► Inter Milan 3-2 Bayern Munich 2011 UCL Round of 16 2nd Leg All Goals & Extended Highlight HD/720P

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Pet Wussy
Still remember this. Bayern could have scored 3-1, 4-1, 5-1 etc but Inter was hanging on and showed a lot of heart. One of the best champions League matches in the last 10 years.
Darko Naumcevski
Grande Pandev
Raymond Hartmeijer
Inter in those years really had a strength of character to turn matches around, it appears some of that has come back.. started well against Spurs and PSV
mapi 85
One of the best games i ever watched grande pandev
Saswata Roy
That was a phenomenal game. It still gives me goosebumps
dark side
Pandev ❤❤❤❤🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰
Erwin Kaka
2010 munchen loses, 2011 munchen loses again inter oh inter incredible
Andre Moraes
Breno was trash Ikd why Bayern hired this weak sck er cheap player with no quality
Cooper Rush
Until Ajax beat Real Madrid a few weeks ago this was the only time in UCL history that a team won a UCL knockout tie after losing the first leg at home.
Mita Mukherjeeroy
What a game that was!
Nihilistic Lover 91
Gomez <3 Favorite German Striker
Paul Andrée Castillo
Como interista es inevitable sentir la misma emoción de aquel día. Ojalá el Inter vuelva a ser lo que fue.
17 yıl önce
Lil Goku
Ranocchia was terrible , right now skriniar is way much better
Mohamed Abdihakim
forzo inter
Tuấn Le
Toàn sút xa vc
Jair Emanuel
Donde puedo ver el partido completo diganme porfa se los agradeceria mucho.
Sadly after this.. Inter lost to schalke 5-2 after another error red card by ranocchia
Grande Machedone!!!
To this day, I still don't get over how Bayern could actually lose that game. They should've lead by four or five goals at half-time. They were too stupid that day.
Sadly after these match, inter lose at home against schalke😔
Abdulmajeed Alotaibi
Bayern was much better than inter but if they have better finisher they will win this game
Murodjon Ibragimov
как же я скучаю тот Интера вернитесь ребята