Behind The Shells: The Making Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Part 2 of 3

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(1991) A Documentary Made About the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze. I Do Not Own Any Part Of This Video.

joey giustiniani
keeno played 1 of the turtles as well in first 1 
Alexander Edward Pytko
The guy at 2:50 with the hat, isn't he the guy who played the pizza boy in the first movie?
Out of all three of the live action movies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II is my personal favorite. mostly because i love the re-make of the turtles costumes, turtles fight doubles stunt costumes, and the Splinter puppet that was re-made for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II in 1991. but i wish the costume makers had made the latex of the animatronic heads, non-animatronic heads, shoulders, arms and hands, thighs, legs and feet at 5:00 the exact same green color sort of a bright lime green and the plastrons of their shells sort of a cadmium yellow light hue color just like they did of the costumes of the first movie in 1990 instead of making the latex a whiteish-brownish-green color and the plastrons of their shells a whiteish-brown, and also losed the dark green spots on the animatronic heads, non-animatronic heads, shoulders, and thighs and had the tied ends of the Turtles masks always behind their heads and draped over their shells instead of having the tied ends of their masks always draped over their shoulders, and i wish they had Michelangelo finish what he was saying at 4:57, and i also wish they had the costumes, fight doubles stunt costumes, and the Splinter puppet of the second movie re-repaired and re-used again for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III in 1993, and i wish the costume makers could've some how used the necessary materials to make the costumes less-hot so that Marc Caso, Leif Tilden, Kenn Troum, and Michelan Sisti could've worn the exact same costume again for Teenage Mutant Mutant Ninja Turtles III and wouldn't of complained about the heat, and i also wish that Corey Feldman had resumed as the vocals of Donatello instead of Adam Carl, because Adam Carl who filled in for Corey Feldman as Donatello for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II sounds a little too much like Sam Regal who was the vocals for Donatello for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 animated series, and i wish laurie Faso resume his role as the vocals of Raphael instead of Tom Kelleher and Kevin Clash resume as the vocals of Splinter instead James Murray for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III.and i wish Kenn Troum who wore the Raphael suit for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II also wore the first Raphael suit that was made for the first movie in 1990 instead of Josh Pais who wore the first Raphael suit that was made for the first movie in 1990, and i also wish Laurie Faso who was the vocals of Raphael for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II was also the vocals of Raphael for the first movie in 1990 instead of Josh Pais who was also the vocals of Raphael for the first movie in 1990 too!
joey giustiniani
@alexander yes he played michalangelo and if you remember correctly he was delivering to himself lol   also the cab driver in the first when ralph is chasing casey jones is ralphael himself lol  the guy talking with the bald spot is the tv news director in the se3ret of the ooze 
CGI can achieve hyper-realism easily. I've personally seen movies that fooled me on which is real and which isn't(I'm not looking for it, the revelation comes when I watch the BTS). The problem for my eye is when they animate a character using rigs rather than mo-cap. I see it, notice how goofy the movements are and immediately go, FAKE AND GAY. TDK trilogy is a great way of using CGI to enhance a film while not making it pervasive.
Janeathan Doh
Writing Listening Directing 1. Basic 1mph 2. Magic 2mph
Well said. We know it's a puppet of course (unless someone actually thought they found 5 ft tall turtles to play the part). But with CGI, as much as it has advanced, I actually think it looks more fake in a sense. By that, I mean the graphics look like just that - graphics. It doesn't fool your eyes into thinking it's a real tangible object. I think CGI can be great when woven into a film along with real actors and tangible objects, like in Terminator 2. But it's much too overused today
Michael Bay take notes.....
what part for Kevin Nash
Kevin Sting
And another thing I like to think I'm one of the few kids who likes things before 2000's.
Kevin Sting
No, I already new they were animatronic suits.I was just making a joke that I thought that they used actual "mutant turtles".
holy shit kevin clash played splinter
Kevin Sting
they Totally ruined everything!
Larry Shelton
Tucker No Last Name
Nicholas Julian
"B..But, that takes hard work! We can just simply leave the CG for the nerds to do in post once we've already finished principle photography."
As creepy as disembodied Mikey's head "talking" is, it's always fun to see the propmasters messing around and acting like the creatures are real actors behind the scenes.
Damn right, dude!
lol, i love 4:26 aww mikey is a sweet heart of a guy, we all love mikey! oh mikey, dont ever change. XD
Andrew Flood
OK, CGI doesn't make anyone lazy, in fact its more work than using puppetry/animatronics. With these techniques most of the job is completed on set once the camera's finish rolling. CGI requires 100's of hours of effort for every few seconds on the screen, that all has to happen *after* the cameras finish rolling. I have no objection to more animatronics/puppetry being used in films, but it helps if you at least understand the technology you are criticising.
