Tyrann Mathieu on decision to sign with Chiefs, facing Brady and Dak’s contract | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Tyrann Mathieu joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk NFL. Hear why he chose to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs, what it's like to line up against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and his thoughts on Dak Prescott. #Undisputed #NFL #TyrannMathieu #Chiefs #TomBrady #DakPrescott SUBSCRIBE to get the latest UNDISPUTED content: /> ▶Watch our latest NFL content: />▶Watch our latest NBA content: />▶Watch our latest MLB content: /> ▶First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright's YouTube channel: />▶The Herd with Colin Cowherd’s YouTube channel: />▶Speak for Yourself’s YouTube channel: /> See more from UNDISPUTED: />Like UNDISPUTED on Facebook: />Follow UNDISPUTED on Twitter: />Follow UNDISPUTED on Instagram: /> Follow Skip Bayless on Twitter: />Follow Shannon Sharpe on Twitter: /> About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED: UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day. Tyrann Mathieu on decision to sign with Chiefs, facing Brady and Dak’s contract | NFL | UNDISPUTED /> Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Will the Chiefs win the Super Bowl next year?
Just Another Random Channel
About damn time we hear about football instead of the same 3 NBA stories over and over.
LeeTravius Mckay
Tyrann mathieu is just a humbled hungry and passionate player who wants to win
LeeTravius Mckay
Shannon knows his football and he gives his knowledge to the NFL players
Bruce Rivers
Honey Badger is a dog and is definitely top 5 at the safety position. He would've won DPOY in 2015 if he didn't get injured.
Insatiable Landon S.
For his size, he's a beast. One of my favorite college players.
Notch Johnson
Dude had so much trouble in college and immediately flipped the switch going pro. His story will be on "A Football Life" one day. Happy for him.
Austinn Herrera
Can’t wait to see him in that Chiefs red on Sundays.
LeeTravius Mckay
Eric berry x honey badger would have been a great duo 🔥🔥🔥
Mike Tyson21
“That’s the great thing about sports, YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!!!” -Herman Edwards
Tjay D
I love how far Ty has come since LSU.
Beau Leavitt
Really great sit down. Tyrann is very articulate. Coming from a Steelers fan, I hope he has a great career at the chiefs.
just yesterday it felt like he was back at LSU, wow time flies
Jay Jones
We all got cheated when we didn’t get to see him one more year at LSU. Damn he was great
Alejandro Garza
#7 at LSU is legendary
LeeTravius Mckay
Cowboys: lose in the playoffs Skip: it's all Sean Lee fault he shouldn't have been playing
Hollywood Hawkins
Dont let his humbleness fool you.. This dude is a monster
Man I wanted the saints to get him but good luck brother💯
Dwayne Jones
LET'S GOOO!!! If I see the Chiefs and Royals win a championship in my lifetime the world might end lol.
Brandon Phresh
Born & raised in the N.O. ya heard me. 7th Ward in the building
Muhammad Baig
Finally some football tired of all that basketball drama. It’s like nba wives lol
Bilal Int'l
He's definitely from my city New Orleans wit that accent 🗣 ya hurd me 💯
Casey Goldberg
Tyrann is an incredibly knowledgeable and well spoken student of the game. Really impressed with his insight during this interview. Great player too!
Match My Work
football is creeping back! yeehaww
Tecoya George
I'm happy for this dude. He really took his second chance and flew towards the skies with it.
99 Problems
Honey Badger Vs Cheetah(Tyreek Hill) in practice 🔥
Ryan Jones
I know DEION is so damn happy that he listened...deion was behind him 1000000000000% ...that's y deion my favorite player after Sean Taylor....he always keep it 100 and make sure the youngn s is ready
John Lewis
They asked him about everyone but our quarterback.
kyler Gutierrez
Tell me how they got “brady’d” and “took the game over” terrific Tom threw a game sealing interception that was over turned because of ford being offsides, even which he didn’t pressure Tom so it had noo affect
Kenyan Hudson
Idk how he managed to squeeze the Cowboys in this segment but Skip definitely did
Anony Mouse
Imagine being an all-Pro defender with a deep, rich history in the league and tons of great plays and performances to dissect, then you hop on national TV and they ask you about the cowboys 😂
Darrien Wallace
Had he not got caught smoking Grade A he would have made MEGA MILLIONS.
