One Beer - Banned Cartoon

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seriously? ONE beer shared into three??
"I know, but in this episode we're showing the evils of alcohol" Why was it banned then?
Jason Hall
The whole point behind "one beer" is that it only takes 1 beer to start all the mayhem. Obviously 3 guys aren't gonna get drunk off of 1 beer. the "message" is to not even try alcohol, not even drinking 1 beer - funny episode though haha
Those mf got drunk off of one sip of beer
This is incomplete, they get on a car, crash and die
This wasn't banned... I actually recall watching this episode on TV long ago..
Isabel Rivera
I remember watching the full version on TV, I always tought when I was little you had to take one sip of beer to get drunk. Now I know ya need a full case
Carter Krzesik
Are we wasted or what XD
The Jerd
you can't get drunk off of a sip of beer lmao
django chubbinz
i love how they somehow spent the entire day sharing one single beer, and it still wasnt empty...
I don't get no kick from champagne.. Your alcohol doesn't thrill me at all...
Chuck E Cheese and Showbiz
0:36 4th wall broke!
So, the MORAL of the story is NOT to share your beer? Okay.
I got drunk off a bottle of champagne and hated every second I'm a stoner now
Ebon Shadow
1 sip to get drunk, wouldn't that be epic.
Bender Bending Rodriguez
One beer is nothing to me.
El Hogar De Los Gameplays
Like si hablas español
The Kicker Pro
Jajaja me da risa esta Mierdda
iisda Dodoman
So... Moral of this story: Take a sip of beer and you become a douche who doesn't get laid. Nailed it.
were's the rest of the episode?
Jon Porter
I realize the message they were trying to get across with this: Beer is bad, kids!! Uh huh, yea, but give it 10 more yrs. and beer will be GOOD! BEER IS GOOD!!! BEER IS GOOD!! IT'S GOOD!! LET'S GO GET SOME BEEEEEEERRRR!!!
Jazmin playz
What did i just wach...........
0:37 if you watch buster closely, uou're notice he goes wall-eyes for a split second.
William Ahlersmeyer
Ben Cary
Cracking open a cold one with the boys
That's a long lasting beer.
this makes want to drink lol
0:37 there is a 4th wall break
Josh Morris
The OG cracking open a cold one with the boys
3:10 I thought he said u babes wanna hang or naaaaaaww
the waffle man
Everyone knows that you can get drunk off one sip of beer, of course.
I remember watching this when I was young
The Twenty One Pilots Fan Lryics
it's not banned in Canada it's said
Mattheos Clemence
Fuking idoits... Underage drinking, drinking in a public place, being drunk in public, GTA and DUI??? I sentence you to junior jail, probation, and max hours of community service.
Unoriginal Umbrella
I actually saw this on HUB/Discovery Family re-air after years of being banned. I have no idea how it re-aired but i guess i am very lucky to see this.
Benjamin Isaacs
I'm drinking a beer while watching this.
Patrick Kealy
Only a few sips of beer and the 3 of them were shit drunk 😂 😂 😂
I actually saw this episode when it first aired, and when they started burping in tune, I about died! Talk about not being able to hold your liqueur! The only person who's worse is Doc Brown from Back to the Future. He couldn't even handle a shot.
Lenord Livingston
This what happens when writers smoke weed.
Salvador Trejo
Oh yeah let's drink some beer 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸
How much beer is in that one bottle though? 😳
Christopher Eggert
pause at 0:37 and look at buster
Alex 10,000
I’m never going to drink beer.
Austin Reed
DoMkey Kong?
I remember watching the full version of this episode on Nickelodeon years ago.
Ruby is always sleepy
what'll it be boys? juice? milk? soda? or... A COLD ONE
Gagsworth A. Gagsworthy
1 beer does not three drunkards make.
glitch hunter
Funny thing not only did I see this TODAY on TV but Buster says at the begining "Yeah but this to promote NOT TO DRINK ALCOHOL.