Splinter is Elmo???
King Kazma
Now THIS was Movie Magic! not CGI OVERDOSE.
totally agree, with cgi ppl bcome lazy to do real movies , all they do now just sit near pc and make cgi graphics... no more tech invention, just pure god damn cgi...
Kevin Clash is famous for playing Elmo, but he's the best Splinter voice we've ever gotten.
I'm watching Teenage Mutant Ninjga Turtles right now in my room. Secret of the Ooze! I love TMNT :D
the whole puppet thing confuses me... o.O
its no wonder todays movies suck shit
they basiclly used the same stuff that the people used to make childs play 1- the seed of chucky. they used that stuff to control the dolls in those movies.
Yeah, Totally agree. CG is good sometimes, but it looks all slutty in movies now
Kevin Rasmussen
Leo... total dick.
where did you get this?
believe me i would.. if i could.. i would spit michael bay in the face.. and tell him my opinion.. bring him before me!!
Baz The Storyteller
Try telling that to Michael Bay.
Robert Lëwis
Lol..I was thinking the saaaame thing!..
My inner child just died at 1:10
I have this on VHS somewhere in my house. I also have the movie premiere that came on before this that came on before the movie on Showtime.
Imagine how many people would complain less about movies.
In yours, as well as mine, and many others. Minimal CGI was always the way to go.
I wonder how many people know what a VCR IS nowadays, and how to use one. (among the youth)
matthew livingston
Michaelangelo wants to change his name because of Michael Bay
I put my hand up inside Splinter to work him.
Kevin Clash is THE voice for Splinter, as much as Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are Batman and the Joker, respectively.
Tony Daniels
Wow I had no idea what technology they used for the robotics. Imagine what we'll use now if we still used animatronics to produce movies
6:39 ew
I wish they would have Bebop and Rocksteady in this movie instead of Tokka and Rahzar, I personally thought Tokka and Rahzar's characters were too cheesy and over the top for my liking
I thought Raphael's character in this movie was a lot more laid back than the original.
@SeedingHatred V.C.R.? Virtual Controlled Reality!? ARE YOU FROM THE FUTURE!!!!???
Rosa Granado
@happystar8081 Don't agree, The second and 3rd were great too. The new one is the worst.
Dmt mind
@shairaptor I am
3:09 Mikey's been gutted !!
Roldie Nguyen
I really like how in the 2nd movie they showed that Donatello can be the smart one and can still be fun and goofy
@Deathbringer99699 shell yeah!
B4You Edited Music & Videos
@Deathbringer99699 can't fucking agree more!!!!!!!
@DREQON2005 Not only that, he's Elmo! Google Kevin Clash =)
@TankMacnamara81 Actually that's the guy who played Mikey, the pizza guy. In the first movie you can see all the turtles without their suits, the actors inside them. For example, Raphaels actor is the guy in the taxi when Raphael runs away from Caysey.
3:09 looks like mikey had a c-section lolol!
@pyramidhead138 At this point I must stand up and point out that what you say is untrue. Both Animatronics and CGI require a great amount of creativity. The second one is being more popular lately due to its better application into filmed reality. Though it's just as hard to build a believable character with the computer as it is with creating a puppet... and then to make it move properly. But it is a fact that latex puppets look soo much more believable than any digital model.
Last resort my ASS they fight at the FIRST sign of danger!! hahaha
Tom Bruggeman
Is it just me or is Elmo playing splinter ? What a vocal range !!!
@mach1man22 CGI sucks,its just lack of creativity
"Beacuse Eastman and Laird hated those two characters from the original cartoon and they were'nt in the original comics" Many of the characters from the 1987 cartoon or that were released as action figures by Playmates Toys were NOT in the comics. BUT, if it was the case that Eastman & Laird replaced Rocksteady & Bebop with Tokka (similar to Slash of the cartoon, minus the mask and belt) & Razor, then WHY were BOTH sets of characters IN the TMNT 4: Turtles In Time videogame?
@wvd1979: Different ownership.
Breed X
@wvd1979 Beacuse Eastman and Laird hated those two characters from the original cartoon and they we'rent in the original comics. So they comprised with Tokkah and Razar, because originally that was supposed to be Rocksteady and Bebop.
