6 Tough-As-Nails Moments We Thought We'd Be Stuck On Forever

We've been playing the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, and it's got us thinking about the hardest moments in games we thought we would never beat. Are there any you'll never forget? Have we made the strangest choices ever? Let us know in the comments! PlayStation Access brings you PS4, PS3 and PSVita news, features and gameplay every week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest titles on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: /> All music featured courtesy of epidemicsound.com ( /> Want more? Rob's Twitter: />Dave's Twitter: />Nath's Twitter: />Hollie's Twitter: /> Join us on Facebook: />Follow us on Twitter:

The Last of Us basement section on Grounded. That part is extremely difficult.
The Simpsons hit and run final mission anyone?
D. G.M.
Ah, getting to only play video games once or twice a week because the PlayStation is at dad's house. I spent much of my teens in that same boat, Rob.
Ereb Ágilus
Tomb Raider II - Wreck of the Maria Doria. I spent literally month searching for one tiny handle that would open a door. Keep in mind that there was no internet. No one did let's plays or walkthroughs. It was just me, Lara and a sunken ship. I would not have the patience for something like that today.
I really want to know what Susan did.
12:34 Shows FFX gameplay with an FFXII label I TRUSTED YOU GUYS! This is what happens when Delsin isn't allowed to do the editing. :) Love you guys really though :p
I remember being stuck on the Sephiroth fight in the arena of the first Kingdom Hearts. My brother and a friend were upstairs in their room hanging out when I finally beat good old Sephi and I screamed my victory cry as loud as I could. My brother and our friend looked at each other and said "He just beat Sephiroth." xD
Samu Laaksonen
For a second I thought it was friday
Michael Baechle
Metal Gear Solid 3 the end boss never beat him he died of old age because it took me a year to beat him
Jerry To
I want an Access episode where Hollie and Rob sit down for 30 discussing the gameplay in FFVIII and how they beat the bosses while Dave and Nathan would just sit there looking absolutely bewildered.
Dauntless Demon
Omeega weapon ? Lol coulda sworn it was Oh-meh-gah weapon 😂
YES HOLLIE!!!! FFVIII Is my favorite too!!!!
13:13 Oh god that part. I believe it was -3 seconds for a balloon and +3 seconds for a bird. I was doing so well, until I got hit by a bird like 1 meter in front of the finish line. I ended at 00:00:03. That was my worst rage quit ever. I threw my controller to the ground and it just shattered into hundreds of pieces. I broke controllers before, but with this one there was just no controller left.
Nathan Runge
That Chocobo race... even watching footage of it is enough to renew the gut-wrenching horror and frustration. The clunky, awful controls; the dubious collision detection; the invisible walls which aren't parallel and cause you to reverse direction when you touch them; the multiple camera angles which sometimes do and sometimes don't change your direction of travel when they switch; the random layout; the music which is somehow simultaneously mockingly light-hearted and tense; and the birds. The god-damn birds. I eventually did complete it, but I know that a little piece of my soul is running that race still, and will for all eternity.
My moment was in Ratchet and Clank 2, there was this essential glider mission, it wasn't really that hard, but at that time I was a child so I sucked at precision, it took so long that I managed to buy every single weapon (even the one costing 1 mill bolts) and upgraded them, up until that moment. Needless to say, when I finally beat that glider part I could just run through the rest of the game because I was so overpowered by that time, and the ultimate weapon in that game is instakill on almost all the enemies in that game.
Michael Bennett
Nathan casually throwing around those Japanese names like it's no biggie 😏
Michael Leggio
nameless king took me around 40 tries
I can remember as a kid being stuck on the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets game at diagon alley. Not even at hogwarts yet. You had to go and get 3 of Ginny's things she'd lost around diagon alley but one of the items was in a shop that was closed and you had to stealth through... Picked up the game again last week and did it first time, im 13 years late but im finally at hogwarts
Fink Bird
When I finally beat the tutorial on Driver (PS1) after I don't know how many hours, I couldn't go anywhere without speeding or hitting things. Cops were always on me.
