Wagner Götterdämmerung - Siegfried's death and Funeral march Klaus Tennstedt London Philharmonic

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*Dolby Sounds* --Date:Oct 18 1988 --Place:Suntory Hall (Tokyo)

Elgar T.W.
One day a king will come, and the Sword will rise again.
Tortuosit of Tapiola
This is eternal music. Anton Bruckners Adagio in his 7th symphony should be recommended here, which he composed after the death of Wagner, his "Master of all masters"...
The Phoenician Fulgrim
This piece is the pinnacle of human feeling and emotion, hopefully aliens will hear it someday to understand human emotion more clearly.
Quid Est Veritas
4:03 - 4:40 - no matter how many times I hear that, I still can't quite believe what I'm hearing. 
Norman Lowell
The Power of Wagner - The Spiritual Power of Wagner. Internalized by Klaus Tennstedt. The control of the Conductor is truly superb!
A Richter scale 10 earthquake in musical form....
Morrigan Ravenchild
There is a profound sadness here....for the glories that were once and have now passed.away...for the Old Ways.....
Chris Gregory
5:48 Notenständerdämmerung
This is certainly the best performance of Wagner 's music I've ever heard.Absolutely glorious, especially the brass!
Alejandro Moreno S.
This brings me back to 1981 when I saw Excalibur for the first time, with Helen Mirren, Nicol Williamson (best Merlin ever), and a then unknown cast of Liam Neeson, Gabriel Byrne and Patrick Stewart to name a few. SO brilliant to finally see this piece performed, I had forgotten about it completely since the last time I watched the movie. Finding the movie online again over these holidays brought me here. Some day I have to see this performed live by a world class symphony.
Anders Liljevall
as a Scandinavian I feel my germanic dna respond to to this.
Daniel Bristol
Finest arrangement of Siegfrie'ds Death and Funeral I've ever heard, and I'm a man who likes his Wagner.
One for the European soul.
Arjun Kaul
Behold! The sword of power! Excalibur! Forged when the world was young, and bird and beast and flower were one with man.
I was listening to this in the car with my (then) 5 year old daughter. It was at night and there was a full moon with some clouds waxing and waning around the moon. She told me that everything we were experiencing reminded her of Grandpa (my dad, who had died a year earlier, when she was just 4). I think there's something special going on in this universe.
alegria saramago
it is not human, it's heavenly sorrow
Thought that was a stand off gun cannon sfx or something for the funeral march at 5:50, went back to realize it was Tennstedt's stand falling lmao. As if he needed it, man just kept going on like nothing happened. 
Someone said that Wagner's music was characterised by wonderful moments and interminable half hours. Well, this is 9 or 10 wonderful minutes of music. That's all I can say.
Morrigan Ravenchild
Dark, dark, dark...always reduces me to tears - not the sadness but the passing of what has been.  Perhaps there is hope to be found in a new beginning. Magnificent, poetic as befits my ancient namesake from the dark untamed forests of the past. Thank you.
Marica BG
I heard this when I was a child. It is still the best piece of music I for me!
Kelly Ottens
This is the most beautiful piece of music I have EVER heard
Rodolfo Dímer Lauret
There are no words to describe what I feel. Cold goes up my spine. My hair rises. I cry...
Jenny Canuck
I truly believe this is the most sublime piece of music ever written. It reaches a place very deeply buried within my consciousness, and I get chills every time I hear it.
This March is for Nigel Terry, R.I.P you will be greatly missed, and you will always be Arthur in my eyes
Dani Barcia
Wagner the best composer ever. This piece exicites me.
Wagner's music's immense value is to make you feel above the human miseries.
Fight on Deutschland!
donatello bellomo
Great Tennstedt. Rest In Peace.
To the ever lasting glory of Western Civilization and may it last for another thousand years.
130hartford Sanantoniotexas
Fabulously played and orchestrated.
flemming dalsgaard
Yes, Bravo indeed. Siegfried is dead. A giant has fallen. The world will never be the same. He was a symbol of the good, but naive powers of our society. Stabbed from behind by ugly dark forces.
