GTA V - PC Trailer - 1080p / 60 fps

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Same game with same story ,same characters, same plots, same ends same maps, same missions......but better graphic and FPS? Shut up and take my money
My only purpose of having a ps4 has disappeared, prepare for Gta V on pc! Now i'll just throw my ps4 out the window.
I still remember that hype about GTA V on PC
cool (sorry for my english)
Spartacus Smith
Everyone talking about graphics and shit, fuck off. Like seriously, look at the details of this trailer! Look at the shells ejecting from that minigun, look at how the heli blades actually spin instead of just being a circle texture, look at how every raindrop hits in different places.
Ali Magdy
Why are PC gamers such assholes? Why do they keep calling every console player a "Console Peasant"? Why can't they just accept that somebody is playing on another platform than they do? I understand that PC's are more powerful and have cheaper games, but what's the need to offend other players?
Daniel Keem
Thanks for beta testing console peasants.
screw 60 fps.. gonna be playing at 144fps :-)
GTA 5 is the best game of the world!!!
darrnell anderson
Fucking Pc pesants this ain't nun compared to my gamecube
Parti 69420
Guys here are my specs: Titan X with 12 GB of VRAM Intel i7-5960X, 16 cores at 3.5 GHz 32 GB RAM 3 TB Hard Drive Can I run tetris on low graphics with at least 15 FPS?
Proud of my pc because she can run this game like in the trailer
KarmaKing Alex
How man frames per mile will I get on my google chrome book?
It's so SMOOTH!! Fuck consoles, I'm getting a Gaming PC!!
Captain Falcore
Thanks for testing the BETA version for us console owners. We can now enjoy the full game thanks to your efforts.
Kamil Yılmaz
Grand Theft Auto VI Coming Soon PC 2021
Shirou Emiya
Titled 60 fps, 1080p. Video quality 720p
Albert Dragan
back then i saw the graphics. it was like WHOA. but now its just a meh
Watching people argue about PC vs console is hilarious. You all look retarded.
Bestrick 1022
Where are all those console peasants now ?
Илита смотрит в качестве 360р , 30 фпс
Grim Shadow
Goose McLoose
Why did I buy the beta first?
"Next gen" consoles.  lol
Sankar Gs
coz gta v is a heavy graphics game thats why they take 1 year for pc version gud job rockstar
The longest three days in my life.
Baku Bhogle
The game floats like butterfly, stings like a bee, runs so fast even console peasants can't see.
earthworm jim
an absolute classic, a work of art, a legendary game,  enjoy this masterpiece PC gamers :)
nikhil gupta
on 60 fps this game is a dream <3
jhonatan orlando
I remember how much I've cried watching this trailer.... Now R* do the same with RDR2
Yoshitsune Cr
Yassir Rossel
60fps are like magic
Andrey Dimitrov
I see how peoples are trying to hate rockstar but they just cant their games are too damn good!
Ah, what GTA V was always meant to be. <3
Remember those days back in 2013 & 2014, when the peasants bragged and said Rockstar ain't releasing GTA 5 for PC, while they inadvertently were beta testing the game? *Laughs in PCMR* 😆😂🤣
Elliot Stone
(*insert comment about a console here*) Get bashed by virgins.
Intel i5-4430 EVGA 04G-P4-3988-KR GeForce GTX 980 4GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Classified ACX 2.0 Video Card 8GB ram Can i run it ultra 60 fps+?
Bartholomew Cubbins
Can I run it in 4K/60fps with my current build? ASUS Rampage V Extreme (Bluetooth/WiFi Onboard) Intel Extreme Core i7 5960X Octa-Core 3.0GHz (3.5GHz TurboBoost) overclocked at 5.6 Ghz, liquid cooled 1.5 Kilowatt Corsair AX1500i Quad overclocked Liquid Cooled 12GB NVIDIA GTX Titan X 64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 2400Mhz (8x8GB) 1TB Samsung 850 Evo Series ASUS 31.5" PQ321Q 4K UHD LED Monitor
_ fiaseal
Ok, Should sell my Ps4 now..
dvir fight
I can not wait
this just crushes every console game there is except maybe the last of us (very good game)
I experience 60fps everyday IN REAL LIFE
ProfineDoesStuff :/
Console runs like at 40. Once you play once on PC at 60, you realize how shit console is.
Ezio Auditore da Firenze
Could run it on my HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC?  Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU   M480 @ 2,67 GHz    2,67 GHz RAM:   6.00 GB (5.80 GB can be used) System type: 64 Bit My Laptop is very old, but I just want to be sure that my friend is wrong and it really cant run. Even on low settings.. Thanks
CPU: baked potato giga titan X with melted cheese in the middle RAM: Two french fries Motherboard:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) GPU: Trojan magnum extra large condom ( I had sex with it on to overclock it) Can this run GTA V on PC at 800000000i 92848501749491047849194848390184748483893910384 frames per nano second?
Efren Arevalo
To all console testers, Thank you for beta testing GTA V Best Regards, PC gamers
Anh Dương Trần
Why they deleted this trailer?
This looks amazing! But enough with the "thank you for beta testing this game, console gamers." We all know in 1 week of the release there'll be more mods on PC than there ever were on console. xD
Does anyone know the music to this trailer?
Victor S
They released it on consoles to make a quick buck and refine the game. Now after much waiting it has come to the PC, the platform that has always been and always will be. Years from now when the ps4 and xbox one are dead and gone, people will still play this game on this PC. This is the definitive version of GTA V, the way it has always been meant to be played and will be played.
