Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It Funny (Remix) Ft. Ja Rule (Live at MTV USO 2001)


Hi good afternoon, the name of the song is " im real murder remix FEATURING JA RULE "
Mckayla Minaj
they would be a bomb couple
Marcio Gore
Beautiful performance!
Kamall Walters
They doing it
Mike G
Damn , Jlo lookn gooooooooood
Roberta Oliveira
Muito gato o Ja Rule
It was part time but it was our time
It was part time but it was out time
Rauhl Neer
"I'm Real (Murder Remix)" :) anyway, great performance!
its not "aint it funny"...its im real u fuckin ediot plzzz kill ure self
srecko obradovic
hübscheste frau des planeten !
Minlo Wonlin
Why is Jlo singing to Ashanti's vocals?!? Talk about bad post-editing. :(((
T.E. V.
Lmao wrong song.