Joe Bonamassa - Happier times - Tour de Force The Borderline

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Mike Ratcliffe
favorite line up. love the entire set. this is a rare one to find. thanks for sharing
Jon Foster
That MAN never... fumbles or misses a single note. Incredibly professional.
John Hegarty
Now that's fantastic Les Paul tone.
Lukasz Mazurek
magic performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This precious guitar solo Joe.. great drums...bass... Amazing!!!
Crazy World Big Sound
Give 1000 guitar players that same guitar and amp and it won't sound the same. Magic
Laurent Quaedvlieg
Spot at his best
johny pamplinas
wohohooooo!!que canción tan preciosa!!
hayden potter
Brad Hill
Anton Figg forever. (Why does this video not have more plays?)
vincent delabarde
spot spotted :D
Вадим Косенко
Очень крутая музыка ! Гений ...
michela derry
stupenda questa canzone live
Tom Howland
Joe, Anton, & Mike. My new favorite Trio.
Floyd fan
Joe rules!!!
Floyd fan
Joe rules!!!
Tony S.
Anton Fig is a beast on the drums. Great guitar tone. Great trio.
Caesar Stigestadh
Lovely burst on that les paul.
All Of Joe Bonamassa
What pedal does he use in the intro?
shanthi jayakody
very nice thanks...
Michael Randolf
Wow, the vocals & everything sound too good to be live. This audio has definitely been mixed to perfection. And that riff at 04:14 & again at 06:49 .. that signals the verse change. Same riff... same change. NICE! (It is that specific riff pattern that really drew me to Joe Bonamassa, many years ago. It's not "shredding" per se, just a very fast descending riff formation)
Manuel Zamora
Does anybody know the exact model of that Les paul hes using?
Sébastien Aubry
Oh punaise