How to Do the Cowboy Boogie | Line Dancing

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Like these Line Dance lessons !!! Check out the official app /> Watch more How to Line Dance videos: /> "Hi, my name is Robert Royston. I'm a five time world champion of country dance working with artists like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley. I really hope that you learn how to line dance and experience what it's like to move to America's music that's country music. So the dance we're gonna talk about now is called the cowboy boogie. It's a very popular dance done throughout the United States. One of the great things about the cowboy boogie is that it's done to a lot of different songs so you're gonna get it to different songs, to different speeds depending on where you live and what your bar likes to play. So we're gonna start with just the basic vine to the right. We're gonna go side, behind, side, with a little hitch which is the knee up, hitch. Then go right back to the other direction: side, behind, side, hitch-with a forward hitch-step, hitch, and another one, step, hitch. Now that's gonna back you up. Back, back, back, and one more hitch. Hitch. Let's try that from the top again. So we're gonna vine right then left, hitch forward and then come back with a hitch. So starting with the right. Step, behind, step, hitch! Side, behind, side, hitch! And forward, hitch, and forward, back, back, back, back, back, hitch. From there we're gonna step down and we're gonna boogie forward with twice our hips, boogie twice with the hips. Boogie back with the hips. Boogie forward, back, right? So it's gonna go twice forward, twice back, forward, back. Yeah. From here as we come forward down to our left leg we're gonna do another hitch with our right leg, making a quarter of a turn, hitch. From there we start the vine to the right again: step, behind, step, hitch! Step, behind, step, forward from the hitches. Forward hitch, forward, back it up. Back, back, back, hitch. Boogie twice forward, twice back. Forward, back, and hitch! Side, behind, side, hitch! Side, behind, side, hitch! Forward, hitch! Forward, and back it up, hitch! Go forward, go back. Go forward, back, and hitch! Step behind, hitch! Step behind, hitch! Forward, hitch! Forward and back it up, hitch! Boogie, boogie, boogie, boogie now, hitch! And start the dance over with. So that's the cowboy boogie. We're gonna go ahead and try that to music. I'll count us in. Five, six, five, six to the right. Here we go. Step, behind, step, hitch. Step, behind, step, hitch. Forward, hitch, forward, hitch and back, back, back, hitch. And boogie, and boogie. And forward, back, and here's the hitch! And step behind, hitch, and step behind, forward! Forward hitch, forward and back it up, hitch! And boogie, and boogie. And forward and here we go! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! 1, 2, 3, 4, here we go, 7, 8! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and a forward, and forward, and back it up and boogie and boogie and here we go, hitch! And THAT is the cowboy boogie! Have fun! "

Cynthia Hernandez
Its a shame that people have to result to such nonsense when these dancers are posting videos for you to learn and enjoy their craft.  All of you that criticize her have issues within yourselves and has nothing to do with this beautiful woman.  I highly doubt those of you that play down their hard work have never, cant ever and wont ever post an instructional video of this quality so go throw  yourself off a building please.  The rest of us would like to continue appreciating the good work these dancers are putting out.
Benjamin Zavala
I love his boots
Dick Rathcock
I think they should trade shirts...OOOHHH!
cindy coleman
she's got a great belly
Sad Girl
umm I have to line dance at school tomorrow and we live in the Midwest by Chicago
Jaye Tee
I'm gonna need here to step behind correctly for the grapevine when travelling back to the left.
Javier Collazo
Anybody know how to make both, (couple), turn at the same time, so that the man is 2-stepping backwards??
I was taught this line dance as the California Freeze.
Mandy Rogers
Thank you for the video. When you do the grapevine steps you crossover behind but the woman crosses to the front on the second cross over. Does it matter which way?
Alec McCloud
Get rid of that woman! Love you but really!!!
Andrew Graham
cowboy dancing is fun. Especially to Brooks and Dunn songs.
Hanzel Soliza
May I knw what song suits to this dance step?
Why do ppl always criticize women who cares wtf she's wearing geez
Rocky Dang
1.6 millions views , 10 likes and 2 dislike....
Yes people dance like this. I call them Shindig's
Raul Marez
What is the name of this song? Does anyone know?
Eriel Shebree
what's the song to do this dance
Delvin Anderson
do people really dance like this
fernanda DAVILA
no le entendí
katie Boner
its so confusing
Dem country musik girlz is always good-lookin'!
Memento Mori
Isn’t America made mostly of many different races.. I don’t think America has a style of “music”
Brirarius SU
Тёлочка зачётная!
Inriqué iglezias
Thank you so much for the video, but why don't you do mirror image? It's difficult to follow, especially with all the turning.
this dance looks so stiff. I'm going to need them to put some hips into this
Lizzie Peterbilt
she does the grapevine all wrong!!
Matthieu Le Bg
cecilia azabache
yes,its amazing !!!
