Gucci | Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

Gucci | Fall Winter 2018/2019 by Alessandro Michele | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video - MFW/Milan Fashion Week)

Kelsey M
When your mom makes you try on clothes you don't like
Ludwig Grundberg
*All my personalities arriving at the club*
Miguel Nivia
People are so stupid, this is a fashion show!! It’s art it’s not supposed to be what you wear in the streets it’s supposed to cause an impact!!
Stephanie Ramirez
6:53 me leaving my best friend’s house in the morning
Island Chick
When I go out looking like a creepy, crazy person, I just say, It's Gucci Inspired. That makes it all ok.
Megan Kelly
I find all their faces so funny, because they all look so dead inside and it's a mood.
Nya Cat
This looked like a hospital- imagine being a patient that’s been in a coma for three years and waking up to these people making circles around you
Denis Glücklich
i get Russian mother visiting their sick child in a hospital in Tschernobyl realness but i love it
Vamit tjk
Am I the only one that find this interesting..? IT'S SO PRETTY FULL OF ART! Idk I'm weird. But I love how this collection has alot of emotions in it! The colors the pattern, It's just put so well together! Gucci, you're life!
To ri
0:53 It looks like Fred or George Weasley is holding brother's head
j berger
When you have 100 dollars to spend at the thrift store.
Одна голова хорошо, а две — это Gucci 1:00
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If this wasn't a famous brand people would be laughing by this "art".
0:58 does anyone knows her name? She looks so beautiful but at the same time look scary 😂🙉
2:14 there a temple on her head
Mental illness at its finest 👌😂
Stella Iman
Idk why but this is a complete *_mood_*
Jeffree is shook
These Gucci clothes are in another level...
Clothing for your next satanic ritual meet up
Aslı G
At this point I feel like they are making fun of society. They test even if they get ridicilous will the society think of it as art.
Coffee eee
Gucci has no fashion sense.😑😑
Princessuwu _TAEHYUNG
*Kim Taehyung has left the chat*
Rina Ray
Now every Russian homeless person can say with confidence that he is wearing a new collection of Gucci😹
I need my own Gucci head.
Little vanya
All illuminati pupets.
Trailer for the Next American Horror Story Season
Lol just a normal fashion show in panam
Leila Khalili
Poppy has joined the chat
viv less
When you don’t know what to do with your life.....
Island Chick
Thrift Store Owner, "Thank you Gucci for saving my business". Right ON!
No Nondashian
how come people are so sensitive when it comes to fashion? "sO cReEpY oMg thEre's a hEaD wtffff " I've seen toe socks creepier than this collection
Dinda Dewi
uuummm... I actually love this. I feel like because this is uniquely creepy it's artistic and aesthetic❤
Raya Dimitrova
How is this fashion???..... Just.... HOW!?
Kristina Pantelic
Mmm..creepy.. So someone just randomly picked up some ugly clothes and they must wear it that represents art..nope..
1:49 SHE GOT A GUN! Everyone run!!!!
Sandy Miss
This is evil☹️and creepy too
Tarig Mergani
when your English teacher ask you to be creative
Aliah Cornie
Hmm " fashion" show. *NOTE THE SARCASM*
3:50 bruh
School shooter starter pack 1
E m m e r
*Me trying to steal my friend stuff without her noticing* 7:03
Srinidhi Madurai
I see a lot of people think that fashion only consists of hoodies, jeans and sneakers. These clothes are the artistic side of fashion-- its like wearing an artwork. Art is supposed to evoke feelings and these clothes makes a lot of people feel different emotions.
directionerknight x
1:31 that's literally an alien
I am individual
Why does high fashion always look like high Goodwill?
Serenity Scratch
When Gucci does it it’s fashionable and innovative When I do it I’m homeless with an attitude
Tonya Whitehead
Maybe someone took a little too much Acid???
spill the tea
Wow. Not gonna lie, I really love this type of fashion. It’s so ugly, yet beautiful, so bold, yet so bright, so basic, yet so colourful. I love this shit.
