Autechre @ Tavastia, Helsinki FIN, 14.11.2016

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The entire live set from Autechre's Europe "onesix" tour with Russell Haswell and Andy Maddocks (Skam Records) as warmup. Download (24bit 48khz flac, 400mb): />Download Russell Haswell's set: />Please drop a comment or PM if you'd like the audio removed.

I don't think I've heard anything like the track 24 minutes in before. The sound design is so far ahead of everyone else it's ridiculous.
Autechre : the best music band ever.
Fried-egg-on-head chan
Yeah 32:45 was devastatingly good, but the real highlight is at 44:52. While this recording is good, it does no justice to how absolutely massive that sound was.
Grimmie XII
Holy shit 44:50 those chords, so intense. And the audience in between is hilarious and mood-building
There is something so moving about the segment around 56:00 to 59:30. It reminds me of the clock segment from the glasglow live show (nearing the end), but this segment doesn't feel as panicked / frantic, this way more elegant, There is probably a word for it but I the closest I can describe it is a tying of loose ends - for better or for worst. Idk if this makes any sense I never try to describe why I like what I like. Is this their way of saying goodbye?
Wow, excellent recording and AE are reversing the Earth's rotation.
vertti 〔ヴェルッティ〕
45:04 "voi vittu" :D
Simeon Banner
Maybe this music stems from the "machine elves" of Terence Mckenna's DMT trip. I say that in a good way. I think Autechre have journeyed to the other dimension are bringing things back. Objects, impossible to imagine, scattered around like toys in the corner of a spaceship.
ehh hahah
35:10 autechre makes footwork
Temisan Adoki
This sounds great! OMG! this is bananas, some truly brilliant material here. Autechre just kills it live. Saw them in philly back in 2005. The progression of their sound has been interesting and amazing to witness as a long time fan say the least.
filt er
nobody can top them
the machines are alive
Matthieu Roché
That track around 33-34 minutes, ouch! :)
Dollarstore Keyboard
I would love to know how you recorded this, the quality is fantastic! Also thanks again, i'm gonna listen to this so much!
the best part is the guy screaming @ 45:41
Skrillex and Guetta are much better than this
9 minutes in.. absolutely hooked. Universe emulator next level sounds!
which microphone was used to record this?
da mo
an open door to unknown dimension.
mhz esent
I've followed AE since incunabula but i miss the days of rhythms and tunes you could follow and judging by the crowd reactions most of their audience do to. i can appreciate the fluid complex rhythmic/tunes stuff but Jesus when an actual beat finally turns up....
Michal Pekarcik
i saw the show in prague. im kinda glad they at least maintained some structure because it was...difficult. listening to this in a pitch black club with 300 people makes you consider things you wouldnt otherwise think of thinking about. family relationships, all the wrongs you made in life (really), the future. i still dont know if this was the most difficult or the most amazing show ive ever been to. mon chapeau, really.
Alien Embryo
Ridiculously cutting edge soundscapes
mhz esent
I saw them live in Warsaw on 10/11 Nov and been hunting for livesets from this tour online ever since, thank you for this! I'm a huge fan and they become more and more amazing each year, woah! Thanks for Russell too - I strongly enjoyed his noise there too.
Go and see this tour if you have the chance, it's the ultimate experience.. Amazing
Martin Friberg
Visited the Warsaw show and wished I could experience it again. This is 2nd best alternative do doing this, thanks for sharing.
Just back from their show yesterday in Brighton on this tour. It was just stunning. So glad to find a good recording of the material they played here.
Max Power
So Autechre
Dollarstore Keyboard
Thanks, sounds fantastic! I really hope they bring this set to the US.
Astonishing share. Many thanks. Never saw them live.
Synthetic Void
Just adding my praise for this... Definitely the best recording of this tour so far. And extra special thanks for making the flac available! Great stuff and you rock, Name Less.
Brett Kulsavage
9:46 or so, I can only assume these sounds are made with modular synthesizers of some kind.
from outerplanet
Peter Zachos
To the unfamiliar ear, this is unfocused noise. To the Autechre fan, this is, far and above, one of their most astounding performances. The breadth of their skill / experience is such that they're past the point of gimmickry; this set flows, almost calmly and zen-like, from the minds of two people who no longer need to show off. It's sublime, and like the best of sublime art, it sounds effortless. And fantastic.