My boy the Honey Badger! Geaux Tigers!
Every rime it’s a football player Shannon gives them the floor. Respect
Ruben Medrano
Glad he left Houston. He got burnt too many times. He’s good but not great. Go Texans!
Otis Banana Nut Spunkmeyer
"Without Ezekial Elliot they wouldn't be......." Lol he had to catch hisself
Bear 7453
Lets be real here, if the chiefs actually had a DEFENSE they would’ve played in a lot more Super Bowls the past few seasons. The offense was always good even with Alex smith the team had great potential, now with mahomes the sky is the limit gotta get coach Reid a super bowl ring. Hopefully spagnuolo makes a good defense in KC.
Jonas Jelich
Why would they bring a guy on that just signed with the Chiefs, an AFC team, and ask him about the cowboys and Dak Prescott they aint even in the same conference haha.
Micah Hayes
Honey Badger and Frank Clark going to take our D to the next level. Let's go Chiefs!! We hungry, we eating! Squad is deep!
where u wanna be
About time we switch gears. NBA is finished til November it's football time.
Christopher M
He from my city New Orleans
You can tell tell that Tyrann was trying to hold his laugh when the topic of Dallas came up.
Look at Shannon's questions compared to Skip's.
Luck Fove
Why skip tryna talk about Dak Prescott 🤦🏾‍♂️
silent sir
Damn, Houston took a huge L letting him go...hes extremely disruptive for a DB.
Breaking News!! The Chiefs will have Cheetah 🐆 and The MVP👑 breaking Records and Winning The Super Bowl! You heard it from me First!
dajahun massie
Great Watch Tyrann isn’t awkward like most players very comfortable hope for the best for him unless it’s vs my Steelers
Undisputed really hits its stride in football topics 💯
He signed with the Chiefs? Man my dawg finally caught a break 💯 been my favorite player since he was at LSU
R. James Taylor II
I'm still at the part where Shannon said that Tyrann can do what not a lot of others can do, "play in the hole and come in the box" 😆
Kris Cody
Glad to see the Honey Badger is doing well!!!! Really good stuff in this segment......
Zeus Von Rafiel
As an LSU fan, I am very proud of how this man turned out. God Bless n always put Jesus first in ur life!!
Christian Cain
Strange comparison but him & Carmelo remind me of each other. They talk really similar
Lance Handy
Skip "does he camouflage better?" Bayless
Steph curry,Deandre jordan,Blake griffin this guy.
Markell Cain
I got the saints winning the Super Bowl next year but the chiefs will be close. Shannon carries this show like Lebron carried the Cavs in 2017-2018, they should change the name to :Shannon and Skip: UNDISPUTED
Bray Forte
Tyrann is so well-spoken and intelligent. I’m so stoked to have him on my team #ChiefsKingdom
Tevin Meda
I wish New England would give him top dollar. Imagine Tyrann on Bill Belichicks defense. It’d be like those early championship years.
King Davis
Real stand up guy with class I fw wit him💯
Christopher Gooding
Nobody: Tyrann mathieu: you know
Robert Holland
Why is Skip trying to talk about the cowboys smh 🤦‍♂️
Joey_ Breezy
Mane Tyrann is the type of player who gets moved from team to team despite his talent. Hopefully he gets a sb or two before he is done in the NFL
Michael linch
Hella good pick up for KC - If Matthieu’s can stay healthy that D should b much improved... Looking Forward to Pats vs KC -Can’t wait !