All of Dark Souls.... I still haven't finished it, and never will. I have made my peace.
So, I'm the cheater who beat all the Dark Aeons using Yojimbo's overdrive, no celestial weapons just a lot of money spent.
FFVIII the best one? How can you like a game that PUNISHES you for leveling your character?
Alex Perruci
"I finished it . . . I haven't done any of the Chalice dungeons." Congrats on not giving up and finishing the main game! The crazy part is, you haven't seen the hardest part... at least for me, the Cursed Pthumerian Defilement Chalice was the hardest part and a make-or-break point in my journey to Platinum. The Chalice Dungeons develop the lore as well, so you really missed out. Also, the Blood Starved Beast is trivialized by only dodging left. If you dodge backwards and let him back you down, you're going to have a bad time.
Rainbow Moustaché
My toughest moment was the first boss in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Not that he was hard, I was just extremely scared of him. Either that or being massively underleveled at the Thalmor Embassy in Skyrim
Gotta love the British "Choosday" checklist ;D
Mr. Skyscraper
On the first day of summer when everyone else were partying i spent 7+ hours trying beat ebrietas daughter of cosmos but it all paid off in the end when I almost beat her. I have no regrets.
The Last And First Time
I understood literally *everything* Holly said. And FF8 wasn't my favorite Final Fantasy.... Oh Seifer, Low Level, Junction, Card Ability Perfect runs. How I spent FAR too long with you.
Alan Quinney
Crash bandicoot is tough, I HAD a friend lol, that has platinumed this, but I told we can't be friends lol
Clolin Neets
In Bloodborne the Orphan of Kos bossfight
My hardest is also from Bloodborne: - Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen.
The first two that I think of is when I was trying to beat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts (FINE it was 2......on easy....), and the other being trying to beat the last portion of the Winter segment from the Last of Us while doing a playthrough on Grounded mode.
Dennis van den Tillaart
You're not alone Rob! I never got past the beginning in Tomb Raider 3 either!
Mr. Futago
FFIX is the best FF BTW, even Sakaguchi agrees.
The Father of the Abyss in the Dark Souls 1 DLC.......dear satan the rage lol
Off-The-Record Studios
For me, it was a draw between the escape sequence in Uncharted: Drakes Fortune when Nathan is exploring a corridor and there are Spanish Conquestadors turned into monsters all over the place, it's dark and really hard to guess where they will pop out. There are others, but that's the only one that is coming to me right away.
Nathan Smyth
First time I ever played Kingdom Hearts, I thought you had to fight all the heartless on Destiny Islands right at the beginning. I died so many times when you could just walk 30 steps to trigger the cutscene. Don't know why that was so hard to figure out.
Lingering Will Kingdom Hearts 2 Final mix
Dominik Luetke Wissing
Everything Holly says is right for me, ff8 is the best ff and omega weapon is the hardest boss. 10/10
I LOVE these new content.... It show us more of who you guys are.
I feel for u rob I'm only allowed 4 hours a week- and I live with both my parents so my ps and pc is always there!!!
I support Hollie. Final Fantasy VIII is the best Final Fantasy, ever. But, I had harder time with Ultima Weapon, than Omega Weapon.
- First boss of Demon's Souls - That sniper mission in MGS2 - At least 3 bosses from FF XII
Galore Inferno Lion
The hardest thing I've ever done in a game was trying to defeat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts and not because you had to because I wanted to but if I knew he was going to be so tough I would have gone back through the game making my character even tougher and better the first time but no I had to fight him right then and there not knowing what I was up against then I went back through the game getting what I needed and still having a hard time being him but then I finally did it I beat him and again I didn't have to but I wanted to because he seemed like such a cool character a man with this really nice suit a wing and a sword so long you could probably use it to pick apples but I just thought he looks so cool I had to try to beat him and of course discovering him made me want to know more about other Final Fantasy games lol
Johniel Otero
The metal gear solid 4 vamp boss figth.
Seth from Street Fighter 4 - What. A. Twat. Pretty much put me off any fighting game since.
