Extrawelt - Soopertrack Original (High Quality)

Finest Minimal Electro

Taras Van de Voorde
played it last weekend again in the club. kids went nuts, new for them.
Michael Hofmann
Nehms zum Top Speed mit Lttp, Cromewell, M41, und habe damit super erfolg gelandet. Habs im Discord als Pflicht Musik beschrieben, einfach Mega Fett und Cool.
Still one of my favorite tracks. What really took it up was riding through Thailand and being on the bus. We were at the front. Had this on my rolling and watching the traffic lights + light strips down the highway. Was just too damn perfect. Felt like speeding through space.
I love the lyrics.
Василий Ерёменко
Спасибо за турне В МОСКВУ в далёком 2009г в клубе ARMA. Вас любят и ЖДУТ)))
hab seit 5 minuten versucht einen passenden kommentar zu verfassen. es geht nicht. das gefühl dass der track verleiht ist einfach unbeschreiblich ...
Leerer ZigarettenAutomat
ich just liebe it
Techno Tronik
17/8/19 @ Château de l'Empéri - SALON DE PROVENCE - FRANCE
alex dal cortivo
2019 and still a absolutely soopertrack 😍👍🏼
Can Notis
An old friend showed me this track 2 weeks before he died. Thanks mate, you'll never be forgotten. rip
Brulé Parlesilluminés
Louuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurd ! Greetings from France ^^
sodium bren
c'etait quoi l'originale deja??ecouté ya longtemps!!!en tout cas version geniale
Felix der Hehl
Immernoch einer der besten Tracks die ich gehört hab! 
Sonntag Nacht. Autobahn..Nichts los. 250km/h mit diesem Track und die Zeit steht still
Andreas M.
Qualität aus Deutschen Landen. Zeitlos,und nach tausendmal hoeren,bekommt man immer noch nicht genug. So muss sein.
Mike Jefferson
Beethoven could not have done it better in his days. Germans are real musicians.
Miguel Cardoso
I just love this track, one of the best of all time!!!
Yay Deutschland bleibt die Wiege von Elektronikmusik :)
ivi zarre Gomez
one of the best songs of that time, I made you go to the most unexplored corners of your mind. Thanks EXTRAWELT
its scary how much weed i gona smoke thrue live while lisening to this
Question: What does ecstasy feel like? Answer: At its best, it feels like joy. Like standing in the presence of God and knowing you are loved without reservation. It feels the way you haven't felt since you were a small child, absolutely alive, absolutely in the moment, able to feel experience and share with others without fear or hesitation. It is the most perfect moment of the most perfect day of your life, when trouble was nothing but a memory and the possibilities rolled on forever. It is the achievement of the inner peace the religions try to sell but rarely deliver. At its best, MDMA is one of the finest, purest, most profound experiences life has to offer...
wenn mozart wiedergeboren wurde, dann bestimmt als extrawelt!
Leonardo Santanna
Years go by and I keep coming back..
What a funcking great song!!!
raphael mayr
Der Tanz zwischen Realität und Fiction.Fight your ignorance!
Frank Heininga
Soopertrack original indeed. Weird and beautiful in a superb way.
Andrea N.
Freaking crazy i started dancing all around in my room.. (y) amazing track
THX for half a million klicks...😃
Extrawelt is awesome. Love this track. True techno
Das waren noch Zeiten als Techno noch Techno war....wenn heutzutage jemand sagt er hört Techno dann kommt zu 99% irgendwelche Tomorrowland-Kommerz-haudrauf-jederTrackklingtgleich-Mukke :( ich bin froh in einem Zeitalter aufgewachsen zu sein als elektronische Musik noch richtige Kunst war... natürlich liebe ich zum feiern gehen auch die hau-drauf-und-gib-ihm-Mukke aber das war halt in den 90gern und Anfang 2000er noch anders. wer sieht das auch so?
Rutger Bos
This number got the feeling. It takes you where you wanna go in your dreams. One of the best sounds ever make!!
To Ho
Soopertrack = SUPER TRACK :-P yessssss
luis ayala
this stimulates mental power
Why is everything from Germany gold?
Thank you all for 1 million klicks...!👍
NSA be Care:D
Das ist kein 0815 Hingeklatsche,like Ibiza das ist Wertarbeit Hut ab.
Dominika Barvínková
THANK YOU!! again and again
Firstaget KK
i play this in after since 2006 and now in category minimal/progressive this music is gold
Erwin Hannes
Darf/Kann man einen derartigen track überhaupt raus bringen?
Yung Jan
Extrawelt live zu sehen war der Hammer ! Genialer track
Chris Tof
le mec est un génie musical !!
DORDAIN Emmanuel
Extrawelt - Soopertrack Original (High Quality)
Tino Om
No words. Perfect transitions build a fantastic piece.
