Tokio Hotel TV [Episode 19] LA Part 1

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estelle Le roux
tokio hotel  , like one day  , love always   #france   <3 <3 <3
Igor Zykov
каким Билл прибыл в ЛА, а каким стал в нем..внешне
me here
I love Tokio Hotel for 10 years now. I will always love them
Mihaela Bendrea
aww.. they're look so cute when they're tired..
DC 19
Bill: We are the only people in the Toronto airport. Our flight just got cancelled after waiting for ten hours ... (Bill: Somos as únicas pessoas no aeroporto de Toronto. Nosso vôo acabou de ser cancelado depois de esperar por dez horas ...) Tom: We are back in the Toronto airport and we'll try our luck again. Yesterday our flight got cancelled ... (Tom: Estamos de volta ao aeroporto de Toronto e vamos tentar a sorte novamente. Ontem nosso voo foi cancelado ...) Bill: I hope our flight departs for L.A. and we get some warmer temperatures ... but the flight is already delayed for 20 minutes. (Bill: Espero que nosso voo parta para Los Angeles e tenhamos temperaturas mais altas ... mas o vôo já está atrasado por 20 minutos.) Gustav: We'll take off at 10pm so we'll arrive at midnight L.A. time. (Gustav: Vamos decolar às 22h, então chegaremos à meia-noite, horário de Los Angeles.) After 2 days of cancellations & delays, TH finally arrives in ... Los Angeles! (Após 2 dias de cancelamentos e atrasos, o TH finalmente chega em ... Los Angeles!) Bill: Right now we are in the car and it's only a couple of hours till show time. (Bill: Agora mesmo estamos no carro e são apenas algumas horas até a hora do show.) We're just about to grab a bite on Melrose Avenue, maybe check out some stories and then we'll go ... (Estamos prestes a comer alguma coisa na Melrose Avenue, talvez confira algumas histórias e depois iremos ...) ... straight to the Venue, meet some people there and then it's show time. (... direto para o local, encontrar algumas pessoas lá e depois é hora do show.) The schedule for today is packed and we are starting to get nervous now ... (A programação para hoje está lotada e estamos começando a ficar nervosos agora ...) You can totally feel that there will be a show tonight! (Você pode sentir totalmente que haverá um show hoje à noite!) Bill: This is awesome ... (Bill: Isso é incrível ...) Bill: I love this street! Oh man, it's wicked here! (Bill: Eu amo essa rua! Oh cara, é perverso aqui!) Tom: I think it better like that ... maybe a little louder. (Tom: Eu acho melhor assim ... talvez um pouco mais alto.) Bill: We just arrived at the Roxy ... (Bill: Acabamos de chegar ao Roxy ...) Bill: We arrived at the Roxy an hour ago and we did the sound check for about 45 minutes. (Bill: Chegamos ao Roxy há uma hora e fizemos a passagem de som por cerca de 45 minutos.) You can really tell that we are very nervous. Before we had a few complications with the guitars since ... (Você pode realmente dizer que estamos muito nervosos. Antes tivemos algumas complicações com as guitarras, ...) the guys' transmitters didn't work. Anyway, we are super nervous and we can hear the fans cheering outside! (já que os transmissores dos caras não funcionaram. Enfim, estamos super nervosos e podemos ouvir os fãs aplaudindo do lado de fora!) Right now we'll do some interviews and after that we go back out and wait nervously in the backstage area. (Agora vamos fazer algumas entrevistas e depois disso nós voltamos e esperamos nervosamente na área do backstage.)
Une Ptite Cassou
Bill was very cute....😢😍🌷
mina belusshi
Alina Chuu
ich liebe tokio hotel <3
Shaynill Madrid
LOL at 3:10 his face.
Bill looks so incredably cute in the start. His non painted eyes and flawless hair is to die for.
