The Dairy Industry in 60 Seconds Flat

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Where do cheese, milk, and even ice cream come from? Go behind the scenes in the dairy industry for just one minute. PLEDGE TO BE VEGAN FOR 30 DAYS: /> Subscribe: /> The website the meat industry doesn't want you to see: /> How to go vegan: /> PETA Saves: /> PETA: /> FAQs:

Idiot, if you think every farmer is like this, then there is something wrong with you. Yes there is bad people in the world, but not every farmer ever is like that..
Moe Moe
I recently became vegan and it's the best thing I have ever done! down with this oppression
Oh dear lord sweet jesus. I will no more eat dairy products.
I'm 4 days into a 100% vegan diet, and struggling in truth, in particular the cooking/combinations of foods without meat/dairy.. This video has just strengthened my resolve to continue
If I won the lottery I would buy 4000 acres in Wyoming and rescue farm animals and I wouldn't slaughter any of them.
Lauren Shorty
People say that vegans eat all of the animals foods and that if we all go vegan, there would be over population. Well the world would be a lot better if everyone went vegan. It takes less time to grow crops then to wait a few years to grow, raise, and eat a cow or any other animal. And think about all of the nasty stuff the industries are putting in or meat and animal byproducts... yuck! You get a lot more nutrients and vitamins from plants. Before I went vegan, I got really bad stomach aches after eating meat or fish. Now I feel sooo much better:)
gadu lec
To all the people saying that " animals kill each other in the wild, why can't we " yes they do kill but only as much as they need. We kill and breed in masses, this isn't nature ! This is abuse Also, I don't think I have seen a lion kill a mother buffalo for her milk. Humans are the only species on earth that drinks milk in the mature ages of life . do you know why ? Because we don't need it !
Advotiya Raskolnikova
This is one of the many, many reasons that I am Vegan. Those "men" who beat and abuse those cows are the worst, but people who continue to support this 'industry' in spite of knowing what goes on are just as complicit. I mean I wasn't born Vegan, and I was fairly ignorant for a time but now -- there is no excuse to support the abuse of innocent animals for a substance we don't need as humans.
Kaylee Reed
Not all dairy farmers treat their cattle like this. I work on an organic dairy farm and we love our cattle and treat them as if they are humans. Never would we stomp on a calves head or do anything to abuse them
MP Studio Bergen
You could of shown people murdering each other, but not everyone does. This is misleading, just to get your point. A lot of places animals are treated with the utter of care.
Just Hoopin'
This is terrible, but i'm still eating meat
Jodie Rafferty
Because of this video I've now officially became a vegan
Dalton Powell
People who take part in these acts of violence should all be treated like the animal see how they like it....
Baylea Christiansen
as a vegan for so long now i feel i have the responsibility to inform people about what we're doing to the animals , our health an our planet. i don't see how so many people can see videos like this and not take action , and change to a compassionate diet for the better. so many people can turn a blind eye to this a say "its only one case" instead of saying "less investigate more" or "less change this". I've experienced so many people asking me "how can you be vegan? it must hard" this makes me easy , every time i see someone drink milk , or eat a stake , these are the images and sounds that play over and over in my head. and thats when i ask "how can you? it must be hard." these are my friends people are killing , this is my planet you're destroying. GO VEG!!
Danielle B.
I've decided to go vegan, not just for the sake of animals, but for the sake of the planet.  Meat and dairy farming is just unsustainable in the long-term and we're killing the planet with it.  I love animals, I love the earth.  I will be a vegan.
Celeste Sykes
OK. So maybe PETA don't always get it right, maybe their approach is a little brash. Personally I think that is the only way to get through to some people. But you cant deny that they are catching peoples attention. Animal cruelty is such a serious issue, how can we expect to solve any other world problems while we still pick on the most helpless of society. The way we treat animals is a reflection of who we really are.
These farmers are disgusting. May God have mercy on their souls the day they die. What's being done about this though? How can we make it stop?? Breaks my heart.
