Gavin McInnes & Michelle Malkin out at BlazeTV - LIVE COVERAGE

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Gavin McInnes and Michelle Malkin, stars of conservative media network CRTV, will both not appear on BlazeTV, the network formed by CRTV and TheBlaze. Get the latest in our LIVE COVERAGE. There has been no reason given why McInnes and Malkin will not be a part of BlazeTV, the new network formed this past week when TheBlaze (home of Glenn Beck) and CRTV (home of Mark Levin) announced they were merging. McInnes has been the subject of controversy recently for his involvement with the Proud Boys, a group he founded that critics call a hate group. (McInnes says he is no longer with the group.) In this interactive live stream, host Steve Lookner brings you the latest updates on Gavin McInnes and Michelle Malkin being mysteriously dropped from BlazeTV, and he'll also read your comments and questions on the air! Follow us on Twitter! />Follow us on Facebook! />Follow us on Periscope! @AgendaFreeTV Your donations keep us on the air! Donate at /> Or get cool Agenda-Free TV rewards by supporting us on Patreon:

Nicole Poliskey
NO twitter, Facebook, Instagram and now completely de-platformed. Gavin Mcinnes has been completely shut down. These people make me sick.
The only reason I subscribed was for Crowder and Gavin. I hope crowder leaves too. Super pissed.
Peter Edwards
Gavin & Michelle are the only reasons I subscribed to CRTV. I won't be renewing. Good thing my subscription expires this month anyway.
David Rudko
The whole reason I subscribed to CRTV was to hear a variety of voices, including Gavin's. Wasn't that the whole point of CRTV? I think they just killed their own network. Bad move.
Linvak of Bethel
Gavin, Michelle, Steven Crowder, Owen Benjamin, and people of the sort should start their own channel. Beck is a joke. I'm done with CRTV. Sad.
N I C C diaz
canceling my sub right this very second lol
I just dropped my subscription. I will not pay for beck I'm very sad because I like everyone else.
Enaid Yretciva
My guess is that Levin and Beck made the deal without talking to the others first......... I hope Crowder leaves too.
Gavin is awesome. Need more like him.
Camilo Asturrizaga
I was going to subscribe for Gavin, and Crowder. So much for that
Mark W
I unsubscribed BlazeTV (CRTV), because of this
Grit Striker
Bad move by Blaze tv. Will not subscribe now. Screw that man.
Cornelius Paulson
God I hate Glenn Beck.
Keller Fobare
I was going to subscribe for Christmas, now I'm not. Hope Gav goes back to the Rebel
irish drunkhound
Whelp there goes my subscription
HillbillyNitro USA
Beck goes along to get along. aka a sellout... 🍹
Kevin Brookshire
Beck threw Gavin under the bus and got him fired as a result of Beck’s hostile takeover of CRTV! CANCEL YOUR CRTV!...I DID!
a. monkey
So *Blaze* doesn't really believe in free speech.
Christopher Nubel
I'm canceling my subscription to "The Blaze". I watched Gavin all the time, and I watched Michelle quite often. The only other person I watched with any regularity was Crowder, and I can pay him directly. This is one more addition to the list of things that Beck has screwed up.
Jamie Black
Everyone knows Beck is a fake !....
Sam Ry
Good thing my card expired last month, I cancelled anyway. Makes me wonder why Crowder went on such a long break, and Mark Levin has done a lot less shows lately, feels like nevertrumpers have taken over
Ricardo Torres
They probably were canned to make room for Glenn Beck's flunkies.
Gary H
Used to be a Beck fan boy. His stubbornness and pride on a lot of issues turned me away. I don’t know how I thought this might turn out well, but I did when I heard last week. Was definitely wrong. Sadly Beck will take the only successful right wing tv network down with him.
Mike Smith
SashasGuitar Covers
The whole point of crtv was to have controversial voices like Gavin mcinnes
aaron rotz
Canceling yearly subscription when call center opens tomorrow. I foresee a long wait.
Jet Streamer
All previous episodes of both ppl are not accessible anymore on BlazeTV. Personally I unsubscribed.
Kim F
That's weird... thanks for posting!
Not Always Right
I'm Out. Now it's Fake News. They should Grab Crowder & go for it. Crowder is depressed & out sick. Ducking the Axe. These 3 would do better having their own show.
John Henderson
Canceled my subscription! Only got it for Crowder and Gavin. I did end up liking michelle as I looked at other shows, but other than those three I don't care much for any of the other shows. In the woods with phil was good to help me fall asleep to.
HillbillyNitro USA
If you want the scoop, it will probably be on the AJ show today.
Amy Day
They left cuz Beck is a loser and Levin is just angry ... How much fun could it be?! Good for them
M Chaney
I love lowder with crowder, not into glenn beck really tho, hes just boring.
Malkin and McInnes were the two most unapologetically right-wing personalities at CRTV. Especially Michelle Malkin. She's harder than Ann Coulter. What a shame to see them cast adrift, McInnes and Malkin were my favorites on the network. Not many networks are willing to host people who won't apologize at all for being conservative. I wouldn't call McInnes hard-right like Malkin, it's just that he's appealingly blunt and willing to speak the truth unvarnished to the shock of the left. Malkin also speaks with the same directness. This willingness to be confrontational irritates the left and those trying to appeal to the left.
