Brokeback Mountain Theme Song [Extended]

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Nomis nom
Yes, yes, I came here to cry
wolf's bane
Jack, I swear
'I wish i knew how to quit you'
Heath Ledger in our memories for the eternity.
This is delicious torture to me. A tragic lovestory has never been able to captivate me like this. Not once. Whenever I think about Brokeback Mountain, not only does it hurt emotionally, but physically it hurts too. My throat constricts, I have trouble breathing and tears which I did not know were there well up. It's like a huge chunk of emotion is surfacing from the pit of my stomach and forcing itself through my throat. Never would I have imagined that a fictional story could bewitch me like this, make me feel such strong emotions. Beautiful scenery, amazing acting and a heartwrenching plot that has touched millions around the world. The English vocabulary is too limited to express accurately what is going through me right now. It's painful but beautiful and I can't help but deliciously torture myself time and time again when I listen to this song. It's like I feel the pain Enis and Jack felt, the mark of a true masterpiece. It makes me think of the people who are going through similar heartbreaks. It's terrible that there is still so much hate towards people who aren't heterosexual. Much love and strength to anyone in a similar position. I look forward to the day that we can all be treated as equals. Jack, I swear...
Tomasz Kozłowski
Everyone has his own "Brokeback mountain". And you will always wonder how it would be, if you had a chance to be with that person.
Dawid Warszawski
Love is difficult. Especially when you're gay.
Emma Louise Sørensen
Jack Fuckin Twist
Luis Alvaro Chávez
"There ain't never enough time, never enough"
Why am I doing this to myself?!
drank frizzy
This hurts me so bad. But still I'm here, listening to it.
Swagga Moon
Jack, i swear...
After watching this movie, I feel so down and lonely. I wasn't able to sleep well, sunset and sunrise. Honestly I was so frustrated, depressed and feel down the whole week. It gone more worst when I found out that Ennis in real life died. I'm not the only one been through this, we really affected by this movie because its happening in real life. I can't forget this movie till the end of my life.
Spirited Gal
This movie had me in a puddle of tears.
Sorry not sorry
Won't be over this, ever.
Lottie Howell
This hurts my heart
I'll remember you Heath...
Tyler Sandlin
They say you aren't supposed to compare your life to the movies but Idk this one kind of hit me. maybe it's crazy to talk about this here but everyone else seems to be sharing too so Idk thought I'd throw my two sense in. Kind of in the same situation. Me and this guy have feelings for each other but there are a lot of difficult circumstances to overcome. I am in the military and stationed overseas and he is back in the states. We recently had a talk and it was a lot like Jack and Ennis' conversation. Trust me "I wish I knew how to quit" this guy but I can't just wish away all my feelings. All of that coupled with the fact that our families and friends would not be able to accept our decision... well it makes things difficult to be honest. Who knows maybe one day we will figure it out or idk.. Maybe we will end up like Jack and Ennis did.
Nelly The King
Homophobia makes me so mad why can't people just be who they want to be ugh i hate this world
Frank Morfa
I watched this movie twice in a row about a year ago. For two weeks straight I was extremely depressed as a result of watching the film. It was a very emotional and draining time in my life. I avoided listening to this song because it would make me feel down all over again. I'm gonna listen to it now, and let's see what emotions come out this time.
Morgan Harris
I cry for the Jack character and what happened to him, then I cry more for Heath Ledger.  A heartbreaking theme suite.
Lizzy Lou
After I had watched the movie 15 times in one week two years ago, I couldn't remember the soundtrack anymore today. I came back here like "Hm, let's see if I still like it".. And here I am, crying like a baby.
Adi Benbenishty
This piece of music gets to me every time. I can hardly listen to it without becoming emotional. Sad, yet hauntingly beautiful.
hakan kulah
Love is love.
Renee Claus
I was not expecting that last guitar at 6:35, rip my ears
Hearing this song is like a beautiful pain ripping out your heart..
Ignacio Lomaarth
I can really feel this song.
M. T. Campos
What gorgeous scenery to go with beautiful music.  This movie was heartbreakingly beautiful - wanting someone and not being able to have them completely.  The ending was probably the saddest scene ever.
Victor H.C.
Soy hetero, pero confieso que esta es la película de amor mas romántica que he visto en mi puta vida.
Rick Arnold
"I wish I knew how to quit you"
Ellie Fenn
i'm still very much broken from this film
weeird and
who doesn't miss Heath..
This movie may have missed out on the best picture award in the Academy Awards, but my money was on the Best Soundtrack award and Gustavo Santaolalla nailed it in fucking style! Respect for him \m/
simply a masterpiece
god my stomach hurts every time I hear this song
Han Okami
I met this guy online on a game, we were just gaming buddies at first but as time passed we got closer and closer. He was always there for me and I was always there for him. We slept with our microphones on, and we were always on call. We even watched movies together..including this one...after this movie..I told him I love him and he told me that he loves me too but he said he is not gay. He said he was scared of being gay and it pained me so much, I had to put up this strong barrier between me and him so that his closure wouldn't give me any kind of hope that we can be together. Putting up that barrier was like shoving a knife in my own heart, as time passed the knife went in deeper and deeper, seeing him getting more distant. Now we barely talk to each other...the hardest part is trying to find someone new, someone I can replace him with but I love him too much, I still do, no matter how many men I date, I just can't replace him, what is this? why is love so painful? It feels like i can relate to this movie...maybe one day he'll realize that we were meant to be together..I just hope that it won't be too late. I just wish I knew how to quit him... Darius... I swear...
Emilia Zec
This song is so beautiful, and so is the movie <3
Steffen Sammy Mantis
Totally intense! This Song hurts!!!
The nostalgia and the images give the soul a bitter-sweet taste. How can I long for a land I have never grown up in, those backstories and misadventures of every name like Jack and Ennis.