Un Om
It's not about eating meat and using animal products, is how we do it. If you raise your animal, love it and then watch his eyes while you kill it, something will change in you. You'll carry on, but you wont be the same. You'll be more connected to Nature and your food
I've been contemplating going vegan for a while because my cousin is vegan she's like a sister we are very close and seeing her life style got me thinking because aside from pork and meat I don't eat many animal products. After watching this video I've decided am DONE with dairy products 100% , now I don't know if I will become vegan am still on the fence giving up meat and pork for life very hard and big decision but I do want to give up eating animal products that I can give up and am starting with dairy products.god I cried so hard after watching this video
My mom said "that's not where my cheese come from" lol
Gaia 5D
Just noticing a few comments from people who are new to veganism and struggling a little... try Googling any of your favorite 'go to' meals in the vegan option (ie. Vegan Lasagna, Vegan Chili, Vegan Sloppy Joes, Vegan Eggys Benny, etc.). This way you're not giving anything up; you're just changing the ingredients <3
Couldn't we just get milk from a place that doesn't treat their animals like shit? Like a whole foods store or something?
helga van dijk
I've been a vegetarian for years. Recently I've seen some dairy documentary in the netherlands. I've always thought my country was decent and animals wouldn't be treated that badly as shown on vids like these. Oh boy was I wrong... Shame on you Campina. (big famous dairy brand here, I wouldn't want to know how the unlabeled milk cows that bring in the cheap milk are treated...) I've been living a vegan lifestyle for a few months now and ain't going back. I'm very anti-milk now! Eggs are still an issue... you kinda need them in many recipes... and there's no such thing as an egg replacer here as far as I know. At least I've always bought free-range eggs >.> (and I avoid eggs when I can)
Infinite DeD
If you are a vegan just remember the amounts of carnivore animals eating each other everyday in the wild...... If they can why can't we?
Charlotte Rose
:( The ones that see this video and still choose to eat meat have absolutely no compassion.
I my self is 21 years old from Sweden, been a vegetarian ( i still eat eggs and diary) for 5 years and before when i was little i didn't like to eat too much meat.  But here's the thing i don't hate anybody who eats meat and i don't think that it is wrong to EAT MEAT, it is okay. I just made the choice not to consume it. But i don't support the industry,Factory Farming.on how they treat animals. Remember that there are nearby farmers and some companies who produce ecologic dairy and meat products. Who take good care of their animals. Do not hate people that's eats meat, we are omnivores, we are build to eat both but we can remove meat and continue to live an equal long lasting and healthy life compared to a meat eater (depending on lifestyle of course), rather demonstrate, make your voice heard against the industry who's only goal is to make as much money as they can, not caring for the health of their animals in the process. side note: i do think we humans consume to much meat, it should be more varied.
I try to avoid dairy when I can, drink almond milk, soy butter and just switched to soy cheese
Oh they want you to go dairy free and if you give me a week and some research I could show you worst atrocities on these rice farms to human beings not animals. Low wages and slave labor for you to have your rice milk. Beef is good and we don't care how they kill them. Give it a few years when the american economy collapses you will be happy to have a steak and will probably kill the cow yourself.
Pumpkin Smasher79
There are people who need meat due to medical issues like Anemia, smart people get their milk & stuff from people who raise their own cattle at home, at least that's what i've seen living in Europe, don't know how you in 'merica do it.
As a actual dairy farmer in Ontario Canada, milking around 210 cows, I find the hardest thing to stomach is your disregard for how the dairy industry really works. Ask any Dairy farmer who's up until 12:30-1 in the morning helping a cow have a calf and then getting up again at 5 to milk the cows again why he does it, they'll all tell you the same thing, because we love what we do, we were raised to love it. I would gladly take anyone on a tour of our farm to see just how passionate we are about our herd, cows we know by name that we have raised since birth. This kind of dedication towards what we do can never be told in 60 seconds. It takes a life time to fully understand our love.
whistler crenshaw
Those guys look like sick monsters 😢🐮rip
Georgia Araujo
Hi! I'm brazilian, so excuse my english. I teach Geography and whenever I try to warning about the mistreatment of animals. I opted to vegetarianism a year ago and now reduced 90% of all dairy products. I thought the fort useful video. Just do not forget to also publicize the suffering of chickens on farms suffering too! Best wishes.
