Oscar de la Hoya vs Shane Mosley (2nd fight) / Оскар Де Ла Хойя - Шейн Мосли (2й бой)

2003.09.13 MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Championship fight for the WBC title in the 1st middleweight (3rd defense of De La Hoya) championship fight for the WBA 1st middleweight (2nd defense of De La Hoya) 2003.09.13 ЭмДжиЭм Гранд, Лас-Вегас, Невада, США Чемпионский бой за титул WBC в 1-м среднем весе (3-я защита Де Ла Хойи); чемпионский бой за титул WBA в 1-м среднем весе (2-я защита Де Ла Хойи) Support the channel without ads: VISA 4276 5208 4929 1493, WMR 212307815227, WMZ 203640659964. Поддержи канал без рекламы: VISA 4276 5208 4929 1493, WMR 212307815227, WMZ 203640659964.

Cris Cross
Oscar won this fight. This reminds me of Pacquiao vs Bradley. Corrupt judges seem to always be there
Commenting From Jail
@1:12:50 Foreman vs. Merchant
mont brink
I think odh won but you know what it karma coming back on him.Imo he lose to Ike Qurtey and sweet pea. So what go's around comes around
Jaime Perez Jr.
What about when it was done to Serum, Whitaker, Quartly by Del la hoya and Arum. Karma for him!
De La Hoya ganó claramente esta pelea. Estos jueces son unos ladrones.
9-3 De la hoya
Житель Оккупированной России
De la Hoya is the winner! fuck the judges...
Im sorry but I question Harold Lederman scorecards in both fight, in the first fight I believe Harold gave rounds to Oscar that Oscar didn't win and I believe its the same case in this fight. Harold gave rounds to Mosley that I felt should of went to Oscar. There's no way Oscar lost this fight nor was it close I have Oscar winning 10 rounds to 2 with the last round even meaning Mosley only won round 9 . This was a big robbery. Twice Oscar got screwed. He should of won the Trinidad fight and this fight period my final scorecards Oscar 119 Mosley 110 The final scorecards should of look similar or even had Oscar winning the 12 rounds. One big punch here and there shouldn't win rounds.
jose soto
This fight wasn't even close. Oscar dominated shane won 3 4 rounds tops. 116 112 for delahoya.
Another robbery with Bob Arum promoting the event. Am not saying its his fault but corruption just seems to be all around everything he's involved in. Even this early in the century signs are there to telling us this guy shouldn't be involved in boxing anymore.  
George stood up this fight!??!!? I'm surprised! No crabbing this time around. 
Stefan Dumitrache
Does anyone know the name of the song that plays while Oscar enters the ring? 
Jrb gotswagg
HBO knows Shane did not win that fight because they interview Oscar first.
Gitfiddle 7766
What a disgrace. This is what sucks about boxing. Terrible.
I read these  neg comment's on how bad Oscar Loss ..and they blame Shane because he  won. look guys I had Oscar winning the fight, but at the same time you can't blame Shane for what the Judges did. Yes he was on PEDS yes he  Loss and  Oscar won. But if Oscar forgave Shane... maybe so should We...... I mean Oscar did have Shane a partner in Golden Boy.  
Lol.. Foreman and Merchant arguing in the end, George is right you can't just watch boxing, you have to be in it to really see what it is.. it's a different game and a different sport once you see how it is on the inside you'll realize MANY Many things.. no boxing commentator will ever know what boxing really is or how it is until they get in there and fight.. that's just how it is. 
Mosley knew he lost that fight. Did u see the surprise on his face when they announced him as the winner? 
No shit you felt stronger. You were on PED's. 
Mosley didn't deserve to win this fight, he took PED's to gain a speed and strength advantage and you can clearly see that Shane was very strong and fast overall against Oscar, that's why he instantly buckled Oscar on his first hook the power shocked Dela Hoya.. if Oscar had a weaker chin he would have gotten dropped by that punch.. i think that's a shame by Mosley.. knowing that he can't beat oscar so he had to gain a much more superior strength advantage to keep up with him and yet Oscar still made it a close fight and out boxed Shane and then got robbed.