Mean - Taylor Swift (Lyrics)

This is Taylor Swift's "Mean" with lyrics.

XxgamerpiggyxX and the YOUTUBA GANG
Bullying sucks 1 like= stopping bullying
Who else can relate to this song on a personal level
Asia ray carly Herrera
My fav part was "You pointing out my flaws like i dont already see them"
Aishath Aika
I miss the old Taylor Swift...
Maggie Phillips
It always hits me at "I just wanna feel okay again"
Amina Yusuf
this song has meaning
Iris L
She kept her word. She DOES live in a big old city, she IS big enough and so on...
Emma Plays Roblox
Who else misses Taylor's country Music?
Sky Robinson
To my parents, who don't believe I'll graduate. And tell me I'll amount to nothing in my life. I'm gonna show y'all. One day.
I plan to sing this to my dad before mom divorces him.
The girl who used to bully me complemented me on my outfit yesterday
Libby Greenberg
I loved Taylor as a country artist. Please Taylor, come back!
TrumpetJoe2 4-life
I literly sang this song to my bully and I haven't been bothered since 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Destiny Murray
This song makes me feel happy when I get bullied they are mean but I don't care
Kim Ann Clark Music studio
I relate to this I hate when people say I can't follow my dream of being a singer I hate when people always bring me down this song is my life I love to sing and I wanna be a country star
jennifer skweter
Taylor's prediction became so true now she lives in a big old city and yes all they are ever going to be is MEAN.
pink mermaid
is weird that wen im listening to a taylor swift song I pretend to play the guitar wen I cant
When Taylor swift made real music 💖
Imperial Toaster
"You can take me down with just one single blow" Me: *GASP* Me: JUST LIKE THELEGEND27?!?
Hanna Bilgin
she got her big ol' city
Why did she switch from country to pop??
Unicorn Glitter
87 who did disliked are bullies lol
ᴄᴀʀᴇ ʙᴇᴀʀ
now Taylor Swift is living in big city...She grown so much:)
Tory Ferrera
Really good lyric video. All the grammar on point and just overall a very good lyric video.
Ashley Ortiz
This song reminds me of how Piper McLean probably feels towards Drew Tanaka
Phanic! At MCR's pity party
I extremely miss the old Tay.... I wish she'd come back....
This is a powerful song.
Vanessa Reyes
I love ❤️ this song because I can really relate to her and the words!
Autumn White
Every time I hear this song, i think of this girl that went to my school and was rude to people for no reason
Summer Bridges
What if I told you that the song "Rude" was inspired by this lol
Dawn Lynch
wow this song is great for a rude people
Aphmau Editz
This song describes my neighbor. He always calls me fat and ugly. That is very offensive to a girl. Please help!
And that's why i love Taylor Swift <3
Kim Ann Clark Music studio
I wish I sound like her when I sing she sounds good.
Airish Tube
Thank you for bullying me. It makes me stronger☺️
Moch's Manja gf
2019 and im here bcoz of the line "i just wanna feel okay again" okay who am i kidding. i love the whole song. i love you tay tay
Rachel Snell
this songs so relatable
rosie 8th
Love this song!!
Nohemi Rosas
Meep~! When i lived in South Korea I went to a school........i used to be a.......bully,i bullied a girl named Kang So Young,I then changed,because i saw my friend kill a girl,many thoght that the school was haunted,i looked at what i becomed.......Kang so young eating outside by her self......when i walked to her.....she sayed "Akk please dont hurt me" ,I softly touched her with my hand and sayed, "im not gona do nothing to you" I then hugged her and told her to be my friend......she then became the popular girl in the entire school,At the last day of school,she looked at me and gave me a blue gem, and sayed "we will be in contact thank you so much for becoming me like this,friend" We then went everywere and were friends!!~~!~!~~!!!
Eric Coldfire
This song reminds me of Freddy vs Jason.... no idea why.
