Julian Bream - Etude 11 Villa Lobos

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Julian Bream interpretando el estudio n°11 de Heitor Villa-Lobos

Thanks for posting! Bream really has such a fine sense for the emotion in everything, but I especially like his take on HVL. I can play #1, but it's the sheer academic exercise of it that actually turned me off the other etudes as I can't connect to them emotionally very well. The exception is #12, but only when I'm in a *really* bad mood and #11, which is my favorite of the Etudes. So intense.
Best Interpretation I've ever found!
Francis White
What a piece... Nothing is better than Bream and Villa-Lobos together, it's almost as if they were made for eachother... I love the editing on this video, aswell.
Ali Alemdaroğlu
Best interpretation. So emotional and strong.
What a legend
John Mongani
classical tune that clearly rocks.....
Marcelo Sotomayor
Mr. Bream is unique playing Villa-Lobos.
Adriano dutra
Grande Julian Bream! A partir de 1:27 é foda!!
Carlos E Torres Mendez
I already know this etude by memory I'm trying to work on Etude 1, Etude 2 and Etude 3 His Etudes have such a dissonant sound that's why I love em ♬♬♬♬♬🎸🎔🎔🎔🎔
Felipe SS
Excellent interpretation in my modest opinion
Carlos E Torres Mendez
I fell in love with this piece
wow 1:27~ best!! Bravo~~
Ricardo Hernández
is the reverse stroke meant to be interpreted as a simple arpegio? because it is not written that way on the score
Francesco Minnocci
wow... Fantastic interpretation!!!
Dario Maraviglia
The best
guitar pwnd
Tone's so good to start with
Mildred Gilkes
So intense and beautiful. A master and perfectionist. He really feels the music he is playing. I wasn't looking for this. However, happy to stumble on it. Julian your gift is from God. WOW, than to hear you are a good person. That is wonderful. Most great musicians are arrogant or lost because everyone treats them like GOLD. To hear you still reach out to encourage and touch other musicians is wonderful. May God continue to bless you and keep you healthy so you can play such beautiful music.
30 people thumbed-down when bream made them decide to quit guitar.
Dean Penny
Wow! Such passion.
phew intense and real music - hits emotions and intellect all at once - glorious
Roberto Martinez
El Gran Maestro de todos los tiempos!!!!!
da realist
Moises Condorcahuana
Estoy tan sensible y fogoso....Julian.
Wesley miranda
belissima interpretaçao passa todo sentimento do pesoe levesa da obra
the one and only
Ραφαήλ, Κώστα
roulla mou maroulla mou!!
anatoly Fedotov
Браво !
Mauricio Maniau
That si not The etude 11 of Villa-lobos
Best part 0:00-3:29
inter naught
on those arpeggios starting at 0:45 is he really doing ppimaaaaaaa, cause it looks like he is only going up with a. also in the 1:27 is he really going pimami cause that is just incredibly fast if he is
And the original Lent-anime was completely forgotten...
Esteban Aguayo
Black Sabbath did. And Etude 12 is definetely a metal riffs from start to finish.
I was waiting for him to step on his distortion pedal. LOL
Nope. Maestro Bream just turned 80 years old on July 15th. God bless him!
so hes still alive xD ahah oh good. i thought he died ;o
Ben Rookas
actually ! Luwig van Beethoven did !
Not only is he a master, he is one of the nicest people you could meet! My guitar ensemble (in high school) went to one of his shows here and he invited us backstage after the show. He spoke to each of us personally and gave us encouragement. He actually handed me his guitar and said, "You want to play something?". I said, "No Sir...not in front of YOU!". We had a good laugh. What a guy!
The section starting at 1.27 does not lend itself to any verbal description. It is only expressible through guitar. Just beyond mindblowing...
fuck metal, this is real music.
Ricardo Hernández
sabbath invented metal
no as two big mother f**kers
Qwerim123 qwerim321
This is what a real musician is. I was stack to the screen. How much soul he put in the etude. For me very inspiring.
Иван Камышан
facial expression- inimitable!
Forró Federal
Ei Julian você é demais!
Brigitte Garnier
une interprétation subtile de cette pièce que Villa Lobos lui-même ne pouvait qu'imaginer, n'étant certainement pas à ce niveau de jeu... Bravo à tout les deux...
