Like some of you, I’m also a rabid history buff, specializing in collecting the most interesting rare historic photos. I only curate the rare ones that have a significant impact on the history of the world. Find out below some of the most fascinating rare historical photos ever captured on camera. Thanks to these great images, we now have before us a rare window to some of the most interesting moments of our world history. PERFECT LIFE

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i was dead,but then i realised i've missed these 77 pics,so i'm back here
1:02 "last public execution in history" Well- North Korea exists.
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alright. I’ve seen them. My purpose on this Earth has been fulfilled. Take me away lord
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3:55 Because I DEFINITELY needed to see that before I died..
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Rare historical images: 10:27 Bob Marley without dreadlocks
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Finally a video that gets straight to the point, without a voice over.
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Your mom: -What are you doing? You have school tomorrow. You: -I am watching pictures I must see before I die because I have a test tomorrow.
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4:26 This is a true soldier ❤️🇩🇪
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Is my recommendation trying to tell me something¿?
9:16 the most powerful heart touching pic hitherto
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_77 PHOTOS YOU MUST SEE BEFORE YOU DIE_ _wow_ *forgets all of them*
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The music was more intense than I was dumping my math exam
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The part with the scratches in the gas chamber really got me in the feels.
Otto Ernst Lindemann
6:21 These were the men who played on the Titanic while it sank. Man.....why couldn’t I get a music band when my ship sank?
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6:41 Music shown: Ludwig van Beethoven Music playing: *Johann Pachelbel*
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Life hack pause vid don’t come back and u live forever.
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Omg U.S is super kind! T-T I’m Vietnamese ! Thx for helping that Vietnamese soilder! 🥺
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6:22 Titanic sinks “Why don’t you play me out Johnny”
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I can die peacefully now, goodbye btchs!
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5:30 Now don’t move Benny.. Papa, I’m scared (moves head slightly) BENNY NO!
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This is pretty creepy to watch before bed...
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*_Pidgeon_* Before posting, use spellcheck. I-
—Ema & Lizzie—
Doctor: you have 15 minutes left to live Me:
9:16 That hit me hard I wish racism disappear
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Some of these were completely unnecessary images, not rare and not historic. A few were even incorrect. I mean seriously... is this the best people can offer these days?
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Me : time to sleep Youtube : watch this before you sleep.
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Doctor: you have 14 minutes and 19 seconds to live Me: **watches video**
Doctor: you have 14:20 mins to live...
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#4 That looks like a Civilian version of a XM28.
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Me: is about to sleep Yt: you must watch this before you die! Me: *realises the sleep that he is about to have is his final sleep and he will never wake up* Joke: Unless true love kisses him ;)
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*Omg I feel so lucky and not so lucky at the same time watching this.*
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All i need is my family picture. ❤
Thanks, I'm gonna go kill myself now.
The red border around the thumbnail makes it look like I've already seen this video. Also, Us troops 'carrying' a dead soldier? Don't you mean dragging a dead soldier?
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If only there were some terribly overwrought profound-sounding music we could use in the background. Bingo!
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7:58 Priest: “You May now kiss the bride” *Removes masks* *Dies*
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4:15 Halloween in 1900 O_o Wow better than today..
its crazy to look back at all things now ... just wow! In 100 years people will probably look back the same way as we do now.
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13:20 GoPro : am i a joke to you! But seriously how did they took that picture from underwater xD
I wish I knew about this channel years ago! I love looking at old photos just to see how things were back then and how we have evolved since. I even enjoy looking at other people's yearbooks even if I never attended that school. It's still a place in time that holds great significance to others. Thank you so much for bringing this awesome channel to us. You have a new follower my friend and again thank you for taking the time to share this with all of us.
6:22 Somehow... These Guys are Heros to me. They played till the very end.
They played Rocket League with Motorcycles .
Il Selvaggio
Looking at these photos just makes me realize how much we need to enjoy life in the present bc time just keeps going on and we will soon be in the past just like all of these people.
mr. T 123
5:52 This man needs to be burnt alive.
1:53 Scoff. Scoff. Scoff. Scoff. Scoff. Scoff. You should've said "The Last Picture of the Titanic Before It Sank"...
