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alexis skye
daffy's reaction to porky eating his fries is priceless yet relatable
Switch Fan94
CartoonNetwork shouldn't canceled this series IT WAS GOLD
Hoopz Neal
I know some people don't like this show or are indifferent to it but I actually love it.
maya spanic
0:42"that's your exciting news?? That you don't have a girlfriend??!!"😂😂😂
Channel 821
This show has a lot of celebrities. Kristen Wiig plays Lola, and Fred Armesien plays Speedy Gonzales. Also this was a great show! Cartoon Network should’ve gave it more respect .
Antony Tan
Looney Toons... Classic or Modern. They're still my TOP favorite show. It's sad that not many people embrace it. I was hoping for a up coming next Season.
Drakes Blue
What kind of pig eats french fries with fettuccine?
Deborah Dodoo
Daffy is very selfish, self-absorbed
Asher Tye
Someone on this show had a thing for stripping poor Porky.
Joe Knows Weather
Daffy is so despicable
Aggray Williams
Daffy Duck is very funny and he's just like me!!!!!
Nora Martinez
At 16:45 I laughed so hard my ribs ached
daffy your a horrible "friend"
Thaveesh Narrandes
daffy is funny, suspecting porky of being a killer
Porky sure underwent a more classic makeover in the second season. Also, I see now why Daffy was recast for New Looney Tunes. Dee fits him better than Jeff by a longshot, at least for Screwball Daffy. Jeff does a fine Greedy Daffy, but Dee just nails his original incarnation.
TheLiving Bluejay
Mr. Science Teacher: Okay Hot Plates, Hot plates coming in! Me: Ooo... I'm scared, I'll alert the beakers.
Well, at least he still stutters.
Marve Uzama
I love this show 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😗😘😘😘😛😛😛😛🤩🤩😎🤪🤪🤪💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💋🤘🏻
Norra Borra97
Fangu I should start saying that instead of thank you.
Dance Dork
The French frie scene is relatable
HålfĐønę Ånïmåţïøn
The beginning is me when my brother steals my fries but I'm not that dramatic but my brother is XD
Ya know, without his screwball antics, Daffy is just despicably unlikable.
Candy Mandy
Taking fries 🍟 is called eating 🍴 with friends and sharing 😑 Duh daffy
Kevin Lockhart
Cierra Swaye Lyle the anime fan girl
That's so cute! Thanks DC kids for bringing back my childhood.
meme star434
15:00 those people who rip u of
Savage Dude
My favorite looney tunes characters are Bugs Bunny Marvin the Martian Daffy Duck Porky Pig Sylvester Pepe Le Pew Tweety Bird Road.Runner Wile E Coyote Elmer Fudd and Speedy Gonzales th-th-th-these's are my favorite looney tunes characters,folks!
gamer pros
i love this show too
Tia Williams
I love this😍
susan phipps
I love bugs Bunny and Daffy duck I mean it!
Jared Hamilton
It’s moments like 2:06 that I can’t help but compare daffy to cam from modern family🤣😂
Nico Marschat
I am very angry about your underrepresentation of chungus
gamer pros
i liked the old ones when bugs always gets his revenge
NBAAnonymous 09091
This show isn't that bad
Nox Lupa
3:17 “what planet are we on???” *cue Marvin*
Sukvinder Singh
My favourite character is Porky Pig
Sahil Patel
Ya do r eat my fries
Please telecast this cartoon on indian television ....please bring on india again 😔
Pat airaoje and bible verses
Destiny Hughes
🤦🤣he said Stockholm syndrome though
Lola 😂😂😅🤣🤣she’s the best character
pit bullad
1 26 we all have that one friend
DJ Unipanda
Once Daffy is done talking there will be spit everywhere
Šëä Ťęà
(The pole) My fav character is Lola bunny idk why :3
Dario Astudillo
D-D-D-Dang thats t-t terrible the F-F-F-Fries
Malachi Arciero
Porky went too far ripping the tickets😱😨😱😨😱😨 too far 😬😬😮😮😦😦
Kristopher Kranock
Dajhann Williams
What kind of pig eats french fries
Chad Costello
My favorite character is Sylvester
Rebecca Michael
He truly is Daffy.
Samuel PLAYZ
My Favourite Looney Tunes Character is Wile E. Coyote!!!
Jack Frost
I like all of the charitor's
Lol poor porky 🐷 I love him as a character
i love porky his voice is funny
Ariel Sanchez
My favorite Looney Tunes characters are: Daffy Duck Porky Pig Yosemite Sam Tweety Bird Foghorn Leghorn
Janay Skinner
lola bunny
Malachi Arciero
Porky's funny and 😂😂
Roodmerly David
Poky is Smart
alvin ma
1:50 is that a adventure time reference?
Blank Paper 1304
They're not YOUR fries, Daffy. Oh my God, Speedy said 'meatball sub', not 'fries and meatball sub'. Get it into your head. They're just fries.
Stephen Novotny
I like It To Best to Best cartoon network
Anthony K.
The Stranger moment Creeps me out.
Ofelia Vega
Road runner
Demon Souls
That duck is ganna be rich but rude and bad >:( 😠😡🤬
Candy Mandy
Daffy does have to follow the rules
Malachi Arciero
Porky rip the tickets no not the tickets nooooooooo 😱😱😱
Andre Alston
3:33 what episde??
Sean Lightning
All of them
Aggray Williams
I'm not selfish
Shawn Alston
Bugs bunny and Daffy Duck
Bear woman Harley Cassie Quinn Saenz
Daffy your overreacting
Mahimaa Vardini
i like lola
Power Stones
Some how reminds me of adventure time
Bruh I
Porky pig
Alice Torres
Poor porky
I feel like Daffy Duck is a gold Digger
gamer pros
i missed porky when he use to be fat
Looney Channel
How is getting a girlfriend exiting?
sherice Iverson
Jerron Fairley
Porcky pig.
Oswald the lucky rabbit
Neither looney tunes sucks