Bear woman Harley Cassie Quinn Saenz
I drink more than that every single day of my life Idc who I hurt in my life
Jon Veliky
I'll agree with the 19 dislike and say "lightweights". But hey, I guess that's the over exaggerated side of alcohol abuse in kids animation from our day.
Terrence Koeman
Where's the rest? Aren't they supposed to drive a car off a cliff eventually?
Ricky M
R.I.P., Don Messick (Hamton) and Joe Alaskey (Plucky).
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so cringe can bearly watch it
Mental Exploration
Cracking open a cold one with the boys.
Al Skyviewer Allen
wow now I can see why some of these cartoons were banned
Nintendorak Yamato
Are they wasted or what?
1:08 I'm surprised the cop didn't explode
RA art
call me a goodie goodie but I believe beer is negative it cause nothing but problems
Professional Youtube Commenter
The Tiny Toons were such pussies. The Loony Tunes used to drink moonshine and smoke cigars all the time.
Julio Peinado
3:01;Harvard Students vs. Boston Dicks(Irish Drunken Jerks)
Nintendorak Yamato
2:10 Music maestro
Marcie Pan
"we're showing the dangers of alcohol" that shows this is already a very self aware episode
The Minecraft Papyrus
me: i don't drink beer rabbit:WHAT!?!?!?!?!? me: i drink root beer all: OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHHOHOHOHOHHOHOHO
Savannah Green
What the hell Daz Rigway just what the helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!
Ayman Walid
It was in Fox kids and Cartoon Network in 1991. It got banned after that. Then those fools drank it
Quentin Keith
This is stupid why are you watching this......And I thought It was gonna be funny like a meme.
The Villain
MF DOOM anyone...?
must be vodka beer LOL
Kevin TV
Warner Bros.: We need a new idea for a new episode of Tiny Toons. Steven Spielburg: How about Buster, Plucky, and Hampton all getting high! WB: Do you really think that's appropriate for a kids cartoon? Spielburg: shure! WB: Okay!
CuteFly 2000
This cartoon is crazy
Toni Vrbos
do not drink and drive kids
I remember seeing this on Hub
Disgruntled Postal Worker
I'm drinking beer right now. 
cris Maria
all hail king conor mcgregor
4th wall break made me lol
Maynard Cease
That episode is OMITTED because ALCOHOL in a kids' cartoon is a NO-NO. That's CENSORSHIP! 🙂
i saw the teletoon logo
ArE WE WasTeD or whaT?? HAAAAHHH!!
John Lomuscio
under age drinking is a no no
Divine Dosu
Light weights
W.C Enterprises Bluestar
ugh. typical addiction. I know, for hand, that I shouldn't be drinking beer and all that stuff when I'm older.
hey...bugs, daffy, and porky did way worse in their cartoons lol
Marcio Couto
We have an easter egg here: the whistle of the policeman at the beginning refers to a Coyote's episode where he rides a trap to Road Runner that was to play the same part of this song on a piano: the last note hid dynamite.
Mushroom Gaming.
were is the part where they steel a police car, go up a high place, fall and crash down below and die?
kitty cupcake
Dee Kelly
Giovanny Santos
jaja siempre cuando veo los comentarios pongo en el traductor lo que quiero descir y se traduce en ingles y lo pongo en la caja de comentarios
i wistsh wen ber coud git me dat rickt
Pietro Casarrbia
0:42 i love how they added that.
superpowerman94. ABANDONED
Why did I get scared????!?!?
I guess the bunny decided to crack open a cold one with the boys
VGG Brayden
This episode finally aired a few years ago on Discovery Family
Lol. I saw this episode when It first aired. Also the one where the trio went to Hollywood to become actors and ended up as waiters in a restaurant serving Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson and Roseanne Barr.
Márton Fekete
Egy ilyen szenzációs ÉS VICCES epizódot betiltani ÁLATSÁG! ÉN EZT IS BEGYÜJTÖTTEM!
Jawann Sharper
Well buster, we drinking anyways, here's for our retirements
Clever Fog
Я помню эти мультики в начале 90-х.
the guy that comments everywhere
one beer made ban