The 69 Eyes - Helsinki Vampires Live At Tavastia DVD

Tracklist: 1- Crashing High 2- Angel on my Shoulder 3- Paris Kills 4- Gothic Girl 5- Velvet Touch 6- Don't Turn Your Back on Fear 7- Blessed Be 8- Sleeping with Lions 9- Betty Blue 10- Radical 11- Still Waters Run Deep 12- The Chair 13- Wasting the Dawn 14- Dance D'Amour 15- Framed in Blood 16- Stigmata 17- Brandon Lee

Jorge Ferrufino
1- Crashing High 1:22 2- Angel on my Shoulder 5:16 3- Forever More 9:29 4- Gothic Girl 13:50 5- Velvet Touch 18:26 6- Don't Turn Your Back on Fear 23:15 7- Stolen Seasons 27:16 8- Sleeping with Lions 32:20 9- Betty Blue 36:23 10- Radical 40:24 11- Still Waters Run Deep 44:18 12- The Chair 48:33 13- Wasting the Dawn 52:56 14- Dance D'Amour 58:40 15- Framed in Blood 1:02:40 16- Stigmata 1:08:05 17- Brandon Lee 1:12:50
This band is so underrated, but I love it
misaki stalker
I never knew Elvis Presley had reicarnated into a goth rocker
Patrick Valo
one of my favorite live concerts
Spalinger Evgeniya
OMG this is sooooo good!!!! It makes me wanna dye my hair black again!!!
Um garoto Kpopper
Espero que um dia essa banda venha para o Brasil, não custa nada sonhar né...
Skull Musics
Gothic rock - Elvis Presley (⌒_⌒;)
Rubi Monroy
the 69 eyes forever ♥♥♥
juanpe armenta
me recuerdan a The Cult
Alex Ondrejkova
Stigmata ♥♥♥
Steele Pete
Angel on my Shoulder is awesome! Those popping sounds he makes never missing a beat!!!!😂😂😍😘
Codrut Mitroi
1:12:05 ..... best moment of the show, so much power in the performance
life is killing me
Es un Elvis gótico... con cabello largo😮¡¡
Music is good, but visual style is for teenager girls, at Borderline style is much better
Miroslav Caboň
Interesting. At first hearing, I didn´t like them. It sounded for me something like Fernando Ribeiro singing in the garage. But after last CD, I started like them more and more :-D This seems for me, that their show will be worth-to-visit at Masters of Rock 2016 :-D
Natyk Natyk
They are nice, but I'm going back to HIM and Ville!!!
Michelle 69
Omg i Love the band 😍❤️❤️🎸
Torstein Hamnvik
good shit!
Alfredo Sánchez Aguilar
I guess is one of the vids that I have seen the most!! I really like it!!
Paulo Gomes
LOVELY 69 Eyes my favorite Band.
Tia Maria
I really like them! Thanks for upload!!!
gayle norris
jussi is soooooooooooo hot and I know hes a gay.i also love his drumset.
where are the keyboards coming from, tapes ?
sounds good live
Sandy Murphy
they suck where is peter Steele..
Brow Ramos
Glan gótico rock de primeira!
Lucifer Sam
Perkele. Nää biisit ovat kovia edelleen...
Tony Giuffre
Jirki,Fernando Ribeiro,Peter Steele,Villie Vallo,Dave Gahan,all they are baritonal voice.And i like so much.
Chris Ortiz
Can someone tell me if are another official DVD concert. I think it's just the only one. One of my favorite band's
Stefan Penzes
Meey Bat
I love them!
King Alfonso
Helsinki hey? How do you like the new Migrants coming into your country? Enjoying the "Cultural Enrichment"?
XxxSpookyBatxxX Davis
I love Jykri 69 I have a poster of him on my door
Albert Kuzikov
Alexx O
Треки 12,13 и 14 это классика на все времена!!!
Nocturna Nostalgia
Hermoso!!! Me encanta
Stephan Smith
I listened to gothic girl and he's flat
¡¡¡¡ Buenisimo !!! Me gustan desde siempre y la voz es alucinante
Nocturna Nostalgia
Michelle 69
the 3rd track calls Forever More 😉
Lu Produções
show 2004 ?
Marlen D
Thanks for upload!! \m/ Cheers from The 69 Eyes Poland!!
Aga H
I love ^^