Tfue LOST His Mind to Stream Snipers & Started Talking to HIMSELF!

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But doesn’t every streamer talk to their self
Keegan Harrell
Wasn’t even talking to himself. He was entertaining us
Djdjd Xnx
Petition to destroy all unlucky 2019 comments.
But he never talked to himself in the video he was making a joke about not getting shield lol
Richy Perez
Am i the only one who would get anxiety bc he wasnt popping the slurp lol
This channel is un epic
personwehate 1
Whats wrong with talking to yourself my grandma talks to herself all the time
I had full volume at 1:07 and my parents thought I was watching porn 🤦‍♀️
Track Life
9:57 didn't know of the existence of that edit lol
i feel for tfue, even though i don’t get streamed sniped nearly as much as tfue (because i’m irrelevant) i get so annoyed every time I get third, fourth, or even fifth partied as it completely ruins the game for everyone involved. Edit: 100 likes wow
He talks to his chat not to himself 😂
I just pickaxes defaults in spawn island normally
6:10 it’s true I played on a new account and kept on getting shield, while on my real account I never get sheild
frick your 10 minutes im using adblock. HAH!
CarterSauce TM
This is chungus 🐰 1 like=1 free n-word pass
not even streamsniping, i play console/pc servers and i notice the amount of 3rd party or 5th party and stuff is unbearable
These channels try there hardest to find something to clip..
preston brown
but if ninja assumed if they were stream sniping because of pickaxing in the lobby he would get hate...
The Gent
*No CaN dO mR. tFuE* Literally the cringiest thumbnail I've ever seen.
TOXIC Rudolph
**clickbait btw
shadow lord
It’s hard for him to deal with this. I really feel bad for him. Much love to tfue!
Dabbiddabby 2018
4:07well yeah how do you think they got 200 hp
1k subs with crappy vids
I have the no-shield version of the game as well!
Bad Guy Inc
My man almost no one here was stream sniping. I don't know how him and other top streamers don't get that. You were in a hot drop people seen you fighting and want to hopefully capitalize on a low HP player.
*How to win a game* Rule 1: talk to yourself Rule 2: talk to yourself Rule 3: talk to yourself Rule 4: you won a game
Tfue complains about streamsniper Community: Doesn’t care Ninja complains about streamsniper Community: Hating on ninja and it’s a new meme Not a ninja fanboy just telling the truth
Chill tfue your in the middle of pleasant park drinking shield in the open don't always blame stream snipers if you were in a bush it would be different
MKE- Killspree_op
Kids: I got shield Kids: I never get stream sniped when I'm streaming Tfue: hold my beer
*So it doesn’t hurt anyone that he said “Funner”*
MKE- Killspree_op
I saw this when he was streaming it was funny but stupid for tfue because he never gets shield plus he has stream snipers Even though I stream i never get stream sniped because I only get 1-10 viewers per stream And the amount of times he could have gotten 20 bombs but there are always people around him that a feels bad mad
Rakeb Mulugeta
Tfue=like Ninja=comment Who is the better fortnite player
Fortnite King
Horses are blue You are plu And give tfue his shields tudelu
RedwanHD Gaming
Roses are red Violets are blue I just got clickbaited And so did you
B4LK4N Gam3
As always title doesn't make any sense ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Good Job Retard
tfue playing the fortnite dark souls dlc
Adrian Comoro
I feel bad for Tfue, can y'all just leave him alone and play the game normally?
Mvp Gio
Kristofer Kaljund
Ur english on thumbnail is lit dude
U know Tfue’s a god when he gets 15 kills while 99% of the players are stream snipers
"Started Talking to HIMSELF!" so dumb...
*Thumbnail: No can do* I mean...
SwitchGamer 10
I just thought of this... Take a screenshot of the fortnite loading screen. Program a button to put that over the streams screen so that you can see the game still but the stream sees a loading screen. Stream snipers might think that you actually left so they will leave. Therefore hopefully getting rid of stream snipers in your game. 👍
The Black Circle
9:55 Who else didn’t know they could do that I was today years old when I found out
fake jojopyun
Stream snipers to tfue are just extra kills
NotYaBoiiz 1738
He got 4th partied several times.... still drops a 15 k game
But doesn’t everybody talk to their selves? 🤨 I have conversations with myself 🤷🏽‍♀️
imagine dude i played dous with my friend and took fall damage off spawn but the whole game no healables not even a slurp or a bandage 27 health all game but i have 10 minis in every chest i get minis until there was 10 left my whole inventory was minis
Petition to destroy all unlucky 2019 comments.