Paty Latorre
All these videos are breaking my heart... 
d ja
What's really sick and sad is that there are people that can watch this and STILL consume dairy products! : ( WTF
Hannah McLaughlin
One of the many reasons I am vegan!
Em Woolly
are you kidding me.. I currently work for on of the top dairy farm In Michigan and none of the cattle are treated in such a manner ... just because a few people are cruel and abuse their animals doesn't mean the entire dairy industry is that way.. do your research people use your own brain.. this is like saying that because there are a few murderers then everyone must be a murderer ... ignorance "scouf"
victor figueira
This video made me hungry, I want a mcdonalds hamburge right now
Kevin Allen
Isn't it funny how the quality of this video looks like it was from the 90s? Dairy farms are not like this anymore!
Are all daily industries like this?
Finding Your Serenity
I need to find an example of why grass fed dairy is bad too. I know it is but I need a decent video as my partners family are offended that I'm vegan because their grandad was a dairy farmer and looked after the cows LOL
Johnny Veritas
Go Vegan!
Even if I am the only person in the whole world who is vegan. I still will not partake. The only person I am held accountable to is me. It baffles me when people see these sorts of things and hate to see animals suffer, yet continue to support these industries. It's really not that hard to give up. And I should know. I'm lazy as all heck.
Speechless :(
yuh datway
I am sickened and horrified. I cannot believe this I am never eating cow again I swear
Jason Neet
Here I am drinking milk and eating a steak burrito.
Robin Hood
A little too fast with not enough info.. I think it can be done in 60 sec with some clarity around some facts/statistics that people can hang onto.. thanks for the efforts.. whatever works.. 
Crystal Dragon
milk is yucky even before i watched 5his
Nara Villatoro
Man i feel bad for these animals they get really beaten D;
Heart Notes
Cheap shock video... there is nothing in here to expand upon each situation, just showing me animals with health problems does not surprise me, even the best zoo in the world will have sick animals. Even the best human city has ill people in hospitals. The only thing that made me wince was the guy stomping the neck of the cow.
Crystal Dragon
milk is yucky even before i watched 5his
ariel estrada
I love you PETA 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
This is awful but I'm still not going vegan
Alexa The Eevee
anavi bts
this is horrible, i barely made it to the temporary satisfaction in eating should have a back story like this. humans were not made to feed on animal flesh, milk, and especially to torture them. remember we're only temporary guests on this planet, animals were here long before us and will continue to exist long after us, so learn to respect them
Nancy Drew22
Feel so guilty for having cheese my second slip up on a vegan diet :(
Krista Platt
Heart breaking
Milan Perišić
Ummmm milking a cow doesn't necessitate maltreatment.... These are mentally ill people, monsters...
FFS.. This is only a minority of farms not the WHOLE of the dairy industry .... WHEN WILL YOU STOP GENERALIZING UR OWN VIDEOS!?!?!
ollie williams
That is horrible those people should be sued 😢😭😰😱😭😭😭😭
Hola Hola Get Dollar
Wait, they BURN mother cows if they take their babies?
Ms. C
no more dairy for me
Why can't they just let them do it naturally
Wow thats crazy oohh well im enjoying my milk and Burger hahahhaa
Just flagged this vid cuz its a lie the clips shown r from minor dairy farms not the entire major industry and a cow goes into a milking cycle on its own not forced u ungrateful savages plus vegans: plants also have feelings it has been proven so wat u gonna eat now?!
Ross Kaske
Yeah, that soy shit sure ain't delicious, nice try.
