Your Favourite Canadian Grand Prix - 2011 Button's Epic Victory

"The win of his career" and an all-time classic - Jenson Button wins Formula 1's longest-ever Grand Prix in 2011, and F1's Twitter followers name the race their clear winner. Keep watching for exclusive insight from Jenson. For more F1® videos and all the action, anytime, anywhere, visit

Steve Langdon
Watching for 5 hours that day was so worth it
It''s beautiful :') <3
Steffan Bowen
Jenson Button's F1 Career in 1 race
Randy Lahey
Jenson knocked three guys out including his teammate lol
F1 goals those days - From P15 to P1. F1 goals these days - Keeping those Mercedes in sight. .........
Forgotten Mustard
I remember sitting until very late that night (I had school the next day). But I didn't regret a bit losing hours of sleep. It was worth it !
Hands down the most thrilling GP i have seen. Great video
Can't wait until we get to vote for our favourite Russian GP
Lynford Walker
A quiet, well mannered, underrated legend!
Kane Knightwolf
if there were ever an F1 hall of fame, JB would be in it for sure
Despite my driver Alonso being out of the race, this was the greatest win I've ever witnessed. Gained eternal respect for JB after that race.
Anthony Iuculano
This was the first time I had attended an F1 race, after 10-15 years of following it, and I was at turn 6. There couldn't have been a better time to go for the first time. I stood in the rain for four hours and saw Button pass Vettel right in front of my very own eyes, it was incredible. Such a great race in my hometown made me proud to be Canadian.
Danijel Ujčič
underrated F1 champion
Martin Schmiedt
I remember that race,i remember when Schumi got past Massa and Kobayashi in a single move and when he was just behind Vettel and i just felt like "Go Schumi this is the moment you can show that you're still the best" And even if he couldn't pass Vettel but even JB and Mark passed him still she showed why he won 7 titles.So yeah,Jenson made a brilliant race and he won it from dead last,but for me the true winner was Michael :) #KeepFightingMichael   #Youarethelegend
Certainly one of the greatest f1 races ever. I don't think I was the only one punching the air when pointy finger man lost his rear. ; )
Jenson is probably best wet weather driver in his generation
John G
It was misery sitting in the rain for hour after hour getting thoroughly soaked. Yet I'd do it again in a heartbeat.. We were sitting at turn 8, the corner right after the final pass on Vettel. The entire grandstand jumped to their feet and cheered wildly when we saw it on the screens and Button came into view down the back straight. I've been to a lot of GPs, but this is one I'll remember forever. Some people actually left the track during the rain delay. Can you imagine how stupid they must've felt afterwards?
Formula One Fan
I do like Button but I believe he ruined Alonso's and Hamilton's race
ciro esposito
oook, i really like Jenson and this is the best race of the Last five years but where is M. Schumacher in this clip? That was the best race of him since his return... The Master of Rain with a shit car.
Matt Leary
The longest-ever race, and a record that will never be broken with the four-hour time limit now in place.
Zoli Varga
Top 5 Canadian races for me are 1998, 2004, 2005, 2007 and this.
Matt Bark
I remember watching this live and being absolutely astounded as to how Button caught him
William Medhurst
Watching this back after todays emotional race. Lets hope you come back to the sport in 2018. If not and this reall is the end, then thank you for all the wonderful memoried JB. You will be eternally missed from the starting grid!
Sebastian looks really pissed on the podium. Look at him lmao.
I remember watching this live, and I also watched Max Verstappen in Brazil live. As good as Max's drive was, Jenson's was that much better.
i go as far as to say that this was the most epic race of all time
Demetri Moundros
This was the best F1 race ever
So he didn´t get a penalty for crashing 2 guys out of the race? :D
Does anyone know the name of the DnB tune playing in the background?
Sean McCormack
If it had stayed wet I reckon Michael Schumacher could have won the race. One of the greatest moments for me and my dad when he had the #1 next to him on the standings. <3 Michael
the best GP in last X years !!!
Michael Gaul
Does anyone know the song PLEASE !!!
Best race ever?
Jack Wallace
Anyone know the song/BGM?
1999 didn't win the vote, simply because they don't use Twitter as mush as the 2011 fans
spiros p
One of the best come backs in f1 history
tommy clark
anyone know the background music?
Arnas Tamkevicius
Song please? :)
Tanner USA
What is this beautiful song?
Vintage Ripstik
I desperately need the music in this video
Thomas Williams
Damn 2011, time flies. One of the best races I've watched.
Joe Reid
Good luck for the future outside of the sport of F1 Jenson, Thankyou for keeping us entertained throughout the years. ;-)
One of the greatest races of the modern era. 1998 Canadian GP was also a crazy race, runner up as the best Canadian GP in my book.
Connor Rodney
My favourite race ☺
Sean Tan
The most humble f1 driver ever
Fábio Rodrigues
Canadian GP is always so interesting, it's unbelievable how 2015 race was not so great...
