Chris D'Elia Loves Mocking British Tough Guys - CONAN on TBS

Even their threats sound adorable to Chris: "You keep yapping off at the nanners, see what happens!" More CONAN @

Jonathan Brealey
I'm English. I laughed. I enjoy a good stereotype.
Cameron Favell
I'm from the UK, This guy is funny!
Comment I see: Omg why are people so offended!???1!!!1 Comments I don't see: people offended
Geralt of Trivia
I really don't understand all the people saying its a bad accent. I'm english and he sounds exactly like a lot of people i know...
Jack Wearside
When he said "Main Street" I assume he meant to say High Street. It seems like a small mistake, but a little slip like that when undercover in 1940's occupied Belguim and we'd all be speaking German by now...
That Random Bloke
His english accent sounds like a deaf person
Alexander Thompson
I thought Ted Bundy was executed in 89
Mubble Mann
Like the way he says he can't remember what he said on stage then repeats his stage up prose word for word.
Only cockneys speak in metaphors.
Mark Rooker
Er, ye, from a British perspective, he's got a point :/ We often forget that only a British person will understand what we are saying when we threaten them. I'm not sure whether it's us talking bollocks, or Americans just have no idea how to alter words to give different meanings X) For example, all of the following phrases can be substituted for 'I'm gunna get drunk': Mate, I need to get shit-faced! I need to get bladdered! Let's go get hammered! Let's get rat-arsed! Mate, I'm getting smashed tonight! And so on.
Chris D'Elia never stops being hilarious.
Gosh some of you people really can't take a joke. He didn't say that British people literally say these things. He's equivocating. Making stuff up that kind of alludes to how British typically threaten or talk smack—which is clever and multi-layered as opposed to us Americans who just say "F--- you!" and call it a day. My best example is Gordon Ramsay ... I love how he insults. My favorite is when he calls someone a friggin' doughnut.
Carson Henry
People are getting mad because of the way Americans do an English accent and saying it's the typical British accent that Americans do. But yet when an Englishman does an American accent it is always the same redneck/southern accent. So you can do it to us, but we can't do it you you? Double standards are the spawn of so many arguments it is unreal.
Jim Marley
spot on exactly what cockneys are like bet he cant impersonate a northerner tho and i doubt he would want to if they were present
D Rob
im british and thats mint haha
Daisy Chambers
I am British, and I found this hilarious! XD! I do sympathize with him . We are a funny bunch us Brits, I'm sorry we're so random, Chris. XD 
Robert Wilson
thats LITERALLY from his stand up. lol
Moarimikashi G.
At the end “for free?” 😂😂 I love this guy
I've heard much worse fake British accents tbh, not bad!
Ha! Genuinely funny. Yes, i'm a Brit and no we don't all talk like that but that doesn't make it any less amusing. Its a pretty good "mockney" accent as well to be fair.
lol im british and this is hilarious
Toby Aldren
I'm English, this guy is hilarious! Spot on!
R u havin a giggle ther m8?
Mason Smith
I'm "British" and this is funny 
Bloody top bloke this. Must get around to watching some of his stand up! Thumbs up from the UK!
Brandon diesel
It's funny because it's TRUE lmao English folk are funny.
aeon lincoln
Love that I found this guy and been following him since he obliterated Logan Paul.
I'm english and it made me laugh:) Although I'm not cockney
That is how Bree Ish people talk !
Hahaha that made an old London boy giggle brilliant . And he's right .
best american ive seen do a British accent 
Gara Dizayee
Is it me or does this guy look like Ted Bundy? No offense.
Kole Knudsen
Hahah okay he won me over with “Literally do grout work in your bathroom”
moemoney131 vee
Sounds like he’s doing a young robin leach
Rads ical
He's not wrong lol
Not Interested
I gonna do grout work and all just you wait.
Showtek- The F track
Random Guy
That was basically Ali G
Lo Brown
i am english and was about to get annoyed, then i watched it and laughed very loudly. well played sir
Blahammad Ali
Horrendous British accent but that was pretty funny
hahahaha......i`m british and i totally know what he means, its funny cause its true
as long as you admit that's what your standup is, Chris. At least you're honest.