Alexa F.
Thanks, now I can cry myself to sleep.
Every Mr. Santaolalla soundtrack it's unique and awesome I love the feelings
Nelly The King
I want Gustavo Santaolalla to play at my wedding 
Jay Hysterio
Goddamn Jack Fucking Twist
this film was such a magical realization of annie proulx's short story, the music captured the soul of the story, the actors / actresses too, the production, the cinemetography, wow. should have won best picture.
George Jones
This is one of those special movies that will stay in your thought's for months after watching it. Everything about the movie is perfect, the acting, the soundtrack.. My favorite film of all time. R.I.P Heath Ledger
So beautiful and so sad at the same time !! it makes me more sad the fact that heath passed away ... this song reminds me of him everytime i hear it ...RIP HEATH LEDGEND !!!!!!!
RockstarDev13 1
Is this the same man who did the soundtrack for "The Last Of Us"?.
1:35 is my life force it's the reason im alive
jewels bogart
jack, i swear ..
Jason Rouleau
What a beautiful composition.
since i watched the movie the music part at 1:36 sticks in my head
Such a haunting melody..... Sad and Beautiful !! Always moves me....
Mikey Ryan
I am a 110% hetrosexual man, but Brokeback Mountain is one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen, and you just know this story actually did occur somewhere in time and place!.
damn i am not gay but i would love to go camping with a buddy in the brokeback mountain
God, that movie was sad.
Dara Goodale
Just watched the movie and now I'm crying AGAIN.
This movie is the most beautiful movie I've ever watched in my life :) <3
Ugh this movie moved me so much emotionally that it physically hurts me. My stomach will ache when I think about it. It really leaves you feeling the heartbreak and depression that Ennis and Jack felt. This movie makes you fall in love with their love, and makes you feel the heartbreak too. It aches so much that they couldn’t end up happy together, but the movie shows how the gay community has been affected, and is still affected by homophobia. Very sad, and very real. This movie is a masterpiece.
sam ez
still think this one of the most amazing movie soundtrack that fits the movie perfectly
Marta S
I do not know why but I love this film, I fully understand the problem of homosexuality in some time and despite the fact that I'm straight, I understand that's probably not easy, beautifully finished film, not even talking about music, Gustavo is a genius
To Ja
This is one of the best movie soundtracks so simple and just beautiful and touching.
Sabda Ardhana
I wish I knew how to quit you :'(
John Ganino
Just finishing a great long vacation in Wyoming... This song (and images) captures my sadness in leaving.
lar hjp
I had never seen this movie and I finally did. Cannot even think how Jake Gyllenhaal felt when he found out about Heath.
I remember that moment when I saw your blood on your jacket Ahhh This is the best movie
still miss Heath
Shrey Saxena
i dedicate this to heath ledger
Adez Eze
Divo Galindra
I can’t describe how I feel every time I listen to this
Mario Santos
Gustavo Santoalla <3 you are the man!
Ting Sheng Chong
why is life so hard sometimes
Loh Jian Fung
I have watched so many gay themed movies, but none can beat Brokeback Mountain. And this music definitely has something to do with it. Ennis, you have gone too soon.
That awkward moment when you realize that this composer is the same one from The Last of Us.
Maja L
I've promised myself to "go" tomBrokeback when I'm getting older. I've been watching this movie everyday for months.. it's my favoruite. I cry every time but it's so beautiful. The places too.. My favourite actors also.
blue jie
.Tell you what... the truth is... sometimes I miss you so much I can hardly stand it.
Cristián Oviedo
I'm so proud of my fellow countryman, Gustavo Santaolalla...He created these melodies so perfect that no one can say anything...Emotions: crying, sadness, happiness, laughing, smiling, gestures, are all in it...Ah, we have The wonderful Andes, so you can think what could happen with our people...Thanks body for all that you've done....Cris...
G.R.O. Original
Thank you all very much for 1 million views!
Lexie Hates People
Every time I think of this movie. My throat blocks out whatever I try to say, I'm just speechless. This is the most saddest movie I ever watched.
John Doe
Big emotions
Gabriel Lázari
Jack, I Swear! ❤❤❤
Vegeta Solo
Sandy Carnahan
This theme is so beautiful...the music is soulful-lonely and completely heartbreaking. I always end up in tears when it's played at the end of the film A brilliant piece of work!
No song touches me the way this does.
Dwayne Simonton
It's painful that so many people can't and won't accept others that truly love each other. Let the Love flourish wherever it leads you. This theme song & The Wings remind me of love for another but also breaks my heart.
Privetboy Moscow
Beautiful photography but the uploading distorted the sound.  Ill rip this, and redo the sound.
Alguien latino????que pureza de musica de mi peli favorita
carlos carlos
Esa cancion me da una depresion horrible
ryan shamblin
Godamn Jack
Monet Skys
Are all images from the Canadian Rockies? I though a few might be The Andes.     It's very well done. 
Can you just imagine how many more amazing roles heath couldve done???
alekot me
first time watch this; cry, realise how love is beautiful and deep
I want to live - and die in Montana. Thanks for making my day. The music? Sublime.
Pedro Henrique Raitz
After watching this movie, I wanna know wyoming more than anywhere in the world !
Quyền Phan
I've never had the gut to see this movie the second time although it's one of my all time favourites. Maybe when me and my future husband get married we will watch it and cry together.
Jack , I swear...♥
Ruud Morf
Patrick Barrett
Joe, I can never listen to this without wondering what it might have been like if we had been together.
BaBa Booey
such an affecting tune . . .
It's amazing how much the world has changed since this movie came out.
Blake Lucy
Dame Great movie. Yes I am a straight conservative male and I loved it. Tears everytime. RIP Heath.