The Rolling Stones - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Hampton Live 1981 OFFICIAL

From the album "Hampton Coliseum (Live 1981)" available from /> Watch the full concert now: /> The Rolling Stones performing ʺ(I Can't Get No) Satisfactionʺ at the Hampton Coliseum, Virginia, USA on the 18th December 1981. Halfway through the song a fan invades the stage and heads for Mick, Keith sees the intruder, and uses his Fender Telecaster to wipe him off the stage. satisfaction, satisfaction. 'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try. I can't get no, I can't get no. When I'm drivin' in my car and a man comes on the radio he's tellin' me more and more about some useless information supposed to fire my imagination. I can't get no, oh no no no. Hey hey hey, that's what I say. I can't get no satisfaction, I can't get no satisfaction. 'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try. I can't get no, I can't get no. When I'm watchin' my TV and a man comes on to tell me how white my shirts can be. Well he can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke the same cigarrettes as me. I can't get no, oh no no no. Hey hey hey, that's what I say.

You can see the fan at 1:10, and then Richards reading for a home run at 1:15. Swing!
People, you have to remember that when that guy ran on stage, he was coming right at Mick, and this was 1981, just a few months after John Lennon was shot and killed in Dec. 1980. A lot of rock stars were on edge. Anyway, Keith bailed the guy out of jail later that night. Why? 'Cause he's Keith, that's why.
Emil Kovachev
it's cool to see a concert with NO flashing phones
Jack Mehoff
Keith saw that idiot coming at him and knew what to do -- then goes right back to playing guitar -  awesome!
Peter Loew
1:14 - "This guitar doesn't sound quite right. I think it might sound better if it gets shaken around violently. Will someone help me with that by grabbing it and shaking it back and forth with me?" 1:24 - "That's better."
Incringeous 18
Lol. Keith Richards a savage
This IS Rock n Roll. Keith rockin' out. Man runs on stage, breakin the rules. Keith beats him with the guitar. Man runs away with security chasing. Keith continues rockin' as if nothing happened. Now..... this is a Rock n Roll show. 
winslow wong
Hahaha Keith swinging his guitar is some real rock and roll shit.
Ok, officially a good Stones show when Richards swings his guitar at, and hits a stage crashing fan.
Gary White
I was there on the floor, fairly close to the stage (probably in some of the overhead crowd shots as the camera boom was constantly hovering around).  It's funny that I don't have a clear memory of the guy running up on the stage (maybe because it happened so fast and the balloons were in the way? Maybe because it's been 33 years?).  I do clearly remember the balloons though and I'm fairly sure that I took one home though it's since been lost to time. One of the things that really struck/surprised me about this show is how friggin' good they were.  I had sworn that I wasn't going to go because I really hated what I considered at the time to be their "disco sellout" Emotional Rescue album.  I had seen them in 1978 on the Some Girls tour and they were awesome and I just knew that they were going to suck this time with their new crap music.  I don't remember the exact details but somehow I ended up going at the last minute (a friend called up with a deal I couldn't refuse or something like that). My low expectations were soon completely bowled over by the incredible electricity in that place.  There was also that feeling you get when you know that you're witnessing musicians/performers that are just at another level.  What was really amazing about the experience is that except for the Mick Taylor years the Stones aren't really known for their complex musicianship/arrangements (IMHO) but there was something somewhat intangible that put the show way over the top in spite of that.  It's obviously something that has to be experienced firsthand in order to fully get it.
Jennifer Garibay
not enough balloons.
Master Blaster
Wow. Jagger sounds like crap. Never heard him sound so bad.
Phil Iglesias
Lol at 1:16 I thought Keith got out his guitar to hit the balloons away
1:14 Well, This is real Rock'n'Roll
Yeremia Patuan
I like the way Keith swang his Telecaster to the attacker, and when Mick said ooooo yeah!
Michael Lantz
Was Mick Jagger a self-taught dancer?
Grumpy Flyweight
Why was Keith hitting that man that was running on the stage while the balloons were falling?
Kyle Smith
how does keef manage to play in time, bludgeon someone with his Tele & keep going like business as usual?. #KEEF
My dad was at this show..He got me into the stones..Finally have the chance to see them live tomorrow night in Raleigh..STOKED
Julie Amico
When Keith has to fight off that fanXD
The Tlecaster stayed perfectly in tune after 1:15 ... what an awesome guitar, now I know why Keef use it.
Josh Walman
1:15 mick: "just keep dancing"
Jagger is something else.
roger manns
nice bass tone, great all together.
Plenty of Jelly
I love how Watts stops playing when the guy comes on stage then immediately restarts once he realises Keef's got it covered
Laura Spillane
Keith 😂😂👏
Aragorn Elessar
I wonder how much one of those balloons would be worth now...