Ghazoua bahria
no one can hit her now ! :D ♥T.S♥
Elina Olegovna Obeh
To my crush 🙆🏽
Diari's Diary
I used to be bullied growing up but now I live in Utrecht (very old city) studying to become an entrepreneur. If you're being bullied now, please don't despair. One day you will become someone big and they will have to look up to you
Ani Valentin
It is probably aboylut bulling because nobody did hit her phisically but she is saying that the words are hurting her feelings and anither thing calling me out when i am wounded means that she is already hurt but the bully is hurting her more with the words that the person saying. And words like knuves means a little like hitting her phisically the person us not cutting her the person is making her hurt like the same feeling like if wonebody is cutting you with a knife. When i have that thought it makes me hurt
Kendrix Havlik
There are people in this world who have acid sprays in place of larynxes. The only attitudes they're worthy of is "Don't feed the trolls" and "haters gonna hate". (No pun intended)
Lu lu Lear okay anyway I am so happy someone did this
Short Circut
"I just wanna feel okay again". I relate to that so hard *cries*
Alexis Artice
to all of the people who are getting bullied dont let them bullies get to you they dont get how incredible and amazing you are stay strong and never give up on anything
I miss old Taylor
Eyeruslem Araya
I sang thise today for a schools talent show i love u taylor swift
"someday ill be big enough so you cant hit me" says the 5'2 girl
cristian valarezo rodriguez
I'm here because of "you need to calm down"
Beast_ BMX
bff: what happened why you sad me: you is what happened bff: me? me:yeah
raquel sylvester
i preformed this song in my 4th grade talent show
Chiara Love39
I dedicate this song to all bad boys that I knew in my past, or present or future..
Samantha Adams
Wow, this brings back so many memories
tmnt lover
this makes me think of my mom like when i was like 7 or 8 she would smack me in the face hard if i asked for stuff like toys. she is a druggy and i can trust her. my friends were surprised when i told them i hate mothers day.
jessika aleman
i dedícate this song to my boyfriend,he just hurts me,he just ignore me,he just makes me feel less,small,nothing...
this song makes me sad and hopeful at the same time
Shayla Plays
I luv all her songs || U
Haley Butler
Layla Causer
Irving in a big old city
Samantha R.
I miss the old Taylor Swift...
dora benarbia
When Taylor made real music 💖
Rachael Tuve
The old Taylor: “some day I’ll be livin in a big old city” The new Taylor: “welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you”
Melana Cook
my ela (english language arts) teacher would be like MEAN ISNT A STRONG ENOUGH WORD
I love everything, man
This describes my now ex manager perfectly! haha💗
jose garcia
best song
RoyAllie McGestic
Is there a button for "love".....?
Alex Cooper
This song saved me when I was in middle school along with like 20 or so more!
Alisha Wilhoit
Taylor got her big ol' city
Rhi & Syd Forever
2018 anyone. Also I wish she would come back to country like how could she do this😢
Rhythm Khurana
An amazing song with an amazing message <3 this is the best song 4ever <3
Cecilia Menchaca
Golden_gaming girl
I can relate People say i wont make it as a singer or a artist But i do have friends who beloeve in me
zoe Taylor
I can r3late by the line some day I'll be living big old city. Because I us3d to live in Texas and now I live in Jacksonville
Someday I’ll be living in LA 😄😏🥴yuh I wanna live there
Animal n Lover 86
All you are is mean, and a liar, and pathetic, and mean, and mean, and me- Me: ok we get it 😂 Bad joke.....
scarlett venrooy
go taylor
ayana's amazing world of sparkels
this song reminds me of when I got bullied in 4th grade ☺☺
707 X
i love taylor's old music but her new stuff just isn't as precious and dedicated. idk
Hilary Flores
I really love this song one of my favorite!
Eljey Capili
old and not ol' or ole
savanna gilbert
i love this song
Leandro Sánchez
‎1 Cierra los ojos y repite cuatro veces quiero dinero 2 Abre los ojos 3 Copia y pega esto en 5 páginas 4 Mira detrás de tu televisor y encontraras 1000 :) ES VERDAD A M1 ME FUNCIONO
purple black
Someday i will sing this to my crush😔😌
Gloria Quiroz
#missyou i miss my old friend called Mae she was nice but she had to move THIS WAS HER FAVORITE SONG MAE ITS ME ARACELI I MISS you!!😂😂😂😢😢😢
Hannah Huynh
My favorite you with your switching sides and your humiliation
Drake The default
You, with your words like knives and swords and weapons that you use against me lol
Shia Min
MAY 2019????!!!! NONE? IT'S JUST ME? :"""<
Juanita Buron
Words like knives swords weapons that you use against me, pointed out my flaws again like i dont already see them.2/27/19 10:34
Calimero de Campino
But the circle end right now cuz you can't lead me, down that road...i believed her, i liked her.
Đăng Khoa
"All you are is mean and a liar and pathetic and alone in life and mean" To someone who has been being mean to me.
The good ol' days...But then...22 came out. AND THE WORLD TURNED TALYOR.
Everytime I listen this I feel like i'm on a cloud.. being stress-less.. without problems. Who agrees?
Madeline Fay
good song to listen to when youre in an abusive relationship or when youre a bullied being
Emily Wagner
This song reminds me of a girl named Samantha
hi hi
this song has show me a lot and I love it i've been bullied back in my years for as long as I can remember and I understand this song.
Ale P.