Jim Parsons & Conan Raid The "Big Bang Theory" Set With A Fan

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Jim treats a CONAN audience member to a very special souvenir from "The Big Bang Theory." More CONAN @ /> Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS & TeamCoco.com. Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos: /> For Full Episodes of CONAN on TBS, visit /> Get Social With Team Coco: On Facebook: />On Google+: />On Twitter: />On Tumblr: />On YouTube: /> Follow Conan O'Brien on Twitter:

dat punk
his attitude in rea life is same as Sheldon Cooper.. the way he talk and the way he move his face/head.
Dylan O Brien
Typical he picks the chick that looks like Amy Farafowler
anyone thought it was amy on the thumbnail before click on the video
Leona Jackson
This is so sweet! Actually you can not believe that this whole Big Bang Therory WORLD is just a... set! It took me some seconds. XD ;D
I thought the girl was Amy at the first time xD
She has a microphone before being chosen...
I would've sat on Sheldon's spot.
zeeshan hamdani
sheldon chose her because she reminded him of AMY..... XD
Jim Parson's strikes me as a genuinely nice person. Like Conan.
Dei H
I never could really get into The Big Bang Theory but Jim Parsons seems like one of the nicest people on the planet.
Notice how great the sound was, the sound engineers did a wonderful job
I though he chose Amy
Simon looked so pissed off 😂😂
I can't be the only one that noticed that conan ripped his sleeve at 3:04?
Conan's head looks comically large in the shots of them driving around.
Nam Tran
Very cool that Jim Parsons quickly yelled ''And Judy!'' at the end of the video
Rage Mena
Gosh, he picked another Amy Farrah Fowler.....
Chris Al E
WTF I thought the girl was amy
Jeff Fassbender
Simon's mind: "Dafuq just happened!? I'm suddenly shirtless!"
Only issue I have with Jim Parsons is that he isn't that great of an actor - or atleast haven't showed it. Yes, he is great in Big Bang Theory - but he is basically playing himself as if he was there; that is entry-level acting. He has yet to become a different character. The Emmy-awards are a joke.
Well that seemed genuinely impulsive and not set-up at all. :D
I would have asked if I could sit in his spot.
this was as real as jordan schlansky is
SHE LOOKS LIKE AMY FROM THE BIG BANG. JIM COOPER CHOSE HER ON PURPOSE. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, jim and mayim sitting in a tree... lol
So this was me! :) I love Jim Parsons, Conan O'Brien, and my nose. Best day ever!
Fishdick Slutbuck
the chick has a microphone on her.....
David M. Johnston
I actually thought it was the girl playing his girlfriend Amy!
Trin Cassie
Doesn't Julie sort of look like a younger Amy? Or is that just me
Andy Wood
You should try acting as a scientific genius with nuanced and consistant personality traits before you imagine Jim is just "reading" the lines out. I would suggest one of the toughest tasks in acting is playing a role where the intelligence level is much more advanced than your own, using a language you are unfamiliar with, and doing it with extraordinary tight rhythm yet naturalistic quality. Really.. try it, just pick any of his lines and try to sound convincing. If you don't understand why an actor is given an award, it's most likely to be deficiency in your own understanding of the craft than any academy.
Chiara B
Simon isn't particularly happy that they took his shirt away
Naomi Gary
i believe the sheldon character so much it's so weird to see him acting and speaking normally
Avik Bara
That girl looks like Amy.
ashley valdez
so basically Jim is not acting. He is really awkward and weird in real life and I love it.
I thought she was Amy at first....
"rrrr I'm a perv." HAHA Ohhh Conan............"911, please help." XD
Shubham Banerjee
Simon actually did well there. 
Not Here
it looks like he chose Amy from the crowd, everyone's thinking that back conan's show.
Judy look like a mix Between Amy and Wolowitz
Please make Sheldon meet with Schlanski!!!!!!!
AwkwardSause c:
the fan looks a lot like mayim though
Jim Parsons looks like the sweetest person ever.
Simon looks uncomfortable
Why is Sheldon being the opposite from Sheldon?
