Kang Kyung Won - The Korean Beast 2017

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Kang Kyung Won - The Korean Beast 2017 Kang Kyung Won (Dr. Kang) Bodybuilding Motivation Find him: Instagram: />Facebook: /> -- Music: - Onlap - The Awakening

Glamorous Occasions
OH man...Great... but he must be drinking Steroids instead if WATER !!!
Grant Franchey
To all the skinny non lifting virgins on this comment section, steroids alone with no workout or diet won't get you gains. I understand the moral concept behind not taking it. But for you to completely discredit him and say that the only reasons he's got gains is because of his steroids is complete hater talk.
Sarcastic Squash
He's training to overthrow the north Korean government
Johnny Walker
Even his face has already abs.
At least there is no natural in the title
anything is possible with enough steroids
Jack Slapps
Am I the only guy that's thought the music ruined the video?
Kyle SoSik
damn, Glenns looking to get revenge on negan
Martin Blacklion
This dude have more Muscles on his face 2:40 then i have on my body lol
Nord Stage
Bodybuilders out 👎 athletic physique in 👍
Yeah he's roided. But if the majority of people on this comment thread took steroids as well, they still wouldn't look like that.
Steroids for breakfast lunch and tea = walking heartattack
Dirty Dan
People always say shit to people for using steroids. But all steroids is doing giving the possibility to increase in size above your natural limit. But in order for that to work you gotta be putting work.
Liam Quiroga
Steroids is a hella of a drug ain't it
steroid beast
Juan Agus Rubio
100% Esteroides
ThePaul Steezo
funny x video's
Steroids alert
never skip face day
natxo Asso
Steroids everywhere...
Jon Mann
Here's the deal people he is taking steroids however he probably reached his peak that his body could naturally grow without them pretty much every body builder ends up juicing for that exact reason. That's a positive perspective however he is using super light weights so we shouldn't be this big which makes me think he took steroids before naturally maxing out because I look like shit compared to him and I do more weight
Ian Lee
스테로이드같은 근유강화를 돕는 화학적인 약물을 보용하는 바디빌더들은 제 생각에는 존경의 대상이 되지 말아야 된다고 생각합니다.
Jesse Yermalovich
My 1 legged grandma does that weight..light weight and roids works wonders
Grzegorz Ozimek
100 % natural
Funny all these clips I would class as fake. Why, They show you their training, eating etc. But they wont show you what they take in steroids.
eVil owl
North Korean beast ? :D :D :D
Real X
Those pigs. They all about steroids. Cheaters pigs
Some Koreans take esports way too seriously.
Ryan Ly
More like next rich piana. Rip to him but people seiously gotta learn that it will kill your heart.
navaidhya Toshniwal
Totally Fakr
Bill Overboost
Dickless cause : korean and roids sad story....
Alfonso 78
Big B
looks like the king of the half reps.
Spider king
Lork Lorkman
he can drive that weight but he cant drive
Joseph Straley
1:36 stealing all the 25 pounders
Slippery Ash
"The Korean beast"?? More like the Korean steroid abuser
MidWest Garage & Media
He can do your taxes and lift with u afterwards
Norman Anunciacion
Oh man!!!steroids
WWE Hindi Gossips
every 1 on steroid but what's bad about it does it do anything bad with you stop hating and enjoy the show
Top Fertilizer
Muscle frog lol
Will end up like piana
Miś Miś
Korean Steroids
Criss Angel
He is approximately 60 yrs old
Hacks,Mod And Review
0:08 Who saw kai greene
C dash
he's not on steroids he just eats clen and trens hard but the main thing anavar give up
beatbox channel
Steroids 😂
joey leblanc
Probably will not make it to 50 y o
Jay Millz
he really doesn't seem that strong just big
Asap Barry
Even his face got biceps Gaddam
Roy Batty
Drugs are bad mkay
등이 타고나지않았으면 보디빌더 안하는게 좋은듯
Kung Lao
I like his exercise form - 3/5 is the style.
David Seo
south koreans secret weapon against north
Does this GYM only have one pair of 45s?