Mary Beth Brown
This is WACK!!!
Daisy Dog
The last one is me finally deciding on an outfit.
zin nou
This kind of scary 😶
cassi farcas
Gucci: I'll spend thousands of dollars on an outfit that looks like it was picked from the dumpster. Cool heads though
Trashy Aesthetic
Am I the only ome concerned about the giant medical chairs ?!??!
deepak bhardwaj
they are not even walking as models they are like zombies with no smile and a cold face. how can anyone spend lot of money on this kind of fashion. is it worthy. i guess only the name is big .😂 no offence this is just for fun nothing else. 😂
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- ᴘᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ ᴄʀɪᴍᴇ -
0:59 Thats the Answer we all looking for ages..
Pastel Cobra
High fashion is disturbing sometimes...
im not a dog
The walking dead
Taekookie magic
Taehyung from BTS would rock them all lol
Chloé Sorci
These models look like a aliens
Ginger Pipo
I like it😝😗 despite every mall rat despising this stylish psychotic badass lineup
Hi It's Me
So this is high end fashion?
Mark Charlton
I love this vision. I dunno why but I find it so inspiring and beautiful
Luis Colin
This parade is brought to you by "Stanley Kubrik's The Shining"
You tube
Challlenge: you need to find an outfit that u would actually wear on street Me: 2:32 maybe this
blah blah man
all these guys be lookin like characters off jojo's bizarre adventure 🤣😩😂.
i wouldnt mind having one of those masks with the chains on them
M ro
🤯 I let you interpret that however you like 👍 These ain't half bad 🤔
Ave L
3:32 *pffft* actually using sleeves for their purpose is for losers!
1.00😮😮 the same of taehyung 😍😍😍GUCCI BOY😍😍
Hakim Said
We're is taehyung?
Another RMs wife
1:39 Namjoon?😂😂😂😂😂
Frosted Flower
7:53 it’s Jesus :0
Syaima Prilliuno
It's kinda creeping me out
The models spacing was awful, why walk so closely together.
Pedro Lucas
Literally every Jeffree's outfits for the rest of year
herm sha
Designer looks like Charles Manson and so looking at the clothes I’m like “oh okay”
I don’t understand why people hate this, I think it looked so fucking amazing. It gave me so freaking much inspiration that I almost fished all of my homework sketches for this week.
Jenmer Escalante
what is background music title?
00:14 Anyone knows her name? Opening model
My review of this collection is dropping this Friday—10/12/2018. 😩
DOPE. it's my dream to work with couture brands
Charles Williams
The pieces are separates. Create your own look. This show is ONLY a suggestion of assembly.
sam arah
one outfit cost more than my rent
Kulu Batala
Im lowkey living for this collection. But my wallet isnt
Angela Fitch
I love Gucci clothes.
Khampuilu M Khampuilu
Not less dan a Zombie... Mind control bussiness
Jaime Rose
Fancy homeless clothes.
S. O.
I don't understand the church music in a hospital setting..
Ida Clasvorbeck
Its called Fashion ,Look it up 😂
Wow ! I was like where is taehyung ? Lmao
Nan M
Creepy!!!😐 clothes are horrible....looks like they've been going through the thrift store and then layered their clothes, i can do much better than that... better yet my 4th grade students can do much better than that lol I actually cannot believe people actually think this is ok, not buying ANYTHING from them anymore😝 IT'S EMBARRASSING and SATANIC.
RetroHipster 94
The scariest part was when hipster Jesus came out and walk around.
Ebrar Ceyhun
Laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kyzzz99 ohh
That head I scare so much
Me coming home after a long day at school
Black Girl Magic BGM
Silent Hill
Christopher Toland
Looking forward to next year when Allesandro Michele will have the models take a dump in their chiffon and tinfoil diapers. However, there will come a day when tasteless, reductive spectacles no longer satify and he will have to muster actual talent or step out of the way. It's not talent if can be "cured" with a combination of Lithium, Clozapine, and Thorazine.