When he was getting pissed off about the stream sniping He also picked his nose and ate it, tried to do it sneakily but we all seen it
Exotic Senior
Expert difficulty 😂😂
I get stream snipers 24/7 is so annoying Jk I'm irrelevant but underrated 😪
Harris Hinkel
The fact that tfue still won that game is amazing and shows how good he is at the game and why he’s the best
Jay Pickard
>makes tonnes of noise in crowded areas >breaking walls making noise on low health after fight >shooting rockets at tilted towers Omg these people are stream sniping me!
fake jojopyun
Stream snipers to tfue are just free kills
skill YT
Ur saying that because he said he mental health issue so you basically taking the piss
Strange Az
My first time watching tfue I thought he had aimbot, he was a default who hardly missed shots..
Wasn’t he just saying that shields should be removed🤦🏽‍♂️
Cjm Mccabe
Ohhhman 18
I lowkey forgot this was a compalation channel I thought I was watch tfues stream
Robot plays
OHHH NOOOOO! Tfue is turning into ninja!
Tfue clicked show more I guess...
Colin Howell
im still going to therapy for your YouTube name.
Gg Gaming
Assault trooper+raven=frozen raven :33
Sq3aKerr r
Fortnite should change the region and platform icon on the top right corner of the screen so there are less people knowing streamer’s regions So they won’t be STREAM SNIPED ANYMORE This will result in less 9 year olds getting banned because they killed ninja
Play Precise
A good solution to stream snipers is to switch to facecam when queueing up and ready up at a random time
NB 2
Fk clickbait stop that
It’s not stream sniping lol, it’s 3rd partying. Happens to me all the time And I also never find shield
MKE- Killspree_op
Can he also get more shotgun damage version of the game as well
Humble Cactus
Well i can tell you i don't have the normal version of the game everyone teams up against me in solo's duo's squads if i play solos 80 of the people will shoot me when there is a guy standing next to them :/
He was just impersonating epic for not giving him shield what do y’all not understand 🤦🏽‍♂️
Tom the GOAT
I wish I streamed Fortnite so that every time I died I could blame it on stream snipers
Vice rapidzz
This is what happens to me every match but im not getting stream sniped😢
[333] ZJ HEAT
He has my luck. I never get shields and i get 3rd 4thand 5th partied everytime but i dont get stream sniped
Los Pufirinios
This channel is #$!%,"Tfue LOST his mind",yeah,yeah you just clickbait.
Brennan A
Tfue... collect your rewards. Lol
Dude gets streamsniped still manages to drop 15+ kills per game
The 3 Musketeers
Lol look at the thumbnail # No can do Mr Tfue # 😂
Scammer Catcher
Just cos someone knows where u are doesn’t make them a streamsniper maybe they just saw you. Or maybe cos they got u in the lobby means they do that. A lot
Out _Cast
Why doesn’t epic games connect your twitch to you and observing who’s stream you’re watching to make sure you don’t get into that lobby? That was a random thought but I don’t know if it’s actually possible
The stream snipers prop så to their Freand thats sitting besiddes him Wy did you NOT sa he had an RPG
If ninja comes across that many stream snipers he would literally lose it. 🤬🤬🤬
Strange Az
If he reported them they probably stream snipe him
MIguel Garcia
Notice how it didn’t have any other clips because the video was already 10+ minutes
Karma FramezYT
Mr. Tfue: complains the game is too random and easy for plebs Mr. Tfue: drops a 15 kill dub anyways
luvjoypeace :D
tfue: blah blah blah epic games blah blahh fortnite: Bans tfue for impersonating staff
And people say that Ninja complains tooo much about stream snipers
Callum S EST 54 The goldbuster
Love how he has stream snipers but still demolishes them 😁😂🤣
This kids NA talking about him playing on hard mode lol...
Jeffrey Jeff Jefferson
Tfue: Epic can u help? Epic: no can do mr.tfue Nice thumbnail.
qt riley
How's everyones 2019 going?? Mine is awesome, enjoying my winter break. 😁 I hope you are too!!
Seronai !
He transform in ninja
I honestly Feel bad for big streamers , its so unplayable when ur getting stream sniped constantly. stream snipers are weirdos lmaoo
Looked At The Thumbnail And Thought The Video Was About Tfues Account Getting Unbanned 😂
"NO CAN MR.TFUE" best thumbnail english
Ali sghir
Once u go stretched res theres no going back lmaoooo keep that in mind
mohammad maabreh
ths guys i insane as he gets third, fourth, and fifth partied but still ends up surviving, kills each one of them, then wins the game. props to tfue bro
Penguins At Work !!!
Doesn't every streamer talk to himself?? And also who hates it now that u can't watch tfues highlights on his stream if ur not a sub??
Simen Stokkeland
Roses are red violets blue i just got clickbaited and so did you