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The ESPN FC crew goes live from Kiev to preview Saturday's Champions League final between Liverpool vs. Real Madrid, featuring Mohamed Salah, Cristiano Ronaldo and more. ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: />✔ Watch Latest Episodes on WatchESPN: />✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: /> Get more ESPN on YouTube: ► First Take: />► SportsCenter with SVP: /> ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: />► Like on Facebook: />► Follow on Instagram: /> Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on

Tony Hemetona
The pregnant guy on the left deserves a smack
Giridhar Sreenivasan
‘These are not the best teams in Europe.’ What the hell is that guy smoking? These two teams reached the final of UCL. So, obviously they are the two best teams of Europe at the moment.!
These three have no idea what they’re talking about
Preye grey Angozi
Ronaldo has not been on form since the beginning of the season. 40 games - 41 goals. okay hahahaha
Walker Texas Lawyer
"Neither one of these teams are the best in Europe." And yet, they're both in the CL final. What a complete stooge.
Gilmartin Pares
Did Gab just say that these are not the best teams in Europe? Isn't that is the reason why we have the champions league!!!
this game is won in the midfield
Alan Cantu
Cannot wait for this game. Salah vs. Ramos will decide who wins. Much love to Liverpool fans #halamadrid
Sylvester Banini
It’s Liverpool’s front three vs Real Madrid’s world 11. But Liverpool’s secret weapon is their coach Jurgen Klopp. He has mad tactics even as a Chelsea fan i respect him.
Jordan McBride
How can Gab say these aren't the two best teams in Europe??? Isn't this the tournament to decide this??? I'm disappointed in you Gab.
Aryan Raj
Isnt it amazing, Ronaldo had an attrocious 1st half this season and according to these intelligent people, his form is again declining since past few weeks. Still he has the same number of goals as Leo Messi and Mohammed Salah this season, whilst PLAYING 10 LESS GAMES.
FINESSE Enterprises
You can tell people really just hate how Ronaldo is dominating football and not Messi anymore. They hate on this man because of his personality which is one of the biggest factors to his greatness. He’s the Floyd Mayweather of football in terms of his perception and confidence, and the LeBron of football in terms of his dominance and longevity of greatness
Ronaldo has scored 30 goals in his last 23 games. Dip in form? Lol, this ladies and gentlemen is how the media pushes the Messi narrative. Otherwise Ronaldo vs Messi is not even a thing. Ronaldo is miles ahead.
JD 1
We will see if Ramos can deal with salah’s pace
I Legend
ESPN stick to football and basketball!!
Bucs Fan
I hope the premier league wins so the league can be once again recognized as the best league in the world, not la liga
tony P
I'm not worried about playing real madrid, I'd be more worried playing west brom. Lfc to win
Liverpool is playing the juggernaut of them all, Madrid been there so many times they'll be ready
princess piamia
Real Madrid will win
ΛLΛΠ 1993
this will be a boring game. madrid will blow them out 4,5-0
Kimone Peynado
Mikolo Laviña
Liverpool will get run over. Props to Salah & Klopp. Great run nonetheless
Giorgio Mirobelli
Real Madrid is a more complete team. And Zidane has a better manager mind and Also was a better player than Klopp. As an AC Milan fan i can't wait to see u lose another Final in a row! Hala Madrid!!😝❤️
Jose Urrutia
I’m going to be honest I’m a Real Madrid fan but I’m worried about this game... Liverpool seem like they know what they want I think Ronaldo comes an clutch for a game winner 1-0!
I'm genuinely confused about their assertions that Ronaldo had a dip in form. He didn't play for three weeks with an injury. Before that he was on a goal scoring streak in La Liga. Also when he returned he scored against Villareal. So where is the dip? How can you judge any player's form during a period where they aren't playing? Form doesn't applied to injured players.
Jack Lynti
Progressive Viewer
It should be a "fascinating" final.. You will be left fascinated. - ESPN
"Not the best teams in europe".... WTF??? 1:16
T Takiari
🔴🔴🔴 reds
Alex Laslau
Is the guy in the left crazy? What does he smoke or what planet 🌍 he lives on? Real is in the 3rd final in a row and Liverpool is the team who scored the most in UCL history. These guys don’t know what they talkin about
Angel Yanez
If they're not the best why are they in the final? City, Juve and Barca are out because they lost at the highest level.