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Videos you have to see before you die, #1 guys playing soccer with motorcycles 😂
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Wait am I gonna die now? *_i didn’t sign up for this_*
vid is
Although, they're kinda fading away from my memory already but, so saddening. 🙁
5:51 I know he’s not having a good time now, chilling with the devils
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*"77 photo's before you die"* wait.. I have amnesia
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vivek kumar
Public execution still happen in iran
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What if you died midway this video.. Mission failed, we’ll get em next time
deathwrench custom parts for hot rods, rat rods
Many of these pictures were not what was described. A good example is the picture of Noah's ark being built.
those photos stirred my very soul ...moving very moving!❤👽☠😎😇💀
geta grab
Of course Beethoven had more notes than Justin Bieber He had more brain cells
LOL That afroamerican athlete didynt refused to do the Nazi salute, he just dont have to do this. That person which do the Nazi salute also dont have to do this. He is propably a Nazist.
Acme Sunny
Here before I’m dead Who else?
Dogs in gas masks, both creepy and cute at the same time.
M. Sami
#6 last public execution in history. Saudi arabia: hold my camel's pee.
1:03 "Last public execution in history" Saudi Arabia: Are you sure about that
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Alright I’ve watched this I guess I can die now yay
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Yes, I can finally die now
Oh Yeah yeah
Football on motorcycle the questions are 1-goalkeeper? 2-how do they tackle 3-referee?
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5:51 whoever did this is going to hell Woahhhh I never expected this much likes
How to avoid death: never finish this video and you'll never die
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I do wish Cillian Murphy could have performed being Chaplin. Without Chaplin's make-up, the comparison is nuts.
Saxophone Chihuahua
#31 Thylacine before becoming extinct 2100: Giraffes and Koalas before becoming extinct (2019)
Charliewood 2.0
Christa Kaldis
77 PHOTOS YOU MUST SEE BEFORE YOU DIE 1:24 kurt cobain - 19 years old - arrested for spray painting “God is gay.”
Crystal Gacha
Did you know if we die we lose our memories
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Number 1 a soccer match being played on motorcycle I can live my whole life knowing I don’t care
0:19 yeah all mj fans know that🤔
these are the pictures which flash before your eyes right before you die
What a beautiful 14 minutes of my life that was worth watching.
Going to need a good explanation why i laughed so hard @ 3:27 when i walk the holy stairs
Vision- ary
13:28 *Stares at the same picture on my wall* Me:uuuhhhhh
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2:24 “Im glad Halloween’s not like this anymore”
Saxophone Chihuahua
who else find gas masks extremely scary?
13:32 this made my heart so happy 😊
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The thumbnail is nowhere to be seen🤔🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
6. Last public execution in history??? I think public executions are still carried out in some parts of the world.
5:41 India’s first satellite was “Aryabhatta” not “The apple”.
Daniel Paulson
Dogs in gas masks during WWII. My, humans are impressive with their technology. 🙄
I'm sad because that man stole food from that kid 🙏🙏🙏😭
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Just got to #77 *Roblox Death Sound*
Not a very healthy Spy
I find that gas chamber one very, you know, spine chilling
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Wait a second if the guy stealing the corn bag at 5:51 was being photographed WHY DIDN’T THE GUY STOP HIM Like dude who is the real criminal here?(still him)
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Picture 12, I'm out of here
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9:16 now that's something I never thought I'd see. Respect 👍
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3:31 well that's just depressing
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I was dead so the doctor took his heart out and put it in me so I can watch this video but he said he wants his heart back once I'm done with it
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0:09 The original Rocket Leauge
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My grandpa was in Vietnam and he got 3 Purple Heart medals. He’s my hero 😊
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Still waiting for the thumbnail picture that was never shown.
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The canon in background is more amazing than the pictures themselves
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*Rare Historical Photos* “Steve jobs flipping off IBM”
its Rigged!
The soundtrack is called always with me by an anime called apirited away
When a certain president says “*LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN*” Me: BOI 😬
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4:35 Hope that photo wasn't made public until after 1989.