Am I the only one who finds this dude incredibly hot? I think not 😂🙌🏻
Ryan Waring
As A brit, I love it... But I do wish he'd stop regurgitating the same material... This is OLD from the Laugh Factory. Still good though.
Obey The Law
Wow. Rick has aged since season 1 of the Walking Dead.
21 Savage is punching the air rn
Spot on lol. Hey , any true Englishman would find this funny.
Phil Mehr
That was one of the better British accent impresonation's I've heard, by far XD
that grout work joke always kills, it's legendary
I like how the whole point of this video just wooshes over the brit's heads as they just end up critiquing the accent.
Alex Kessler
conan finished the actual bit! nice :)
His accent is surprisingly good. Pretty funny stuff.
Zdena Gabaľová
I didn't know this guy until watching the interview with Conan, but he's funny.
Jesse Hoffman
whats up im topher im friends with the guys now
so DOPE to see a talk show host with a REAL LAUGH.
"..with yo' pants around yo ankles and a lollipop in yo mouth" i think we can all figure out what that means
''I don't remember what I said'' repeats exactly what he said.
Magdalena Ciolek
hahaha this is brilliant! :D
Awsome cokney accent
I want to see this guy come to Brixton and try mocking the accent....just for the banter
Bill E Zane
Literally do grout work in your baff-room.
Aditi Patwari
The Last Bloomer
He said in one of his acts in laugh factory. I think it was called "literally British"
Lex H
"Keep talking like that and I'll literally come do grout work in your bathroom" lmfao I'm so using that line!
its all in good fun geez! Do not get so upset! Let's make peace with people not war :)
Omg I love him
Chris GK Hawkins ART
It's actually quite a good British accent
george xenophontos
not ever British person sounds like a builder
It Sound's like he met a guy from manchester.
Darth Jar Jar
literally so bad 😂 first you mess with OUR language. Then you have know idea what our accent sounds like... poor humour.
ya boi
That is what British do (speaking as a Brit)
Aislinn Wenham
Im English.  This is spot on.
that was same stuff from hes set.
Jon Nugent
I love how touchy British people get when it comes to someone mimicking their accent
I'm British and I've got literally no idea what he's on about
jeFF Fury
It's quite accurate accent of your average Londoner, but even in London from south to North of it you can stumble across of several different accents. So, well done to Chris
''Tis sad.. I've seen him do this bit before the show... sad how staged even talk shows are
Lmao he literally said them exact words during the show 💀
Gabe Kortez
Spot On! lmao!!!!
i laughed in english this was hilarious!
He kinda looks like a friendly Rick Grimes here lol
Joe Blow
"For free?" 😂
Louis Hood
lol that accent was shit, funny tho
Iain MacLennan
"Pants on your ankles and a lollipop in your mouth." Sounds to me like he ran into a Paedo xD
grout work in ur bathroom lololololol
Jamie Saunders
Sounds like an East London accent
Blake Buttman
132 of the dislikes were all british people.
Rolf Hunt
free grout work tho?
British people are really uptight here complaining about the accent and trying to make this less funny by saying its not ''proper''. This is a caricature and as one should be made to magnify the funny side of a particular language! He is accentuating  the words so it sounds funny! When Brits make fun of Yanks it is just normal, they are smart Yanks are dumb, in reverse it is blasphemy... and I'm not American but this was hilarious! Of course it is not a authentic and spoken perfect, if it were it would not have been funny, it is exactly the point!
ten minute podcast - so british
Sounds like a mix between bristolian and cockney
Cohan: Hahahahahaha
what? why wouldnt i watch both? i think 'you are' would be the appropriate answer to your question.
Will Hoste
i think its worse with americans as they get accents from different countries in britian mixed up
andy thomas
im scouse, in New York and florida they thought I was Irish or German.
I'm not sure "retarded" Americans are taught this kind of thing in special education classes. However, most American's I know understand that Britain and England are not the same, though considering that something like 85% of the population of Britain lives in England, it's not the hardest mistake to make. By the way, there is no continent called America.
i love how comedians just repeat jokes from their stand up....... :|