Original TMNT theme song

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Alden R. Davis
Heroes in a Half-Shell, Turtle Power!
lone wanderer
who ever dislike this video clearly never had a child hood.
daus wahab
Saturday morning cartoons in the 90's, damn i can almost smell the fresh air again.
Makes you cry because the 90s animated series are so much better then today
Sendawula Kajubi
Best TMNT theme song ever, to hell with these recent ones! Best childhood memory ever
Jared Morgan
After my wife showed me a rather fantastic Raphael cake, my son wanted to know what the character was from. I showed him this video, and now he knows that Raphael is cool, but rude.
When we were kids, we'd laugh at adults who claimed the entertainment of their day was the best. Now 90's kids are barely entering their 30's and doing it too. Half the comments here are the 21st century equivalent of "back in my day..." It's not the time period. Youth is what's good. That's gone, and now everyone is getting bitter about it. That said, the turtles kicked ass, and I love that I can go on the internet and find something like this in seconds.
Yeison Garces
Nostalgia blast!! This was my favorite show when i was a kid. I kept drawing them over and over on my notebooks.
rolly estrada
hearing this theme song remember my childhood stuck on the tv:)
Kid Flash
that akward moment when you're in the bus and your phone rings with the TMNT theme song
This is 10000000000 better than today's crap.
Dimitrios Corvinos
Donatello "does machines"... hehe
Alirio Mendez
Watching this intro makes me realize one thing: My childhood rocked!
Goby Boi
My favorite is Michelangelo he is just awsome
Super hero gamer
53 people are part of the foot clan
og turtles > Nickelodeon turtles
Sanic Fast
We're really hip!
Rafael Patrón
Raphael is cool but rude Al my life thougth they said Raphael is cool but crude.
Very sad that this and the original movies were tainted by the more recent crap
Caleb Hardman
I really like to the fact that every generation gets a little bit of TMNT whether it was really good or really bad
I miss the TMNT 4 player arcade machine!
i have not words for this song...Epic
Nothing, I mean NOTHING beats the CLASSICS !!
ninja turtle great cartoon, terrible unwinnable game
Pro Ishaan Puri
This animation is so much freaking better than that crap 3DCGI animation.
Pat Breen
it makes me sad knowing the fact that generations today will never know of good cartoons like this, waking up on saturday mornings to watch it.
This will always be their best theme song
whoever disliked, i mourn for your childhood
Bradley tiller
i wish i was born earlier :(
I never realized at 0:36-0:38 Mikey gets a shuriken, knife, baseball (wtf?), grenade, and hammer thrown at him. Some thugs came unprepared I guess.
The best thing about being born and growing up in a country that was (and still is) a decade behind the rest of the world is the fact that I got to watch this stuff when I was a kid. Born in '98 and still got to watch TMNT, DB/Z and all the others on the TV was simply priceless hahaha.
Miguelverse Studios
Injustice 2 fighter pack 3
Xavier Triggs
Who else loved the arcade game.
Yusuf Zulfi
lmao my mother used to watch this show as a kid
Dustin Nunn
I remember this version of the Ninja Turtles. Today's Ninja Turtles cartoons are crap.
IIRinc 234
why did these guys get Bay'd
Bonesy Jack
i would like to thank my brother for this. i was born in the 00s and he showed me all the things i missed out on that rocked in the 90s and 80s
One of the best cartoon themes of all time! Kickass!!!!!
Raphael is by far the best. I disliked leo the most  because he was so arrogant in his self appointed leader role. Plus, he was a cornball.
Who's here after Injustice 2 FP3 trailer?
Sweet Lil Devil
Turtle Power!
I was born in 2006 but I remember all the 80s and 90s stuff I had like gameboys pokemon blue and ghostbusters but this is #1
37 people have had a crappy youth.
Air Aero
All of you this is from the late 80s not the 90s
Technodrome = illuminati :)))))
Janna Campbell
Used to whatch this when I was little
soid drone slayer
Best TMNT animated series ever the rest not even competition jus offbrand knock offs.
Mikey RedEight
Injustice 2 Anyone?
"Copyright (c) 1990, 1991, 1992 Mirage Studios, Inc." ????? This TV show started in 1987.
That One Guy
I miss these type of intros, now it's all computer crap, back when shows like tail spin, duck tales, the intro was a huge part of the show, got you going excited, singing or dancing around, I should know I was born in '85, the shows I listed above, rescue rangers, tmnt, Bobby's world, I'm sure I'm missing some, but these intros were studio made not keyboard crap.
80-90s best bi-decade to grow up in..great music,fun shows, and best cartoons
Jason Pereira
Is it just me or was Arial O Neil HOT?!?! 
