How to Look Good in Skype Interviews - Tips & Training

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Random Schmid
step 0; make sure your Skype adress isnt *xX_shad0wl0rd_Xx*
This video is EXCELLENT!
Crazy Genius
I have a Skype interview tomorrow and this is really helpful, thanks!
Digger Gorman
I am a recruiter and am forced to set up many skype interviews. These are excellent tips! I plan to give this link to anyone going on skype interviews for me in the future. The only thing I would add is a message to people with a different mother tongue other than english. Many of the people I submit have thick accents that prevent them from being properly understood. It is one of the top 3 reasons I see people fail to get the job. They should make extra effort to speak slowly and clearly, and when asked to repeat something they said, they should try to find different words to say it. ...but i guess that's not unique to just skype interviews.
Luka Kršlović
do not dress up half, sometimes they will ask you to stand up, and you dont wanna flash some things ito their faces
Personally hate the idea of talking to a camera instead of the interviewer, it feels really awkward when I last did it -_-"
Usually these kinds of videos have no actual tips, but rather drag out the obvious stuff to fill a video. This, however, was informative and to the point. Well done.
Sarah Marie James
I followed your tips, step by step, and landed an in person interview within 15 minutes of the Skype session.  In fact, I was better prepared than the interviewer. Always good to go above and beyond for interviews.
Quencina Gardner
Practical tips that work very well! Also, humor keeps your audience wanting more. Thank you for sharing.
Alex Booster
Excellent! I'll pass it on to my guests.
I just sent an email to my friend about setting up a time for a Skype interview we both have to participate in. 10 minutes late I go over to YouTube and this video pops up at random. Strange how this things happen. The interview video is just what I need. It like that old Twilight Zone episode "What you need". Thanks, great advice.
Mario Hurtado
These are all good tips and presented in an understandable and easy-going format. I would also suggest a couple of things. If you can't control the room noise, a headset can help a ton with sound issues. The downside is that you could look a bit like a call-in center operator. The other suggestion is to make sure you have a strong wifi or other internet connection. The third suggestion is to practice ahead of time and do a dry-run with a friend so the they can give you feedback on how you look and sound.
Allison Puccetti Adams
GREAT tips~  I wish I had seen this a week or so ago..when I thought I was about to do a telephone conference call with work...which was a SKYPE call :) note to self...wet hair and towel? not so good.....
Sarah Sterling
I've had quite a few successful interviews over Skype and this is great advice. I would add that I always wear something neutral-colored if not professional on bottom, in case something unexpected happens and I have to stand up, potentially on screen! Also I like to know what I'm looking like on screen so I always move the little window with my face to the top, center of the screen (aka right under the camera) so I can look at the camera and keep myself in my peripheral vision.
Sean Smith
thanks so much, this is very helpful... this is gonna be my first video interview
quinn love
is using headphones a bad idea??
Philip O Byrne
excellent tutorial. Im using video blog which is a bit different than interview but a lot of useful tips here.
Good Hombre
I have a skype interview tomorrow for an internship. Hope it goes well
Ibrahim Asadov
My interview was terrible , I didnt done anything right :) usefull video!
Insightful Z
SuPER! Definitely worth taking the time to view.
arie pujiwati
I watched this video 2 years ago for my graduate study's entrance test. Thanks God, i passed the examination. This video helped me much. I prepared all tips. Anyway, a problem occurred with my office's wifi just a few minutes before the interview, so that i used skype in my smartphone rather than my laptop. Therefore, it is also better to check our internet connection and skype quality.
This was a very informative video.  thanks
mohammed shafras
I've found this useful advice. Thanks a lot
Mr. Carroll Ware
Really Skype interviews lol
Tony Yang
Great video!thx for sharing.
k. hari kumar kommula
what an excellent prensentation..brav
Gina Tang
Great tips presented in a simple format.  Thanks!
alternatively, drag the skype window into a position where the interviewers face is as close to the webcam as possible. then it looks like you're nearly making eye contact at least.
Gail Palubiak
Best Skype prep I've ever seen!
Duane Larkin
I'm an older job candidate and want to look younger than I do. Makeup is a good idea...of course, I have NO idea how or where to apply it. I guess a trip to the spa is in order!
Mario Chávez
I recently had a Skype task conversation with a client and she was looking down to the notebook camera. Good point on avoiding that! This short video is crisp and well done, not just useful for interviews but for anything involving YOU (presenting, teaching, showing how something is done, etc.) and your face.
ej zen
Thank you.