Song name is: "Alan Partridge - Great Banter" You're welcome m8s.
I never played this game, ever! I didn't own a PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox1. So I never played this game. Never played it at a friend's house either. I'm getting it for my PC as my 1st time playing it. I'm going to have a better first time experience with this game on PC because of the graphics than those that first experienced this on PS3 or Xbox 360.
Patience is finaly about to pay off!!! Not touched V on any console (as ive not owned once since 2012) and my haswell/280X combo are gonna see me right on Monday
Thanks to the alpha/beta testers of GTA 5. We appreciate your patience thru various shortcomings of your build. Let us be hyped for Ver 1.0!!
I don't really care about better graphics, cus i already played It on 360. I care about incoming trillions of epic gameplay overhaul, car, fun, extended content MODS *.* (also i said that i don't care about graphics but i cannot deny that I'm waiting for icenhancer for this game, even if my potato will lag asf xD)
Gank Patrol
CPU: i7 3887K Dolce and Gabbana Limited Edition RAM: 6GB + 4 GB RAID 0 MODE HD: Corsair Vengence 1TB Graphics Card: Sony Bravia KDL40W605 Power Supply: SGS 2.8 kVA Heavy Duty Portable Petrol Generator Motherboard: Super Soaker Double Drench Limited Edition (bargain) Case: IKEA Kallax Super Storage Unit Mouse: MAD CATZ RAT9 Wireless MW3 Edition w/ MMORPG Button Setup Keyboard:  1922 Corona No. 3 Folding Portable Typewriter w/ Case & Manual REST KEY HDMI Cable: Gold Plated Deluxe Red Edition Twin Channel Xtreme Headphones: Default Apple iPhone 3G Headphones w/ Noise Canceling Speakers: Dr Dre Pill XL (red & black) Monitor: Kodak Relflexa Diamotor think i can run mid/high settings?
Alexander T
FAYA © ... PC POWER : )
Knüppelkasten LP
can i use this in my youtubevidio?
me dio sueño la cancion
Nick Drago
GTA V is honestly the ultimate video game. It's nice to see how much it has grown since its original 2013 release. Can't wait to finally play the PC version next week.
E. Camilo
Computer > Console ! Always did .. Always do!
Gunchaa PH
Thank you console gamers for testing the game for us, PC gamers ;) Now we're on!
Dash Lambda
Only 60FPS? The game looks good, but it doesn't look that good. Unless, of course, they're referring to mid-range systems, in which case... Wow, consoles really are underpowered. But really now, that game is what people are getting all excited about? It looks fine and I'm sure it's fun for a few days, but the graphics aren't astonishing and it's just another GTA game.
what song is that
Thanks for beta testing this game console players! And now bring in the real thing!
pcgaming today
Thanks for beta testing the game console peasants!!!
Patricio Fenoglio
All these "check out my specs" its just lame
The Patriarch
I know my specs arent good enough just yet but as I wait for the new parts to come, will I be able to play GTA V with out lag if I run it on on low settings? Processor: Intel Core i3 4130 Memory: 8 GB GPU: Intel HD Integrated Graphics (it sux i know -__-) Hard Drive: 1 TB
im sorry consoles... you have been rekt with graphics
Can i run? Intel Celeron 1 GB RAM HD 100MB Cooler : (Fan and Ice from my fridge)
Como você fez com os direitos de autor?
Warning! Incoming "can my pc run it" comments
Captain Krunchz
My eyes feel a lot better watching this instead of the 30fps version. Goddamnit pc did it again
Edwin Dominator
Shoutout to the console users for beta testing this game :)
console boys big dream!!!!
Gnome MG
You can have it now PC peasants, was a great game.
Cpt. Knight
sht !!!!!!!! I just changed my pants. now the trailer made me pissed again...
Going to be so smug when i go into gamestop and turn in my 360 version to help buy steam cards. Putting dat hardware to use. Can't wait for GTA V PC.
Super Mecha Death Potatoe Of Death Beta
Cool, you pc gamers will finally get to experience this epic game and it looks absolutely fantastic. I hope they make a good port and not pull a ubisoft!
Why So Serious
Depois vem consolista dizer que não tem diferença entre 30 e 60 Frames, pra quem usa esse argumento, tem sérios problemas de visão.
Booker Dewitt
Song Name: MNDR- Lock & Load feat. Killer Mike
Alguien vino por HuevaGam3Pl4s¿ PD:ya se que ya salió el juego xD
The Zuccening
my dinky little laptop cant even handle the fucking trailer... D: I AM NOT WORTHY
You guys think i can run it maxed out? CPU: Intel Core i9 7790k @ 5.0Ghz GPU: AMD R11 590x RAM: Kingston Hyper X Predator 32Gb ddr4 Mobo: Asus Saberthooth z117 Mark 1
Just take my money already.... I can't wait for tonight! I have it preloaded.
Guys why rockstar didn't upload this video on YouTube
I'm drooling :3
I cannot wait!
A big shout out to all prev gen console peasants out there for beta testing GTA v. Without you, GTA V wouldn't be on PC. regards, The PC Master Race
Those shoes make the game perfect
aaa noc
Me moje Viendo Esto.
Sander Dol
Can I run this game at 4k ultra settings with these specs ? Intel hd graphics 100 ddr1 128 mb vram integrated 256mb ram ddr1 16gb HDD Windows 95 16 bit
Emir Pırlant
Take a muussiiicc
Martin Morc
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I feel like this game was severely crippled by last gen. :(
Space Core
How is the song called? ¿Cómo se llama la canción? Wie heißt der Song?