Awww they played Forgotten Children when they got stuck at the airport LOL
Athena Alexander
LA guys (:
Kimberly Davis
I think these guys are the only german boys I have found offence to anyone else
@sailorstartiff okey, i was'nt sure soo
Igor Zykov
Lulu 4 Presidente
@TomKaulitZ0o okkkk...that's a lie and a rumour
@sailorstartiff oh.. but i was sure i heard somthing about a girl that grabed tom on stage, she got up some how.. and tom was in shock and crying and bill was sceard .... hmmm<3 i am not sure ^^
Lulu 4 Presidente
@TomKaulitZ0o nods i think so or it was a girl who pulled his shirt hard
was it not a girl that got up on stage and grabed tom? :/
Sharmita Cuffie
@TheVain13 i think he said something in not sure what it was but i dont think tom liked being touched like that x3
what are saying Tom 4:06 when Bill touch him? O.o if someone know,please,write ;)
@mymomisok what do u mean? :o
me encanta BILL
Alana Lima
Bill estava bochechudo....rsrsrs
Trishy Lou
bill looks soooo cute with that hat!!!
sambinna sandra
pas mal la video,domage que les sous titres sont pas en francais
Kazumie Nondaimie chan
i like this video,,very exciting.~!
Dominique stella
merci beaucoup. super Tokio Hotel
Haley Whitman
omgggg why so cute *-*
Omi Yamashita
damn it i totally missed them!!!! i live in LA!!!!! iM SO PISSED AT MYSELF RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!
@BlackCatShadow oh please, i know what japanese rock bands look like, I'm not stupid, and it's silly to NOW make a reply when I nade a reply MONTHS ago! Don't bother replying if it takes months to respond -__-
Juliana Tao
lol that part where bill got interrupted =P . tokio hotel is awesome!
Nat Pleacegovegan
See me sing there music on my channel ^-^
he always does and on rette mich, those ive heard though. It sounds better with a high pich
Sullen Gaijin
don't blame him,bill can know out any straight guy trust me hehehe XD
do your research, they didn't call themselves because of that. Here is an explanation of their name: Tokio Hotel: "Tokio", the German spelling of the Japanese city Tokyo, due to a love of the city, and "Hotel" due to their constant touring and living in hotels. Start doing your own research before you make negative comments about something you don't even know about!
Karin Dávila
wa wa waaa!! me muero x eiioozzz <3
Kravchenko Jewell
they are so cute
im gunna stick my finger in a socket n mabe i can be famous!and um they act like they are gods they were in a hottopic in jersey n the girl i talked to said they are tatal assholes and refuse to speak english tho they speak it!
Mike D
has anyone noticed in most airport vids Bill isn't wearing makeup?
they'r not from japan?! =D they really look like japanese guys... or girl!! whatever...
Daniel Lajterman
Awkward Luna
nop but Bill kind of look like XD
israel moreno
esta bien bonita la vocalista jajajajajajajaja pinches putos los tokio hotel
Anne Christine Steffensen
I'm from Europe too, actually, I'm half German, and know what he's too! He's a some boy, having his own style, own way to act, which is totaly wierd in Europe I know, but to have one own style, is the coolest and most important ever! Have you seen the people from the 70th? They dress exactly like him. He's just getting that style back on the scene! PS, I'm 15 too.. But yea, Tom's totally the coolest! ;D
I am from Europe.... In Europe he is acting more than man and we thought he was... But in the us he is totaly a girl..... i know what he is and i am only 15
he is the biggest frick in music
in 1:31 xa0xa0xa0xa0x he is the biggest frick in music!!!!
Um. No. Lol not jealousy, in our culture its pretty much to dress the way he does. Balls, yeah hes got balls though.
Dary TheTroll
I agree with that. Haters don't know what's it's like to be themselves. most of them. physiology? cool.
Gergely Gyurics
I didn't say that no one wants to be like him. Just that most of the haters probably don't. I wouldn't be that surprised by the way. I learn at a psychology university, so I already heard a lot from people. Courage IS a nice thing, and most of the people are short of it - that's for sure.
Dary TheTroll
Right? I agreeeeeeeee, this one girl INSISTED that it he tease. but i don't think so, his hair looks so soft and straight, and in some videos it looks so natural, it's incredible really. <3
Dary TheTroll
I get what your saying, but the way that I meant to say jealousy wasn't in a way where people would want to be like "i wanna be like bill" it's a courage type of thing. Anyone would envy bill's guts to be himself. EVEN ME! i don't think i've ever seen anyone with so much self confidence. To me that's more incredible than anything, but you'd be surprised of what people can or can't tell you. i don't think your sure that there's absolutely NO HUMAN BEING that wants to be like Bill.
