Best Pole Dance Fail Compilation 2015

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Girls, Girls, Girls !!! What can be more funny then Girl who fails at pole dancing You will like this compilation. Enjoy Watching! Original links: /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> /> />

Vicky G.
wow. people really need to learn to set their poles up properly before throwing their entire body weight in a leaping spin onto it. They also need to not buy shitty, cheap poles and expect them to hold their weight while they do spins. Tsk Tsk.
thousands sparkles forever
2:41 oh my god WTF OMFG
lol everybody has to skip to 0:58 lol
Brandy P.
What was up with the girl who twisted her arm 0.o
Your description box is A1. I don't think I've ever seen a video where the compilation creater gives credit to the original makers. ✨👌🤗
Niasjah Henson
Magrette Swindells
3:13 they're fighting for real hahahahahaha
Sydney Carpenter
wtf was that 2:33-2:50
That first one looked painful... wait... you can't see pain...
Bristol Williams
3:12 lollololol
Allen Angelo
What is the song on 3:04 .. Kinda rock.. Ilove the beat
thousands sparkles forever
johnny S.
"My grandmas bed, ohh" LoL
Grasshopper80s4ever .oldford
My friend was at a strip club that was filled with a bunch of local strippers and most of them are overweight and one of them broke the damn pole she ripped the screws right out of the ceiling. He said when she hit the floor the whole floor in the place literally shook. Another friend of mine his uncle used to own a strip club but he gave it up because he couldn't find any strippers that didn't look like crack whores or extremely overweight or single mothers over 30 and wall hit
CaitlinK nee Welch
GET WELL SOON! & I hope you all heal!
Sweet peaches
2:51 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Music Lyrics
Why do the poles always fall from the top?
red beans n rice
Bendy The Devil
1:07 this one made me dying
Jenna Lozoya
2:27 was HILARIOUS 😂
V Has
And the light bulbs funny
icey tube101
tatanga-tsnga pa kasi!!!!
V Has
Ice And Fire 13
its so funny blehbleble
V Has
That must be painful landing on there heads and some people didn't do anything about it
Sosama Sonim
I'm like WTF TBFH at 1:51
Ice And Fire 13
Kala Le-Failure
I hope this video teaches you...stay in school .-.
lia lorenzo
skip to 4:22
Olivia Garcia
Magrette Swindells
Pablo Cazali
Jules Carvalho
watched only the first one...and that's not funny (refering to your desciption above the video), huge disslike
First video...very dangerous...
Connie Minga
:17 " mom !!! "
Say My Name
It’s funny because they all are half naked and trying so hard to be sexy but end up hurt in the most horrific way
Xiao Gao
OMG that fat woman she seriously put a cushion between the pole and the ceiling!!! What kind of idiot is that!?