Kristina Rajkovic
I have a same T-shirt... 😀❤💪✌🖒😃
William B
How is he a beast? Doesn't he compete against other bodybuilders as opposed to people in the comment section of youtube? Compared to the average top 20 IFBB pros he's clearly NOT in the beast category. If you compare him to librarians or golf players then you may have a point otherwise no dice.
Varinder Singh
i bet his bloodwork values are as big as his muscles too.
Young Scrub
Behzad Dx
Beast ???? haaahaaa lol
Vicky Yadav
Your body nice safe
Vendi Vezz
This palumbolism :(
The Arc
what is up with these Korena monsters that have been poping up recently!?
Kang Kyung won or Hwang Chul soon?💪
hum zaad
1k Dislikes from Kim Jon
carlos antonio reynoso lomeli
Levanta peso igual que mi hija
Midhun Raj
nothing is possible without proper workouts... not only striods... passion and determination plays important roles here...bros
Wilson Aguirre
Do you know what he likes more than lifting weights? *-Knowledge.*
Hadef Shajir
I can't decide who's better, chul soon or this guy
Sense of Humor
Ken Brandon
biggest delts ive ever seen
Kang Kyungn Won - The Korean Injector
Павлуша Пушкин
Что они мать его жрут?!?!?! Это же корейцы. У них гены не расположены так гнать
Tobias müller
Der einzige Unterschied zu anderen Leuten im Fitnessstudio ist das diese Vögel da oben alle zugedröhnt sind mit Anabolika bis zum Anschlag
Ardell Gonzalez
me da lastima puro esteroides ese hombre. no hay como lo natural, es imposible naturalmente llegar a tener ese volumen . pero para mi gusto se ve mucho mas definido y con gran volumen que otros fisicoculturistas famosos que tambien usan cosas para crecer. saludos
Сергей Клименко
А веса детские😊 Химичить не по детски.
Erfan Eisa
yes of course he is not natural, but half of you fuktards who comment that he is on steroids wont ever look like him even if you take steroids even if you have two brain cells you should know that he's not natural
Undead Child
Еба..я замотивировался!!!ВСЕ...завтра бегу в зал, пополнять ряды подснежников!!!!
jout uber
yeah people dont understand anymore that even with the same shit this guy is taking eating and training you stll need to be "gifted" to become this big.. there are thousands of people that are taking steroids and maybe heavier cycles then the pro-olympia dudes but they never reach their level cuz it aint all steriods..if you look at all those fitness guru's on the internet witch really muscular bodies but 25-35 kg less you think ah he's natural or he is just juicing a little bit maybe .. forget it these guys juice all the time at least 6-8 moths a year but they using different shit eat less and dont have the genetics to become a real hulk or they just dont want to be this big... no genetics no beast even with all the oil and steriods in the world
00:26 вот так выглядит бодибилдер ботаник
Am.I.Thirsty Tho
Can a pro tell me if these are legit gains?
Armando Torres
El mundo de los esteroides, es el único deporte en dónde no están prohibidos, pues sin ellos no crecerian anormalmente...
Circus Fear
É muito veneno, muito dinheiro, muito treino, é muita coisa
Facundo Alvarez
que largue la papa que en un par de años va a comer con sorbete
Техника в 1/3 амплитуды :)))))
Tat B
Where luimarco for this guy.
Евгений Красик
Что вы колите парни
Evolve 1
Кореец с Крестом - это круто!
Cristian Vsr
Esteroides con un poco de naturalesa
Jaidiver Hernandez
Esteroides y comida como un hijueputa y te pones así no es mas y un buen entrenamiento
Шамиль Исмаилов
Китайская подделка
Dylan Rosser
he's in tremendous shape, his shoulders are insane when he's behind the head pressing, alot of jealousy in these comments, if you like bodybuilding. you wanna look like that, then you will i don't know why half of these idiots watch this stuff it baffles me
Only genetic...jaja
Забит Эминага-оглы
Бля че за петухи 🐔
Abu Junayed
This guys got face muscles! Ftw?
ishan sahatu
Society must not promote these steroid goons. What message are we sending through to those behind us?
Numan Küleç
even his face is muscular, but imo that's the best physique i've ever saw in my entire live, not just because of the mass or the definition and low bodyfat but the form of his muscles and genetics are completely from another star