McGinnis most likely will end up on COmpound Media. Crowder could move to Shapiro's network. I could see Malkin with Shapiro too. He should hire Mark Steyn to 4-6 specials per year.
American Made
There we have it Beck is just like the other leftist platforms that ban or help to ban conservatives for their honesty. Beck is a fraud. I remember during the 2016 election, Beck criticized Trump and left Hillary alone.
It is kinda interesting but for some reason I think it's on Beck's side.
Glenda Hoke
I wanted to subscribe to CRTV but I cannot stand Glenn Beck so never mind!
Melanie Kaweck
Omg how does beck manage to destroy everything he touches If I want to hear him I can listen for free on radio Mark levin dude you dropped this ball big time
Michel Knezevic
Canceled my membership as soon as i heard Gavin was out. Bye Blaze.
Patriot Works
Beck has yet to prove to anyone that he didn't sell out. All the while standing on his "integrity".
Alex G
Holy shit, how many times are you going to play the BlazeTV promo and show their tweet? Can you stop being so repetitive?
Erik Sixx
CRTV = cancelled. No crazy Beck for me. 🇺🇸
Suzanne Prentovich
I really liked Gavin and Michelle’s work but I am not going to panic just yet. Not enough details only conjecture at this point. One thing is for sure...dividing conservatives will only help the liberals as they are united always. This will not help the conservative movement.
roger smith
I just found out Gavin Mcinnes is no long with CRTV. NOw I watch the glenn beck program with Beck stated he merged to have a vast different range of conservatives, that he might not agree with but will work together. and He stated there are no owners of this service. Next day he was going to have Gavin on and there was a no show.. then next day Gavin is no longer avail on CRTV? So what I gather The blaze rids anyone who is different and causes controversy or comedy or not religios.
Keet Madu
Cancelled my sub this morning. Hopefully Crowder leaves and makes CRTV a heaping pile for the parasite Beck.
Freya Dovakiin
I unsubscribed this morning. Was on hold for 45min, and had the rudest costumer service rep.
Wow, I had been thinking of subscribing to CRTV, but now, No Thanks!
Steven won't be back until after the new year and now Gavin and Michelle is gone. WTF
Adam Caulfield
I am no unbelievably pissed about this.
Joe M
Michelle was the reason I watched that channel. I won't support them anymore. I might still check out Crowder but I hope he bails on these idiots.
James Cosgrove
For anyone trying to cancel their subscription now, there is no place to "cancel" you just have to turn off auto renew and it will end after that. I had to use the chat function to figure that out...
Bad decision - they shouldn't have joined with Beck - I don't trust him.
Matt Twinkletoes
McCinnes, not McGuiness, why cant north americans pronounce his name properly?
Michael Christensen
What happened to Sven Computer? :)
Michael Christensen
So I guess Gavin's CRTV Tonight is gone too?
Hank Hill
Good coverage man.
Nicole Poliskey
Canceled my subscription. The only thing left there was Crowder but after Gavin left, I couldn't support CRTV any longer. I am hoping Crowder goes on his own or creates a new platform..I hate not to support his show but Gavin being put out is just wrong.
@Agenda-Free TV Baze also fired Tomi Lahren which you don't mention *for some reason* [And your agenda is ...?]. Anyway, these three people, Lahren, McInnes and Malkin are amazingly competent Journalists.. The message is clear: If you are a young person who thinks about getting into Journalism, know that your IQ must be below 110. If you are smart and competent, you will be unemployed.
Kariii K
Idk about LWC anymore. Sven Computer and Not Gay Jerod just disappeared too. Kind of shady. I think there are some things going on that some don't agree with... terms and conditions or something along those lines. Merger or no merger. Glenn is a POS. Period.
Lookner, you are good!
Nunya Bizniz
The two wouldnt want to work for someone as fake and sold out as Glenn Beck...If I was them I would do the same thing to show they are legit people/reporters not sell outs..They dont want to be controlled...In my opinion
Michael Christensen
I think that's what happened, Gavin was unacceptable to other outlets and so Glenn dropped him. Gavin was on Glenn's show right after he got banned from Twitter. Gavin jokingly said something about killing pedophiles and Glenn got all holier-than-thou and told him not to talk like that. Glenn forced Gavin out.
Blue Ridge Mountain Birds and Wildlife
I am sorry but I cant stand Glen Beck. I do not feel he understands the current culture war that is going on in the US. Gavin's show is more about the culture war and less about politics.
I liked crtv because it seemed that they would never fired Gavin, but now they merged and Gavin was instantly fired. We don't even know what he's going to be on next because he doesn't have a Twitter and a YouTube( I think).
Gory Kreeze
This is sickening. I am beyond pissed off @ this facist BS! Down with the anti American left & their tech elite ouppet masters
peachy b.
OMG I thought that said Gavin McInnes & Michelle MAKING OUT at BlazeTV. LOL I was all excited for some juicy gossip. :)
Damien Bunting
Glenn Beck ruins everything he touches.