Gergely Gyurics
I don't agree with you. It's certainly amusing how haters call Bill gay/fag all the time, however, it is not necessarily out of jealousy. Most of the haters don't want to be like Bill. Why they tell what they tell is probably, because Bill is an androgynous beauty (could be referred with the Japanese term bishounen), which is sometimes perceived as feminine. In most of the western culture, the ideal of heterosexual man is more masculine, thus they simply misinterpret Bills appearance..
Dary TheTroll
i don't understand what's with you MEN and calling him gay. you know what that's called. without you knowing it, it's jealousy, because none of you idiots that call him faggot/gay or whatever will EVER have the guts to be themselves, like bill does. he's got more balls than you ever will
he has the guts to look how he wants which is more than i can say for some men who aren't comfortable enough with their masculinity. and even if he was gay, girls would still like him. sexy is sexy. he acts like a man- a gentleman.
okay i find it really creepy when girls say bill is hot considering he looks like a girl or at least a gay guy. maybe he just forgets how a man is suppose to act...
Ehh.. must be my little bro who have wrote this, I don't even listen to this music.
Emmylou Smith
who?? I'm afraid I don't understand...!
I just wanna say: ..... YOU SUCK!!!!!!!
3:09 hahaha i love that and Bill looks really tired
lol i probally would do that tooo ! i hope that means they comming to aus soon! :D
OMG YAY FINALLY!!! even though i have got the album allready...
i wonder the same thing lol.
Black Cat93
they should do it in Columbus, OH.
toree h
they should deffinatly go to ohio... i live in pa and i would be in ohio in heart beat with all my friends!!!!! ♥TOKIO♥HOTEL♥
tokio hotel should come 2 washington dc to meet obama
lol, they were @ pearson? dang!!
Black Cat93
Tokio Hotel should come to Ohio...Did anyone see the video of when Bill went shopping @ a Meijer? That was just too cute!!!
:20 is cute george is like what am i supposed to do wit all these bags???
Lauren Trucksess
1.-copy and paste 2.-paste in 2 differnet videos 3.-hold breath for 10 secs 4.-look at your hand
what's wrong with you??? Tokio hotel is awesome!!!!
Luke Kuykendall
About 20 years ago in LA. Bill would've fit in like a glove with how he looks. LA in the 80's. You know what I'm talking about.
wow bill looks hot here lol
no he just looks like a girl and he's a virgin.
AWESOME!!!!!!! =3
is bill kaulitz gay?
ALL U GIRLS WATCH"Mike Muller [Sexy moments] (Bill's doble Tokio Hotel )" also watch"MikeMuller [Bill kaulitz Doble] OMG he is so cute O.O" Girls he doesn't compare with bill ,he is also a TH fan ok?^3^
weel its because hes really good at greman so he speakes it more but he has practied like a million times in english on one song so they memorize that but they are not that good so on here they speack gremen. also they didnt no that americans who speack english like us would watch
because it easier because german is his mother toung
its water!! then after thez throw water bottles
tasha d
come on dude get a LIFE! u no u can do better- be gay 4 instance a life ful of FUN!!!! garantied pleasure just cal 0800 118 290
gee a lot of girls love this band! i dont want men to start wearing makeup...mmmh!!! hes cool!
Gaby Brogan
what surgery?
Adrianna Graz
that must feel so weird... going from toronto, where its really cold, to LA, where its hot. :P
it doesnt sound like he can speak english very well but idk i could be wrong. and then its like bammm!! amazingness voice that sounds completely not like his voice.
L. Kane
Am I the only old person, 23, who thinks these guys are cute? I actually like their music. It's not bad at all.
bruna oliveira
as a saying there will be beautiful in tokio
Hallo. Vote for Tokio Hotel Monsoon, for Video of the Year, I've got the link on my channel, and there are links on other people's channels, egal! The voting ends on January 24th, and there are many David Archuleta fans that are making Tokio Hotel look bad, and I just want to do something bad to them, dankeschon! Connect the v with the o for voting, then it works.
bill is always touching his ear! XD i know is his earpeace or something o.O but is funny! XD
Bread Sandwich
i thought it was a wig... jeez
25 minutes of course
On my concert ticket for December 5, it says that I am a VIP person, does anyone know what that means? Please!?!?!?!......
sad, they're famous they're supposed to get the airplanes even if they've been canceled, not fair lol
hA hA! aLriTe thanx.
yeah he does :( you would do though, if your flight had been delayed that must be hell being on tour lol