Hadean - Hallucination (feat. Gash)

Hadean - Hallucination (feat. Gash) ↳ Our Spotify: /> Deep bass house banger by Hadean! His new track Hallucination featuring Gash is perfect for the Saturday evening! 👉 Get it here: /> 🔥 Subscribe: />📷 Instagram: />👻 Snapchat: /> Hadean /> /> /> /> Saucy Records 🎵 Our Spotify playlists: Bass House Music 2018 />Bass House Bangers 🔥 />Bass House & G-House Vibes 🎶 />Brazilian Bass 🇧🇷 /> Bass House Music /> /> /> /> /> /> 🔊 What is Bass House? Bass House can be considered the music style from artists such as Tchami, Malaa, Jauz, Ephwurd, JOYRYDE and more. There is no typical Bass House sound, it's just music with a lot of Bass sounds. However, nowadays it's often described as a combination between House and Dubstep sounds, such as the typical "wobble". Recently we hear a lot of tech house influences in Bass House as well. If you like bass, you'll surely love this genre! Bass House Music #Hadean #Hallucination #BassHouse #BassHouseMusic #Bass #House

I'm waiting to bass house mix
《Master Trap Sound》
Nice bro ❤❤
Arbiter MTB
Freddie Martin x hadean would be nuts
Steeltoe 06
I'm hallucinating right? The best is yet to come LET THE MUSIC COMMENCE!!!
and then i saved this girl fromthisdudewho was beingrude
Futurist 2046_
Yes. Saucy Records from the UK is here... They introduced me to the UK Bass House scene, and the most futuristic sound of 2018 in January 2018. Whenever I think of the year 2018, Freddie Martin, Talkre, and Saucy Records come to mind first.
Fatih T
found a quality one
Teufeurs !!!! HYPE !
Man like Hadean big up !
daidu badu
Andersitolindo tejada
Aun no puedo creer los pocos suscriptores que tiene esta cuenta!!! Todos los amantes de este tipo de música debería saber de su existencia!!!
Dope Lord
la verga que buen drop
Pierre-oliver Lalancette
Saucy Music