Minilogue: Studio Jam Session

Minilogue jamming live in their studio, outside of Malmö, Sweden.

Korg sent me here. These aren't the droids I'm looking for..
Wow. I absolutely enjoyed every second of this. Beautiful session. But reading some of the comments really surprised me (well, maybe not actually). I can totally understand how it might not be everyones cup of tea given the loopy, progressing nature of the music, but bashing these guys for being boring, untallented or even comparing them to the soulless "muzac" from How it's made is to me so utterly ignorant. Making analogue gear like this sync up and work so fantastic together requires skills, dediction and experience. These guys have been doing their stuff since the 90s. Quite sure Korg wouldn't have named their Minilogue synthesizer after them if they weren't deeply respectable artists within their scene.
Samael Romero
This music it's all about subtle nuances and detail. Buy better sound systems and maybe you'll understand
Dimitris Dermanis music
I'm not into this music but this is a masterpiece! And an amazing session! People that write shitty comments ignore one basic aspect of every art work:CONTEXT! Please educate yourselves. It's easy!
Bradley Keenan
Jesus Christ people are so jealous! These dudes killed it, and clearly enjoyed it!. They have built up that equipment over their entire careers. The music was good if you like the style, if you don't then why are you watching it? Go watch whatever you do like.
Stefan Wyeth
Not for children.
I think alot of people that is saying "They don't need that gear to make that sound" are missing the point. And actually some gear is needed to make certain sounds. Watch their setup video and understand that some sounds actually are analog. And everyone KNOWS that you don't need gear to make music on a computer. But everyone with gear knows that making music with gear and also playing music with gear is SO much more fun. And isn't that what it is about? That you have fun?
Zack James
these guys are just having fun. sure, any of us can do this just a laptop, but they are just a couple of gear heads who are having a blast standing behind all that equipment doing what they're doing, so leave them be.
Drone Star
The majority of the negative commenters obviously didn't even give the music a chance. If you listen to it all the way through, it's a journey. It's not about doing a million things "with all that gear" in the first 10 seconds. It's about restraint. This is MINIMAL. And Minilogue are at the top of the game. If you don't like it, ok, cool, do it better or move on. And it's not even very much gear, lol. Btw, I watch this all the time. Love it. Thanks for making it and sharing, Ableton!
Monkey Zound
Great job guys::::...::::
When you step into the temple and the God comes down, it isn't the best thing to care about the price of the building.
Seriously can't get that people point out so much how much gear they have (by the way it isnt even that much and they probably got all that analog gear at the end of the 90's when it was quite cheap). These guys have been doing this for a long time, and have developed different styles in trance and techno. They have been quite succesfull and toured the world. They have pretty much earned their gear working their ass off. Can't believe people being so jealous. And if you are better go and make your self a name and tour the world as this guys.
That was excellent.
Lucas O'Sullivan
...the timing of the hi hat in the 7th minute followed by the synth work on the SH-101, was a joy to watch, along with the rest of the material of course. For those who can't appreciate it, don't judge things you don't understand so harshly. To the untrained ear, sure it may sound simple, and you're probably thinking ''all that equipment to make this?!' Well, this is their setup. Whether every bit of equipment is being used or not, it's their space to escape and jam..welcome to their humble abode. Technically yes, you could do everything these guys are doing using software like Fruity Loop, Ableton'll be very 'programmed' nonetheless, with many controllers too I'd imagine, but then that'll take to fun, and the human feel from no where near as fun and cool to play and watch. Realise this is pure musicianship, to be able to understand your instruments which is what's sitting there in front of them and play them amazingly. To know each component so well takes a lot of time to master them. Any musician knows and understands the frustrations of playing an instrument, to get good and comfortable with it, so I'm not gonna bother counting how many components are used in this setup, and frankly I couldn't care...the result is amazing. Look how comfortable they are jamming, that's when you know they've mastered this art...the timing of the clap at 19.25 was spot on..I'm actually writing this comment whilst listening to it throughout and am enjoying a journey! I'm sure at a rave or festival, the crowd would love this! So a suggestion, to really appreciate this, sit back, and listen, if you're not feeling it, then you're not feeling it...simple. If you think you can do better, you're more than welcome to step up to the plate and go for it, good luck to ya... Minilogue = Masters at work.
OMG!!! I love these guys!!
Peter Blanckaert
pure bliss :-) thanks guys!
My soul is shining
I like to think I know what they are doing
juno-60 legend
DRJ DanyRockJr
Hi, 1000th like ! Thank you 4 sharing. Bye DRJ.
Marti van Lin
Ian Ross
This was a great week to be a huge Minilogue fan.
i watch this at least once a month
Imagine if you had someone like Herbie hancock playing on this setup.
i do not give a s..t about comments, I just want to say this is perfect for my soul and I listened this like 182 times.
Your dance is so great. This is a great dancer!!
Aborginal XXL
I hear lots of influences of Jean Michel Jarre, but this is the deepest side of dance Jarre never could have made, although he tried hard ...
Best music for coders like me!! thx
Evgeni R
столько барахла а музыка ни о чём
MC Amalgam
live electronic music!
eh. kept waiting for something dramatic to happen sonically but nothing. still cool setup.
Maciej Kalisz
It has come to me a bit late, but better than never. We are soulmates, Minilogue. :)
I would love to hang out in the background with you guys, having a fancy drink and a jay and just enjoy your brilliant music. Your premises just look so convivial. :-)
Chris Neary
yet another reason why I want a juno 60 XD keep it up dudes!!!