Oh Simon's face when Jim take his shirt. So funny already. XD
edbro torres
Wait just a second Sheldon picked someone that looks exactly like his girlfriend Amy 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔.
Roman Lo
jim parson is such a nice person
Honestly, I thought that this was a very nice thing to do for Judy :)
i wonder why almost no one mentions how nice and sweet jim parsons is! how he talks to this girl judy....he seems like a really cool guy!
Govardhan Mane
jst take sheldon's Alienware😂😂😂😂😂
I was so confused at first. i thought Judy was Mayim.
Taylor Halders
OMG she's so lucky !!!! And Jim was so nice to her OMG OMG he's the sweetest I love him sooo muuuuuuch I wish I were that girl :'(
shamy fan
Wow, if this was me, my life would be so complete now
I love Jim parsons he's such a good guy
He probably picked her because she reminded him of Mayim. lol. 
seb ellano
Loki thought that was Amy for a sec
Khandar William
She's not Amy?
River Yang
Conan open the beer by hand. Lol
Robert Hayes
Conan doing a Joey there by raiding the fridge. :)
Chelsea He
Jim Parsons is  one of my favorite actors!
1:46 True politeness. Intruducing yourself during a handshake even though EVERYONE knows who you are! Thumbs up Conan!
even offscreen, Sheldon manages to annoy Howard
David Nobre
ahahaha he walks like Sheldon xD
At first I though this was a bit, and they planted Mayim Bialik in the crowd to pretend like a fan or something.
Fennec Besixdouze
Why does she look exactly like Mayim Bialik?
Vathsan -
She got picked because she looked like Amy
zuzii Rock
she looks like Amy! LOL!
Cool set. I would was that shirt.
Harry Callahan
She could smoke a cigar in the shower without it going out.
I wanna call BS here! Did she get picked just because she looks like Sheldon's girlfriend Amy?!
Тимур Иванов
This girl has super nose
Johnny Bravo
I totally thought from the thumbnail she WAS Mayin Bailik
anyone else think the girl he chose was amy?
Tyler Glynn
Simon's face changes from happy to see Conan to what the heck, Jim? He didn't seem happy at all when he took his shirt.
Rhink McNeal
Lol, i actually thought it was that chick from the show, i dont know her name but she also has a bent nose and wears glasses.
Seems like Simon loves taking his shirt off even in real life
He picked Miyam Bialik
Szymon Tratkowski
All of the sudden she has a microphone fastened to her chest..... not staged at all
Hmmm, while I'm not disappointed in the video, I thought the title was referring to a very different type of fan.
Mud Sh-sh-shark
all pre-planned she's already got a mic I would have chosen one of Sheldon's collectibles maybe the cushion for his "spot"
Skye Walker
she looks like the nerd girl from that show
at first i tought the girl was amy^^
Sofia Ramires Lopez
Jim parsons chose judy becose she looks like mayim ♥♥♥♥
TBS and CBS is the same studio?
And she just happened to have a mic on her...
Omg I thought that chick was Amy
Phone Home
At first I thought it was that Blossom chick from the show.
Russel Keith
Is that amy?
Alexandra Rose
Jim seems like the absolute sweetest guy! I thought it was so sweet how he was explaining to her how the show works and how its shot
How does conan do that amazing growl
Mike Patton
Who else wondered if she'll wash that shirt?
The girl who looks like Amy that they picked wasn't random, she was already mic'd when she started talking lol
Why is Conan a giant...
Jamie W
When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was just Conan with Sheldon, Howard and Amy : /
Noble Princess
This is 2016 and she looks like Amy.
Charles F.
I wish the BBT went on longer!!!
Jon C.
Why are people getting so upset about her having a mic before hand? Obviously she would. It's just for fun, not everything on T.V is real.
Oleg Mironov
Jim : "Not everyone walks in here, i like the side door" More like..backdoor...wink-wink.
Kiana Jai Mae
Howard's Mom: Hoooooooooooooward where's your shirt? Howard: I don't know mom, Sheldon took it off of me and gave it to this fan. LMFAO!!!
Arthur Morgan
Jim Parsons is so cool, I love the guy. Just a really honest and cool person