JD 1
Joey Abate
Who will control The midfield? And will Liverpool out pace Madrid on the counter? The two most important questions before the match!
Not the best teams???? WTF!? This guy...
Cat Face
this guy just said these arent 2 of the best teams in Europe........ like what? lol real madrid have won the past 2 champions league
Austin Graham
Ronaldo has had a peak in form since February these people have clearly not watched Madrid’s games
Joseph Smith
I can't believe we're debating this at all. The hardest team Liverpool faced was Roma who almost came back. Man City didn't really show up for either leg. Meanwhile Real Madrid took on the champions of 3 out of the top 5 leagues and we only conceded two more goals than they did. We only scored 10 less than them. And they had almost all easy fixtures. CSKA and Porto are no where near as difficult. Real has the experience in this competition and the tactics to deal with pacy dribblers all the time. La Liga is full of them. Liverpool will get exposed. We're going to show them what it really takes to be competitive team in Europe.
papi swag
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this are not the two best team in europe😂😂😂😂😂 who the fuk is the old man!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 the best in Europe is the one who wins champions league dork!!!!!
We all know that Madrid has the clear advantage going in to this match. But I hope that Liverpool pull off the upset.
Papi Flan
Bale IS STARTING... Sid Lowe . You idiot. His form requires him to start. Sid Lowe DOESN’T want Bale to start
Anselm Carasco
What's the use of Real calling themselves champions of Europe when they can't win in their own league. When were they last la liga champions. High time only league champions play the Champion League and runner up teams play Europa.
I can see it already, madrid getting mad and claiming liverpool were lucky to beat them in the final. 4-1 maybe.
The story is written for liverpool..liverpool has the most exciting play and attack in europe..Madrid wont kno what hit them..
hugo martinez
I don’t see a problem for Real Madrid easy title comeback to this comment. And PayPal me 1$. for every like.
smalla weyhey11
how are they guna find new anges evgey night of this week
Thug Love
This isn’t American football, statistics don’t matter. The two gents out in the field on the left and the two guys on the center and right in the studio know what they are talking about. Homie talking about stats. Looks at the paths these teams took through the elimination stages of the tourney. Real eliminated Juventus in the quarterfinals while Liverpool overcame Manchester city. I mean Roma almost put down Liverpool in the second leg the way that Roma previously had to Barcelona. All the while Real Madrid go and knock out the German powerhouses in the semifinals. (What I refer to as the real finals of this year). When Real Madrid make Liverpool look like the single minded one track team they are. Liverpool defenders you should have stayed silent; your stats aren’t that good! You went and enticed cr7 just as the media did prior to euro cup! Prepare to see the legend drop hammers! But still espn you guys are better than fox; those sellouts suck!
Nathan Gonzalez
this guy is stupid, what a joke of commentators..... I could do better and without faking it, there trash no excitement no emotions please get better people, I think more people would be watching!!! what do you mean not the best, well idk about liverpool but Real is the best at its form, and La Liga was lost because of the 5 game ban of ronaldo, and they starter of wrong, look at Messi’s goal ratio and Ronaldo’s Messi has one less goal than his played and ronaldo has 1 more goal than his played, and he almost score on ever champions league come on, Real will win and be the best, where’s Barca at cant get things done look what happen last year and before, and if anyone says anything about the refs please I could show so many replays that it didn’t go real Madrid’s way, and where Barca or any team has gotten calls there way so if the refs is your best come back, Will just leave it as is....
Look who Real Madrid had to bear to be here. PSG, Juventus, Bayern. 3 of the top clubs in Europe. A case could be made for all of them to be in the top 5. For me the top 5 are RM, Bayern, Barca, Man City, PSG and then Juventus but the last 2 could be swapped. RM had the tougher path to the final out of everyone and deserve to win this. I just hope that they do not underestimate a very good Liverpool squad who has a fantastic manager. I hope Klopp comes to Madrid if Zidane leaves honestly. Hala Madrid.
Zabahir Hamza
everyone in the football world know how bayern was robbed last year and this year along with juventus. what real madrid have is money and power, but they dont have the team spirit and class of liverpool. style is temporary class is permanent !
Aaron O Callaghan
salah one season wonder is not ready. best team liverpool beat was man city. real madrid beat german champions italy champions and french champions. on another level like all
Just Me
I honestly feel Liverpool will park the bus and be fierce on the counter attack. I think there’s a strong chance for an upset. I’m rooting for Madrid though!