Lorenzo A.
mostafa onsy
Thank you man :)
Tortuosit of Tapiola
Many thanks. That track @33.
This, in complete Darkness, stop, look, listen, its a bliss. You never know what is about to come, what a journey! I heard them 3 times in a week. You can't capture in a recording, how this feels. But this recording is really good. Thanks alot! Epic!
Eric Bray
Fantastic, thanks for sharing!!
Jekabs Osins
Thanks for Haswell as well
reminds me of bine @ 41:33. so good
Doc Sportello
awseome recording, thank you for sharing!
11 minutes in, best Ae live set ever...
Travelling ages
Thank you very much dude!!!
chris petro
I love the end part of this set
Al Hyland
This is amazing. Like soundboard good.
Buried InTime
thanks for this!
Роман Кузьменко
omg these blobs moving
D. Oliver
Autechre are the sound that Ai will make as music when the human race has been eliminated.
Marcin Krasuski
Thank you Name Less. A good reminder of the last week's facemelt at their Warsaw show! Amaezing!
Michael Arcos
Seriously, Thank you for this and the download!!
loving the audience participation
richard flanagan
Great thank you! Also what type/font is that?
J. Bue
Thanks for this upload. Incredible set!
Alastair Lamont
Fucking immense, fucking immersive.
Evading Undecidability
Morten Bonde
Those of you who were there - how long did the warm up last? When did Autechre enter the stage?
Did anyone notice Autechre's live-sets sound very similar to each other presented in various cities? Like they would use 90% pre-recorded session, and adding only about 5-10% of live elements to it. Not the best LIVE experience, I must say...
Stuart McDonald
Yeah, I checked out after Tri Repetae, and nothing in this set of digital bottle blowing and farting makes me regret that.
Geometry Dash Mau5Kids
44:52 la audiencia se pone muy nerviosa xD
Udo Van Roosbroeck
Finland is a fitting country for this kind of music. The rest doesn't understand (let alone reproduce) what they're saying but we love the sounds they make... :)
Ulucan Öztürk
Just great
vs wares
i was there~
Julien Deraux
Andrew Wurster
I'm FINALLY going to see them in June after discovering them via the soundtrack to the Pi film in 1997 !! cannae wait !! I've missed them in Australia once or twice..
Autechre is just killing "IT" live, thats a phrase!°
Jonathan Larsson
Thanks for recording! Exactly the same set as yesterday in Sweden ;)
must stop listening and go to class but I feel magnetized to my seat.
A bit lazy set, but the one at 33-ish kicks it hard!
great recording wow thanks a lot!
thanks for sharing the fantastic audio
Adam Sipos
Wow! Amazing! Thx
That's It! Rob and Sean have officially started the robot apocalypse. Congratulations.
Amazing..... I just have the chance to meet ae ... hope they come around east eu again in future.....
Daniel Bott
amazing, thanks!
Fono Beats
Nitras Interactive
8:23 that guy doing "wooooo", was pretty much how I just felt like on my Event Studio 8 monitors. Autechre *heart*
Vangelis Petridis
32:50 pure. Watched in Manchester. Could of done with more beats. However sonically they are the abstract masters. Autechre. Legends.
THOMAS Wheeler
Nice name for the tour. Chiastic slide while you read about China 1900 till now . Bringing it all together ❤
Fatebinder of Kyros
Nice gig, altho I was a bit disturbed by people talking alot while they played.
Big THX!
Popcorn Sutton
absolutely incredible. thank you for this amazing upload.
Gabriel Gomez
Do you happen to have Andy Maddocks' set recording??
German fan
Nice recording. Thanks for posting.
57:28 is out of this world
Dreamin U
first 2 old albums are awesome!
Is any of this stuff on any albums?
J Becker
44:52 == Leterel (Reprise)
Official Silke F
sounds like my older stuff
When I try to download it says warning! Stop - there might be a problem with the requested link The link you requested has been identified by bitly as being potentially problematic. blah blah... ??
Shtwaan E.
All appetizers and no meal.
Mike Barrett
That ending though
such FM
duncan casey