Joe Strummer, The Clash - The Future Is Unwritten Trailer (Trailer)

"Music video by Joe Strummer;The Clash performing The Future Is Unwritten Trailer. (C) 2008 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT" #TheClash #TheFutureIsUnwritten #Vevo #Punk #JoeStrummer

Evan Hodge
Interesting how capitalism can.... market anti-capitalism
Dan G
then they are not your friends.Tell them to fuck off and then go get some decent friends for your insanity . ;)
those that say there not gay usualy are ha ha. but hey get a grip. drop more acid. have fun. x
Naes Shenanigans
Fuck off Bono you bender
John Mayer can go fuck himself.
White Riot
Wats the name of the song on 1:13?
leo Maciel
0:37 Get out Elvis Costello
Punk rock warlord miss you R.I.P. x
Robin Jean
London Calling, Best album ever
Piotrek Krupiński
Full movie :) - watch?v=ma1rykHsMh4
@09bassplaya Oops meant punk band you can't understand
Hahahaha lol Bono was the best thing about this video... Surprised the could reel in the one of the greatest rock singers to talk about some pink you can never understand ;)
Opiate Holidays
get the fuck out bono!
Lasse Skog
Dario Velez
fuck offffff bono ,you coksucker
Gerard Grywacheski
Miss you Joe.
Good for you kid, you are way ahead of the game! It really is awesome music. Consider yourself lucky you can appreciate it! a lot of kids your age don't even know who they are!
Julia Robinson
fuck off bono no one likes you
reece hannigan
miss joe i hate a ticket sing by him that my dad gave me before he pasted a way and 3 weeks latter joe died =C
I get your point even George Harrison talks in Anthology obviously they return to be good friends again (Paul and George) but in this case or any case when someone that you "hate" is dead, turn off that hate and pay some respect.
Id be damn proud if u were my kid.
me too im 14 now and think exactly the same as you
Matías Ohan
increible documental! excelente! unbelieve documentary! excellent!
Brianna Rose
@TheQwertysrule That's friggin awesome! Screw what your friends say. Keep rocking!
Brianna Rose
@FetaCheese222 I posted that a year ago. Are you kidding me? And I'll say it again: I was only mentioning my age to prove that he still lives on through MY generation and hasn't wasted away into the new crap. It had nothing to do with my showing off, because it's nothing TO show off.
@IguanaSpunk No-one cares how old you are. Geez.
Fuck i got to watch this!
Jasmina Hott
Why is that bitch staring at me while I'm looking Joe??
pure speed demon...RIP JOE...
rachel m
@IguanaSpunk Proud to say I'm in the exact same position as you ? So inspiring.
@IguanaSpunk Good for you man. You sound like me and my buddies when we were 14 and getting into punk. Keep punk alive. (:
christine stone
joe sempre nel mio ♥
Jake Price
fuck off Bono
you should watch this. it is awsome. so inspiring. even if you don't like punk rock after this you're gonna go and listen to some of the songs. joe is amazing.
Zach Spencer
@IguanaSpunk dude same here
Brit-Flick Reviews
The Clash VEVO... Oh hear that guys? Joe is turning in his grave ¬_¬
Brianna Rose
@sirPinheadsir The future's bright. I got a hand full of friends just like me, haha. So it'll be a rockin' future for sure!
Brianna Rose
@sirPinheadsir Heck yeah I wanna check it out! I'll go right now haha
Brianna Rose
@sirPinheadsir Haha, to each their own I suppose. It's all for the beat now, nothing about the meaning. That's why punk's so great, haha! Oh man, I wish I was alive back then. You're lucky to see that show though. That's insane! And seeing John Lydon, the living legend! Makes me jealous hahaha. Power to you too, man! Haha
Probably one of the best rock docs I've seen. Watch it.
Brianna Rose
@intenzez I don't need to stand up for the bands I like to make impressions on someone like you. Please, seriously. Just drop the whole freaking arguement.
Brianna Rose
@intenzez Don't put words in my mouth. Don't twist what I say. That just proves how petty you are. "Without people, we are nothing." I'm aware of that. Pop music? You're kidding me, right? Whatever. Point taken. I'll stop this arguement now then. Have a nice day.
Brianna Rose
@intenzez I said ALMOST everything. To speak of such matters are important to people who ARE important. Sorry to break it to you, but you're not. Yeah, I'll get the word out. But not through you-- a troll that seems to enjoy searching for fights in the pettiest of things.
Brianna Rose
@intenzez I'm not Joe, now am I?
Brianna Rose
@intenzez Neither. I don't feel like debating over Youtube either, especially when it's irrelevant to the actual video. Make sense?
Brianna Rose
@intenzez Fanboys are sexually ambiguous? Huh. Well that's good to know then. This arguement is becoming increasingly more boring as the time goes by.
Brianna Rose
@intenzez Hard to fanboy when I'm a chick now isn't it? I give back what I get. I don't need to stay calm and collected for pissants like you.
Brianna Rose
@intenzez Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that because Mick Jones and Johnny Rotten were pricks meant it was okay for you to be as well. Excuse me for not realizing that common courtesy never has and never WILL exist with scumbags like you living in the world. You leapt straight at me speaking out of turn. It was a heartfelt comment, which you had to go ruin because someone little the bloody fuse on your tampon. Piss off. You aren't worth my time argueing with. Fucking ignoramous.
Brianna Rose
@intenzez Sorry, the uncalled for "Who the fuck cares about how old you are?" usually throws off a person from the rest of the actual sensable thing you're trying to say.
pasquale buonincontro
grande joe,,fino alla mia morte
strummer joe
A fooking true legend of punk rock and the world is a sadder place without Joe and his unique style of music! Missing you now more than ever Joe...went to see your sidekick the other day(Mr Jones) with his Audio dynamites..pretty good,but not a patch on you Joe and The!
jean prouvaire
My hero... rest in peace, Joe.
Brianna Rose
@coffeman3 Same here!! Haha rockin' man. I hope one day to bring punk back so the new generation remembers people like this. Punk on!!
mary warner
RIP Joe Strummer
Brianna Rose
1:34 I'm proud to say that I am a 14 year old kid and I know who The Clash is. In fact, I idolize almost every single thing about them. Especially Joe Strummer. RIP. This movie was one of the most inspiring things I've ever watched. Ever.
great Movie
Matt Kidd
Ahhh memories of being young. Backed them along time ago.
Nutjay Woody
Pedrito Ortiz
The last part where he's talking about disassembling himself was from an interview when he was talking about his mother's death.
I saw a bit of this when I was like 10 or something on TV and it blew my fucking mind. I barely knew what was going on or who they were talking about but what I saw stuck with me like a scar.
16 years RIP Joe
Nella Crosiglia
tania stalinskaya
joe a la vie rendez vous a vassilia
Phelim Heming
Short haired hippies