Michael Fassbender & Domhnall Gleeson Interview - Frank Movie (2014) JoBlo Exclusive HD

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- Michael Fassbender & Domhnall Gleeson Interview - Frank (2014) Comedy Movie HD Acclaimed Irish director Lenny Abrahamson follows up his award-winning films Adam & Paul, Garage and What Richard Did with an offbeat comedy about a young wannabe musician, Jon (Domhnall Gleeson), who finds himself out of his depth when he joins an avant-garde pop band led by the mysterious and enigmatic Frank (Michael Fassbender), a musical genius who hides himself inside a large fake head, and his terrifying bandmate Clara (Maggie Gyllenhaal). Director: Lenny Abrahamson (as Leonard Abrahamson) Writers: Jon Ronson (screenplay), Peter Straughan (screenplay) Stars: Michael Fassbender, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Domhnall Gleeson

Michael Fassbender gets even better with age.
Domhnall Gleeson is so flippin adorable!
That's another way Magneto blocks Prof.X's mindreading!!lol
domnhall is so so so cute his laugh and his reactions oh my god :(((
Giggly, blushing Domhnall Gleeson is sooooo cute!!!
Augustus Flaccus
bad interviewer, but great interview
Well Mefisto
Domhnal is so well humored... just like his father!!
Tripti Thakur
Michael is one of my favorite actors because he's incredibly unbelievably talented & super-sexy but my eyes kept drifting to Dom!! What a sweetheart & so funny! :)
I have yet to see anyone as attractive as michael. sigh.
Danielle Musella
"I just thought, 'Okay. Let's start f***ing with people.'" That one sentence alone is a perfect way to sum up Michael's playful side. I also love how excited Domhnall is. With his smile & reddening cheeks, bless him, he looks like he's about to start bouncing off the walls.
Melanie Loor
I love how Michael Fassbender will randomly break into a song or dance in interviews because he does it quite a bit. That's so cute!
tim starkey
They appear to have done a mound of cocaine before the interview. Maybe not but it's funny to think that.
I was looking in the mirror the other day & realized how weird my face was. It was like, smooth, smooth, smooth... and then - *PLEAGHHH!!* all holes & bumps
Cynthia Mayela
God I love gingers!!
Laiquendi Johnson
Crazy Michael looks so freakin high. Holy ... his eyes!
Eleonore R.
Domhnall Gleeson looks so genuinely excited throughout the whole interview... it's priceless!
So I cry
i swear domhnall has a big man crush on michael xD
Lone Wolf Girl
how hot is michael here? HOW HOT??
Ash Harris
They look only slightly stoned. haha
Isabelle O'Keeffe
maybe this has already been mentioned but does anyone else think that Michael Fassbender has the same sexy smile as Ewan McGregor...?
Chanel #7
Michael's redness after removing the head <3
I can't say that I fully understand the movie, but it is quite fun. Clara (Maggie Gyllenhaal) really annoyed me, but at least I got to see Jon's (Domhnall Gleeson) realization when it comes to his music. Also, I think Michael Fassbender portrayed Frank quite brilliantly in it. (By the way, Gleeson is one hell of an adorable guy, isn't he?)
too much irishness/awesomeness
katie mARTin
i watched that entire movie without realizing Domhnall Gleeson is in star wars.
Can't tell if these guys are really high or just very easily amused.
I can't take my eyes off of Fassbender. I had to watch this twice to actually listen to the interview
Ok, I have to face it... I totally have a man crush on Michael Fassbender...
i just laughed so loud at the end of this interview, freaking Domhnall's face😂
Yamin Thein
Domhnall is so cute! Can't believe he nailed Hux's role (who was such an ass and super mean).
Minnie Lind-Holmberg
holy mother of wow, michael.........
Ally GP
lmao why didn't they just cut it BEFORE he mentioned Star Wars
Koi Pond
Two Irish gingers
Liam Templeton
"It's not Star Wars is it?" *awkward exchange of worried glances*
fml i love domhnall so much, he's so giggly in this video i explode
Daniel Blanco R
Were they high? Lol
haha! Michael's a total riot! Loved Gleeson in About time.
I still can't believe that Michael will be in this kind of movie :D and it's greaaat
Lazlow Rave
El Madrid, it's nice to see you It's really nice to be here I love you all
John Webb
So bill weasly is mad eye moody's son in real life, thats funny, i never knew that.
Kieran Tuomey
Domnhall looks like he just did cocaine before this interview.