@ihatebobsaget1989 Not just TMNT, to be honest I hate the Michael Bay Transformers movies for one reason: Too much CGI. The "robots" in those movies doesn't move like robots at all. In fact, they are more agile than young chinese gymnasts. This may be easy for me to say because I'm not much of a Transformers fan.
Jeremy M
@nils920 oh i agree , real life is so much better than cgi for ninja turtles.
Jeremy M
@ArcaneDragonX imagine how awesome that would be to own a replica of the suit from the movie and then furthermore beat someone up wearing it.
Chase Homan
@ihatebobsaget1989 Yeah, I've seen some of them including the custom one. They are not cheap at all.
Jeremy M
@ArcaneDragonX man they were selling one on ebay a while ago it was expensive as hell though , like around 1200.
Jeremy M
haha i never knew the pizza guy from the first movie is in one of the turtle suits.
damn cgi i mean some of it is cool but animationic is more realistic. i just hope the fuckers who make the new turtle movie stick to animitronics and not just cgi.
Chase Homan
I so want one suits of those for Halloween!!
the are opperated the same way the gorgs in fraggle rock are opperated
@TonyKanameKuran Thank you.
@job489 - You have to write to New Line Cinema/Warner Bros. for that.
@TonyKanameKuran Ah, thanks for the info. But would we still have to write to New Line Cinema or Warner Bros for that special edition DVD or does it have to be Viacom or Nickelodeon now?
@job489 - Acutally, Nickelodeon is a company of Viacom. New Line Cinema is a company of TimeWarner (Warner Bros. Pictures).
I still want to see a special edition DVD of TMNT with all the special features, I loved these movies as a kid. But do we have to write to Nickelodeon now about a special edition DVD? I read that Nickelodeon has the rights to future TMNT media, so we have to write to them now too or is it still Warner Bros?
no hassle
It's nice that they are bringing the Turtles back in their latex suit form. But if anyone needs further consolation on the CGI debate watch Where The Wild things are because it seamlessly blended CG with man in suit. The CG is still much better for subtle facial emotions and expressions than an animatronic puppet any day. The turtles could work better with that in mind. Let's not fool ourselves into thinking that CG is bad because it has been entertaining us for years. Animatronics = cool too.
@mach1man22 I was JUST saying that! I was watching Turtles 2 with my friend tonight and when Super Shredder came on the screen, I said, "See!? So much better than some big CG cartoon. Get a big dude and animatronics!" Kevin Nash was Super Shredder. Nearly 7 feet and perfect! Film makers today need to look on this and films like Jurassic Park and realize that it just looks BETTER when you have a good combination of CG and animatronic characters in movies like this.
@paulod27 perhaps but the ones that are done really well are few and far between. Not ever cg movie is an avatar, most of them end up being scooby doo and that's really upsetting.
no hassle
@kakoishii not true. Gollum was brilliant as were the characters in Avatar. CG still has lots to offer, but yeah The Turtle's suits were awesome!
no hassle
Some of you guys are not seeing things straight. Animatronics are wonderful as too is CGI. I had the opportunity to see Walking with Dinosaurs the Arena that showcased some of the best animatronics in the world, but you can't do everything with this technology. Look at the original Jurassic park for example: The dinos where both a hybrid of CGI and Animatronics so, that's the way stay with it. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. But yeah an over use of anything is annoying.
it's funny to see these characters behind the scenes
@Gromdalyothga, Even when I was kid, I was pretty savy about how movies were made, special effects, stuntmen and so on, yet when the turtles film came out, I wondered "how did they do that", you really beleived the turtles were real and never thought of them as "guys in suits", to learn years later they used animatronics was pretty impressive, they really don't need CGI, the methods used in the first 2 movies can still work today.
Greeno Grenesis
@nils920 Ditto. CGI kind of ruins it, because you can always immediately tell that it's CGI... Has anyone ever seen Little Shop of Horrors? Man, that movie had some of the best animatronics I've ever SEEN! You guys need to look it up.
Those animatronics are simply amazing, even going into the year 2011.
thank u for posting this!!!
Kevin Klash, the voice of Elmo, is also Splinter. Maybe that`s why Elmo likes Wasabi so much (also the reason why he has no eyelids...)
been looking for this everywhere. amazing.
1:08- 1:14 WHAT!? NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!
I thought the CGI in the newer TMNT movie was awesome myself
splinter is cute
if they make another TMNT live action movie, i hope to god that they use animitronics instead of CGI, because i dont know if the true fans wont feel like they were real like in this movie
Bboy kombo1 salsamoto
! )
The REAL question is, how to the embodied actors expect to see through the helmets?