Patrick li
I hate looking at the camera
Donna Marshall
Thank u for posting this for us it helps a lot I didn't know that u can skype for interviews that I will let u know when I get one thank u Darlene shipman
Skype Interview in 15 hours
Laurah Hagen
Such a great video! Just posted it to the NAU Career Development pinterest site. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
Shenee Laurence
Great video! Very informative and professional! Thanks for the tips!
bruce medeck
Thank you! These are great tips you just shared.
James Roberts
Nicely organized and well-presented, thank you!
No Kia
I don't like this online interview thing.
SongsofThe Century
These Skype interviews are terrible. BUT this video was thoughtful & helpful & constructive.
Good job. Helpful video. Thanks
Xiang Yu
Gonna have a PhD Skype interview. Thanks for the tips!
Hafeez Hussain Syed
Thank you, very helpful video. 
Салех Сейидли
thank you very much for the video, its so useful
susan rose
Great job. succinct, to the point. You should run for office!
SongsofThe Century
Have you made anymore videos?
Liz Sevilla-Dusaban
Your video is very helpful, indeed!
Dan Paulsrud
Very Helpful even for people that aren't interviewing but find themselves on conference calls from home! Cheers.
Santoshi Naidu
Really helpful, thank you :)
Steven Arecco
excellent! thanks!!
sk tuhel fida hossain
nice tips
Naresh Chettri
Thank you
Marija Dejanovic
Perfect! Thanks!
Ashish Kavitkar
what about the headphones, if we wear headphones during interview on skype so that they can hear us properly, what would they will think?
1 tip use a phone, laptops are outdated
Nabh Mehta
Woah Man!! Cool! You created this video when I graduated 5 years back. Wish I had seen this long back. I still needed some refresher though. TY.
Mayuri Bhattacharya
This is what i wanted know . Thank u for sharing this video
I have looked at a lot of tutorials about this subject, and this video is very informative, pleasing and appealing. Thank you for your work with this ! I have had multiple video interviews (and a big one tomorrow), and this sort of tutorial is very agreeable. :)
Ellen Eatough
Very helpful, easy to digest and remember, and fun to watch - humor always helps info sink in. I really appreciate your making this available as a public service. I'd like to be your 100,000th viewer, but couldn't wait.  BTW, you look very familiar. Have we met? ;-)
Additional tip: When the background noise cannot be fully eliminated, please use a good headset. A good headset's mike (even less than 100€/$) will not pickup background noise and the cans will also isolate you from the noise. You might look a little geeky but this will be professional. Remember that the standard smartphone earphones are not enough.
I am feel excited for my coming first skype interview, a foreign employer will talk to me for the position I am applying in UAE as Site Supervisor. I am Civil Engineer in profession and currently looking for job abroad. I am from Cebu City, Philippines. Thanks for the tips of this video more power and Good luck to all will apply online in skype.
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video ! :D Yes, I have always been wondering how I could make myself look good and presentable on Skype, in front of the camera... :') Now THIS...helps me a lot ! Again, arigato so much... Greetings from Japan Sakura
Edgar Kaufmann
OK, now I know it with a notebook, but how to do it on SKYPE with Mobile phone? I am to near always, it falls down, or has a bad angle, if I am too far I do not hear clearly and possibly my mic is too far away. :-( HEEELP please
Eng. Anwaar Alawi
Great helping tools ...
Claudia Vargas
Gracias por tus consejos , serán útiles. Fueron divertidos y quitan los miedos.
Katy Martin
Awesome video! The only thing I would change is recommending that interviewees wear dress pants. From my recruiting experience, some interviewers will ask you to get up and go grab something across the room for the simple test of seeing if you are fully dressed appropriately.
Julio Carmiol
Thanks for the tips. Really useful, simple and effective. I used it in a job interview, where I{m sure I looked much better than if I had not watched your tips video. Now I am doing a video with some classmates for a course in my masters degree, and I am sharing it with them so we can look professional. Thanks, pal.
Albert Arriola
I feel like you should dress based on how you feel the work place is going to be. Being too dressed could come off as bad imo. I took an interview through skype for an internship at TMZ 2 years back and I just dressed casual. They gave me the internship on the spot after the interview. Afterwards I asked how I looked because I had no idea how to prep for a skype interview. It's actually how they prefer their work environment to be - all casual.
very helpful thanks. i'm going to have one in four months. I have another tip also, I usually call a friend on skype 10 minutes before the interview and ask them to judge. they sometimes notice good things which you are not aware of. . 
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Excellent video, detailed and well presented. I am actually going for a Quiz Show audition via Skype
Karyne K
I had many (too many) inteviews on Skype in the last 4 years. I knew all that before I ended up on your video. Everything is done, I look professional and I speak well on camera. Yet, none of the interviewers contacted me after, unless to tell me that "other candidate fit better"... WTF...