Jacob Verbrugh
Just another example of the older generations being out of touch with reality.
Napi Omaha kapi si
Guess I wont support blaze tv then!
Michele Lyn
I'd do a aliza and decent on that promo
I just cancelled over this.
Beck probably used Soros money to buy it. Beck is deeply mentally ill. The plan no doubt is to kill crtv by design.
Holy Harlot
Beck is toxic and Levin is a fool to hitch his baby to Beck's sinking ship
Michele Lyn
Glen is a snake and everyone knows it
Glad I held off getting it. Beck is a putz.
Jacob James
Currently subscribed to CRTV not sure if I'm going to renew next month, I really liked gavin. I wish there was an explanation for their leaving or being dropped. Too little information, this is not good. I will continue to listen to gavin's podcast.
Nadia Gauci
I am totally upset with this, sorry I signed up for a whole year. Bastards !!!
Mike Cappz
Hire a girl like michele to help u at agenda t v
i know at least a dozen bears who have already canceled autopayments, and canceled membership. some are pushing for refunds because theyre not gettin what they payed for, meaning they payed for mcinnes. i payed for crowder haha buy i ended my subscription in nov.
Alex King
If you think Gavin isn’t a comedian listen to the latest episode of GOML. It’s hilarious
Melanie Kaweck
Mark huge mistake
Adoubt R2
Until someone with a lot of money creates a new and stable alternative to YT and TWTR, Censorship will continue. Would a class-action suit work against these leftists Censors in America? I've been told that Luis Farrakhan can post his anti-American-societal drivel and it's ignored.
Michael Van Patter
I probably won't subscribe anyhow for unrelated personal reasons but I don't know why the negative comments about Glen Beck. I have watched him when he was on Fox. Not surprised Fox wouldn't keep him because they're a week kneed massagenistic Rino network. My guess is it's all about contract negotions. "Follow the money." To quote Glen Beck.
Malena Teves
CRTV made a terrible mistake by merging with that hack Glen Beck. Andrew Breitbart said Beck was not a good person (I'm paraphrasing). I was very discouraged that Levin would merge with this idiot. I deleted my account when the merger went through. And btw, BECK is NOT a good representation of a true LDS Mormon! Mormons are nice people. He is a disgrace!!!!!
Jeremy Schwanke
I am pissed, Went to watch latest episode of Get off My Lawn, not only was there no new episode but both GOML and CRTV Tonight were both gone from the Archives. WTF I Subbed to Mug Club, but watched McInnes as well love them both. This is BS I want to Unsub, but don't want to miss out on Crowder.
Damien Bunting
Unless I found out Gavin and Michelle left CRTV on there own I'm canceling my subscription. First I watched all my favorite conservative commentators blacklist and turn on Milo, now it looks like they might also be doing it to Gavin and Michelle. Smh
Not Always Right
Beck Levin Band. The Sell Outs. Crowder took Sick Leave. 🤔
Non Ur Biz
Levin said that Beck "used to vomit on his sneakers and now is a conservative" when Beck took stance against Trump during primaries. Well, I say both are "Cuckservaties"
one-mans way
2 days later I see this and can't unsubscribe their is no option on the site to unsubscribe not to mention I bought the annual subscription at the beginning of the month they have a number to call its terrible it has elevator music and tells you to leave a message for a question or wait on hold as they are with other customers... so i called back again and left my phone on the line for 3 hours never answered I also emailed them and the email is invalid they are freaking out and trapping us into the subscription. there is a sub reddit saying how impossible it is to unsubscribe what they said to do is to update your card with a gift card so thats what I ended up doing ... its despicable not to mention glenn also said all ron paul supporters where terrorists years ago.
Seneca’s Adoptive Son
Time for a Supreme Court decision on access to the platform the President uses a lot and Anti-Trust...
Insufferable commentary. "This is the promo video. This... this is the promo. This is.... this is the promo video... CRTV and Blaze, this is their promo video. THATS GAVIN. ON... ON.. ON....... ON THE PROMO VIDEO. THE OFFICIAL PROMO VIDEO."
sean Rodgers
I got my year CRTV/blaze membership refunded at a prorated rate. They won't give you a full refund, but I feel that it was fair. I want that company to feel the financial manifestation of my distain for silencing his 1st amendment rights.
Sam Ry
My best guess is that Beck’s sponsors demanded Gavin be thrown out, its what makes most sense, if that’s the case the merger should never have happened and the Blaze tv will always be an inferior product to CRTV.
Cary Katz? What about him? He has failed to pay a judgment to Mark Steyn. He is a major backer of CRTV. If you want to know what's what then you need to figure out what's going on with Cary Katz.
Michelle and Gavin probably got a payout to leave and not say anything. I wouldn't blame either of them if this is the case and they left an organization that will ultimately fail and do so without threatening the near term job prospects of those they worked with.
Pan Cake
ROFL..dont worry..this will end up exactly like 1 minute to midnight.. there will be no buyers.
Elaine Magliacane
I was a CRTV subscriber, I cancelled my membership yesterday... and let them know it was because Gavin and Michelle were no longer on... I got a FULL refund, because I'd just renewed in November.