Lucy InTheSky
Yes, not every farm is like this. But plenty ARE. And I will not consume animal products unless I see with my OWN EYES how the animals are treated. And even then I probably wouldn't because I have no wish to be drinking milk from another animal as an adult or eating various substances that come from animals. I mean, wtf?
this is stupid.. So a cow can't get sick or die? look first at all the people who dies just under your own window cause they can't eat something! and at a pont in the video they are removing the horns of the calves so they can't grow and don't injuries each other!
William Goggins
Why the hell would people stomp on another animals neck? Like what has gotten into this world? I would rather let them have a nice life and die at old age and then take the meat after their whole life.
Why can't people milk a cow like a normal man,get eggs normally, and even shear normally...sometimes evolution sucks
Sally Souza
This video made me go vegan, I watched it like a year ago and now I just want to thank you PETA.
Kyle Choy
The industry jacks bulls, and its how the semen is obtained
Casey Riddle
As an Agriculture Science student and a vegetarian for over 6 years I appreciate both sides of this story. However, this video is heavily biased in PETA's favour.  Imagine someone setting up a video camera in your household for a number of years and then editing that footage down to just 60 seconds? I'm sure that amount of footage compiled into such a short amount of time could frame any household as an abusive one. This video is no different. "Factory farms" are not what PETA manipulate the general public into believing  they are. They are clean, well-managed facilities that have made huge strides towards even more humane practices over the last 20 years due to the pressures of ignorant social groups such as this one.  Why do I know this?  Because I have been inside them and SEEN what they are like on a day-to-day basis with my own eyes - not watched a video on the internet about the Egg Industry. I have created STRONG RELATIONSHIPS with the people who own and operate these facilities - not read a PETA blog on the inhumaneness of Farrowing Crates. I have WORKED on diary farms first hand - not protested against the ill treatment of Diary Cattle Base your beliefs on information that you KNOW first hand, not information embezzled into your brain and manipulated by extremist social groups. Last little bit of food for thought here: Imagine if PETA somehow managed to shut down every animal production industry worldwide - where would all the livestock go? Released to run free? Surely they could not survive in the wild after being domesticated for so many centuries.  Maybe sancturaries? Sure. But there are not enough animals sanctuaries in the world to house the planet's millions of livestock animals - nor the finances to support them.  PETA preaches for an end to animal agriculture but never mentions a solution to the horrific outcome the abolishment of the livestock industry could bring. 
Daniel Gould
For those who want to go vegan and don't know where to start, or are newly vegan and struggling, or just want a taste of vegan recipes and stuff to replace ocasional meals, I recommend going to and signing up, professional dieticians on board to advise on healthy alternatives to meat and dairy to make sure your nutrition is balanced and sustainable, recipe ideas, moral support, some laughs. I've been vegan for a little while now and this group has been a big part of my adapting, I've found it really easy with the info they provide :) And for those who see vegan as too big a jump, just going vegetarian will be a good stepping stone. I cut back over the course of about a year so when I took the final "leap" it was just a small step over the line to full veganism, by that point basically I just cut out ice cream and cheese and I was done. Vegetarians support more harm of course than vegans, but it's a great step on the way and I encourage anyone who thinks vegan is too big a switch to try vegetarianism to get to grips with going without meat first. If this video is too much for you, I suggest looking at the talks of James Aspey and Dr Melanie Joy, who will provide information and answers without the use of traumatic footage. Good luck if you decide to try it :)
Luckily for me, I live in the UK, where my local farms provide milk, cheese, butter and eggs. I make sure to visit these farms and they are all traditional farms who look after their cows and hens. I am ovo-vegetarian, I don't drink milk, but I do eat egg products. I make sure when my family need milk I buy them from cows who graze farmland freely and are not beaten. Unfortunately, in India and the US, I would be vegan.
A Dreamer
Steven Thompson
This footage is so bloody horrible and evil, because the evil farmers are so vile and cruel murdering the cows and calves and they will get arrested by the police and locked up in the jail and I am vegan, but I can still eat white meat like chicken better than red meat like beef, lamb or pork and don't panic, keep calm and go vegan.