Owlen Productions
Who said Judas priest invented metal? This is heavy as f**k
Russkiy Smiffy
his facial expressions confirm he is 100% metalhead at heart
Alberto Abella
Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con lo expresado por limacch. hace dos años.UN GENIO.
J. Hendrix
haha, yes
you wrong,best part 0:00-3:29
J. Hendrix
best part 1:27-3:27
pitch is a lay term for frequency (physical term, unit Hz). the same note has always the same frequency regardless where it is played. it is the timbre (aka colour) that is different for E played at different strings.
Max Riccio
Me lembro quando vi este video pela primeira vez... Quanta emoção!
Angel Geravinski
ooh i thought you were talking about first string and secong string 5fht fret and 3irht string 9 fret...
no, you wait a minute and read what i wrote: "those *strings* are not the same pitch" i was answering to the person who said the FIRST THREE STRINGS are tuned to E (the same pitch). that's incorrect because the note E (the same pitch) is played instead on 3 different positions.
Awesomeness as always!
Angel Geravinski
wait a minute they have a little differente colours but they are the same pitch...
he plays the same note 'E' on the first 3 strings i.e. open 1st, 5th fret on 2nd, and 9th fret on 3rd. those strings are not the same pitch like the other person wrote...
yat tung Law
first 3 string are the same pitch
how does he make that sound at 1:27?
As Romanillos said once " A nice guitar should sound like an echo in a cave" and this guitar above sound exactly like it
I already suspect that after making some researches because this guitar has a sound thats almost a dream. I watched a documentary showing Romanillos life in England ands his guitars are tremendously good.Thank you very much!
Solomon Younan
I know Bream played Romanillos' instruments as well as Monch's...You're probably right, though. Thank you for the tip...:) The purfling looks very 'Monch-ish', so that probably why I assumed Monch, without having been able to see the label. I was fortunate enough to be able to play a mid-70's Monch awhile back, and it was incredible! :) Take care!
the man who doesn't play who lives is j. bream
I've heard this a million times but he just draws you in, I was glued to my speakers. Ridiculous performance.
Bahia Ghandour
Iasonas Chourmouzidis
4 dislikes= 4 stupid people
Fabio Palhares
Cesar Chagas
He dignifies Villa Lobos ia a superb way.
Solomon Younan
@blackmorejimi It's an Edgar Monch, believe it or not...They're BEAUTIFUL instruments! :) Cheers!
Kimani Smith
A true master and virtuoso, thanks for posting!
@DKSpawn333 There is denying that, his face is a result of the song of being a song of violent, sex, and seduction and he knows it. Each part of the song represents a different stage of how it went down.
This is the best sounding classical guitar I ever heard. Is there anybody who knows which type this specific guitar is ?/ Hauser or Torres?
One of the Greatest
Russkiy Smiffy
Black metal at 1:27
villa lobos was insane!!
beyond!!!!!! thank you maestro!!!!!!!! the entire orchestra in two hands!!!
beyond!!!!!! thank you maestro!!!!!!!!
So much passion...must be cool being that great at playing
Leandro Arruda
@cihad2003, it´s disonant because Villa Lobos is modern.
Saptarshi Bhattacharya
listen to this, but don't watch it - the gurrrninggg..
i would have liked to hear him play barrios. why did he hated barrios?
why is villa lobos music always so disonant?
@metalheadjoel420 yeah, but...to keep up with bream...
can't hit the g and b strings as fast. Damn! more practice!
Fernando Vieira
Esse estudo é maravilhoso. O Villa é simplesmente fodástico.
Anna De Luca
Unique Master!
Simply ethereal.
Tom Llewellyn
Julian Bream was such a a fantastic player.... I know of no other player with such stupendous powers of expression... for those players who ponder the details of their technique watching themselves in the mirror trying to develop the perfect left hand little finger technique... they would do well to watch a video like this... It's all about 'passion and the desire to communicate' as Bream said...
Gabriel de Barros
mejor interpretación de todos. Villa-Lobos agradece.
Axel Ramirez
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Axel Ramirez
@limacch Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo, como él y como también el Maestro Andrés Segovia y Pepe Romero que son también para mí unos de los grandes y verdaderos maestros de la guitarra, yo soy descendiente de el maestro Francisco Tárrega. ATTE Axel Ramirez
Patrícia Albuquerque
@limacch Si es verdad! y que Patillas...