Leah Endicott
domhnall's face is as red as his hair from laughing so hard
Tripti Thakur
Hahahaha uh a Hahahaha Michael revealed Dom's in Stars Wars!! Love this interview!! :D
Aurora Esterlia
"Is that the movie?" and Gleeson was just #ohno ...and me was like "WHAT?! WHAT HAPPENED?! WHY IS IT GOES BLACK? WHY????? " #twistending  
I was brain fucked after wathching this movie, but i liked the movie though
I love Frank, and I wish he was a real person. I wish the band was real aswell, the music was so awesome! It's just like Sex-Bob-omb from scott pilgrim, I wish they continued to be a great band! :(
Lily Mustang
Mr Gleeson thank you for making me smile.
Lmao, Michael Fassbender trying to cover himself at the end of the interview, honestly was awesome and laid back.
Best way to end an interview ever
fassbender is so serious here
So hot, and yet... so boring. When he starts talking at length (which he does a lot) I completely tune out. Shut up and take your shirt off
When I heard that Michael Fassbender was in this film I was like "dafuq?!"... But he actually did a pretty good job!
Matthew Trotman
I loved the movie. Yeah it was different. People that have never tried to make music don't get it. There all pretty tortured souls except for the ginger guy. It becomes apparent at the end that he does not fit in with them. He loves music but he has'nt had the LIFE EXPERIENCE as it where. He never gells with them threw out the movie. Frank likes him thought. Althought it backfires so to speak. We see him realising it's not for him in the movie. It's a great movie.
lisa mack
LOL way too funny. Michael, gosh baby love ur interviews. Dom is so goofy and funny its adorable. These 2 should do another movie together. Did the interviewer forgot which movie Dom was gonna be in? LMAO
Eren Nova
5:50 loooool this is what I do when I give away a secret and pretend I didn't know 😂
Michael is the funniest guy on earth.
omg they are my new otp save me
jacob lahr
It's so weird that he played a very serious role of an English spy posing as a nazi officer in the movie inglorious basterds. I actually couldn't believe he could be so versatile to perfect both the roles of the nazi general spy and frank. Awesome actor, I always under estimated him
Zulu Romeo
Domhall is soooooo adorable!!! :3
Katie Rose
I love Domhnall so so much. He's so handsome and his laugh just makes me smile and I blush everytime I see him - fuck I feel like a 12 year old girl with a school crush 🙉💖🌸
Maikel UK
Domhnall looks more fun than Michael.
Juliana Motta
kalelia Shephard
too much cuteness in one vid *.*
Amber Rivera
damn, Michael looks so hot.
Daniel Cashell
love Dom-sweet and gorgeous
2 great actors!
seonlion 3
Gwen Coco
how that interview ended tho LMAO
I knew he was a hot guy under that head!
Timothy O'Neill
Love the part when he breaks down on stage. Jon asks what's wrong he's like "the music is shit....music is shit". Talking about the best music Jon's ever created hahaha 
i hated jon in the movie so much.
Ben Higgins
Charmaine Elizabeth
Michael Fassbender ❤️❤️❤️❤️😫😫😻😻
Lidi Silva
I thought Frank was a horror movie.
Berry Productions
I have never seen two people being interviewed that are so high! Haha! What's going on?!?!
dang look at Michael's arms. He's freaking buffed 
Violet Express
Kills me how everyone who didn’t know Michael and saw Frank is so star struck by seeing him now XDDD
Angel Winchester
dude his arms oMG
Kandyce Tolbert
Merlins beard! It's a Weasley!
He is just so CUTE 😍❤😢 dom I mean
laura galvez villamarin
that head is creeepy! 😂😂😂😖
high affff both of them
Christina Kim
that ending will kill me every time!! and the noise that domhnall makes like, "euh?" haha. i love him.
B. A. Vazquez
Both hot, both ginger, both Irish, both amazing = HEAVEN
Miss X
Michael Fassbender looks really handsome here! Those huge eyes!
Joseph Conner
I'm waiting for fasbender to meatalbend or something
Devvie Downer
Imagine how awesome it would be having a threesome with these guys.
Lauren Smith
I loved this movie.
Michael has a lot of teeth!
Connor Landrum
The bigger movie he was talking about was STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS
Jennifer Renee
Two gorgeous Micks, both wonderfully talented actors!!!!!!
Domhall has an absolutely massive head
Madeline Nagy
Thank god he took that mask off. He's gorgeous. Those arms...
Paige Goodman
Is it just me or does Domhnall seem very high..?
Are these guys high as kites or is it only me?
OMG i didn't realize this at first but this Dom is Bill Weasley! :D hahahah
I like Domhall much better in his actual accent. ALSO I LOVE FASSY. UGH.