At the time I thought JB drove superbly but he just knocked everyone out the way 😂
Mehmetşah Sert
Jenson seemed naughty to me tackling 2 racers
Frederick Arndt
I think it was a dirty win because he chrashed out Hamilton and another Ferrari
Tim Allan
Verstappen's race was excellent last week, but this is a far better performance.
I disagree that "all Vettel had to do was keep doing what he had done." The lap before Jenson got within DRS range and there would surely have been a showdown at the last straight. Vettel drove over the limit because he knew about that danger. In other words, Vettel was screwed. The only way for Vettel to not have been in danger was for him to push harder during the final 10 laps rather than being conservative.
JC Webb
One of the greatest drives of all time.
Freddie Blake
simply unreal, the best race I have ever seen
Hells Gift MB
Anyone know what music is used? Nice liquid drum and bass ;)
Эпичная была гонка!
Marko Nikolovski
Best race ever
Paul Eacott
Best f1 race ever
Justin Chung
I don't think it's the best Canadian Grand Prix, I believe it's the best race in F1 history.
Adriana Garcia
A TV globo preferiu colocar o futebol ao invés de esperar a chuva passar
Hells Gift MB
What song is used? It's epic!
Rio Alfarizy
jenson : WE ARE THE CHAMPION!!!!!
Asking for music on this video? Sounds nice
Andrea F1
This is one of my three favourite race ever. Simply unforgettable
Any one came after the azerbaijan gp 2017??
Sean Tan
What a win!
Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial
I've really warmed to Vettel. He's grown so much as a driver since he came into F1... every year he's improved.
John Rachinsky
Jensen’s drive that day looked like something out of an F1 video game career mode race
Сергей Хузиахметов
my favorite race!
Help me! I can't stop watching this over and over.
Best race ever?
I'm sorry but I move away from the subject :) What is your's suggest about new aero package for 2017 season ? In my opinion F1 should restore aero from 2005-2008.
Hugo Diaz
son of a b#chi wanted 2007
Leo Streat
Great race and a really well written and presented video about it . Peter Windsor is the only journo I hear / read who can describe f1 so eloquently . Give us more of these longer video's !
Sarvesh Singla
Jenson Button >>> Lewis Hamilton. Mclaren is pulling JB down.
RicBar MacNor
The best modern day FI race I've seen. Jenson was EPIC!!
"I love cake..."
andrew berridge
With these weather conditions, button in a class of his own. 👌 👍 👏 🏁
Ryan Bowles
That was a great race to watch
They should start doing these Favourite Grand Prix parts again
Rob The Green Engine
I was on holiday when this race happened and I wasn't told what had happened until a couple of days later when someone said "he passed Seb on the last lap" and I remember saying "Now that's a race I'd have wanted to see." But looking back, I'm even more gutted that I didn't get to see it.
ilkay günel
Amazin Job! Button is a so good F1 driver when he has a fast and drivable car.
Arnab Roy
Shame on you Button on sabotaging your team mate so deliberately. Feels like not a lot of drivers show respect to Hamilton.
ravindra bastari
i love his accent
Forget this being the best Canadian GP, could it be the best F1 race ever?
Aman Kumar
Jenson took out Hamilton and Alonso. He pressured Vettel so hard that he went off the track... Was this all planned?!?!?!?!?
F1 channel: thank you so much for that! <3
Sam A-R
Best race of all time :)
canada more often then not throws up a great race, i dont really understand how. its not a challenging track really, only 1 difficult corner made famous in 1999, but it still churns out a great race year after year. love to go there one day.
Raul Rashdan
his is acttually my 2nd favourite race.
nathan waskiewicz
This was the first F1 race I watched so of course Button has always been my favorite
Kingsley Ndam
Button should have been DQ'd in that race for taking out hamilton and alonso
this one... damn, it gives me goosebumps still. I remember screaming so loud my mother came running to see what had happened to me... unbelievable race, unforgettable memories, undeniable talent.
Best races ever: 5.Brazil 08, 4.Malaysia 12, 3.Hungary 15, 2.Canada 11, 1.Suzuka 05
Harry Skinters.
Absolute BEST OF BRITISH 💪🏻🇬🇧❤️
danny _r27
Amazing win in an amazing car. Gotta love the MP4/26.
Pokemon ash pikachu Rider Nagano
jenson got award: last to first wet weather driver longest race ever
Ben Tranter
Three things terminally damaged F1: 1) Even beginning to shoulder accountability for climate change. Environmental benefits of electric engines will be realised when the masses switch their power units for daily commutes, not the elite few who’s persuit should be to put a vehicle around a track as fast as humanly possible. 2) Paywall TV. Short term greedy and vile profiteering at the expense of putting F1 in the heats and minds of future generations. 3) nonsensical gimmicks such as DRS which detract from the purity of racing as it used to be.