‘Neither of these teams are the best in europe’ I can almost accept that of Liverpool but to say that of Real Madrid. Take his microphone away, he is better making the teas and coffee.
jamal woods
I feel these two are the best MAN CITY dominated the Premiere League but faltered in the CL. If MAN CITY were the best overall they would be in Kiev right now.
MyrON Gain3s
Gab Marcotti Real Madrid isn’t one of the best teams in Europe, two consecutive Champions League trophies beg to differ.
CensoredScouser 1066
Who is this yank commentator saying real and liverpool arent the 2 beat teams in europe ?? Haha the champions league final is proof these are the 2 best teams in Europe
Han Sagan
I’d throw a curve ball and leave Casemiro on the bench and start Isco in that rare holding role, with Bale up front. Really exert possession dominance up front and dare LFC to press w/ Bale - Ronaldo on danger break.
Joshua Guevara
The match will be won whether Madrid’s backline can soak Liverpool’s attack
Han Sagan
Unfortunately, Madrid will win 4-2. 4-3 at worst and 5-1 at best. I disagree with most and say Madrid % win is higher in 1 game setup than over two legs where LFC could sneak past. 10% for LFC now.
Lewis Gardner
A prime example of why American news channels have no clue about football.
Lia Mxitaryan
King Warrior
Liverpool lead by Salah will shut down RM😀
man wh3n are you yanks goingnto stop using this spi percentage ffs
Steve Cadesti
rip Gabrielle marcotti. had no clue what to say the whole vid
kim s.h :
Defeat lebron team... lets go ronaldo.. lets get it
arne francoys
after watching the first leg against roma you could think that Liverpool could put 10 in against REAL after watching the second leg against Roma they HAVE TO put 10 in to win
Friday Night Live
Not the two best teams in Europe (but they both in the final! 🤔
Ajaya Rai
Liverpool win tonight Cuz CR7 broken his leg this match
FootSoulgerZ Krew
not the 2 best teams!!! what is that guy smoking?
Julius C.
Liverpool will be tough for us, we've struggled against teams that's been willing to press us.
Saif Gharaibeh
What is this guy with 4 tvs in his basement saying, speaks about both teams as if their small teams. 1:17
CensoredScouser 1066
Silly yank should stick to his baseball 😂👌🏼🇬🇧🏆LFC YNWA
X Girl
Bale will start, he'll have a field day against that D..I can't understand why people think he won't, he's in great form too.. MOTM
Rain Freedom Lesmond Raphael
Ronaldo dip in form?? He is the top goalscorer of this calendar year and 3rd behind Messi and Salah in all comps this season.
Ryan Cross
lol he said Marcelo not Ronaldo.
zayan Sheikh
Real Madrid Real giant
jaidenxk Forbes
This man just said casmeiro is not good on the ball..wat an idiot
Gregg PopABitch
The fat dod knows who's the best team in Europe is....
"Ramos will just say I'll deal with Salah you go ahead" firmino and mane are also attackers you oxygen wasting doorknob
Han Sagan
Best final of all time was Atleti v RM where Ramos won in extra time with header. LFC just brings EPL exposure.
Yunus Tuncel
Choke Salah, you have the cup
Deeq z
Liverpool will lose for sure i hope they will be humiliated.
What.. i thought this was going to be the Real Madrid Baloncesto basketball discussion.
Grayson Neal
Great take about Bale even though your colleagues floored you for it sir.
Dash Morris
Bale gonna start
Madrid will win but u Neve know
It's nice to get that 3 in a row :D Good luck Liverpool for next season :D
New Message
Mo Saleh
Frank Ribeiro
RMD IS THE BEST IF THEY WANT.Tomorrow they will show to the world .
Big Virgil
So many cringy American comments .
Eric I
Hopefully bale starts, he’s been in really good form recently
How are they not two of the best teams?? THEY ARE IN THE FINAL!!!
Cool Breeze13
Madrid won the cup in Semi-final
Alvaro Diaz
El 7
Thanos Snap
Liverpool’s midfield is ASS.
greg rose
Why is the commentators so salty
The fat dude was right Ramos sure did cover salah xD
Diego Costa
Khiuramlung Kalengta
what is the time?