Chris John
"I'd rather die than be 45 and still singing Satisfaction" - Mick Jagger
persada teto teto
Jagger still looks cools
I was out in the audio truck mixing the show. That was an amazing moment!
Ben Williams
1:10 And the security guard loses his job.. 🎸
Gabriela Guzman
Ls años siguen pasando y lo mejor dl mundo son ls rolling stones
Douglas Schmidt
Rolling Stones = Rock´n`Roll   Rock´n`Roll = Rolling Stones
Keith Richards fighting a fan! WTF :/
I now realise Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs looked a lot like Mick Jagger 😐
Adrian Da Vinci
Hubblebub Lumbubwub
The punkest arena rock band ever
painless cs
As if you're watching this in 2016 👀
Te 420
Nulpi Vilchez
cesar niz
Rolinga y STONE hasta que me muera !
kristi schrittwieser
Mick was so crazy, lol. This is just how he was when I saw him in concert.
Rachel Savage
Noel brought me here!!! Yfsf
Alexander Kuczyk
Keef. Hits him in the head, kicks him in the Balls and then hits him in the facial area with the neck of the guitar. Total Badassss
I'd be pretty bummed if I was there and THAT was the voice I was hearing sing.
Mackenzie Puetz-Bateman
Keith Richards is the ultimate guitarist,it was awesome when he hit that guy over the head
they already looked old in 81
Steve Hege
Dec. 18, 1981 Keith's birthday !!
Eriquiya Aceituna
Jajaajja creo q varios leyeron Beautifull Disaster (Travis eres un jodido coedependiente)
LakeRouge 9
Bill always doesn't look happy.
Dante Daniel Lane
I wish the dude who got hit would tell his side of the story
LOL, I just watched Jamie Fox's impersonation of Mick Jagger and I have to say it was on point....
Ned D.
One of the worst performances of one of the best songs of all time.
Javi Mestra
el guitarrazo y con  patada incluida de Richards al loquito que se sube a la tarima jajajajajajaja
Selina Kyle
Wow... Comparing this performance with the weakest Freddie Mecury live vocals (if they exist) I'm kinda shocked because The Stones are so iconic... Really?
Emily Marie
Crowds love balloons.
james reinolds
keith richards rules
Carlos Ferrarini
Ki show , d +++
Suria Ganthan
The anthem of the summer of 65 continues to live on in movies & a pub near U.
Arda Dolanay
What happened around 1:16, it looked like the guitarist was trying to hit a boy that entered the stage.
Gelato Seven
Travis! :))
LOL minute 1:17 jajaja ... GO HOME F*%$&? FAN !!
Sydney Sage
Travis Maddox brought me here.
Saddam Khadafi
this music make me laugh so hard
Mr. Travis Maddox brought me here.
1:15 You shall not pass!!!
Cris Marcial
Doni Kuntoro
1:17 wtf!!
Ребята, да это же наркоманы
Kevin Campbell
Guess who forgot the lyrics.
hillo hutabarat
best performances concert i ever see.... crazy natural perform..
Those ballons are fun.
Juan Manuel Méndez Alvarez
La buena ,música nunca,se pasa
Evilasio Graciano
muito bom.
Jamie Muir
what happened at 1.16
epique wenqa aka epik
what the hell's happening at 1:16??? looool
Kit McCloskey
Only the best rock and roll song ever!
Casually continues playing guitar after trying to ko someone with it haha love it
Durden X
Keith Richards is so badass. A true highlander, indeed!
Raquel Ochoa
Travis Maddox me trajo aquí
josh mauri
Porque se enojo en el minuto 1:14 alguien ayuda
too much drug will end up like this mess xD
jairo llane
1:15 guitarrazo!!! jajaja
Valentina Otal-Pradas
Jay Perkinsen
I can get no e-e-eraction!
By Bils
Travis ♥♡
CRYKrafter [ArtC] | Motion Design
Phlokie Punk
1:13  WTF???  Yo sigo cantando !! 
arif abdulrahman
Judite Costa
Lidia Dias
Começando o dia !!  Bora caminhar !!
I have an idea!!! If we dump enough balloons on the concert, nobody will care what the band sounds like!
itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis
@ 1:14 KLOMP!
I'm the 1'000 comment but I can't get no satisfaction
~ Jagger's new song " I can't get no medicaid".
David Elinson
when the musical performance becomes mediocre and complacent, boy, is mick's voice worthless or what? always drop balloons to distract the audience.   If this is the world's greatest rock and roll band, rock and roll was in serious trouble so so long, ago. 
Geng 99
humm sounds like some white something came this way
O sem foto
1:14 WTF ????????
Mejjes Janos
is jagger still alive?