Duc de Richleau
Quite beautiful version.  I've gone back to my study of Nordic Mythology after many years, and Wagner's work is an excellent accompaniment.
Gabriele Siegler
Richard Wagner war ein Genie. entweder man mag ihn oder nicht. es gibt kein dazwischen.
Benjamin O'Donnell
The change at 1:41 ... chills.
Profit Blog Formula
Bill Murray is a great conductor
Abel Saavedra Ángel
Strong, dramatic, exciting... wonderful!!! 
I'm not a real classic fan, but this piece of music is absolutely complete with a unbelieveable emotional strenght. Wagner must be inspired by unknown foreign forces...
the conductor is controlling space and time in that hall :D
Represents the whole European community, how we will decline and descending to our grave because of conquer of the hordes of immigrants...
David Johnson
I have listened to several recordings of this lament.  Usually, it is people people playing notes with great technical merit and getting paid. Klaus Tennstedt and the London Philharmonic are actually making music.  This is as stirring a performance as I have heard of anything.
The Truth
Funeral march for the white race. R.I.P.
flemming dalsgaard
A giant has fallen. By a spear in the back. His potential was never brought to the reel test. Thats why the music is so loud. It is not just anybody who has died. Why was the strong man after all so weak? Don't know. But we see it in the real world. Often strong men are clowns in the end.
Johann Bach
4:05.. Oh my Good lord..
4:41 - oh gosh, that trumpet
A mi no me gusta Wagner en general. Su grandilocuencia me resulta abrumadora y vacua, sin embargo sí que es capaz de poner la banda sonora a las grandes pasiones trascendentes. Esta obra me sobrecoge porque refleja -para mi, de un modo perfecto- la metamofosis del héroe en mito: esta música convierte el viaje de Sigfrido por el Rhin, ese río mítico, a un tiempo en marcha fúnebre y en glorificación. No en vano Wagner puso en música el Volkgeist de Hegel, del que han bebido los nacionalismos europeos.
Brenda Phew
I keep coming back to this.
Randall Carr
This guy is the best!! You think conducting an orchestra is just a bunch of B.S.? Hell NO....this guy rocks!!!
Roger Bird
Klaus has the right moves.  Don't underestimate the old guys when it comes to power.
Juan Gt
I just can't listen to any more Wagner, you know...I'm starting to get the urge to conquer Poland.” ― Woody Allen :)
The famous Lectern drop at 5:50 is well known from this recording. He is then forced to conduct from memory, trying to recoup the lectern at 6:50 but failing.Klaus Tennstedt was one of the very best conductors of Wagner at the Bayreuth´s festival orchestra. Of cource, he knows this by head, but always conducted from score.
I wept when I heard this
Alka Trass
Wagner + John Boorman = chef d'oeuvre.
aurassi tessala
Superbe splendide epoustouflant . Grand Wagner . Merci pour la video . Bonne soiree...
Roy Batty
Merlin! I am the strongest! I am the one!
Probably the most impressive recording I have ever heard!
Paul Johnson
The last scene in Excalibur,, so sad. I love that movie.
Amazing chilling and Awe inspiring
SuseJ Moore
This overture brought tears to my eyes. Celebration of death and passing over into everlasting life.
alberto sasà
Giovani! Questo e' lo sballo degno dell'homo sapiens! Non le porcate che vi spacciano in discoteca!
Best sound quality I've heard on YouTube videos of this type.
Maes Roger
On tour in Tokyo in 1988, Klaus Tennstedt (1927-1998), leading the London Philharmonic Orchestra, which was "his" orchestra from 1983 to 1990, gave a concert, not without imperfections, it is a live, but intense ... and often unforgettable! In the "Funeral March" Tennstedt demonstrate a real genius, unfolding before our eyes what Albert Lavignac, in his "Voyage artistique à Bayreuth", described so well: "Those heroic motifs, slightly veiled in mourning , interspersed with sobs, bringing in them terror, a mystical procession of thoughts alive. "* Thank you for sharing this grand and moving moment, worthy of this great page of all.