Matt Osler
Hollie thinks Final Fantasy VIII is the best Final Fantasy? I thought I was the only one... ❤️ Also, Flamelurker from Demon's Souls definitely took me 50+ goes... all in one sitting. 💪🏻
Travis Artis
Haha I can absolutely imagine Holly rage yelling "Where's the effing ORACLE!!!" 🤣🤣
#Yolo Don't hate me...,/?1!`~
el duderino
Love this new bit on Tuesdays!
F*ing Nameless king and his f*ing bird, lol
Dark souls 3 very second still haven't beat the game yet😭
Mumongu Gaming
Is Rob's Origin story similar to Logan's. Dark Souls 3 is a game that looks amazing and I wish I could explore more of it, but I can't because I'm such a noob at it :(
My China
I am so in love with Hollie by now...
Philip Crotty
#SUSANSUCKS!! Edit: did not know that would actually bring me to something lmao.
fighting riku in hollow bastion on kh1 on ps2 MY GOD
Iain Cade
I don't play many hard games either. But, I must've done that ship graveyard part in Uncharted 3 14 times before I beat it.
Evar Mayi
Defiled watch dog of the old lords Sephiroth in KH1 ( I stilll haven’t beat him btw 😂)
Imagine if Rob's dad said "git gud"
jose cunha
That gta vice city hellicopter bombing mission where every constructer worker tried to smash us to pieces. Jesus!!!!
Dioxi J
ZANMATO ftw FFX i love this game :D
Sarah Johnson
The Roxas fight in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 reMIX. I've literally tried 50+ times and I can't get past. Actually ended up restarting in a new save.
Frigit Outskirts from Dark souls 2 Crown of the Ivory king DLC. Solo with no summons. I died maybe 30 times in game and 5 times in real life before I beat it.
PS2, Shadow of Rome, the last 2 bosses - Decius & Antonius. The hardest being the latter, at the end of the game! The worst part was when Antonius would jump on top of the ship & throw down vases with flammable oil. The worst part about this was that the camera went at an angle where you could hardly see the guy, & if you didn't pay attention to the sound effect & the little black shadow on the floor you'd get hit with this vase & your character (Agrippa) would get burned & have to roll over 3 times to put the fire out. Adding insult to injury (or not if you were lucky enough to dodge the vases) Antonius would then jump down & try to hit you with his sword. I always hated going into this fight without have a bow & arrows, in fact I always saved them for this fight. Decius was a bit hard himself because of his gauntlets, which apparently had nails built in because that's what the claw-like items were called. Decius also had certain move sets like rolls, charges, & even a point where he pretends to be for mercy (mind you the main character fails for another trick during a cutscene before you fight him again...) It took me a moment to figure out how to hit him without getting hit myself. Long range weapons come in handy in this game. Whenever I got the chance for a Halberd (a Grand 1 if my SALVOS were up enough to call for 1) I'd use it sparingly so that I could do it again in the 2nd fight, ultimately taking down an even stronger Decius later. But if you thought this was it, there was fight even harder to get past before fighting Decius or Antonius. Sextus. He had double swords, & this move where he'd swing around & kick at you twice. Now I think I remember one of those moves not being blockable even with a shield. I wound up dying a lot just because of that, & because of how fast that character was. And God forbid there was NO FOOD in the crates that would respawn after a few moments, you might get a long range weapon if you were fortunate, but that was about it. Everything else was useless except for blocking for me. At least I became more aware & prepared the next few times I played all of the bosses!
FFVIII is my favourite Final Fantasy, and I never defeated the Omega weapon.
Rhys Williams
Yunalesca on FFX cause young me totally stuffed up the sphere grid :P
Sarah Bethards
For me, it has got to be the first encounter with Nemesis in Resident Evil: Nemesis. Also, beating Nitris Oxide in CTR.
Gamealot 9000
My moment was dark souls 3 all of dark souls 3
Nate Joaquin
The last mission in halo c.e where you drive the wharthog
A certain train mission in a certain western game made me gave up on the game as a whole. Twice. It's Red Dead Redemption.