Very helpful
Guy , you need to lose some of that gut.
Val Padilla
MrWaffle Cake3000
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why can't people talk like they have an education anymore
I hate this guy. I’ll learn a dance from a better person
Svetlana D-S
What song are you dancing to?
Christian Van Mello
This video was great! I learnt the entire thing in only 5 minutes! Thank you so much! :)
Renae Smith
This the white version of electric slide😂no offense though
Arthur Morgan and John Marston can do this
Marc F.
Beautiful and simple dance. You good fellows.
Wanda Roderick
I like the one where they put their feet together and in andout l the feets together scoot sideways that's nice
Yoela Heron
I love 💖 you i need to learn
Darkness Inside
Gurl where's your t shirt bottom half
Graham Brightman
Love the dance , it s great ,keep it coming.
Kiri Clayton
I was watching her and trying to put my finger on why it was just visually odd to me. Its her lack of womanly features thats throwing me off. Shes the same thickness on waist and hips like a young girl or boy would be but her face is obviously a womans. I know ill probably get a bunch of "omg dont judge blahblah" well i didnt say she was ugly or a bad person , it was visually throwing me off. Preemptive settle down.
Jessea Norman
New slide line dancex
Austin Reeves
Awesome video.
Estrelita Derit
Love country dance and music!
She could at least wear cowboy boots for a cowboy country line dancing..
Marysol Mason
Rena Taylor
Their both great dance partners it really helped my husband & I. We always went to hip-hop clubs when we were younger now it's all country from here.
I definitely needed this. Thank you for taking the time to make the video.
Terri cvolt
oh my goodness, here it goes! I always wanted to try this but was to shy n chicken I might add. but Im not gettin any younger so Im ver it!!1 Wish me luck!!
Guadalupe Alonso
Taylor swift doesn't even dance
It would be too much to ask for a Madonna`s Don`t Tell me choreography? I would be very thankful.
Sei il migliore, i passi di questo ballo con te li ho capito meglio!  :-)
Clutch Coker
again loved it. great dancing. m.hutcins
Kay Emkay
lol this is the ONLY dance i know
carolf belknap
I found that its makes it easier to learn to turn the sound down and just learn the steps from watching, because he is changing the words he uses from "side" to "step", meaning the same movement. Then when your back is to them, you're not sure what hes doing. And "here we go", doesn't tell me what hes doing. I know I'm slower than most people learning dance steps, but it would make it easier, at least for me, if they would use the same words to explain the steps everytime.
questo è facile l'alli galli
Madame se trompe dans le vine à
heather toma
wat it the song their dancin to?
Vesa Girsen
That is the greatness everything ever made ever... ! ! ! Thanks :)
Roberto Richter
Sowas müsste auf deutsch sein
Mavis Harding
I love those video it help me keep fit
I will just watch I think
Hailssurfer12 King
Who else is sitting on there lazy but eating while watching this and swearing you will do it but know you won't like if you are or you think I'm funny 😉😏👨‍🌾🐎
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Bodo Krüger
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Thank You!
Armel Atayi
lol lame!
Joey Alkes
francisco loria
I 'like
Lori Fiorelli
Thanks, our senior community is having a country night. I. Hoping I can practice and give this a try lori
Gamer KoolGirl
Armel Atayi
Nussaiba Iftekhar
What song is thiss
Armel Atayi
she loooks like a zombie does she talk 
Barbara Boronda
it looks like the boot scoot 
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Marisol Tur
Me gusta como lo esplicas eso nos alluda para aprender gracias desde España
Does she talk?
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Elizabeth Garcia
I love your videos. Robert, you are awesome! You do a great job of demonstrating the steps. I have learned more from your videos then from a line dancing class I took recently. Thank you.
i love country i'm 18 ad i i have done line dancing for 4/5 years now wanting to partner dance but no men my age do it :(
Ela Dudzik
dziękuje , super taniec
What is her name, she is a good dancer and teacher. Do you have many other dancing videos with her to help me to learn how to dance better?
Sarah Price
Or we could ask him to do both. I like seeing him demonstrating the steps facing us the first time. It helps me out alot! :)
harun seddighi
i did OMG
kaylee kowalski
I saw the guy looking at her butt. who else did too!?
two word.. THANK YOU
Nina Rose
what song is that?
Right, a woman shows a lil skin, get gets backlash; if a man shows a lil skin.. nothing. She's in amazing shape, even better than a lot of 20-something year olds. No reason why she wouldn't be proud.
Or maybe there's the possibility that he didn't dress her. I'm sure she's deeply apologetic that her choice of outfit offends you.
Makaila Pfeifer
Did you ever think that most line dances need partners? Or, she's helping him? Not with views, but helping the FEMALES get the dance. They are some where he's by himself doing these dances. He isn't using her for views, good lord.