Nodame Cantabile || Slow Parade

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#fanvidfeed | E D I T O R | RINOA | D R A M A | Nodame Cantabile (のだめカンタービレ) Nodame Cantabile in Europe (Nodame Kantabire in Yoroppa / のだめカンタービレ in ヨーロッパ) Nodame Cantabile The Movie I (Nodame Kantabire saishuu gakushou - Zenpen / のだめカンタービレ 最終楽章 前編) Nodame Cantabile The Movie II (Nodame Kantabire saishuu gakushou - Kouhen / のだめカンタービレ 最終楽章 後編) | S O N G | End of the video "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

Vanesse Ng
this is the only nodame mv which i love❤ all the scenes in this mv are beautiful and the editing is really good
The best Nodame Cantabile fanvid I ever watched so far. Great job! ☺
kathy noble
Best Jdrama ever i watch it over and over love the music and the antics and ofcourse my favorite lead actor
Wow! Beautifully done. I love the song you chose, and I especially like the end where you put together so many beautiful scenes. (I forgot how much running they do in the movies, lol.). Seriously, that sort of face-paced montage can't be easy to do, but you made it work so well. Thanks so much!! <3
nightfury light
This movie and series are sooooo beautiful
this is so beautiful <3 at first I didn't think the music was match for nodame, but as I kept watching I feel it, it's so perfect. The song and the editing, I love all of it!
seminar GLORY
これだけで涙出てくるとかなんなの(><) のだめカンタービレ好きすぎて困る!
Wonderful! I was deeply touched.
こんなに笑えて号泣できるドラマと映画みたことないです!! がっちり心を掴まれました(;;)!
I'm going to cry... This is so beautiful.
Itis Nabila
omg i love the song and its just nice to watch bits of the movie with this song. love love love love
Nur Assilla
my heart...honestly this is such a good edit
Itis Nabila
I watched nodame cantabile finale on youtube so the quality is worst than you could ever imagine, the feels after watching this! gosh the feels bro, i wanna cry.
Nguyen Nhi
Where is the nodame and chiaki's kiss? I don't see it ! Please help me !
Hạnh Phạm
Could anyone pls tell the last kiss scenery is in which part of the movie? Thank you very much
Spoo M
I didn't see sooo many scenes when I watched the movie..
-jhoel vicuña
what is the name of the song?
Lolli Adriani
love ittt
I ain't crying! I've just got something in my eye >.< Oh to hell with it! I'm crying like a big old baby! I love it so much ! ! ! You did an amazing job ! ! !
Raja Anis Zulaikha
I cRied !!😭😭😭😭
Andressa Andrighetti
onde eu consigo assistir esse Drama ? em pt br ou espanhol
Gabriella Hatházi
You did an amazing job! ❤
edmund casterl
words can't describe how much i simply love this MV 💗💗 if you happen to see this..... may i know what software did you use to make this video?
Linh Nguyễn
please tell me the last kiss scenes is in what episode ?
Carla Padilla
Maravilloso. Impecable. Sincronización perfecta, música perfecta, historia perfecta. GRACIAS.
Damari Rodriguez
quiero verlo en español
claudi cloudy
ABSOLUTELY, my favorite nodame's fanvid right now! Thaaaanks a lot! You are genius! 💕💕💕
Anna Bady
It is possibly to know what is the episode in minute 0:33? When Chiaki and Nodame playing together? I'm searching right now but I can't find it T_T
This is so beautiful!
Nathalie Ruelle
Where can I watch the drama and movie in English ?
simply beautiful <3 this MV is amazing ~~~ ! One of the most beautiful nodame MVs I've ever seen :-)