Joe Bonamassa - "Driving Towards The Daylight" - Official Music Video

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Jeff from Jersey
The Fact that this guy is not on  the RADIO ,in each and every single market, every single Day... PROVES how corrupt the Music Industry really is.. Peddling their Crap to us nonstop..  Sorry for the Rant.. But this man is just SO TALENTED... its just beyond Comprehension..  So much looking forward to seeing him when he returns from Europe....    Hope you will be with us  for a LONG time Joe...  
If I ever had an alien ring my door bell telling me that after such a long trip across the galaxy he would really just like to hear some good music some of us humans have made, I would play Joe first.
This is one of those amazing song's that I loved within the first few seconds of listening to it.  I love when that happens:)  Simply outstanding.
This song just breaks my heart and fills me with joy all at the same time
harold coleman
Who says Joe can't sing! Gotta be out of your mind....
doucha bell
This is true music!!
paul conaty
Rusting strings on my old guitar speaks volumes of who you are! A great lyrical line!!  Great song!
Dina Eddy
How have not ever heard of this band until today? I’ve been binge listening! First song I heard was “Redemption”, I actually sent it to my sons at 2:30 in the morning! lol! I would like to see JB in concert, which I found out they will be in Nashville this July! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a concert, I can’t believe ticket prices! If I had the money, this would be a great splurge to hear Joe play live!
Szolárium Market
"Driving Towards The Daylight" Look upon a mountain, waitin' on a train. Baby I know what's wrong, and it's still happening. Waiting on my destiny, learning from my abilities. Who was wrong and who was right and do we even know why we are fighting? So take your eyes off of me and look upon the churning sea. [Chorus:] Driving towards the daylight, running from the midnight, trying to get my way home. Running from the spotlight, trying to find the daylight, trying to get back home. Rusty strings on my old guitar, speaks volumes of who you are. So never did I think it was you It was me, one of the chosen few Who will it be, oh the next time? Hopefully one with more sense of mind. So where did you go? Always will see, it's a story of you and me. Driving towards the daylight, running from the midnight, trying to get my way home. Running from the spotlight, trying to find the daylight, trying to get back home. [Solo] Driving towards the daylight, running from the midnight, trying to get my way home. Running from the spotlight, trying to find the daylight, trying to get my way home. Driving towards the daylight, running from that midnight, trying to get my way home. Running from the spotlight, trying to find the daylight, trying to get my way home.
Ana Ferrari
This talks to my soul. Thanks guys. <3
william ivory
I attended a concert by Joe last night and witnessed two and a half hours of musical genius. This guy plays guitar like no other, he played mainly electric guitar, but also played woke up dreaming on acoustic guitar, which was truly mind blowing. I will probably never witness a concert that comes even close, well done Joe.
Brian McCormack
How can you possibly thumb this down? Joe is brilliant! Musically and vocally. Some people need a hearing aid! Hehe!
Allan Raymond
It amazes me that Joe is never heard on the radio.
Caged Feral
One of those 'perfect''' songs. We have to keep this stuff alive.
george naschke
Obviously a breakup song.  The mood is introspective, the vocal pleads, the guitar demands.  Great song, one of my favorites.  Thanks, Joe.
Dee Archer
Joe is one if not the best guitarist I've heard. Phenomenal!
Donnie Rittenberry
Joe Bonamassa is tearing it up on the blues and jazz charts.Very talented writes and produces his own songs
Maxwell Ronald
When I hear this I have such deep and emo feelings. It's so beautiful. Great job JoeB
Barb Beyea
Oh man, this JoeB is so awesome. Joe's music & voice just come into my heart with such divine force & then BAM, it like explodes into every pore of my being. He's so flippin awesome!!!!! I've GOT to get his new cd & look forward to getting more of his music. God bless you & your band Joe & thank you for sharing it all with us!
Tony Cruz
It's a song that you can sit and think about where you are in life or what's going on in a relationship .For me I just split up with my girlfriend this song made me think a lot about us. Never heard such a beautiful song before thanks, Joe you helped me get my shit together
Paul Poche'
one of the best written songs. why hasn't this won an award. a mention
Every time I listen to this, I feel like I'm gonna beautiful!
Thomas Papadimitriou
Great song,great music and always great voice!
Ian Brooks
This man is simply superb...and to think i found him on sky arts purely by mistake and havent looked back.keep it up joe!
Greg Thornton
Joe doing this live on the PBS special was my first exposure to Joe Bonamassa. I apologize for not paying more attention much sooner. I mean that.
You got to love & appreciate when an average "Joe" creates such profound & powerful music that makes a difference in so many. Truly a gifted talent, so happy for his success.
Janis Schrobilgen
I cannot get enough of this song! I love you Joe Bonamassa! <3
One of those tunes that makes the hair on your neck stand out, brilliant tune!!
Peggy Sinclair
Love this song. Joe B. is incredible. Saw him in concert at Austin City Limits and he kicked it. He blows the rest of them off the planet.
Great song.
tim thurman
Im just 10 years old I freaken love this song and his other songs!!
Betul Egi
I needed something to brighten my day..Thanks youtube!
Christine Carr
amazing talent...I have loved this dude for years
Henning Siebel
this is great music..., Gary Moore would have lovin' it...