Phil Hartman
Europe must fall before it #EuropeRises
Rolf Ellmer
Kudos to the professionalism of the conductor and orchestra for the most powerful recording of this piece I can imagine hearing, despite the stand falling over. And I wish we could all agree that that 'cannon salute' was miraculously timely XD
elijah caballero
if you get goose bumps, its not from what has happened before, its for whats to come.
isaiah cruz
His stand fell down, but he still kept his cool. Nice B)
Ben Emberley
.....complete with Gun salute at 5:50 :)  The brass is incredible :)
peter owen
It really doesn't get any better than this.
Friedrich Marx
Part of the forthcoming Brexit contracts: No more German, French, Italian, Russian...music in the Proms after the Brexit! Hahaha - what will be left ? --- Elgar. Period. (Ähhh - Händel was German, by the way)
Field Marshall S.
Finally after so long I have found it ; )
marc g drevich
would not mind having this played at my funeral . . .
C FX-Air Art
Antiker Heavy Metal!!
Pete Friss
Wonderfull, tears run down, stirs such emotion is hard to describe.
Fluffy Girl
Very, very good performance. Even better than the Berlin Philharmoniker.
Bob C
if you are not moved by this , you are already in the after life !
Me encanto, le he escuchado como 7 veces, en un dia, gracias por compartir la buena música.
Bertus Duiverman
Superb. It doesn't get any better than this. Well... Solti?
Amazingly powerful music.
Santi Martin
Expuestas las más profundas raíces de lo humano en su manifestación hecha música.
Heinrich Wagner
Nicht von ungefähr wurde diese Einstellung bislang 496'604 mal aufgerufen, Sie ist magistral. Was sollen die hässigen Kommntare hierzu?
Harno #3 ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ
Is emotional as every time!
Goran Schwarz
Did I watch a horor movie about last days of Berlin?
So emotional !
Adam G
We dreamed of something marvelous!
David Heath
@ 9:20 Tennstedt seems to be moved by the performance. It's easy to understand why...
Sidney Morais de Souza
Viva excalibur.
Me quedo con los pelos de punta, jamás escuché versión tan inspirada y perfecta. Y como no puede haberlo nada en este mundo ahí tuvo que aparecer el sonido de "cañon" , o de Dios sabe qué cosa, del minuto 5,50 , que no le resta una ápice de gloria a esta performance. Para llorar de emoción. Sublime!!!!
Kerry Brooks
sometimes a piece of music a picture a work of fiction will lift your mind out of the gray fog of living and show you what life love and rising above the daily grind of being can make a person for me this music shows the greatness the human mind can rise to dont be afraid of life and your dreams we can do anything try and see
Albert Owen
Mein Abschiedslied. Wenn ich nach meinem Tod, sei es Himmel oder Hölle, in einen ewigen Zustand übergehe, hinterlasse ich als ich, die letzte von 27 bekannten Generationen meiner Familie, die mich begleitete, wie die Familie Hohenzollern ihr Vermächtnis in der Zeit der Könige und Königinnen von Großdeutschland und Preußen. Gott potted Deutschland und für immer Preußen und all ihre Macht und für immer Ruhm!
A truly great conductor and a truly great orchestra right on the top of their game, these performances are just amazing, the best Wagner to be heard anywhere
raúl garat
Alguien conoce una versión mejor ??? Yo no. Es impresionante verlo y escucharlo.
Tom Joad
This is so moving. Tennstedt gets everything out of this Wagner piece, like out of so many others. The tempo, the dynamics, the greatness – it's just perfect. But dId he ever conduct a complete Wagner opera? I can't find any recordings... Would be a shame if not.
Was für eine Ausdrucksstärke! Fantastisch dirigiert und interpretiert. Danke für das Video!
One of the most stirring and moving pieces of music ever written. Wagner knew how to use brass and strings in such a way as to get a very intense emotional response from the listener, I'm certainly no exception.
Peter Starreveld
Geweldig wat een klank en emotie
Mercedes TAMARA
Me encanta Es una prodigiosa composición de Wagner