Michel Hendrickx
helpt om alles terug even op een rijtje te zetten
NotAvaiIableUsername schone
Susan alma Rasmussen
Pedro Arbulu
Extrawelt live in San Francisco, April 2nd 2016. We can't wait.
Christian Morel
C'est comme si j'avais des ailes,merci du fond des tripes
K. Rahimi
Heard this live on the 13th/14th, for the very first time. Before that this track already held a special place in my heart but now it's just... wow. How does this even exist.
Andreas Oliver
Perfect !!!
đěęp đøwņ
Bedarf keiner Worte 🖤❤
Marco Dathé
Still listening 2019 ? lol
Sacha Keppens
Time warp 2k15!!
Xavi Raci
Extrawelt Master & Commander
David Bon
This is the best tune i have ever listened too. x
Adam Moloney
There are tracks that give you goosebumps and then there are tracks that give your goosebumps goosebumps...
Ich liebe diesen Track . Genau mein Ding
Fark, listening to this is such a journey...
Charlotte Music Club
Un délice !
James Bond
Robert B. aus M
... like that stuff... great sound
Juraj Kotulic Bunta
What a marvelous piece of atmospheric vibrations. This is why I am happy that evolution provided me with membranes detecting the movement of oxygen and nitrogen molecules, subsequently sending neuron signals to my brain, which using electromagnetically charged particles - together with neurotransmitters - changes the signal into something (yet) lying far beyond the pure scientific explanation, enhancing someone´s perception of the Universe, resulting in a biochemically indescribable complexity - an emotion. Maybe Mozart, Beethoven and other bold guys were popular masters of their time, but for me this is another demonstration of the eternal ingenuity which moves the humankind on their way into the future. Thank you for enriching my brain, my life, my future.
Rodd Maximuz
Excelenteeeeee trak 👍 Men!! 🌸 🌼 💐 🎶 🎶 👌
Deniz Ucan
that song is just amazing <3
Anna Medve
a friend said i should listen to it and i am overwhelmed... love this so ..Thanks so much Extrawelt ❤❤❤🎶🎶🎶
Geoffrey LN
Pure as gold!
El Austro
danke für deine 4 halb digitalen elektrotricks zum ausstülpen anspülen
Niks Teck
Real Minimal <3
sSound waveZz
I miss those times...
Son Oro
Es gibt viel, und auch echt schöne Elektronische Musik mit WoW Effekt und Gänsehaut-Feeling. Aber seid diesem, gab´s für mich persönlich nichts vergleichbares. Techno hören ist eine Sache, ihn auch fühlen, spüren und erleben, noch etwas ganz anderes. Best Track ever!
Rui Dias
great song!!
Thomas Smart
that last min - could hear that for a time
Frederic Andreas Jacob
7.00 !!!!!! Gänsehaut (as we call it in germany.....)
Tino Om
Try this piece while being inside a supermarket...
dude amazing track. I love the energy!!!
javidmt demetiltriptamine
I like it Music. . And beat good! So GOOD!👽💆
Love. Playing un my sessions. - Blad3
Mar Ka
2019 and still wonderful track, classic in some ways. Never got bored listening/playing it in 14 years, touches my soul every single time it's on... And yeah, lyrics are briliant, top class, fully agree with BlackBull556..
Techno Addict UK
Love this track
Gerard Caula
What a masterpiece! Absofuckinglutly
Nick The Hitman
Jackie Chan bought some paint off me once .. dropkick my neighbor also what a guy
Nurbolat Amanzhol
Bravo!!! Super track!!!
love it
Joshua Wilkie
Look, I am saying! FuckN See Through the use of TEXT I am entirely with great absolution totally MUNTEd.)' so up ya BuMB,(''. PEACE. LOVE. RESPECT JOOSHKA _(:/)D
White Nause
Severely Timeless Tunage!x
nibi94220 Nibi
trop fort extrawelt.wow🙏🙏🙏. Bbooommm
Sensacional. Um abraço do Brasil.
ezequiel sepulveda
Zum Thema Snowden, NSA etc mal ein musikalisches Statement aus good old Germany von meiner Seite...könnte Extrawelt Fans hoffentlich gefallen :-) euphonic - Whistleblowers youtube.com/watch?v=BMfwZGIby_I
michsel danner
true true
deswegen - ohne kann man man ja immer noch "an jedem anderen tag" machen ^^
Alex Stoian
got me high
michsel danner
sicher kann man das mache das jeden tag ohne.... aber mit kommts hald noch 30x geiler :D
Dennis Bier
FETT,FETT,FETT......,das geht unter die haut ;-)
Oliego Balatka
I love it I want it on vinyl :-)