Ira Sutton
As a kid, I owned two TMNT VHS' and loved watching them, though I did not see the show when it was on TV because I didn't know it was on TV due to spending the majority of my time on Cartoon Network and Nickelodoen.
Sandra Urzua
omgosh im 13 and i love love love the turtles
uM0p 3p!sdn
Love the Original TMNT... Love hearing the old theme song again! :)
Fighter Pack 3!!!!!!!
Who’s here because of the Injustice 2 TMNT Reveal?
Horrible name, epic theme song, awesome cartoon. Living in the 90s was amazing.
This was more of my generation, and the animation was good, but I think the later TMNT in the early 2000s was better. The material was more mature and the writing was intelligent.
When the evil Shredder attacks, them turtle boys don't cut him no slack!
All aboard the hype train. Next stop: Injustice 2.
Sammy Lane
Their best animation was in season 1.
I don't know which turtle I am, because I'm cool but rude, but I also do machines. I guess my love for pizza has to be the tie breaker.
Julian Shipp J.R.
Can't wait to play as them in injustice 2
My freaking amazing childhood, best damn cartoon ever.... I remember begging my patents for all the turtles; cartoons today, I feel sorry these kids. .....
Junior Amador
🎵🎵 teenage mutant ninja turtles..teenage mutant turtles..teenage mutant ninja turtles..heros in a half shell..turtle power. they're the worlds most fearsome fighting team (we're really hip) they're heros in the half-shell and they're green (hey,get a grip) when the evil shredder attacks,these turtle boys dont cut him no slack..teenage mutant ninja turtles..teenage mutant ninja turtles..teenage mutant ninja turtles splinter taught them to be ninja teens (he's a radical rat) leonardo leads donatello does machines (thats a fact,jack) raphael is cool, but crude (gimme a break) michelangelo is a party dude (paartttyy) teenage mutant ninja turtles..teenage mutant ninja turtles..teenage mutant ninja turtles..🎵🎵
Man, this was the shit back then, still is in my opinion. & I have nothin against the 2012 version, & I actually enjoy it mostly because rob Paulsen is voicing one of them (Don), but the best is this & the 03 version!
ArizVega Gamer
Thiago Taveira
Fighter pack 3!! LETS GOOOOO
John Smith
The kids today need to know what's up.
kg the great one
8 year old kevin is smiling! Even though im 36
richarson mirien
I use to love that show and i kind of miss these type of animation
I was born in 2005 but god do I love 90s shows I watched the crap out of this show
Kishan Kumar
This series is best than all tmnt series
Emily Macabre
2017 and it's throwback Thursday pothead edition lol
Edd Girmay
Despite this not being my first TMNT exposure, I owe that fact to the 2003 series, you gotta pay your respects to the classics!
Adrián Montenegro
0:49 injustice 2 Victory pose lol
the best tmnt song, i love the 80s
Will M-Venom
I remember my moms takin us to see the movie when it came out. Still love TMNT
Joe Rigano
memories sweet memories...
ano tear
When I was young ...
petion ville
anyone rememberthis on nintendo
Xilo Channel
What a great time to be growing up!
2018? 2019? ANYONE??
Alan Rizkallah
If only the animation within the show itself had maintained the same quality as the intro.
ThatComicArtGuy 1st
The animation for the 1st 5 episodes was epic!
90's cartoon series are the best
Hannah Johnston
Memories 🤗😇 my childhood
Mislav Kukina
As much as I love this ones, Tmnt 2003 are my favourite.
Vic Samo
French version is so much better
Please make the reboot live action like this!
Sylvester Williams
My Childhood!!
Dave Supreme
Still the best TMNT theme and show
Stefy Powers
I grew up to this shit 😍😍😍 was so happy to hear this again!😂😂😂
Shawn Boley
i miss all my original turtles toys i had all of them
Tiago Bianchi
as a 90's kid... i was happy and didnt know it
Francisco Diaz
shredder = UNCLE PHIL
Slyguy threeonetwonine
I don't want to piss people off but I have a bit of a story to tell. I'm an 87 baby, and so I remember everyone *loving* the show. Unfortunately we didn't have cable, just rabbit ears (kids look it up), so I never *saw* the show, or any of the movies. So what I'm saying is, I was not a "Turtle" fan. The only reason I knew anything about them was because of the second Nintendo game, and the fourth one on the Super Nintendo. But I'll be damned if I don't get this theme stuck in my head every now and again. Hell I even know the lyrics. Damn is this one catchy ass goof tune, and it doesn't surprise me anymore why people loved it so much back then.
Сергей Контратьев
Do you remember times when was no nostalgy?