Tyrann and rookie Juan Thornhill are going to dominate
Reginald Williams
Mathieu has come a long way from LSU days Patrick Peterson really helped him mature
mela della
Must feel great as a defensive player coming into work when you have an elite franchise QB. You are not asked to try and win games but more just be respectable and not stink up the bed with regularity.
Bawaan H.
NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting
Crazy he's 27 already. Seems he was just at LSU. Good humble kid too bad the Pats have to beat him this season.
Adey Ogunnusi
NBA been so crazy with the headlines...I almost forgot football exists.
Only Skip would make a Chiefs player talk about the Cowboys and Brady
Edward Priore
Such a well spoken person. He backs it up with his play! Chiefs got a great chance to see Brady again this year in the playoffs
No Matter Who They Got On... If Its Football Related, Cowboys & Patriots Always Get Brought Up 😒.... It Was 20 Brady Questions & For The Life Of Me, I Dont Know Why Dak Was Mentioned More Than Mahomes TO A CHIEFS PLAYER 🤦🏽‍♂️
Fitness Guru
Tyrann Mathieu to Kansas? Good move.
Uhrye Owens
Im suprised that they haven't had more Cowboy players on this show, like Zeke, Amari, Tyron, Lawrence, Vanderesch, etc.
Harry the Hitman is the best, but love Honeybadger...
Reese Chamberlain067
Skip Would Never Give Lebron His Props Like This🤣🤣
Evan Riley
Why tf do they have to talk about the Cowboys? Lol like how does that relate to Tyrann Mathieu or the Chiefs? No one cares about the Cowboys Skip..
Best college DB PLAYMAKER that I SEEN ....had that ball in his hand every time
Shane Hafner
Shannon is wrong about Ty being the best Safety in the NFL. Derwin James, Jamal Adams and Earl Thomas are better.
G Mac 2
I was just at lifetime with this dude lol. He can hoop a bit for sure.
Tony Coleman
#salute Tyryann. First time really hearing u speak. Im a fan now
Jason Barnett
I love his energy and fire, yet so subtle. We're coming!!!! #KC #WatchOut
AD Open Mind is What you’ll find
Honey Badger sounds so much better! I’m impressed. Great interview.
marc dewon
Yes they will. Young explosive and action packed. With the honey badger adding the excitement on the defensive end..I'm excited to watch the Chiefs play this season
Handsome man, beautiful smile with intelligence, drive, confidence and humility.
Joe Greene
We got honey badger baby lets goooo chiefs!!!
How did Skip turn this into all about Dak and making excuses for him? Lol
Antoni Guzman
Plays for the Chiefs gets asked more about the cowboys and pats than his own team or divisional opps 🤦🏻‍♂️
"...you can play the hole, come in the box...." Pause Shannon, Pause.
the lady - Go Tigers Tyrann - Yes Sir 😂😂
Henry A
Great interview, excellent questions, great answers. Love it! Football seasons going to be here in a flash.
Clarence Walker
Can't wait to see Badger and Juan Thornhill teamed up ... Heck of a duo. Both have a nose for the ball. 💪💪
The home team "Chiefs" gone be a Amazing year.
Adam Gonzalez
Love to see him shine, definitely one of my favorite players! As a Saints fan, wish he would've came back to NOLA but excited to see him ball for the Chiefs!
Big White
When LSU was really good.
Christian Sylvester
How can you not love this cat he's learned from his mistakes has become a leader so humble
Young Chuy 23
All they did was talk about brady and dak throughout this interview smh
I remember when I first noticed this guy in a Cardinal uniform.. I knew he was somethin special. Chiefs got a steal
Josh Jones
I love that Skip heard the opinion of a hall of famer, and the opinion of a top Tier NFL Safety and determined that he knew more about Dak Prescott than they did
I need my guy Tyrann Mathieu to begin playing like "The Honey Badger" again. I'm from AZ I was hurt af when we got rid of him--but when healthy, this guy makes plays at ANY position. I need 6+ Ints, 70 tackles & 4 sacks this yr