The Rolling Stones - Ride 'Em On Down

Taken from Blue & Lonesome, the brand new album out now. Buy it at />Directed by François Rousselet />Produced by Natalie Arnett Riff Raff Films /> /> /> /> />The Rolling Stones - Best of

dang the new twilight movie actually looks pretty cool.
Crooked TV
Kristen Stewart playing GTA V. Oh! it reminds me of LOS SANTOS
Vizzy D
I aceppt that I came for Kristen, anyways what a song😍🎶
Pechlivanidis Dimitris
i dont know which one is best... the car, the chick or the song???!!!
Maybe I'm gay
living for this post apocalyptic lesbian aesthetic 😍
Me when i get my driver's license
She's perfect to incarnate the Rolling Stones spirit ♥
Carol Walker
She’s so sexy 😳
Juan Jimenez
Am i the only one here who came for the '68 Mustang Fastback?
F. B. I.
This is good for an apocalyptic scenario. Driving your mustang through abandoned cities banging this song at full volume. *FREEDOM INTENSIFIES*
hot chick, mustang ,and the stones... what's not to like
Rock'n'roll is not dead, thanks God
Ana Paula Pacheco
she´s too hot for this world
Major Vader
Reportense los que hablan español! 😉.
Cami Dominique
Kristen is so hot I can't stop watching this. Great song too 🔥
sabiniano maia
Its official, I want marry with Kristen Stewart...i think im gay for she!
Bonni McKeown
The Stones honor Chicago's heaviest post-World War II blues creators by covering their songs in this Grammy winning album. This song "Ride em on Down" is by guitar great Eddie Taylor, who created boogie and "lump" licks that made Chicago famous. On "Blue & Lonesome," the Stones cover tunes by Willie Dixon, Magic Sam, Little Walter, Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf. Never forget where this stuff comes from.
Vernon Allen
i just hate when I am driving along and a zebra just walks across the road!
Gustavo Schmitt
Kristen and Stones....... thats hot!
Sweet Silence
good song, good car, good chick THERE WE GO
Dario Saul
Todo espectacular ¡¡¡ ,Maestros
She is a goddess
Steven Stiles
Kristen Stewart dancing barefoot in a torn white t-shirt and blue jeans. She's 26 years old and 5'5"tall. Back to her natural brown hair and green eyes. My favorite barefoot female celebrity.
Eli Orellana
Yes, I came for Kristen!
Fabienne Claire
Kristen Stewart playing********love Jane
Wan Ontalay
My God she is a nice chick
loay saleh
views only bec. Kristen Stewart
Michalina S
Bella Swan after breaking up with Edward
Tormass 80
Che Bella !!!!
V R sondarava
Kristen fan 👍👍👍👍
J Rand
I know she's gay, but I don't care - she's smoking HOT in this video!! 😍
44 yuXXin
The Rolling Stones never die ;)
I'm a simple person, I see Kristen Stewart, I click.
Tadas Blinda
She got big big BALLS !!!!
Elsie Joanes
i fancy Kristen Stewart . 😍
Thiago Silva
What's name of blue car of video? I'm Brazillian and i don't know speak inglesh right.
Gustavo Fernandez Patilla
Alguien de PERÚ?
Ross Goodman
I've never wanted to be a blue lollipop so bad in my life!
Katherin Gómez
Éste vídeo es el dueño de todas mis fantasías
Zosia001 Spoko
Kristen is sooo hot 😏😏
Сергей Абрамов
Кристен впоряде,роллинги тоже )
Хару Мамбру
The girl, musang, blues is a beautiful combination. From Ukraine.
Barclay Robertson
The Rolling Stones ✔ Kristen Stewart ✔ Mustang ✔ All in one video. Genius.