What about being vegetarian.... My body doesn't absorb things too well so dairy has that stuff. (Like B12 I gues.) I always buy free range, grass fed, organic, etc. in hopes that they do things correctly. Don't they on some farms give the calf some milk and also take some from the mother? I am kind of new, already vegetarian so I am on my way. (I am a teenager so I also need many vitamins and stuff to grow properly I heard.)
Jens Kerckhove
Seriously, people this is all MONTAGE, if you were to treat your cows like this, you'll immeadiatly get a fine. And yes cows are injected with medicines and they do get sick, let's be honest who doesn't? Was this video made by people who don't know the basics of life anyore? Let the person without sins throw the first rock okay?                           Yours sincerenly, a Belgian farmer.
Antonio Amador Mallado
I´ll say exactly the same i told at a previous video: It´s funny to see that at 0:07 and 0:34 there is a man putting his arm into a cow's rectum, and it's shown as if he was hurting the animal. It is a veterinarian method used at many animals, not only at cows, but also at horses, and it´s necesary if you want, for example, know if a big animal is pregnant using ultrasonography (you can´t use ultrasonography as easy at an animal as at a human). And don't tell me I don't know wat i'm telling about cause i'm a vet student. Could you please analyze the images you show before exposing and dramatizing them? You lose the few credibility you have with shits like that
Ash Pennington
This is so not true! I live on a dairy farm and this doesn't happen. This footage is stuff that happen on accident, we do take the cows off their babies but they hardly care! This video is such a lie, cows are relaxed things that sometimes have problems but we look after them. People that where in these videos are one out of a million people who treat cows like this.
Robb Weston
Ive work at a dairy farm for years and we treat the animal with respect and never do we beat them or kick little calf's. In Australia our animals are always outside with the fresh air and grass. Not all dairy's are like what you just saw, keep drinking milk.
Tony drosos
this makes me sick to my stomach. I want to put an end to this. How can people be so cruel and disgusting. I will work on something to help end this crap or slow it down I am determined. Ideas would be helpful. God Bless these poor animals.
Samantha Jones
The dairy is scary one is better IMO, you can skip through but explains better
Julia Mason
I am extremely proud to say that I'm vegan. I'm not perfect, I don't know everything about living a vegan life, but I'm studying every day to learn what I need to do to be vegan. I refuse to let my money be used to support this bs any longer.
Some of this is animal abuse. But some farms are humane. I don't agree with factory farming at all. But im gonna keep eating dairy for as long as i live.
Natalia Mirowska
Drinking milk is a patology. Confirmed by doctors. We should have ended up drinking milk when we were old enough to eat normally. The milk is for little cows. End of the story.
MP Studio Bergen
There's a clip of removing a calf since it is need, and what's wrong with that? Would PETA rather have it die, then help it be born?
Jason Anaminus
Come on not the all dairy farm do that. You should find the animal torturing factories(its no longer a milk farm) and close them by help of laws. Also the clip had some meat factory ones not the milk. Vegeterianism isnt bad. If they buy milk/eggs from a not torturing dairy farm. Do what is the right you think Peta.
kelsey b
Gerry W
I’ve stopped drinking milk, but I’m finding it hard to become vegetarian, I’m thinking of becoming pescatarian but I’m not sure
꧁༺ Emargi ༻꧂
It says “Sorry, this content is age-restricted.” All I know is I have a bone disease and I need milk for it😭
damn this is horrible but I can't give up dairy products :(
scott fay
some of these I can explain.  cows die everyday of natural causes.  one I saw was a prolapse and can be taken care of very easily.  one cow hasn't cleaned yet.  I could go on but I got better things to do
So if you want the cattle to stop being milked and sold for beef/veal, what do you suppose we do with them?
Hanna W
Did I hear, I think this one goes for veal?
Alison White
I only hope and prey that PEta did something about the abuse they found in this documentary video
Samson Tou
Human is always the baddest creature. I do not why people feel astonishing about this ==.
TheWeridBoy !
dairy farms what if you got beaten every day by other people how would you feel think about it
really ._. this is age-restricted? im 16, i think i should be allowed to watch the cows i care about