Carol Ceil
love this & have this ALBUM JOE , you give me the chills when i listen to you sing & play your Guitars , i love you & every bit of of your Talented & Awesome Music , love your producer Kevin Shirley, he is so great !!!!!!
the people who thumbed this down are completely braindead!!! such amazing song!!!
Mary-Anne Swanson
You just can't listen to this song and not feel something tugging at your soul. Joe this is the most hauntingly beautiful song I think I've ever heard .
Philip Kijas Jazz-Rock Band
Love this video!!! Thank you!!!
Rino De Lucia
Blues rock di assoluto livello.
Solange Silva
I love this music!!
Craig Arnold
How do you rate class like this. 10 outa 10
Belva Vargas
Esta canción me la dedicaron hoy.... Ahora si me enamoré!!
Dwight Ainsley
I can just close my eyes and drift away......
Despina Luigini
Great very great song....
Pepa ♪♫
so good... <3
ron williams
Amazing musician . One of the best in the world .
David Lawson
Great song!! I heard it on an A.M. station Coast to Coast the other day and had to buy it. Thank You
laid back middlebrooks
it's a true song for me,thanks joe,keep rocking,peace and love
Alan Yurychuk
Chills- Love this song.
Happy Birthday legend, never stop doing what you do best! Thank you..
Awesome song!!
Tim Ballard
Got a real Eagles feel to it. Can Imagine Glen Frey singing this. Top Tune
Steve Jones
Shit, I never heard of this guy, he's incredible!!
Lill Kindgren
Best of the best
Jazzy&Bri the sisters
this works for me
Antonio Dias
surely one of the best!!!
Ti Bi
Absolutely a phenomenal guitarist, since he was a kid.. But man!! His vocals have developed amazingly
Lockwood Andrea
Great song! This song really speaks to me.
Joe's vocals have improved a lot. This is really good stuff.
Ed Stallman
You've reached the next level, Joe, with your song writing skills, thanks for the HEAD RUSH!
Katsuhiro Otomo
A song full of emotion, and the legend Brad Withford in the co-op. Just perfect
Lynda Smith
Haha......just noticed Boris Johnson; British politician playing guitar at 1:44 seconds.....jeez he really is such a multitalented individual 🤪
Dale Walker
I can never get tired of listening and watching this video!  Love the song!
Dude, some of the best stuff I've heard in a long it!!!
Sharleen Dibble
crazy talent joe u r freaking brilliant. come back 2 Jacksonville Florida we r dying 2 c u¡!!!!¡!!!
Juan Olmo
Joe is the firth superstar in the XXI century ... simple like that .
Tiffani Blume Olson
He needs to come to Montana. I would be in heaven seeing him live.
Jeff Herriman
Great guitar work (of course) excellent vocal, killer arrangement! Bass was excellent!
Clive Money
445 people if you can call them that.don't appreciate class music
Cathy Formery
Mike Quillen
Great trucker song
Steven Pitt
He was in Plymouth UK in Oct 18.........didn't realise. Gutted..
Greg Kelley
Friday Night Music!!!! I Cover This One.
Keepin' the blues alive.
Patricia Ari
mi piace tanto
Jon Steadman, Composer
Great song - great video too. Simple concept but gets everything right in the execution.
malfilatre ni-dieu-ni-maitre
Nina Quade
yes yes yes I need to see you on concert !!!!
Ivan Ćurić
wau wau good good song greetings from Croatian
David Radtke
Perfect song for driving a late 5ties or early 6ties Cadillac convertible or similar, not a ordinary BMW...
Drew Baylor
Oh man, this's beautiful! Thank you!
Just saw him in Shreveport, great concert...
Amazing... this is truly the best guitarist i have seen in a long time. Thank you Mr. Bonamassa.
Kim Johnson
Absolute best...a real wonder!
arlene brockmiller
Lloyd Gordon
learned alot listening to Joe. 😋
Cheryl Muradas
Nice song. Bonamassa is multi-talented.
Bruno Alexandre
O mundo ainda tem salvação. Musica do caralho
Anja Strack
This Track is so Awesome <3
Lwr Rwl
don,t worry about the spot light. smoke some pot and keep jamming. great song=+
Rick Adams
you know I don't like a lot of his music but there are a handful of songs that go right straight to my heart and soul like driving towards the daylight and different shades of blue and I think Jockey Full of Bourbon is an awesome song that sounds like it's from 1800 Saloons with a touch of Mexican.... Awesome songs!!!
Allison Osborne
This is one of many of my favorite songs by Joe. So BEAUTIFUL!
Luis Grajeda
Amazing music. I loved wow. ✌🏼️❤️
Randy Petree
Any one who does not consider him one of the best guitarists of our era has a serious problem with their hearing.
Ahh yes...
Frans Barteczko
als ik naar huis rijd in mijn auto met de muziek van Joe rijd ik nog een blokje om ,zo goed vind ik zijn muziek.
Jeff Sterling
Thank you Joe great blues still exist. Spiritual!
Robert McCoy
Hey Joe thx for the music !! .
I agree love at 1st note for sure and joes singing very underrated
Garrick Lackey
Garrick, you were always, ever ...running from the spotlight...