Freddie C Plascencia
I really like their style!!! Pretty much everything they use is analog. Robert Moog would have really liked them.          
Stefan Neo
epic sound <3 Minilogue
great musical expression.
Freshly Baked
i think its awesome that u guys kept it minimal 
Johnathan C
Wen i saw this video first time i got crazy... Thanks you guys! :-)
Ill Ogik
Incredible feeling, listening to this.
Le Siül Dj
Its sunds pretty good, and the setup is amazing. But they could do a lot more in 20 minutes with all that stuff. Anyway great video!
Ian Hind
Refreshing to see someone not just standing in front of a laptop with a mouse and 30 VST's
Exactly the type of neighbours I would like to have!
Dewald Vorster
absolute, beautiful 
hans wurst
Roberto Facchini
Feel sorry for the people who don't get this. Incredible
Dimitri Stavropoulos
Am I the only one who recognized More Blues by Pink Floyd at 17:12?
flein fjes
This changed my life! Such a smooth and mesmerizing flow, beautiful!!!
David German
Pretty good music, no matter what they used, if they have the hardware,why not show it off? There is a lot of envy in this world! Keep it up guys:-) DAVID
Mr. Brillz
Their music reminds me of the How It's Made soundtrack. "It's important that the fleeb is rubbed, becasue the fleeb has all the fleeb juice"
Dennis Stennis
Mado Emad
Wow .. Guys.. I want to live with yours 😁 hope to be a professional producer one day
John Doe
why aren't they wearing V-shirts?
Sacco Belmonte
Love it, great work, very hypnotic. Thumbs up!
awesome setup, very inspiring! thanks for posting this
mind blowing...
10:04 It seems that key must´ve been broken :) (scratches head)
Mandala Fields
Thank you Folks... Great afternoon Session and total Synchronizity.... ;)
петр задунайский
so much devices and 23 min. no changes
Loke Asbjørn Brandt
This is the best track. You should make a hole cd in this style. Blomma is great for yoga. But we need this style on the danse floor ;-)  
love these guys. intergration genious.
ad libitum
What a Playground !! Miniliouge stunning as always, love their workflow :)
master piece! #minilouge
Shannon McDowell
Wow, this was brilliant!  Amazing how hypnotic and evolving the soundscapes were throughout the session.  Very inspirational for me!
Trai Collins
So much gear....I think I had love the vibe of guys got a new fan in me.
Gordon Langridge
Absolutely outstanding, hypnotic.
JANXEN with an X
Christian Krämer
WOW! Amazing setup. keep going on this fabulous way to doing music. The Techno Scene needs more artist like you, this keeps this music alive!
Felix Gaspare
Holy shit :O this setup looks so epic :D
Diderich Langmannen
Simply great! Nothing more left to say.
One sync at 127, another at 127.1, another at 63.5 (1/2)... But why 127.1?
Excellent stuff, brilliant to see (and hear) the SH-101 in its pride of place :)
Ni Ck
Xcelent -.-
As a Bass Player i am missin da Bass ! Interrested? Contact. Me! Yours truly dillinger
They freaking sampled Pink Floyd, greatness!!
Thank you Minilogue and Ableton for this and your software! i got the akai mpk 25 and ableton live lite 8 and i am having lots of fun with it it is definitely a process to learn but so many things you can do! i plan on getting the full version suite 9 and an 88 key keyboard midi probably the akai mpk, just getting into music making, i cant wait to be able to put something like this together and get it up on youtube and find out out to finalize it and find a way to get it on soundcloud and my ipod too thatd be so awesome to hear my own beats!
lupa anubis
really nice guys, thank you ;-)
Carl Phoenix
Inspirational! Such talent!
Jens Zygar
so well done! great electronic music at its best! thanky you, keep on doing this good stuff, my wish would be,...I would love to see you using some vocoder doing somelittle huiiiijuiiiiiii yuuuuuuuuu°°°°°°° ssss  :-)
awesome job guys! thank you!
Marco Marcola
Muito Foda!!!
Esteban Polanco Lepe
Darren Taylor
Crisp sounds nice equipment flows nicely but
Now this is the meaning of real quality
So to every of these 200 dislikes and contra comments: what have you done with your pirating software it worth to be on itunes or press on cd/vinyl: show it !
Pure harmony.. Words really can't describe it any better! Thanks for uploading, and where can I pay money for listening to these guys? Any albums out??
Olivier Samsoen
Thank you for Being and Sharing this.
To be honest, with all that awesome gear, set-up and creative routing I would have expected something more mesmerizing. Nice to see, but musical wise disappointing
Andrew Schiavone
This video changed my life
Joe Charriez
I would like to do this with someone . free minded people :D
g 13
Amazing session.. Bravo!!!
GoldenFingerJams R
Music to my ears :) great stuff guys, a fan from los angeles . Love your jam session really sweet sounds you have going. Lovvveee it
Dexter from laboratory
Pure art!!!!!
Marian Sell
i just signed in to youtube for the first time, just so i can click the "thumbs up" button. this is so good.
what a masterpiece! amazing flow!
Giulio M
Rik Ln
366 EDM kids dislike this
Porcelain Beats ™ Official
Totally feeling it! Real stuff <3
Jonathan Ulery
I like it but shouldn't it be called "Juno Jam" 😁 nice work!