Everything New with the Camera in iOS 12

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The camera on iPhone and iPad gets a few upgrades in iOS 12 -- particularly the iPhone X. We dig in to see what to expect. Read more on AppleInsider ➡ -- Our video gear➡

db cooper
A new update is now available-A new update is now available-A new update is now A new update is now available-
gurnihal brar
has anyone realised , how much better portrait mode is in ios 12. like it literally sucked on ios 11
I don't see the filters button on my camera app
Christine Villarosa
Software update pop up bug 🤧i think that’s the newest.
Arlez BB
Suggest to make a video to compare the portrait mode, different lighting effects and night mode(manually adjusting the bright before shooting) comparing with iOS 11, I can tell the iOS 12 does somewhat improvement there too.
Calvin Green
Always informative...it’s nice to see how it works before you get it.
5170411011 Reza Reinaldi
the iphone really fires the truedepth for filters when a normal facial recognition works just fine
Anuj Mhatre
Taj Preet
Awesome videos thanks apple insider
Jerome Najera
what is new in camera? “the bugs”
Luke Sloan
Yay hello 👋
Justin _400YT
I don’t have the filters help me!
what case is that?
Hello Cony
You mean camera in iMessage
Bro turn down the De-Esser PLEASE
On the place that you have filters icon i have the photos icon where as you know i go into the gallery. Are those filters only for Iphone XS or is it on X as well. Im confused because i dont have the filters you showed there, and for some reason i can’t open the camera inside the messages app
carie tensour
What that purple blinking thing on the camera? #apple #lumiy best design ever
František Lališ
Wtf is wrong with selfie flipping???
1:07 - why wouldn't Apple include these filters in the Camera app? seems dumb to require us to go to Messages > Camera in order to get the filters.
Steve Gray
Where’s the camera filter iPhone X ios12
Tariq Awan
Can you show each and every camera effects/filter like vivid especially becoz its super special and it was remived in last ios update but i hope it will be back on this ios 12 update plz tell and show the vivid filter
Richard Lanham
New things tangentially connected to the Camera if you're using iPhone X and Messages.
Abonne 🔥🔥🔥
“There is so much new in the iOS twoilwev”
Title plus ... mainly on iPhone X
Jason S.
The time is gone! WTF??
Some scary animojies.
Michael Willever
Answer your phone!! 😂😂
Dan World
Dude, unblock your nose !
Creative School
iOS is always better
AJ in the Morning
I really can’t wait for this release. When is that going to happen? I may have missed that being that I was so psyched about the features
Rip Hunt
I still dont have ios 12
Umer Mahmood
sir what is ur iphone x battery health capacity?
Adnan The Panda
Give me a heart
Unreliable Reliability
WHERE IS MY VIDEO SECTION IN CAMERA?!? I looked and it’s not there. I’m soooo mad.
Dexter Lee
I don’t see any changes with IOS beta12 on iPhone 6