friend XD 😄👍👍
Props to keeping that thing in-between the lines at over a hundred mph 👏👏👏
dude is gonna make a tryhard rage with the RC car 1-0 lzzzz, im up global Boi
Chuck R
Hey man what kind of wheels and tires you have on that thing? I’ve built my 6s e-revo, just need to get the right tires on it for the speed runs! Great vid 👍🏼
Valium YT
What nice guys, makes me happy :D Edit: thanks for the likes everyone :)
I ship l i f e L o v e.
I would be nervous if some people watched me drive it...
Nathan Lester
Holy shit, man i was actually driving my Terremoto V2, tearin up a baseball field. I had two cars pull up to watch and a SCAT bus driver on his break 😂 I was like try to be cool try to be cool 😶😬😎
Steve Polverini
I cant believe how fast and stable that bullet is on the road for a standard size RC Car. Very impressed!
Luke Jeffers
No wonder they use them in call of duty
Kaleo Gregg
I actually felt kinda tense/nervous while watching the strangers drive up in the video (haha). I've been robbed by "spectators" in a public park before while conducting my own hobbies (high-power laser beam pictures). After also experiencing an attempted robbery in the following weeks, I began to be very weary of strangers.
I just have a stock rustler vxl on 3s and guys that I NEVER thought would care about an rc start asking me about it. I mean grown men of all races and cultures.
BrianCox Music
Sound like Matthew mcConaughey 😂😂
Always wonder why ppl doing car speed runs don’t run a fpv onboard camera and goggles . Top speed line of site sketchy( and can’t really see much ).
:O WOAH! And here I thought my 50mph 1/16 e revo was fast... lol
Man that's impressive 👍 Lol and I see it as challenge accepted, I'll see if I can get any of our traxxas vehicles to hit over 100mph, I'll do it on video too, the most I've got so far was 67mph and that was with the slash, but we have, the revo, rustler, stampede so we can try a few setups.. Happy rc-ing 👍
How do you control the car at such high speeds by keeping it straight on the road because you're not in the driver's seat. Cause a slight turn could send it toppling at that speed. Whenever I would drive my 10 km/h RC car even if I would only press the forward button so it goes straight in front, it would always steer a bit left or right and not go completely straight like your car.
amazing car bro!!we are ready with my friend to buy two of these little rockets :P have fun
Alex Picatoste
You have one huge lipo or two Lolol thing moves ! You need a runway strip
the real bigfoot
Imagine a cops radar hitting that while a motorcycle was driving by?😁
Oli gamer W
I think bigger road wheels would make the car a little faster. Why not try it out
cps gaming
That is absolutely sick! I got a traxxas slash 2wd brushless that tops out at around 90mph with only a 2s in it😂 half scared to see it with a 3s
Geek Therapy Radio
So awesome. Those guys stopping to check it out is EXACTLY what my radio show is all about. Sharing cool stuff and hobbies with each other. That’s what it’s all about and this video is proof! There’s SO much cool stuff in the world we’re all into! So much more we have in common than BS politics.
i build these and i love traxxas my favorite maker by far 👍very nice e revo !
Jake Matthews
im going to check your other videos to see if i can find out but what set up are you running on this? i cant imagine that being the stock 2200kv motor and esc that goes with it lol. that thing is a monster. just got my first E-Revo used and im looking into a good motor for speed runs but something that will get around good in the grass geared down as well. Thinking of going with a tenshock 2450kv , still new to the 1/8 scale stuff honestly. only had 1/10 scales and up
rc madness Street pirates
Another great pass with the e-revo. Same setup? Unbelievable that you are even running up hill👍👍👍 I have noticed with some on YT, they’re are running downhill... keep up the great work brother
Serious ??, took me lots of mod to get my kyosho to 6omph, I will buy one of this.
Mic Sierra
You can download davinci resolve for free if you want to edit your videos my dude.
Mike T
Want the e Revo 2.0 I think it'll be my next
107 mph nice pass I'm sure next time you will beat that PB those guys was amazed 😂👍🏾
See people stop while I'm out playing trying to sell me theirs :D
Random Ness
Geezus, look at the thing zip by, wow!
slighty_stoopid_ fam
Glad NOTHING broke OFF at that speed might be little danger..maybe ?..Thats just my thoughts
The Nimble Ninja
Makes my old RC cars as a kid seem pretty gay.