I hear ya Dave. Final Fantasy talk may as well be Elvish to me
Christopher Labedzski
Dbz xenoverse 2 extreme malice expert mission 15 and still can't do it lol
Meme Iselfaneye
Took me some time, but I finally beat Stormy Ascent the traditional way, one life, all boxes, 1 go.
For me it was Ornstein and Smough in dark souls. I died so much to those two that some point in between all those deaths I decided to count how many tries it would take me to beat these two. 72 tries....AND THESE ARE JUST THE ONES I COUNTED!
Strange Vision
FF8 Omega Weapon. Just use Selphie, The End.
Craig Lang
301 club still lives!!! Edit: Holly found VOG hard...don't let her do King's Fall for her own sanity!
Kristian Brandt
Slippery Climb in Crash Bandicoot.
Pitioss Dungeon in Final Fantasy XV... that thing was 'throw the controller through the TV' frustrating. I didn't think it would EVER end.
Theo White
For me it was beating Caroline and Justine from Persona 5. I can't explain how happy I was when I finally did it!
Lucid Simplicity
Oh gods. The chocobo race in FFX. I raged so many times to that part! I lost track of how many times I had to do that one before getting it.
Two spots in Tales of Hesperia, the boss fights against Raven's alternative ego and Solo fight with Estelle, I just quit for a few months each time.
Юлиан Мацкевич
GTA: Vice City's RC Helicopter ruined my childhood
Westley Dunn
Ornstein and Smough. My first playthrough easily took me +30 times even with Solaire 80% of the time. But at least my record against Four Kings is 6wins-2
Steampunk Lemon
Blood starved beast? No problem. Orphan of Kos can do one though. I genuinely thought that would be the end of my bloodborne experience. Did it eventually. After many, many blood vials.
Logan Berube
The Ornstein and Smough boss fight in dark souls
Mr Gunn
At 31 years old, I still can't handle that race on FFX. Had to get my younger brother to do it for me a few months ago whilst working toward the platinum. F that race! F it right in the A!!!
Christian Andersson
That damn chokobo race... Took me ages when i played ffx on ps2.
Joshua Wiltfong
Stinking final boss of Xenogears. The only time I've pitched a controller across a room in frustrations.
Billy Bumbler
All dark souls/demon souls games every single boss
The ridiculous Tarzan level in Kigdom Hearts. Absolutely infuriating level design.
Ornstein & Smough; Kalameet; Rajin & Fujin in FF8 (i was underleveled and i didn't get how junctions worked); A screen quite far into Abe's Odissey in which i couldn't get past a group of friggin Scarab; And, above all others, the whole damn "Heart of Darkness".
Sam Butler
There was a minor platforming section early in the original Devil May Cry and I hadn't realised that you could double-jump yet.
André Antunes
That moment where you've never played Nioh but you still know Oda Nobunaga from Civ 5
Several moments across various Kingdom Hearts games..
Sirius Valantine
What the hell is O-meega Weapon? A secret boss that I do not know? XD
Omega Weapon was cakewalk.. G. Malbs were so much harder.. You can loop Renzokouken and Duel and kill him before he even gets the chance to cast Ultima.. you can literally kill him before he makes a turn..
Back 4 More
I really enjoy your shows. Thanks👍
Eggmanland in Sonic Unleahed... one day!
For me it was Riku/Ansem in Hollow Bastion in KH1 and your fighting alone as Sora (PS2 version I might add so a tad different from remaster version). Oh the hours of trying to beat him as a 11 year old kid and nearly breaking the controller multiple times.... the worst part? not being able to skip the cutscene before the fight starts!!
What about almost all of the Deus Ex games, there are so many hard parts in those games, even on easy, I still haven't completed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
Marcus Palces
That moment in Arkham City where you had to remote control your Batarang to hit a switch to get across an electrified passage. Took me two days to finally nail it! PS: I think there's a typo at the start of the FF X portion with Rob. It said 'XII' when it should've been 'X'. But still, nice video guys!