Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena "Paterfamilias" Episode 3 Review

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The dude below me gets no respect
@darqjade That was sarcastic, hence the smiley poking it's tong out ( =P ).
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@Disthron some choice, do the deed or die! I'll take option no 1 thank you very much.
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@KristenNedopak thanks, but pls don't hold me to it, this is tv after all and anything can happen :)
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in the history of Spartacus, he had Generals that helped him rule the slave army. I know the names of a couple of them , Crixus and Gannicus. So I'm hoping based on this, Gannicus might not die, but may show up in Season 2 of blood and sand.
Yea, becouse Ganicas totally had a choice in doing Anamaiases wife. =P One thing I find really interesting about this show is that even though I don't really like meany of the charecters, maybe 1 or 2, at the same time I don't hate them. And I still keep watching. This probably won't happen but maybe Ganicas buys his freedom and goes off with Mileena and THAT is why Anamaius is so pissed. Poor Cricksus! The guy is a compleat doosh!
@Jerry113 He does have that look in Gods Of The Arena with his mouth always open hahaha Dennis
Perfect episode and great review.
This was by far the most anti climatic episode of the entire series. too raunchy and too predictable. cant care about crixus and then doctore and then gannicus and the batiatus all in 6 episodes. Spartacus hit it's strides at episode 8, this will never get there. love you nedopek
@meowjul31 I think I'm going to do a review of Boardwalk Empire season 1 when the DVD/Blu-Ray comes out. I love that show! Don't think I can do Big Love though, never seen it and it has a bunch of seasons already. Dennis
do a review on boardwalk empire and big love
great episode and nice review
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Great review.