Julian 7160
Cool they was into the car and 107 is flying lol I'd crash it for sure
Well done! :) Remember me some good stuff!! I dont know if the weather was hot, but i remember we had better results on cooler weather when we were doing speed runs back then. Keep it going
Luke’s Vintage Rc Car Restoration
That’s moving 👍 nothing I’ve built on rc my channel has gone that quick 👊
Liberty Francis
Great run! I'd be interested to see what it would run on BSR foams. Those 1/5 wheels are aerodynamically challenged
avon Millz
Theses are some of the things that make me wish I had shrinking abilities
Looks like a big rusty 4x4
Robert S
How do you keep it straight? Smallest tap sent that thing flying off the road.
Rich Duperbash
AWESOME Philip 👊!!! You're attracting an audience now 😂. That was cool of them to stop and watch your pass🤘🤘. They probably would've wigged out with your Slash 8s 😨🤗🤗😱😱😱😎💪👊👊
William Hourigan
That’s awesome, I would have stuck it in the ditch, super fast.
Pain in the RC
Awesome pass bro 👍 those people were funny.......... thought they were gonna grab your rc and run when they stopped up the road 😂👊💪
Tony lee
Congratulations On Not Being A Dick To Those Brothers
Rick D
Ha! Really enjoyed watching that. Awesome!
CRAZY 8ights
Nice! Is this the stock motor/esc? If so that's insane!
Sean Baca
I don't know how I got here, but that was sick...
davalleyguy mo
No twitchy steering? 10 years ago they were a beast to control at 50 mph
Isaac Berez
Hey What are those wheels (Brand)
Jimmy Johns has nothing on your RC car. That that thing deserves to be called “Freaky Fast”! Nice video!
Indo coin guy
Should put a go pro on it😂
Jim 86
Love the way they pulled over to share the moment 👌 nice bit of kit
Fishy Wishes
Wow! Awesome! Fastest I could get my Losii XX buggy to go was about 35. I need to get one of these newer buggies!
What wheels/tires? Grp?
Michael King
Another triple digit your smoking I wonder what she do on 1/8 grip.
Animal Slayer
"Street Outlaws" R/C edition 👍👍
Kari Korhonen
It's just mind boggling these tiny cars bring people together. 😊
Great video! What Garmin are you using to record the speed? Thanks!
Jake B
That’s the most insane thing I’ve seen 😮 an RC doing 107mph. The fly past was nuts 🥜
"Goodness gracious" 😂
Kenny Patterson
Now that's what I'm talking about 107 mhp!
Awesome car! You should put a go pro on it.
Q StiX
wowzers! or -SHAZAM!-
Troy Speed Rc Vs Bash!!
Wow great stuff! I luv this video! Nice pass bro! Keep it up!!💯💯💯💯💪💪💪
Lethal Injection
Wow that things sounds awesome flying by!
Aaron Hunt
super cool those dudes just wanted to check it out... cant blame them haha.
Nice pass. People who aren't even in the hobby love to see fast r/c cars run. They stop and wanna talk when me and my buddies go out and run in parking lots.
News that matter
I wonder if putting a wax or oil On the body will help with airflow and give a few miles out if it.
Alexandros Sotiropoulos
Very good setup and smooth running. I thought the guys wanted to beat someone at first!
Anthony Maniz
Heu buddy i love when grown men are playing with there' rc car i have ran over 5 of them on purpuse funny shit its like the man just lost his wife to another man
Andrew Dean
Imagine that puppy railing straight into your ankles... and *that* is how 'kankles' are made.
Sheldon Kalas
That thing is sweet and faster than my 2017 kx 65 Kawasaki dirt bike. I love your channel man.
Gabriel Ramires
Vc vende este tipo de carrinho??
will i am
That's what life is about, stopping and enjoying what life brings us instead of just driving by😊
nice steering @ 100mph bro !!
Garett Anderson
I kind of expected it to be just a blur.
Stephanie Marks
107 mph you must of did lots of aftermarket mods... very nice...
Howaine Latchman
I was looking to get into RC what scale is it that vxl thing as well.
I bet you'd do 108 if you took the GPS off
Patrick Fergueson
That is freaking insane! Awesome