Angela A. Brown
Excellent video. Loved it. Your tips are very helpful. I didn't know you could create a video of yourself with inexpensive lighting. Not only for Skype interviews, but this is also good for other stuff like video blogging. Anyway, you have one of the best presentation on how to create a good video of yourself with simple steps. I have subscribe to your channel.  #F #L #U #nq
Pauline Dady
Thanks for making this video, it really helped me, yesterday I had my first skype interview, I took your tips, and it was a success, I prepared a folder of my skills and job successes and I was able to flick through that and show my skills, always think of a question to ask them. I await for next interview in person!
Alireza Taghipour
Perfect. i found it very usful. Tomorrow I have an skype interview with UNSW university.
Eugene N
This video is excellent. Great sutff!!!  My first Skype interview experience was terrible, then my friend told me the same tips you mentioned. Made the second and third experience way way better. Only thing I had a hard time with, looking directly into the camera. That took a while to feel comfortable
Jason Arnone
Great job and I especially like the examples you demonstrate with camera angles and lighting. I saw it mentioned on here before and I also agree that internet connectivity is crucial. Test out the connection with a friend ahead of time and, if possible, use an ethernet cable instead of wifi to insure a solid connection. I also recommend closing down other apps on the laptop to avoid any pop-up dialog / sounds / reminders. And set your skype status to "do not disturb" so you don't get distracted with instant messages or other calls.
Liah Marquez
I work as an HR consultant (interviewer) and have been in the business for over a year. But tomorow will be my first skype interview, since there is a job opening for one of our clients in another state. I'm prety anxious about it, but your video gave me great tips! Thanks! Speacialy about the eye level...
Jesus samurai
Nice video. Personally the whole Skype thing is absolutely ridiculous so many things can go wrong and it's a hassle compared to just meeting in person. I have my first Skype interview tomorrow hoping it goes somewhat smooth
Stacy Mallory
My name is Amber and I am working with Linn Benton Community College to develop online courses, using as much OER as possible. One of the Subject Matter Experts would like to use this video in their course. I am writing to see if we can have permission to embed this video in the coursework for students to watch.
Jess Stricker
This is great! It's concise and not full of fluff. I'm going to add it to my "tips and tricks" folder to share with candidates to help prepare them for Skype interviews.Thanks for sharing.
Patrick Sabatier
Do you have the same video without mentionnong 'Skype' (just the word 'video' will do) and without the Skype logo (beginning of the video) ?
George Gomez
Great tips. Very useful information. Have to interview some off-site candidates. Will send them a copy of this , so they can prepare.  Thank You for the information.
David Uyabán
I'm having my first Skype interview today and this video gave me really good tips!! Thank you so much!!
Gunjan Taneja
It was crisp.. This video gave me what I was looking for. A perfect piece of information. I generally do not comment. But here I couldn't stop my hands. Keep bringing the great stuff.. All the best! :)
Silvia Sato
Very interesting and some tips are using in my Skype Coaching Sessions.  Look at the camera is important rapport I agree.Thanks!
Great job. Short, concise, and informative. You covered key elements to each subject well. Camera work and editing was poignant and just.
Om mohammad
I saw this video before yesterday And I wasn't have any idea about skype interview. Then I did all the tips in the video yesterday. Today I got the job :D Thanx a lot
Mandy Mann
I have an interview on "taketheinterview," which is a newer website companies are using. It seems onsline interviews are becoming more and more common. Thanks for the tips!
Marty Heresniak
I'd add that one's voice can be a turn off. The speaker here is constantly slipping into vocal fry which makes him sound like he just doesn't have the energy to make his point. A good voice teacher or speech/language professional can help you with this.
Donald Harrison
Fantastic demonstration
Santiago P. Salonga Jr.
I am not familiar using the Skype especially the latest version of it.
How do you get the sound right? Do you dial in through phone and with the headphone/mic or just use the webcam's sound?
TalentSphere Staffing Solutions
Hi there, this is a great guide. We conduct many video interviews and this is a great guide to send potential employees before hand so they can be best prepared.
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Diego Araya
I'm havin my interview tomorrow, so I will tell you how it goes by the time I have an answer. But for now, thank you very much for your tips. They will be very useful!
Beautifully done. Thank you. And in case you're wondering, I subscribed to your channel and I'm going to check out your website now.
Juan Carlos Pérez Galán
the best of all the skype interviewes on the internet by far!!! man, u nailed it
Chris H
Great tips and examples. I believe stuff in the background will absorb sound, not deflect it. Stuff like drapes, soft furniture, books, carpeting will help prevent echo. Can even hang or drape a comforter, quilt, moving blanket, rug or soft foam mattress topper somewhere.