Lisseth López
Mike Cusumano
Perfect mix ! Smoking hot K.S. in a blue stang pickin the steering wheel...Stones Rule
Kony Gastelum
La mejor banda de rock en el mundo por supuesto los stones
LFD Fede Ferraro
Remember that Edgard use to like this (the journalist that at the early 80's, during the war of Malvinas was to living to Europa, where he worked for the Latinoamerican Service of London). Edgardo Antoñana, hasta este año conductor de TN, trabajó durante la guerra de Malvinas en el Servicio Latinoamericano de la BBC de Londres. Allí estaba cuando se desató en la Argentina la guerra de las Malvinas; volvió al país con el comienzo de la democracia. Use to like this new tune when he presented in tv for all the argentinian country. Very serious journalist was Edgardo, from channel TN, Argentina, and he gone to the other side two weeks ago maybe singing this... who knows. RIP Edgardo we gonna miss you... master of journalism, lot of knowledge you gave to us. Recuerdo que a Edgardo Antoñana el de TN, in Argentina, le gustó esta canción, y cuando se estrenó este año, que fue noticia mundial presentada por él, Edgardo declaró algo así como que "Linda la composición. Tiene ritmo de rock n roll". That was he said about the song, showing this same video. He knew a lot about culture and history, very much for this time.
I feel like we just seen the real Kristen Stewart and not her acting in a video 😍
Como siempre, todo genial con Los Rolling, su musica y su video.... Mi pregunta: Alguien se ha fijado que Kristen Stewart saca al pricipio del video una bola azul de la expendedora ( que parece ser una bola de chicle XL) y luego en el coche esta comiendo un Chupa Chups!!!????? (Chupa Chups: caramelo con palo.....por si alguien no lo sabia)
Montserrat Hernández Flores
Aquí Stevewart tiene un poco más de presencia y actitud que en el nuevo videoclip de Interpol.
The__Mr.Physics ✅
Vintage American cars are as cool as it gets.
pamela polhamus
Crazy, the band still sounds the same as in the 70's. Bad Boys are back, Just wicked.
The world needs more videos like this
Cardio Fk
Best song for touring 🚗🚗
Надежда Плясунова
Мне хочется плакать...😭
Who's the hottie in the video?
Kristen Stewart, The Rolling Stones, Mustang.... It's heaven?
Perla Rodriguez
La combinación perfecta.
Kristen Stewar
Idem forever 👧
Marcelo Silva
Rock, muscle car, nice girl, guauuuuuuuuu
Julia's Playlists
It's cringe and sexy at the same time
Bapi Routh
Kristen Stewart is world number 1
der Finger
Look at these cool Mustang Fastback, listen to this great sound.....drink a beer - and all problems are gone (for the moment) 🤘
james d
Wow these kids can really go somewhere if they keep this up.
Daniel Finiarski
The most beautiful sound in this music is a sound of mustang engine But song is great
Xiomara Rosur
solo vine a ver a Kris
alex Payan jr
The fact Kristen can drive my dream car and she's enjoying it omg kill me😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
elisa a
the rolling stones and kristen wow my life looks so good now
Артур Романов
О боже Кристина
Paola Ponticelli
Her "attitude" fits with this song PERFECTLY
Valentina Gómez
Ruth Koshy
espat muerto
Tambien ay fans latinoamericanos de esta legendaria banda de rock n roll y somos millones
Ornella Gandini
OMG! This is the first time I see this video!!!! I came here looking for some Rolling Stone's classics... and I found this! I didn't know Kristen Stewart did this performance! WONDERFUL!!! I love her!
Anushka Sati
🤘this video rocks!
Kimberley L
1:17 Damn .... sexy! ^^
The Camcorder
Kristen, a Mustang and the Rolling Stones.. nice mix!!!
Smith June
I adore this lady. Pretty rock.
Nisa Yağmur Koç
Bella degilmi lan bu alacakaranliktaki
enrique estrella
Ford Mustang is rock!
- Vargas98
La putaa madre Me partio la cabeza!!! PEDAZO DE TEMAAAAAAAA
Billie Bob Streep
Kristen oh my god ! so hot !
Jutta Guettler
The Blues Album of the stones — MY ABSOLUT FAVOURITE — and kristen stewart is doing a great job
Leandro Machado
Amazing , super awesome, Rollingstone ....
Roberto Alzate
Es una estrella. Kristen es lo maximo.
Ilya Klimov
What a car?
*turns lesbian*
Sandhika Wirendra
Sexy Kristen !!
Art Ads
Riders on the stormmmm....tingidinginging...
Zuley skate
I love the rolling stones
Tomasz Stefaniuk
The Stones so-so, the chick so-so, but the wheels!!!!!!
im very very gay
chivalry aint dead
"You should probably get outta here" Deyuuum
Gustavo Javier Parisi
Pretty Pretty Pretty she... =)
Владек Усманов
It is real classical music! Salut from Russia!